Frat House Visit Ch. 02

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Manny was startled from her sleep by the heavy thud of a hand on her behind. Her eyes opened to find Kyle staring at her from an uncomfortable distance. He was squatting on the floor with his face just inches away. She could smell the cigarettes on his breath.

“Hey Manny,” he hollered way too loud. He was grinning ear to ear. “Josh said you were up here sleeping, so I thought I would come up to say hi. You plan on sleeping through the party?”

“No, I’m gonna get up,” she groaned. “What time is it now,” she asked, noticing that his hand was still on her behind? “You planning on keeping that,” she queried him, gesturing to his hand on her backside.

“Aw shit, no… sorry,” Kyle flushed. “Living with a bunch of guys kind of fucks up your manners, ya know?”

“Sure Kyle, anything for a cheap feel, right?”

“Hmm,” Kyle smirked. “Guess you all grown up now and sensitive about that stuff, huh?”

“Let’s just say that grown women don’t like hands on their ass. Now would you leave so I can get dressed, please,” Manny requested, shoo-ing him away with her hands.

Throwing his hands up in a mock defense, Kyle started backing from the room. “Cool, I got you, you are a woman now. The Lady Emmanuelle. It’s all good with me.” Pulling the door closed as he left, Kyle stopped and re-entered the room. “It’s really good to see you again Manny.”

“You too Kyle,” she smiled. “Now get the hell out!”



As expected, the party was pretty big. It always was. It was the end of hell week and the pledges from the various fraternities and sororities were being sworn in this weekend. As a result, this party was the classic where everyone was blowing off steam from the prior week. It will last well into the next morning, and more than a few crazy things will occur in the next 24 hours or so. Josh, however, only had one reason he was looking forward to this party. He knew that Jackie would be here, and she was single again. Maybe he would finally get her alone. She was a striking, tanned latin beauty, and he knew that every guy in the house would be hitting on her, but he had to find a way. He had to show her that he was not just looking for another notch on his bedpost. He really had serious feelings for her. He always had.

The entire campus knew about this party, most having been here in prior years. Frat brothers arrived en masse, showing off their colors. The sorority sisters did likewise, each with a pledge in tow. This party represented a stage for each house to show off their new pledge class, some even performing secret rituals in upstairs rooms. There were the jocks and members of other campus organizations; political groups; loners and the bored. It really was a campus wide event.

Josh had already had a few beers before the party started and was feeling nicely buzzed. Manny had not come downstairs yet, but he knew this was a big deal for her and she wanted to look just right; he wasn’t worried. He was pretty distracted as he continually scanned the room for Jackie’s arrival. Some of the other girls that were arriving tonight were looking pretty good though. This was the best looking pledge class he had seen in a few years. Maybe he’d get in a few dances with some of them later.

“Josh,” Kyle called from the top of the stairs. “I think you need to see this, man.” He was walking with Manny on his arm. Josh turned to see a long pair of legs ending in a sexy pair of black high heels. As they descended the staircase, he realized just how long his night was going to be.

“Emmanuelle,” Josh whispered with more than a hint of awe. “It seems my little sister has grown up while I was away.”

“So you approve,” Manny asked, peering from behind the hair hanging over her face? She did a catwalk turn for Josh to take in the whole view. As she did, a whistle came from Kyle.

“You clean up nice, kiddo,” Kyle followed.

“Yes you do,’ said Josh. “You look awesome, Emmanuelle, just awesome.”

“Thanks, big brother!” She leaned in close to whisper in his ear. “I hoped I wouldn’t let you down.” She kissed his cheek, and then ran her finger across his face to wipe the lipstick off. “Now I’m going to see what a college party is all about. C’mon Kyle, show me around!” She grabbed his arm and dragged Kyle into the heart of the party, turning back to wink at Josh.

“Oh man, am I in trouble.” Josh lamented….



Manny seemed to be fitting in nicely. She was earning her share of attention from the college guys; some of it she saw, most of it she didn’t. She had accomplished her task of not sticking out like a high school girl. None of the guys had gotten pushy with her, so all was well. The passing hours and several more drinks had made his mood somber and Jackie was nowhere to be seen. He was leaning up against the wall, wondering if Jackie would ever show up when he saw Manny dancing with a guy. She always was a dancer, regardless of the music, even when Dikmen Escort she was little. It was a typical party dance tune, and most of the room was moving to the beat, but he just stood and watched Manny in her newly mature beauty.

