Frank and Cheryl Ch. 03.5: Falling Asleep

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Author’s Comment: This story is set in the relatively early months of Frank and Cheryl starting their relationship. If you’ve read the six part series “Frank and Cheryl,” then this one would be in between Chapter Three and Chapter Four.

– – – – – – – – – –

The travel home had been miserable. Frank had been out on the west coast looking at the possibility of opening up some new franchise locations for his new gym business and what was supposed to have been a six hour non-stop flight home turned out to be an all-day complicated affair. His departure airport had been temporarily shut down due to a bomb threat. Then his non-stop flight ended up having to land half way across the country for some drunken idiot who caused a disturbance so great on the plane that the Air Marshals had to get involved. As a result of both, Frank’s six hour non-stop turned into almost sixteen hours of travel. Add three hours on the front end of that for the time he spent working out, getting cleaned up, packing and getting checked through security at his departure airport when it did finally reopen and his day had been almost 20 hours by the time he landed at his home airport. And it wasn’t over yet. He still had to get his bag, get out to his car in the long-term parking lot and drive almost an hour. It would have been a longer drive but he was staying at Cheryl’s for the night. His trip had kept him away for ten days and it was the longest they’d gone without sex since their first date.

He had kept her updated through the day via text and a couple phone calls. She was disappointed that her plans for a long drawn out evening of sex play had been dashed but she was eager to have him in her bed whenever he got there. From Cheryl’s perspective, Frank had always been a generous and competent lover and she thoroughly enjoyed every type of sex they enjoyed. Sex was her favorite past time and she never grew bored with it. She wasn’t sure if there was something wrong with her or not from anyone else’s perspective, but she didn’t think so. She was a healthy adult female with a strong sex drive and no shame of it. Her reality was that she slept much better if she wasn’t sexually frustrated in any way and although she had a drawer full of toys she could use to release her sexual tensions, nothing satisfied her needs like a good fucking from a real cock. She loved everything about a good stiff erection. She loved the smell (if the man maintained himself like Frank did), the taste, the feeling… in her hands, mouth, pussy or ass. She just loved the throb of a good steely hard cock. And she didn’t feel like the evening was complete until she’d made the cock empty itself into or onto her, and she didn’t care where. “Not in my eyes,” was her one rule. That had happened in the past and stung like hell; not to mention being a challenge to wash out as it congealed.

So, she’d spent most of the day looking forward to Frank’s arrival, planning on some energetic play. She needed to feel him against her; touch him; taste him; feel him moving inside her. She wanted to feel him unload his seed into her and fall asleep close to him, basking in the comfort of his presence while she felt his warmth spread inside her body. As the day progressed and his travel frustrations grew she adjusted her expectations but still needed to feel him. She needed her man… physically; not just his presence but the connected feeling that only comes from being fully penetrated and then filled.

When Frank finally got to her place he was near exhaustion. His bag wasn’t heavy but it certainly felt that way on his shoulder as he went up her walk. She opened the door for him before he got to it, so he could step in and put down his bag and carry-on. He turned to her and they embraced. She was wearing just a t-shirt — one of his. She loved that it smelled like him and because of the difference in their height and size, it covered her just enough to not be indecent, even out in public. If she bent over, that would be another story, especially since she never wore anything under it at home.

Frank held her close for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of her doing the same, just breathing in her presence and the warmth of her against him. As wonderful as it felt he was ready to fall over. He needed her bed and to hold her close as he fell asleep. He knew she wanted reunion sex but he wasn’t sure he was even capable of getting it up as tired as he was. They kissed, tender with a side of passion, but not nearly as hungry as their usual kisses were. Cheryl took notice and felt a twinge of disappointment. She wanted her man to be as hungry for her as she was for him, but she acknowledged how tired he must be. That didn’t ease her disappointment though and she felt her pussy juice at the thought güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of having his hardness slide into her. She NEEDED that tonight. It had been too long.

