Francesia Fox

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Liam sat nervously in the hallway, his legs crossed for obvious reasons to all to passed by. He tried distracting himself from it by reading, but it wasn’t working one bit. He was of an average height, but extremely skinny. He was in that golden age of a really high metabolism, and so he had never gone over 150 pounds in his life. His blonde hair was slightly unkempt and shaggy, going down to his ears. He had petite facial features, but it wasn’t like that was going to matter. Soon, the secretary called his name and he went in, trying his hardest to hide the snake in his pants.

The woman behind the desk was a buxom raven-haired woman, smiling softly at the awkward college dropout.

“Greetings, Mr. Williamson. I am Ms. Gruff. Please, have a seat.” She said, her voice silky smooth and only heightening Liam’s libido.

“T-Thank you, Ms.” He sat down, blushing.

“So, let’s get right down to brass tacks. You have signed up for our mascot program, correct?” Ms. Gruff said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Y-Yes…” Liam tried to keep the desire out of his voice, but it came out anyway. Ms. Gruff noticed, and smirked.

“So you already know how we do things here, but let me give you a refresher. You will doing this job for two weeks as a start, and afterwards you will heftily compensated for your time. We suggest that you message your loved ones and tell them that you’re going on holiday. Now, here are the forms to sign. You must also pick out certain aspects of the program, as it is a long term transformation.”

Liam felt his tiny cock quiver as she purred the word ‘transformation’. He grabbed a pen and quickly signed any denizli escort and all forms that needed it. He also read through the aspects, and blushed. He picked out nearly all of the options, his heart beating faster and faster. He slid the forms back, his hands sweating like no other. Ms. Gruff read them over, and smirked even more.

“Very well. Follow me, please.” She stands up, and walks through a door behind her chair. Liam is quick to follow, giddy with delight. She leads him to a locker room, and instructs him to first strip down, then message anyone who he thinks would need to know what he’s up to that he’s on holiday.

“Then, you will step into that chamber, and we can begin.” She walks off.

Liam only sends out a couple of quick texts. He didn’t really care at this point, to be honest. He was too busy thinking about what would come next. Off came the clothes, and soon he was in the chamber. It locked shut, and soon a shower head poked out. He was drenched in a purple shampoo from the shower head, and it began to work its magic. Liam felt his skin tingle, and he giggled a little. Soon, he was drenched in water and dried. A mirror came out, and Liam gasped. All of the hair was gone from his body, including on top of his head and his eyebrows. Then, a large fan blew what seemed to be baby powder on his lower section, which only aroused him further. Then, the magnum opus. A very large diaper was wrapped around his rear, and tightened. The crinkly material made his cock rock-hard, and he moaned softly. Then, a pair of flip-flops popped out, and he was able to step out. Ms. Gruff was waiting for him, and nodded approvingly. dikimevi escort

“You’re ready.” She said, licking her lips. Liam blushed, and followed her to a car. They hopped in and soon they were on their way to Liam’s new job.

He was escorted to a rather inconspicuous black car, tinted windows and all. After Liam sat down, making his diaper crinkle and making his cock twitch. The car trundled down towards its final destination, and Liam was in a state of pure elation. Soon, he would be exactly where he was meant to be.

As the car pulled into the parking lot, Liam could see that the restaurant was completely dormant. The neon sign was off, and all of the lights were shut off as well. He was led by the arm to the door, where a man opened it for him. He was ushered into the quiet dining area, and looked upon a feast for one. Boxes on top of boxes of pizza, all warm and sticky and greasy. His stomach gurgled with excitement as he saw the ice cold soda sitting there, sweating in the steamy air. Ms. Gruff finally walked in, and smiled.

“I see that you’re ready to start. But first, we must get you your new ski- I mean, your costume.” She giggled, but Liam didn’t care. He was just ready to go full pig.

Then it was wheeled out. The reason Liam had signed up for this job. The suit.

It was a fursuit, with thick brown fur. There was a cream colored underbelly, and it was obvious the suit was made for someone who would weigh 350 pounds. There were obvious large amounts of suit for the chest, backside and belly area, with kid-friendly covers for more unseemly areas. There was a zipper at the very dikmen escort top, with a hatch at the bottom.

The head of the suit was the best part. A dopey looking fox with a cheesy grin, and long blue hair. That stupid look made Liam almost cream his diaper. To think that soon that would be him!

Ms. Gruff helps Liam suit up. The suit hangs off of him quite a lot, and the foot and hand paws lock on with a satisfying click. The head will go on later, she assures him. He is then directed to the table, and he nearly trips over his cumbersome feet as he rushes over. Soon, Liam is eating faster than ever before. Slice after slice into his mouth, and into his stomach they tumble. His paws get all greasy and sticky, and his belly starts to grow. He turns to Ms. Gruff, and looks at her, his face covered in pizza sauce and grease.

“M-Ma’am, may I have my fac- I mean, the mascot head?” He blushes.

She smirks, and nods. He crouches down, and the head is put onto him. A tube is slid down his throat so he can eat using the mouth of the suit, and little receptors tap into his vocal chords. Soon, he’s back to shoveling food into his mouth. All of the sugar of the soda is starting to overflow from his stomach to the rest of his body. It flows eventually to his brain, where the special additives get to work. Soon, Liam isn’t Liam anymore. He feels his mind get foggier as his body gets heavier. His belly fills out, jiggling with each breath. His hips jut out, pushing his massive ass out even more. He loses feeling in his crotch, and breast development begins. They’re saggy, disgusting flaps, and he loves how they bounce against his belly. Soon, there’s a rumbling in his tummy. He groans, and a large BLART can be heard as the first droppings are produced in his diaper. They slosh about, caking his behind and crotch in feces, and he climaxes, losing all sense of who he was. He is now she. She is Francesia, and she is hungry.

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