Found Love in the Cold Pt. 01

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Authors Note: This is the story of my sister Emma and the love of her life Skyler. It is one of the more emotional stories ever told besides The Fault In Our Stars. Emma, Skyler, my cousin (technically brother. We were adopted from the same birth mother.) Sam, and I are the only characters with real names.

Found Love in The Church.

Written by: Emma Claire Smith

Reviewed by SPOILER ALERT!! Skyler Katlyn Smith (They get married!!)


With Love,

Emma Claire Smith


(Emma’s POV)


Back in March of 2013when I was 19 I was blessed to meet the love of my life Skyler. We were both Christian, and I found it awkward to be with another girl at first. But then I remembered that the Bible said that God still loves all his children regardless.


~Chapter 1~

It was Sunday March 9th 2013 and it was a debilitating 12 degrees. I had bottomed out my Ford Mustang GT 500, and spilled out all of the anti-freeze so my car wouldn’t start. I grabbed my coat and headed out to church. The wind whipped at my cheeks until I couldn’t stand the pain anymore and started to cry. I heard two beeps behind me, and then someone shouted to me.

“Hey!” Said the clearly feminine voice. I turned and looked behind me and saw a Mini Cooper being driven by a girl with awesome blue and purple hair that covered her right eye. “You need a ride?” She asked. I pointed to myself and gave her a, ‘who me?’ look. “Yes, you with the black and pink hair!” She yelled.

“Yes please!” I yelled as I crossed the street to the passenger side of her car.

“Um hold up please for a second.” She said, it was only now that I realized she had an English accent. “I would like to ask for you to drive please, I moved here two months ago from Liverpool Uk, and I don’t feel comfortable with the way you Yanks drive on the other side of the street.” She said giggling. I began to laugh with her.

“Ok,” I said, still laughing like an idiot, “but I gotta be at church in a few minutes.”

“Really?” She asked, “Me too!”

“Which one?” I asked.

“I believe it’s called Walnut Hill Something.” She replied.

“Same here!” I replied. “What’s your name?” I asked

“Skyler Katlyn LaQuinta.” She replied. “And I am 20 years old.” I had never heard a more beautiful name in my life.

“My name is Emma Claire Smith and I’m 19.” I said casually.

“Awe that’s so adoreable.” She said.

“Thanks.” I say as I start the car. There is a disc in the player and I hear a familiar song come on the radio. “You listen to Sleeping With Sirens?” I ask enthusiastically.

“Hell yeah!” She said. “I love them.”

“Me too!” I say as I begin to drive.

“Are you free after church?” Skyler asks.

“Yeah, why?” I asked

“Come over to my house!” She said.

“Ok!” I said.

We drove to church and sat together in the middle. We were joined by my sister Katrina, my cousin Sam and his girlfriend Katy. Half way through service Skyler put her arm around me. For some reason I felt arroused by her action.

Chapter 2: the confession

“Sky,” I started, “what are you doing?” I asked.

“Emma bursa yabancı escort your very pretty.” She replied.”

I was shocked and flattered at the same time. “Are you gay.” I asked.

She giggled “No I’m bi.” She replied.

The rest of the service went quietly. When it was over we said goodbye to Kat, Katy, and Sam. And got into the car.

“What about you.” Skyler asked.

“What about me what?” I asked.

“What’s your sexual preference?” She asked.

“Let me put it this way I’m kind of a slut.” I reply.

“What the hell does that mean?” She asked.

“I’ve had sex with a lot of guys.” I said.

“Any girls.” Skyler asked.

“No that would be very unchristian of me.” I reply.

“God will still love you no matter what.” She said.

“Well I have been curious.” I say sheepishly.

“Ooh some one get the Pope it’s confession time.” She said as we burst into laughter.

“Ok I’ll tell.” When I was 18 I was invited to this slumber party with all of these girls who were 18, 19, or 20. Now all of these girls were lesbians and we played twister with only bras and panties. I got super wet and excused myself to go to the bathroom. And masturbate, And as I did I found a hamper full of dirty panties.” I pause.

“Go on.” Skyler said.

“I dug through the hamper and found a pair of my friend Kaylee’s panties. I stuck them to my nose and I could smell her sweet juices and I started to rub my own pussy. Suddenly Kaylee found me with her panties. ‘I’m so sorry Kaylee.’

‘Emma,’ Kaylee said, ‘it’s ok. I’ve done the same. But we will have to punish you for masturbating outside the room.”

We arrived at Skylers house. When we get inside she said. “Please continue.”

“So Kaylee closed the door and then came back with a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. ‘Turn around.’ She ordered. I did as I was told and she restrained my hands behind my back. She then put a collar around my neck and attached a leash to it. ‘We found Reanna also masturbating without us, so were going to punish both of you.’ I was lead down into the basement where Reanna was already being tied up.” I say.

I took a break from my story to drink some hot cocoa.

“So,” I continued, “I got to the basement and then my arms were un cuffed put around Reanna so that I was touching her boobs and so my pussy was touching her butt. I pleaded for them to let me go because I was a good little girl, but they wouldn’t they came forward with electric bondage prods and kept zapping us.”

Reanna got more of it in the tits, while they zapped my pussy until it was raw and even more sensitive. One girl blew on my pussy which caused an uncontrollable spasm of my body they did the same to Reanna, and then came the strap on’s. One girl came from behind me and used the head to tease me. But I began to climax. The girl didn’t care though during my climax she shoved the dildo into me and shoved it as far up as it would go.”

“That sounds sexy.” Skyler said playfully. I giggled.