It was a long way from Manny’s sexy black heels to the bottom of her little black dress. It ended just a little too high on her thighs, and was tight enough for Josh to assume she was wearing a thong; at least he hoped she was, because there was no sign of underwear from the dress. The fabric shimmered as she moved, reflecting tiny flashes of light. Underneath was a tight, shapely pair of cheeks, no doubt toned by the miles of chasing a soccer ball. The dress snaked up her body, clinging for its very life. The front ended in a halter top secured around her neck, and the low back showed her finely toned back and shoulders. Josh noticed that she had gained some shape since he saw her last; her chest had filled out. Her breasts were not large, but they swayed and danced freely below the shimmering fabric; again there was no sign of underwear. This was a vast change from the training gear he had become accustomed to seeing her in.

Manny’s normally wavy brown hair had been brushed out straight. It was long enough now to reach her shoulders, although it rarely settled there as she danced about the room. She tossed her head about as she surrendered herself to the music. Dancing was the only time during which she ever let her guard down completely, often leaving her dance partners in no man’s land as she did. It was as if the music was playing through her; she was the instrument from which the sounds emanated. Her motions were sensual, and often erotic. It was a long time before Josh realized he was leering at his own sister. His growing lustful thoughts were enough to stir him from his hypnotic state. The empty glass in his hand needed a refill.

The basement bar had everything that Josh required. Jackie was there talking with a few other girls. His eyes lit up as he approached her; his hands unconsciously making sure his hair was not too mussed. She was so beautiful, as close to perfection as any woman could be, at least in his eyes. She had long silky black hair which cascaded down past her shoulders, framing the perfect skin of her face. It was her bright eyes and the sincerity of her smile that first attracted him, but it was the person within that kept him. She was no petite fashion model, but her healthy curves commanded Josh’s desire.

One of the girls heralded his arrival, and Jackie turned to greet Josh. Her smile was genuine, but not as bright as he had expected. By this late hour, she had consumed her share of drinks, and was quite drunk. She leaned forward to greet him with a hug, and almost fell off her stool. Josh caught her and was able to sit her upright, but knew she should be cut off.

“Hi Jossssshhhhh,” Jackie slurred. “Been a long time. How’r you doin?” She was oblivious to the fact that Josh had saved her from falling. She sat with an arm around his shoulders as she spoke. Her heavy breasts pushed firmly up against his chest.

“I’m good Jackie. How have you been?” Josh could see by her mascara that she must have been crying recently, but chose not to tread there just yet.

“Well,” she responded, “I just had a fight with that asshole of an ex of mine. He came to my dorm trying to get me back, saying that ugly bitch meant nothing to him…” Her voiced trailed off as new tears welled in her eyes. She was deeply hurting and Josh could see it.

“Hey,” he said trying to salvage her mood. “I’m sure a beautiful girl like you would have no problems finding another guy. You never know where the perfect guy is standing. Heck, it could even be me,” Josh threw in, fishing for any positive sign.

“You are sweet, Josshhh. I miss you being around like you used to be. We were such good friends. What happened?”

Josh knew that it was her desire to be seen with a senior that kept her away from him up to now, but instead, he just mumbled back, “I dunno Jackie, I really don’t know…” “Are you going to be alright here? Can your girls take care of you?”

“I’m fine honey,” she said, despite the nauseous look on her face. “I just need to relax for a minute to get my second wind.” There was a convulsion from her stomach as she put a hand to her mouth. “I need the bathroom,” Jackie announced, trying to leap from her stool. Josh could see she wouldn’t make it alone, so he hurried her towards the stairs. Her girlfriends were yelling, urging them to move faster. The rest of the party had seen this happen before, and the path to the bathroom cleared quickly. They were just in time as Jackie’s stomach volunteered its contents.



