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Most of the time it sits in the garden, the frame which carries the garden swing bench. It has a canopy to give shade but I want neither the canopy or the seat…it’s the frame that is essential to my day, but if I am to get it upstairs into the bedroom, I first have to take the triangulated legs apart and carry the separate bits upstairs and bolt it back together. It has eyeholes into which he will clip my wrist cuffs and the ankle cuffs will attach to the bottom rail spreading me wide open like a four pointed star. The cuffs, together with the gag and blindfold were a Christmas present.

Done, but I’m sweaty and need a shower and I douche myself as well to be ready for him. I shaved last night so I am beautifully smooth…he likes that…and I put the vanilla flavoured yoghurt up me with my little plastic syringe…tasty, he likes that too…and then put the plug in. And now my red, silk open crotch panties which let me fasten the dog collar around my cock and balls so he can lead me to my ‘place’! Finally the cuffs and I’m ready…

Where the hell is he? I have been kneeling in the hallway, blindfolded and gagged, with my boipussy raised towards the door, my lead trailing back between my feet ready for him to grab it but where is he…he is already twenty minutes late. No, wait, I hear his car.

The front door is already unlocked and I hear him enter and since I am pulling my bum cheeks apart, I know he can see my moist hole, the yoghurt leaking out past the plug.

He doesn’t speak. He picks up the lead and pulls me quite roughly to my feet, the lead running between the cheeks of my bum. He knows where he is going casino oyna and encourages me to go up the stairs before him, presumably because he likes what he sees!

In the bedroom he drags me towards the frame and without a word clips my cuffs to the eyeholes, secures my now equally widely spread ankles to each end of the bottom rail…a star is born! I am leaning forward because the bottom rail is behind me and I cannot put my feet solidly on the ground, I’m almost on tip toe, most of my weight taken by the wrist cuffs. He fondles my cock through the silk of my panties, he runs a finger over my moist, plugged hole…I catch my breath, thinking about this moment has been keeping me awake for days, but now he’s here.

He kisses my gagged mouth, his breath passing through the holes in the plastic, he caresses my tits, squeezes my nipples and then lowers himself down my body until I feel him biting my engorged cock through red silk. It makes my panties wet and I moan with hunger. But he is patient, not rushing and is now exploring the open panties, searching for the balls, unfastening the lead so that when he takes them in his mouth they are unencumbered, but first…he pulls them down. They don’t stretch as much as in the summer when it’s warm but nonetheless his pull brings them down midway between crotch and knee…it causes me to gasp, not in pain but the weight of his pull is insistent.

He moves round behind me, I can’t see him but I can feel his progress and I am slavering in anticipation of what is to come, my saliva passing the gag and rolling down my chin. I can sense he is getting naked and when next he touches me, he does canlı casino so with his naked body, his front to my back so that I can feel his cock kissing my bum, his mouth at my neck and earlobes. He runs his hands down my chest, cups and squeezes my balls and pulls my foreskin back.

His tongue traces a pathway down my back as he sinks to his knees. He spreads my cheeks to reveal the destination and now I can feel his hot breath blowing on my plugged anus. He licks around the black rubber, I know, tasting the leaking yoghurt. He wants more so he pulls at the plug with his teeth. At first there is resistance, my ring tight around the collar of the plug, but he persists and gets his wish. His mouth is back, his tongue filling the entrance, still open, slurping the warm juices and then coating my balls which he has pulled back towards him. He sucks and sucks and then he is on the move again, upwards. The wetness of his mouth retraces the pathway on my back and now I can feel his swollen cock exploring between my cheeks, finding the wetness and pressuring to gain access.

The push, gentle but relentless, is rewarded and I exhale through the plug as his length finds its way, up and up…and home. He gently pulls back, I push back not wanting to lose him but he is almost free and then he thrusts deep, lifting, easing my weight from aching calf muscles. It has started, he is fucking me slowly, his full length out, his full length in. I want it to last forever but I know his hunger will demand his thrusting quickens. It does, gently at first but now, with each attack, he lifts me free and soon my desire will be ful-fill-ed. He is rutting kaçak casino fiercely now, I gasp with each determined push, driving saliva past the persistent gag and then…the final thrust, he pulls savagely on my cock, his full length deep, deep filling me with his seed.

He stays there for what seems like a lifetime, I’m happy, but slowly I feel the pressure diminish as he softens. He pulls out and sinks to his knees once more, his mouth again hungry and receiving his vanilla scented semen. He comes around to face me, unclipping the gag, his hands caressing the sweat from my face and kisses me deeply. I taste his semen, I taste me, he stirs it with his tongue and then withdraws. I slowly drink the warm nectar.

His warm mouth is on my still throbbing cock. He pulls my balls south and eats my length. He sucks and bites and sucks again, moving his lips back and forwards, deep throating me until he feels me start to tremble, my legs shaking violently, still cuffed. His arms embrace my arse pulling me onto him and I fill his mouth once again, he sucks and sucks and then rises to kiss me once more…I taste my semen, I taste me, I taste him and we both swallow.

He gently releases me from my wrist cuffs and lowers me to the ground. My legs are still spread and I can feel what is left of him bubbling from my cunt. I ache, I’m tired, I lie face down, blindfolded still, feeling him inside me. He is not of course. In fact I sense him dressing, leaving…I hear the front door close, the car starting, he is gone…he has cum and gone in moments.

I release the bonds at my ankles just as the ‘phone rings. He is calling to say thank you? I recognise the voice instantly…’Darling, I’m so sorry I didn’t get to you today. The car broke down on the way and I’ve only just got back home…when is the next time you are home alone and I can come and do you?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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