“I began to scream as she pushed the dildo in and pulled it out forcefully. Soon though, I could feel that bursa sınırsız escort the dildo wasn’t making much of an impact as it stretched my pussy. The girl noticed it too and stepped away for a second. I tried to see what she was doing, but my breasts were in the way. She returned and I knew what she had done. She attached a bigger dildo to the strap on and was now preparing to shove that in me.” I continue.

Skyler interrupted, “I would love that.” I looked at Skyler for a second. I sat and admired her eyes for a while and then went back to my story.

“Before the dildo went in, the girl shoved the zapper into my pussy and zapped me until the inside of my pussy was sensitive. She then zapped my outer and inner lips which made my pussy spasm. She then shoved the dildo into my pussy and I began to scream. I could feel Reanna writhing under me and I could hear her soft cries.” I paused to take another drink and continued.

“My curiosity had gotten the best of me and in between moans I planted little kisses on Reanna’s neck. Once again the girl changed dildos and zapped me again. I had came at least 9 times through the ordeal l, and my pussy began to ache. Again I tried pleading with them to stop but they wouldn’t.” I pause and ask Skyler to use the bathroom.

“Yes you may just don’t go through my hamper.” She teases.I get up giggling.

“No promises I reply.” As I move to the bathroom. I come back and take a drink. “Now where was I.” I say trying to recall where I left off last.

“Oh yes,” I start, “so after what seemed like hours of my pussy being stretched Kaylee comes downstairs holding a huge black dildo.

“Wait wait wait,” Skyler interrupts, “describe it.”

“We’ll,” I start, “it was black, long, at least 18 inches, and thick.”

“How thick.” Skyler asked.

“About 17 inches.” I said.

“Oh shit!” Skyler said making a pained expression.

“So Kaylee is holding this huge dildo and she puts it in front of Reanna and I. ‘Were going to let your pussy relax for a while and then were gonna shove this in you.’ Kaylee said. Reanna started to cry as the girls walked back upstairs and shut off the lights. I started to kiss Reanna’s neck again and massage her breasts. It was 5 hours later that the girls finally came back down.” I say just before I’m interrupted by another one of Skye’s remarks.

“This sounds interesting.” Skyler says.

“So,” I start again, “Kaylee took off the cuffs and reattached the leash. To my collar and she lead me to another table. Here she put me on my back and tied my hands and feet down to the table. My pussy had reverted to its original size and that scared me. Kaylee picked up a zapper and zapped my pussy for at least 10mins. Reanna was getting the same treatment and was screaming every time she was zapped.” I said as I took another swig of cocoa.

“But eventually she couldn’t take the pain any more and she passed out. My friend Amy picked her up and laid her on the same table as me. Amy kissed my breast and then laid Reanna’s head on top of them. Now Kaylee took the dildo and had every girl suck it to get it wet. She then took görükle escort the head and shoved it into my pussy one girl undid my arm restrains and I grabbed Reanna and held her close. Kaylee progressively shoved the dildo farther and farther as I writhed from its presence. I let out a loud sigh, but then Kaylee shoved the dildo hard into me. I looked down and I screamed when I saw the head under my belly button. I started to scream louder as my body arched and my eyes rolled back into my head. Kaylee took the dildo out and I squirted for a minuet covering her with my juices. My body dropped into the table and I lied there shaking clutching Reanna who was screaming because the dildo was being shoved up her ass. And that’s it.” I finished.

“So your first experience with a girl wasn’t that much of a fun time for you?” Sky asked.

“Not really” I replied. When I look up I see That Skyler is getting undressed.

Chapter 3: the curiosity

“Sky what the fuck?” I ask.

“You said you were curious,” she said “And that your first time was awful, you wanna try some stuff and see if you like?”

“I don’t know.” I say nervously. But I am too late she is already on me her slender figure sitting on my lap. “Are you sure about me I’m not attractive.” I say. I wasn’t lying. I was only 4ft 7in and super thin. The only two things I had going for me is my firm ass and huge 25c boobs.

“Yes I’m sure.” She said.

“Ok then but I might stop you if I feel uncomfortable.” I said still nervous.

All of the sudden I felt her lips meet mine and her tongue began to force its way inside. I pushed her away.

“Sky,” I said, “I’m scared.”

“Awe Emma don’t be.” She said. “Let me take control.”

“Ok.” I said.

I felt her lips again on mine her tongue slipped inside my mouth and danced with mine. I started to moan and groan. Liking what she heard Skyler playfully nibbled my bottom lip, which only made my moans louder. Skyler unbuttoned my blouse and licked my erect nipples through my bra I started to whimper as she removed my bra and began to circle my nipples with her tongue.

She shoved her face into my cleavage and licked the base of my tits which made me start to moan. She then proceeded to rub her gorgeous fake 32dd tits on my body. Suddenly I rolled her over on her back and started to caress her puffy nipples. As I did this she unbuttoned my pants and kissed my head.

She rolled me on my back and slid my pants off. She proceeded to play with my panties and kissed my pussy through them. She pulled off my panties and climbed on top of me she placed her pussy on mine, which made us both sigh, she wrapped her arms around me and began to hump me. we both began to moan loudly.

She grabbed a tube of cream and rubbed some on her pussy and she began to hump me again. It was some kind of sex cream which made

My pussy feel amazing. We kept moaning until we were into full orgasm. My climax caused my nails to grab onto her tits which made her climax and she fell on top of me. I was done but sky wasn’t she moved down and licked my super sensitive pussy. I began to scream and curse.

“OH FUCK YES SKY, LICK ME LICK MY FUCKING PUSSY!” I screamed. Sky bit down hard on my clitoris my leg spasmed and kicked her in the pussy which made her scream she bit down even harder, which caused a whole other volley of swearing from me and made me cry. She crawled back up to me and kissed my neck until we fell asleep boobs touching, in each others arms.

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