Manny had been dancing for several hours, and had never drunk so much before. The two had combined to make her want a bathroom break, but it sounded like someone was getting sick in the main floor toilet. She Eryaman Escort decided to use the upstairs bathroom where she had showered and headed for the stairs. She bumped into several people crossing the dance floor, and even had to fend off a drunken suitor, but she managed get to the second floor. Couples were pairing off along her way, and she had to separate a few to reach the bathroom. This was all common activity it seemed, as they would re-couple as soon as she passed.

From the bathroom door, Manny could hear a shower running. She hesitated, for fear of running across a naked fraternity brother, but her bladder was providing a convincing argument to go inside. The toilet stalls were separated from the showers by a wall, so she expected it would be okay if she was quick. She ran to the left, practically diving into the first open stall, pulling off her panties in the last few steps. She barely got the paper on the seat before releasing her warm stream. Lowering herself onto the seat, she was able to take the weight off her sore feet. It was nice to sit for a few minutes. She felt the alcohol in her head for real now. The soothing sound of the shower and the distance from the dance music allowed her to relax and meditate briefly.

Manny was not sure if she dozed off for a few minutes, but she thought it was time to get back downstairs. She was having a blast, and there was still desire to dance left in her legs. As she flushed, she thought she heard a sound from the other side of the room. It must have been the cold water on the poor guy in the shower, she thought. She felt bad, but not enough to say anything. She headed for the door, but there were more noises from the showers, and it seemed the shower occupant was not alone.

The nervous voyeur feeling returned to her belly. Were there a guy and a girl in the shower? Was it two guys? Emboldened by the alcohol, her curiosity got the best of her, and she crept closer to the stalls. From below the stall walls, Manny saw the polished toe nails of a woman sitting on the shower floor. Standing between her spread legs were the hairy feet of a guy, who, from his sounds, was enjoying his shower. With the noise from the water masking her movements, Manny slipped into the adjacent shower stall eager to see what she could through the opaque glass.

Manny watched in intent silence as the shadow of his penis disappeared into the shadow of the woman’s head. From the length of it, she expected that the end would appear from the back of her head, as took and eternity to disappear from view. His hands moved to her head as his groans reached a crescendo. His partner began to choke, pulling her head backwards, but not letting go completely. His hips rocked backwards as Manny thought she saw him shake; his moans expressing his satisfaction. Then the woman stroked him gently before letting it fall gently between his legs. Manny winced at the thought of something so large going down her throat, but was completely turned on by what she had seen. Her hands had gone between her legs and she was pulling the fabric of her thong, rubbing it against her clit. Her amorous neighbors embraced, and whispered to each other softly. Manny thought this was the time to leave, despite the buzzing between her legs.



Jackie was in pretty bad shape. After finishing over the bowl, she was barely able to stand. She asked Josh to take her somewhere that she could lie down for a while. He cleaned her up to ensure she didn’t look like she just got sick and then practically carried her up to the second floor. He chose the first room near the shower, just in case she had to visit the toilet in another hurry. He laid her gently on the bed, and then sat by her side to gaze at her. Even in this semi-conscious state she was beautiful. He brushed her hair from her face as he stood to leave, but before he turned Jackie’s hand rose to take his. “I miss you,” she whispered.

Josh turned back, unsure of what he had heard. “What?”

“I miss you, Josh. We used to be such good friends, but you aren’t around anymore. I really miss you.”

“I’ve missed you too, J.”

“I miss having you around to talk to, and confide in. I’ve cried so many times on your shoulders…”

Josh had distanced himself a bit because he didn’t want to hear about her other boyfriends any longer. It was getting too painful and he had to save himself from the anguish. “Do you want to know why J,” he asked, figuring this was his last chance.

“Yes I do. What happened to us,” Jackie pleaded?

Josh took a long deep breath before spilling his emotions. He had been so close to her, but never as close as he had wanted. He had loved her from afar, but did not want to lose the closeness of their friendship. It had been his choice, but not one he lived with easily. Jackie sat up as he spoke, listening to every word. She knew how well he had always treated her, and how quickly he had come to Esat Escort her aid whenever she needed it. It all made sense now, and she realized what she had right under her nose. She leaned forward and hugged him tightly, forcing her breasts against his chest. He held her close, relishing in the moment. She felt so good.

