Four Play Ch. 02

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Note from Slickman: Please read “Four Play Ch. 01” to get up to date with this story. The two couples, now on the ship, find out that swapping spouses is not as simple as it sounds. All Rights reserved.

Four Play Ch. 02

Since the luggage would not be delivered until later that evening the two couples went to the penthouse suites to check them out. As luck would have it they were right next to each other. “Give us an hour,” Kate said smiling as she followed Jack into their room. After all the kissing and touching it was time for some serious fucking.

As soon as the door closed Kate jumped on Jack’s back causing him to fall face forward on one of the beds. Her lips kissed his neck under his ear.

“What’s gotten into you?” Jack said smiling. Normally he was the one who had to initiate sex between them.

“I want you to fuck me,” Kate whispered as she bit his earlobe. She pushed back off the bed and quickly stripped off her sweatshirt, jeans, bra and panties. Her pussy was sopping wet as she helped him remove his slacks, shirt and boxers. He too was extremely excited and had a rock-hard shaft ready to please her.

Kate pulled him on top of her as her legs opened to invite him into her wanton hole. “Do it.”

Jack rubbed the tip across her swollen clit and whispered. “How come you are so horny? Did you and Tom do something on the trip down here?”

“No,” she lied. “Please fuck me.”

“But you wanted to do something didn’t you?” He pushed the tip into her inner lips and pulled it out.

“OH GOD!” She moaned. “Yes I wanted to.” Her hands pulled down on his hips hoping he would push into her. “Did you and May do anything?”

“Yes,” Jack replied. “We kissed and touched.”

“Where did you kiss and touch?” Kate panted as his long shaft pushed almost five inches into her.

“Everywhere,” he whispered hoping she wouldn’t be angry. She wasn’t. “OH GOD FUCK ME!”


Tom was sitting on the bed looking at the list of things to do on the ship when May walked out of the bathroom. Before he could look up she jerked the paper from his hands and stood naked before him.

“We have some time if you want to do it,” May giggled. Like Kate her passion was boiling over.

Tom pulled off his shirt and pushed down his jeans. “Spending the night with Jack turned you on huh?” He remembered what Kate had said about Jack being very well endowed. Before his briefs left his foot she pushed him back on the bed and quickly mounted him. Never had he felt her get this wet this fast. His hard tool pushed up into her hot oven and her mouth dropped to his.

“FUCK ME!” May shouted. Their bodies slapped together as the bed banged against the thin wall. “BAM!, BAM!, BAM!”


Kate was lowering her dampness onto his shaft when they heard the noise next door. She giggled and looked down at her husband’s smile. This was going to be a wild cruise. “Let’s see if we can make more noise than them,” Jack whispered as he turned Kate over onto her back and lifted her ass up. It was jack rabbit fucking time as he pumped his meat in and out of her hot pussy. “OHHHH!” She moaned as she closed her eyes and imagined it was Tom fucking her.

“AH!, AH!, AH!, AH!” She cried out each time his long prick pushed inside.


“They’re fucking too,” Tom whispered when he heard Kate’s cries of joy. He saw May’s eyes closed and figured she was imagining it was Jack fucking her. “What the hell,” Tom thought as his eyes closed as well.

Tom took his time and tried to control his passions as best as possible. He was not as big as Jack so he wanted to last longer. He heard Kate’s scream and then nothing which meant they were finished next door. He kept the steady pumping pace until five minutes later heard his wife, “NOW TOM NOW!” His internal engine kicked into high gear and his stomach quickly pumped up and down into her. “OH TOM!” She screamed.


It was about twenty minutes later that Tom heard a soft knock on the door. May was in the shower and he was in his briefs as he moved to the door and cracked it open. It was Kate. He pushed his head out to see if Jack was there.

“He went up to the top deck,” Kate smiled. “Where is May?”

“In the shower,” Tom whispered. He opened the door and she walked in.

“Umm,” she giggled looking down at his briefs and the outline of his penis. She pushed him against the wall and pushed her small fingers down under the elastic until they found his growing member. “Did it miss me?”

“Yes,” Tom moaned as she slowly stroked him before pushing her open mouth up to his. His hands cupped her full breasts as their tongues danced together. He broke his mouth away. “God, I want to fuck you.”

“We don’t have enough time,” she whispered. They heard the shower turn off in the tiny bathroom next to them. Her mouth found his again as she stroked him faster and faster.