“Welcome home,” she said, smiling up at him as his hands explored beneath the t-shirt. Even as tired as he was, he still would prefer to have handfuls of her naked ass as compared to her ass covered by anything.

“Thank you, baby,” he replied with a tired smile of his own. “It’s good to be here.”

“You look exhausted,” she said as they broke apart and he started to grab his carry-on. It held everything he’d need for in the morning. “Leave that,” she suggested. “Just come to bed. The rest can wait.” He thought for only a moment before agreeing with a nod of his head. Holding her hand, Frank let her lead him down the hallway to her bedroom. She stopped beside her bed and turned to him, reaching for his shirt and starting to unbutton it. She smiled up at him again as she pushed his shirt back off his shoulders, letting it fall. Her hands found his belt and then the snap and zipper of his jeans, undoing everything before pushing them down over his hips and then farther down his legs.

With a giggle, Cheryl pushed him back so he was sitting on the side of her bed, naked from the knees up, smiling down at her as she squatted down to untie his shoes, pulling each off, followed by each leg of his jeans. From her lower vantage point, she looked up at his crotch, disappointed to see that his manhood was completely limp. She wanted it as hard as she could get it but he looked ready to pass out. The selfish needs within her battled with her concern for him and his need for sleep. Oh, well, she thought. She could at least still be a little playful.

Having gotten him naked, she stood up, leaning over him as she did, kissing his thigh, then higher up and then giving his cock a quick lick and kiss before moving up farther to kiss his flat abs, a nipple and then climbing on the bed to straddle him, kissing him full on the mouth. Kneeling astride him she reached down and pulled the t-shirt she was wearing off, making herself naked on top of him and slightly grinding her sex down into his pelvis as she did so. He felt the wetness of her slit rub on his cock and immediately regretted how tired he was.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“For what?” Cheryl asked, looking down at him and still slightly grinding her hips back and forth.

“That I’m not more… responsive,” he replied with a brief pause. He knew that she knew what he meant.

She leaned down to kiss him before smiling and replying. “I get it,” she said. “You’re exhausted. I know you want me… but I also know that everyone has limits.” He looked relieved to hear her say that. Now was her chance if she was going to get him to buy into the idea she had. “So, here’s what I’m going to ask of you, if you think you can manage.” He arched an eyebrow in askance. What did she have in mind? “I’ve missed you more than I can say and I am kind of desperate to feel you inside me. If I can get you hard enough, can you at least snuggle in behind me, and slide into me? We can fall asleep that way…”

Frank smiled at the thought. He wasn’t sure how long he’d stay hard as he fell asleep but he could hardly deny her such a simple request. After all, it spoke to how much she missed him… or maybe it was just an indicator of how cock-hungry she was. His response was short and positive. “You get me hard and you can do anything you want with it. Just don’t ask me to put forth much energy. You’re right. I’m exhausted.”

Cheryl’s eyes twinkled as she smiled big and climbed off him. He just laid there as she moved quickly around the room, turning off lights but making sure there was enough light coming through the window that they could see each other. It was a full moon and the street lights outside added to the brightness. Directing him to get comfortable on the bed, with all the covers pulled back, she repositioned herself so that she was straddling his face, her pussy well above his face, and lowered her mouth to his manhood. She knew him pretty well and had a good idea what would help turn him on. She didn’t want him closing his eyes because that would only help him go to sleep. She wanted to make sure he had something to watch; something he wanted to see. He loved watching her masturbate, so as she rested herself on one elbow, her mouth working on his length, she put her other hand between her spread thighs and began playing with her pussy just a few inches away from his face.

Frank wanted to reach up and play with her sexy butt; to feel her hips, guide her movements and more. But his arms felt like lead and it was all he could do to keep his eyes open as he watched her fingers güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri play on and in her shaven pussy. He could easily see the sheen of her wetness as her finger spread her lips, circled her clit and then slid into her wet opening. The shine of her juices was obvious on her fingers as she pumped them in and out of herself, occasionally teasing her clit or sliding higher — from his perspective — to spread the wetness around her puckered back door, teasing there too.