Jackie sat back, and looked deeply into his eyes. She was looking for the pain she was sure she caused him. She leaned in and kissed him; at first lightly, but it became deep and passionate. Josh surrendered to desire and kissed her with all the passion and frustration he had, but just as suddenly as the kiss began, Jackie stopped. She leaned back on her hands and asked him. “Have you wanted me for so long and I was too blind to see it?”

“I’ve wanted a lot of girls, Jackie. You, I fell in love with.”

“You have been so good to me. You took care of me like no other ever has. Would you treat me that well if I was your girlfriend?”

A nod.

“And would you make love to me as passionately as you just kissed me?” Her hands came forward and started unbuttoning her blouse. Looking up at his dark eyes, she invited him to assist.

Josh stood up in front of her at the side of the bed and finished opening her blouse. The entire time he was hoping to be sober enough to remember this in the morning. The silky blouse slid from her shoulders, exposing a lacy red bra which barely supported her heavy breasts. Arching her back to let the blouse fall completely away, her breasts heaved upwards, arousing him further. Jackie reached behind her back to unhook her bra, leaving it to fall in her lap. Josh’s fingers reached to touch them, almost timid in his approach. Taking a perfect breast in each of his hands, he felt their weight and warmth. He squeezed them, feeling their mass and mentally measuring them. Was she a D-cup, or a large C?

He caressed the small dark nipples which had already begun to stiffen. The end of his thumbs covered them completely as he started twirling them around in small circles. Jackie’s eyes closed to enjoy the sensation. Josh marveled at her beauty. Her hands covered his and urged him to squeeze her breasts together. He kneaded them gently, still not believing this was actually happening. Jackie pulled at his belt buckle. She leaned in closer and looked straight into his eyes. He saw the pain of her breakup, the pain of losing his close friendship, and regret that this didn’t happen sooner.

“Josh,” Jackie began. “You were my closest friend and I knew you could never hurt me. You were always safe for me to run back to, but I had no idea that I was hurting you so badly. I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. No one was ever so good to me.”

Josh’s pants fell away from his waist and Jackie sent his underwear right after. His erection raged in anticipation. She took it in her hands and watched it throb, the purple head expanding with each excited beat of his heart. Running a finger around the tip, she looked up at him again; there was a sorrowful look in her eyes. One hand cupped his balls and gently pulled his hips forward. Her mouth came to meet him, tongue softly tasting the head.

“I owe you this Josh, it’s so long overdue. I want to make it all up to you, for hurting you so much.” They were Jackie’s last words before she took him into her mouth. She began with slow shallow bobs of her head and then two longer thrusts before she stopped to hold her breath. Josh looked down to watch in amazement as the entire length disappeared into her mouth. Her nose was pressing against his tight abs, and the feeling was unbelievable. Instinctively, his hands went to her head, guiding her rhythm as he caressed her face. He had dreamed of this moment for years, never expecting it to happen, and yet here he stood, watching his cock slide in and out of her mouth. He was so aroused that he was ready to explode already.

Jackie sensed his nearing orgasm but she was not going to let this end so fast. She pulled her head back and removed her hands, leaving him exposed to the cool room air. The coolness was a surprise compared to the warmth of her mouth. They both watched as it danced in mid air to the beat of his racing heart. She caressed his length with a light finger, teasing just enough to keep his attention. Even rarer was the painfully short touch of her lips or tongue. It seemed her years in college had taught her more than what could be found in textbooks; she was wonderfully skilled in her tease.

Josh could not remove his eyes from the sight of her hands, her dark nail polish against her tanned fingers; both of them against his engorged flesh. One hand held his balls, gently squeezing and pulling just hard enough to make the flesh tight; a finger massaged him just behind, sending waves of electricity through his entire groin. Without releasing her grip, Jackie stood up before him, her second hand squeezing his manhood firmly. He didn’t even realize that she was now staring him in the face as his eyes were transfixed on her hands.

“I want you to take me Josh.” She looked straight into his eyes. “I want to make you feel good. I want us both to feel good.” Her voice was trailing off, and there were now tears in her eyes. “I want to feel good again… please,” she almost cried. Releasing her grip, she reached to raise her skirt. She pulled her thong to the side, inviting him to have her.

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