“Stop,” he whispered as he jerked her fingers away. “She will be out in a minute.”

“Your loss,” Kate said as her damp fingers canlı bahis wiped themselves dry on his briefs. “After dinner Jack wants to go to the casino. Maybe we can break away from them and be alone?”

Tom gently toyed with her hard tips. “OK, but you need to get out of here.” He kissed her one last time before she opened the door and slipped out. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and May again walked up to him naked. She glanced down at his swollen bulge.

“Are you hard again?” she asked wondering why he was standing by the doorway.

“Just thinking of you dear,” Tom lied as his hand cupped her pink buttock.

“Right,” May thought. “Kate must have paid you a quick visit.”


Jack sat on one of the lounge chairs by the pool and smiled at the young girls and women walking by. He couldn’t wait until their luggage arrived and they would be wearing their skimpy swim suits. As he closed his eyes and thought about the night he had with May his penis pushed out the front of the slacks he was wearing.

“Can I get you a drink sir,” A voice asked. His eyes opened to see a cute young girl holding a tray in her hand. She was wearing a tight pair of black shorts and a low cut blouse.

“Sure, what is the special of the day, Gina?” He read on her nametag.

“Purple Passion,” she smiled looking down at his enlarged bulge. After six straight months on this cruise Gina had seen a few that were smaller but none quite that large.

“Any drink with passion in it is OK with me,” he joked. “My name is Jack by the way.”

She smiled as she wrote down his order. Staff was not allowed to mix socially with the guests but this was her last voyage. Except for a quick fling with one of the social dancers she had not had sex in over four months. “I’ll be right back so don’t go away.”

“I won’t,” he grinned as he watched her cute little ass wiggle its way back to the open bar.


Kate waited about five minutes to give May a chance to dry her hair before knocking on the door again. Tom again answered the door and looked frightened. “It’s Kate.” He held the door slightly closed as he turned to see May walk from the bathroom wearing only her towel.

“Come in,” May said smiling. “Where is Jack?”

“Up on top,” Kate replied as she lightly brushed by Tom and walked into he suite. She saw May in only a towel. “Do you want me to come back?”

“No, we are both girls and Tom has already seen me,” May giggled as she pulled off the towel and stood naked before them. “I guess I’ll have to put on what I was wearing,” May grinned as she bent at the waist to pick her panties up off the bed.

Although Tom had seen his wife naked before it was not in the presence of Kate. He felt his penis stirring again and was uneasy having his wife naked in front of both of them.

“Did someone take a nap?” Kate giggled as she looked at the one bed that was messed up from Tom and May’s love session before.

“No,” May grinned as she pulled up her panties. “We christened the ship. And, we could hear you and Jack doing the same.” She put on her bra and then her blouse and jeans.

“We didn’t make that much noise did we?” Kate giggled.

“Uh yes. I thought we had hit an iceburg.” May laughed. Suddenly they heard a loud horn and felt the ship moving. “We’re moving.”

They all moved out onto the small patio and watched as the huge vessel moved slowly away from the dock. Tom was standing between the two women and felt someone cup his right buttock. He looked over at Kate who smiled at him. As the ship moved slowly out the inlet his fingers caressed Kate’s ass.


“Here you are sir,” Gina said as she handed him a tall glass containing a purple liquid along with a slice of an orange and a small umbrella. Jack pulled out his room charge card and handed it to her. “Room 909,” he said knowing she could read it on the card as well.

Gina smiled. “Room 909,” she repeated.

“Uh, how can I give you a tip?” He asked when she returned his card.

“At the end of the week will be fine,” Gina grinned. For an older man he was quite handsome. “I noticed you are married,” she grinned. “Is your wife on board?”

“Yes, she is in the room,” he replied. “How about you? A boyfriend back home?”

“No boyfriend,” she grinned. “I’ve kind of been dating one of the dancers you’ll see tonight in the show.” She dropped a napkin off her tray and as she leaned down to pick it up she made sure to allow him a peek down the front of her blouse.

“Kind of? What does kind of mean?”

“On and off,” she answered before realizing it had different meanings. She blushed when she saw him smile. “That’s not what I meant.”

“If I got on I’d never get off,” he whispered. “You’re a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you,” she blushed as she saw a woman waving to her. “I’ll be back later.”

“I hope so,” Jack said as he looked at the outline of her thongs under her tight shorts. “Will I get lucky?” He wondered.