As he watched this sexy show, he felt her other hand holding the base of his manhood as he tongue and mouth worked on him. Cheryl had excellent oral skills and despite how tired he was, she soon had his manhood at full hardness; the way she wanted it. She pleasured him another couple minutes with her mouth before sitting up and walking down his body on her knees. Holding his stiffness upright she positioned her pussy over it, rubbing his cockhead between her lips back and forth a few times before spreading her knees farther and impaling herself on his length. Frank heard her exhale of pleasure as his cock filled her and, just like always, she took most of his length in a single settling movement but had to go up and down a few times to get the last bit of him in. His cock wasn’t huge but since she was just barely over five feet tall and they’d been apart for almost two weeks, it did take a minute before her pussy fully adjusted to his length and girth. Once she had his length fully inside her, she ground her pussy down on him for a few moments, just enjoying the pleasure of being filled.

Satisfied she had him fully engulfed within her she looked over her shoulder at him as best she could. “Hey, baby… sit up just enough to get your arms around me, hold me close and turn on your side. Keep yourself in me as he spoon together.” Frank understood what she wanted and was trying to do. Sitting up just enough, he wrapped his arms around her and rolled left slowly, keeping his hips thrust forward while holding her close to maintain the penetration she had achieved. The end result was that they ended up on their left side, spooned together, his left arm under her head, his right arm around her, and his full length still buried in her clutching wetness. He heard her sigh and felt the same way: finally they were together as they should be, close and warm… reunited. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment, sure that he would be asleep in just seconds.

As he relaxed and let the comfortable feeling sink in he became aware of the fact that Cheryl was not laying entirely still. Well, maybe she was — he couldn’t really tell, but he would swear that her pussy was moving on his length. Still, he couldn’t feel her hips or butt moving at all and they were definitely pressed close enough that he would feel that. He concentrated on the feeling for a moment and decided he couldn’t figure out what she was doing, so he outright asked. “Baby… what are you doing?”

He felt and heard her giggle against him. “I’m sorry… is that keeping you awake?”

“Yeah, kinda,” he replied. “But I can’t feel you moving. What are you doing?”

“This?” she asked, and he felt her pussy move around his length. He grunted.

“Yes, that,” he said, the smile of pleasure creeping into his voice.

“Using you,” she said frankly. “I know you’re exhausted but having you inside me feels so good… I’m just trying to get a good one before falling asleep enjoying this.” As she said “this” he felt the motion again. It felt so good a moan escaped him. Cheryl heard it and giggled again. “Oh, does your cock like that?” She did whatever it was again and Frank felt his cock swell and throb inside her. She felt it too. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she said, her voice lowering.

Frank’s outlook was mixed. It felt so good… but he was so damned tired. She knew he just wanted to sleep. He’d met her request to fall asleep joined… now she was using him? But it was hard to be aggravated about it. It felt so good. His aggravation was just enough to push him into a level of not caring so much about how she felt or what she needed. If she was going to selfishly use his length, he was going to selfishly use her pussy.

With a soft growl he pushed her over onto her belly, making sure his length didn’t come out of her more than half way and fully penetrating her again once he was on top of her. Her moans made it clear that she didn’t mind at all what he was doing. With his legs outside of hers, one hand on the bed beside her and one hand high on her back holding her down, Frank began to thrust his full length in and out of her wetness. He knew from past experience that she loved this position and the feeling of helplessness. With his weight on her and his manhood güvenilir bahis şirketleri pinning her down with every thrust, she could only take what he gave, her pussy being used as he saw fit. The added benefit for her was that this angle of fucking would bring her to orgasm quite quickly… and it did.

Within just a few strokes the orgasm she’d been working for washed through her. Frank felt her body tighten and her hips rise as her orgasm built and then flowed through her. He felt her pussy spasm and clamp down on his length but he didn’t slow the pace of his thrusting nor the power of his plunges. His hips were slamming down into her, his pubis slapping against her pushed up ass with every thrust, the force of their bodies impacting rippling through her body from knees to shoulders.

Cheryl’s moans were ceaseless as she “suffered” under Frank’s powerful fuck. She loved feeling like his toy; just his woman to be used; her body his to do with as he saw fit or desired. He knew he was free to continue pummeling her body in this fashion, or — if he wanted — he could take her ass… or he could roll her over and fuck her mouth. She had surrendered her body to him in the past and he knew how much she got off on it when he simply took his pleasure. She had started their night together attempting to do this to him but his instincts had taken over… as she had secretly hoped they would.

Exhaustion be damned, Frank power-fucked Cheryl’s pussy through two more orgasms, watching her skin flush red as each flowed through her, and feeling her pussy get wetter with each one. What had started out as a tight and high friction fuck had now turned into him thrusting his length into a relaxed, wet, well-fucked and welcoming cum hole. What had started as a warm reunion had changed into an animalistic grunting mating dance wherein the female was delighted to simply take what her man gave and the male was answering his primal need to deliver his seed into her.

As Cheryl’s final orgasm of the evening built, Frank felt his own beginning to take hold and he increased the urgency of his thrusting; his movements becoming shallower but no less forceful as his climax seized him. With a final hard thrust and the growl of a male at the peak of passion, he released his cum as deep into Cheryl’s pussy as he could reach, holding her in place and himself fully within her. He could actually feel his balls moving up and down with every spasm of his orgasm and Cheryl could feel every jet of his hot cum as it scalded her insides. She tried to move her hips to get it even deeper but he held her in place… pinned… helpless to do anything but take his offering.

When both their orgasms had passed, Frank collapsed on top of her, his exhaustion flooding back into his body. Where had he gotten the energy for that? He was beyond amazed but too tired to think anything of it beyond that. Aware of his weight on top of his lover, he rolled to his right, sliding his cum-covered cock out of her, dragging it across the crease between her ass and thigh. He kept rolling until he was on his back, doing his best to catch his breath, his eyes closed and the slight sheen of sweat beginning to dry on him, cooling him off.

He felt Cheryl move beside him but didn’t feel like he had the energy to even look to see what she was doing. He felt movement on the bed… beside him… now on the other side of him… Then he felt a warm splatter on his cock and just above it on his pubis. Raising his head just enough he looked to see what was going on, only to find Cheryl squatted above him, her pussy leaking his cum onto him. “What…?” He couldn’t even finish the question. Cheryl pressed one finger against his lips. “Shhh…” she said. “Just close your eyes and go to sleep. This is for me.”

He laid his head back and closed his eyes. He felt her moving again and tried to care what she was doing, but he was sure she wouldn’t do anything that would cause him discomfort so he just let his exhaustion carry him toward the sweet escape of sleep. As he began to drift off he felt Cheryl’s mouth on him again… and he was conscious enough to realize that she was licking and sucking the mix of his cum and her juices off of his wilted cock and balls. Not a surprise, he thought to himself. She made no secret of how much she loved his cum.

When he woke the next morning he felt the pleasant warmth of Cheryl against him. He snuggled over to be closer against her. In doing so, he woke her up and she snuggled back against him for a moment before pulling away. “Gotta pee,” she said. “Be right back.” While she was gone he realized he had the same need so when she came out of the bathroom he got up to go do what she’d just done. When he came back out of the bathroom the morning light was creeping through the blinds and it was more than enough light for him to see his insatiable girlfriend… in the middle of the bed… her legs spread wide… her fingers playing once again in her pussy. She looked at him with a big smile that was full of a devilish invitation. And their day began…

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