“There you are,” A voice said from behind bahis siteleri him. He turned and saw Kate followed by Tom and May. “We wondered why you didn’t come back.” Kate watched the young waitress glance back in her direction. She felt a twinge of jealously.

“The view is too nice up here,” Jack smiled. He saw Tom and May holding hands. “Sit down and I’ll buy you two a drink.”

May surprised him by sitting on the bottom of his chair while Tom and Kate took the one next to him. “I wish I had my bathing suit,” May said looking at the nice pool.

“The one on the top is clothing optional,” Jack said as he moved his ankle over to push against her soft rear.

“I don’t think so,” May said looking at the steps leading up to a higher deck. “Is it really optional?”

“That’s what the sign reads over there,” Jack replied. As they looked Gina walked back to them.

“Would any of you like a drink?” She figured the woman sitting by Jack’s feet must be his wife.

“Yes,” they all replied. She wrote it down and smiled at Jack.

“This is Gina,” Jack announced. “Tell them that clothing is optional on the upper pool.”

“Yes,” Gina said smiling. “Europeans normally go up there but American’s are normally too shy.”

“Do you work up there as well?” Jack asked Gina.

“Sometimes,” she replied. “But, I get to wear clothing.”

“Too bad,” Tom grinned. Kate lightly smacked him on his arm.

Jack introduced the other three and Gina walked back to the bar to fill their order.

“She’s a little young for you,” Kate snapped at her husband. Her plan on this trip was to swap with Tom and May not to have her husband fucking a young woman half her age.

“I was just joking around,” Jack said laughing. “Besides if I wanted to fool around with another woman I have May.” They all laughed but they all were thinking the same thing. Gina brought over four more drinks and about fifteen minutes later four more. Since they had not had lunch they were all feeling a good buzz.

“I’ve had enough sun,” Kate said. “I’m going back to the room.” She glanced over at May.

“I think I’ll stay here for a while,” May answered. She hoped Tom would take the bait and he did.

“Too much sun for me too,” Tom said. “I think I’ll take a walk around the ship.” He stood and walked towards the elevator with Kate.

As the doors closed Jack moved his foot up and down May’s ass. “Stop,” she said looking around. She glanced over at Gina by the bar who was watching.

“She doesn’t know that we are not married,” Jack said as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back against him. “Kiss me.”

“What about Tom and Kate?” She shifted her hips up to his. Suddenly his hand moved behind her head and pulled her lips down until his open mouth met hers. Their tongues twisted together and his hand squeezed the top of her hip. After a minute long wet kiss their lips moved apart. “I wish we were alone,” May whispered before standing up to go to the ladies room.

Jack glanced over at Gina who was walking his way.

“Can I get you anything else?” She asked smiling. There were not that many guests on top of the ship and she was quite bored.

“Is there any place on the ship that is vacant at the moment?” Jack asked hoping to get May alone again.

Gina picked up on what he wanted. “What’s wrong with your room?”

“She’s not my wife,” Jack smiled. He wanted to let this girl know that he did fool around just in case she might be interested.

“The bar at the back of the ship is closed right now but you can get in through the side door,” Gina smiled. She wondered if the two couples were swingers. She had seen couples pairing off on previous cruises.

“Thanks,” Jack said. “Would you like to join us?”

Gina blushed not prepared for his forwardness. “I have to work here for another hour. Sorry.” Being alone with him would be exciting but with the other woman was something she had never done before.

“Well, come on back if you change your mind,” Jack whispered as he watched May walk back.

Jack stood and walked to her before she got to his chair. “Come on we are going to the bar in the back.”

“I don’t need another drink,” May said feeling woozy and unsteady. “I was hoping we could find a private spot.”

“The bar is closed,” Jack laughed as he took her hand and pulled her down the side of the ship over the shuffleboard game painted on the deck.



Tom and Kate walked down the stairs one flight to their suites. “I said I was going to the room so let’s use my room,” Kate whispered as she opened the door and ushered him inside. As soon as the door closed they were all over each other. As they kissed she wrapped a leg around his hip and whispered, “Jack and May had oral sex.”

Tom heard the words but didn’t believe them. He laughed but her silence spooked him. “Did Jack tell you that?”

“Yes, while we were doing it he told me. She gave him a blowjob,” Kate felt his hardness down below. “But they didn’t fuck.” bahis şirketleri

“I don’t believe him,” Tom said feeling light headed from the booze and the news.

“It’s what you want right?” Kate asked as her fingers moved down between their bodies to grab his hard bulge. “It’s what we all want.”

“Oh god, I don’t know,” Tom moaned. He pictured his wife on her back with Jack’s long prick pounding into her. Kate released his pants and dropped them to the floor. She quickly pushed down his briefs and took his hard-on in her fingers. “I thought you wanted to fuck me?”

“Yes but….”

“No buts,” Kate said as she quickly removed her own clothing and moved onto her back on the bed. “We all have to agree.” Her legs opened slowly showing her moist pussy folds.

Tom looked at what she was offering. “OK,” he said pulling off his shirt. His only thought at that moment was to fuck his woman who had teased him the past two nights. He would worry about May later. He moved down between Kate’s thighs and aimed his rocket into her hot target. Suddenly she grabbed his hard dick.

“We can’t do it unless we all agree.”

“We have all agreed!” Tom said frustrated. Her hand clamped onto his prick.

“No, we all have to say it at the same time. That way no one can say they didn’t agree,” Kate said firmly.

“Let’s go upstairs and get them,” Tom groaned. “I have to fuck you.” She let go of his shaft and they both quickly dressed. By the time they got to the pool Jack and May were gone.


May moved into the dim lit bar and stopped. “I don’t think we are supposed to be in here. What if someone finds us in here?”

Jack held her hand tightly to prevent her from dashing out. “Come on over here,” he said leading her to a long bench seat built into the wall. It was wide enough and long enough for him to fuck her. He led her onto the bench and pulled her mouth to his. They tasted the lingering purple passion and mingled their tongues until they broke away panting.

“God, I want you so much,” Jack said as he pulled open her jeans and shoved his long fingers under her panties.

May knew that the plan was to tease for another day or so but the booze had muddied her mind and thoughts. As he rubbed over her raised clitoris she moaned and lifted her hips. She helped him pull off her jeans.


“Where do you think they went to?” Kate asked Tom as they looked around the pool area. She looked around and saw the young waitress at the bar. “Let’s ask her.”

“Hi Gina,” Kate said. “Have you seen Jack and May?”

Gina looked around the pool like she didn’t know they had left. “No, sorry.”

“Maybe they went to my room,” Tom said. “Let’s go and see.” They sped down the stairs and into his room only to find it empty.

“Do you think they are doing it somewhere?” Tom asked.

“I don’t think so,” Kate replied remembering her deal with May to wait until they were all in the same room. “They will be back.” She took Tom’s hand and pulled him to the bed. She thought about something she had wanted to try but because of her husband’s big prick she had shied away from it. Their bodies fell back on the bed and she nibbled on his ear while her fingers opened his zipper.

“Don’t,” Tom said holding her hand from pulling him out. “I’ve had enough kissing and touching.”

Kate gently bit his ear. “I want you to fuck me.” Her tongue pushed into his ear canal.

“Don’t tease me,” Tom said wondering if she was really going to let him do it.

“But not in my pussy,” she whispered. She felt his prick jerk under her fingers as he realized what she was offering him.

“You sure?” Tom asked as he released his jeans and pushed them down over his legs.

“Yes, but you have to go slow. It’s a first for me.” She stood and removed her clothing before going into the bathroom to get a tube of cream.

“Me too,” Tom said feeling the blood racing to his shaft. He was sitting on the bed with his dick pointing straight up when she walked back and sat down next to him. She giggled as she squirted a glob of cream on his hard tip and reached down to rub it all around. “That will help.”

Tom watched her as she moved up onto the bed on all fours and peeked back at him as she opened her legs. Her rear opening peeked out at him as did her moist pussy lips underneath. He had tried to fuck his wife in her ass but May had flatly refused. He quickly moved up behind her wonderful buttocks and guided his hard tip at the small puckered hole. The cream she had globbed on the tip allowed his crown to push easily between her cheeks up to the opening.

“Easy,” Kate said as she reached back and pulled apart her buttocks. She closed her eyes and waited for the Viking to ravish her untouched land. At first she thought there was no way his swollen tip could enter her ass but her body and the cream allowed the crown to push slowly inside. “Ahhh,” She moaned.

“Are you OK?” Tom asked as he stopped his slow forward hip motion.

“Yes, give me a few seconds to get used to it.”


Jack was pulling down the waistband on May’s panties when he heard the side door open. “Shit,” he said as he ducked his head lower behind the bar. That’s when he heard Gina’s voice.

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