Fraternity Discipline Pt. 04

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Big Tits

“Let’s go get you cleaned up” said Jason. “You can just put on your briefs. I’ll bring up the rest of the clothes later.”

“Shouldn’t we at least get rid of this bucket of piss? Don’t want to be accused of not cleaning up after myself again,” said Phil. His mood started to lighten slightly.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of all of that stuff later. It’s the least I can do.” Jason put his Phil’s shoulder and walked him out of the room. As they way walked out, he saw two of the brothers from the committee talking in the kitchen. “You okay man?” one called out. Phil said nothing and looked down.

Jason decided to answer for him. “He’s a little shaken up. Taking him upstairs to get him to bed.”

“How do I even talk to those guys again? How do I talk to anyone in the frat again?” asked Phil as they walked up the stairs to the bathroom.

“They’re not going to tease you about what happened if that’s what you’re worried about. And they’re not going to talk about what happened- even with each other. Look bro, I don’t expect you to behave like nothing happened- but it’ll get better sooner than you think.”

“I guess,” replied Phil. He wasn’t in the mood for introspection.

“You need to use the bathroom before you wash up?” Jason asked. Phil shot him a pointed angry look. “Oh- sorry. I nearly forgot. I didn’t mean anyth-.”

“Just stop man,” sighed Phil. They entered the senior bathroom next to Jason’s room. Jason closed the door behind him.

“Let’s get you out of these.” He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of Phil’s briefs.

“What the hell man? I can do this myself!” Phil was startled. “Don’t you think we’ve done enough of the homo shit for one night?” Jason kept his thumbs on Phil’s hips.

“C’mmon bro. Please let me take care of you. I really feel like I should. After everything that just happened, I don’t think we need to be squeamish around each other anymore.” He looked Phil in the eye.

“Fine J. Whatever floats your boat. Are we even supposed to be having this conversation? Isn’t it, like, against the rules or something?”

“Yeah, it is. But fuck the rules man. We’ve known each other much longer than we’ve been in this frat. I don’t want this to become some weird dark secret between us. The more we can talk to each other about it, the faster we can put it behind us. I made you cum and piss yourself in front of the other brothers. There- it’s out in the open now.”

“Another lash and you might have made me shit myself too bro,” chuckled Phil.

“Anyhow, are you taking these things off or not?”

Jason slowly lowered Phil’s underwear, carefully trying to avoid grazing it on his cane marks. Phil winced slightly as waistband moved over the hump of his ass. “Sorry man,” said Jason under his breath. It was the first time Phil heard those words all night. Jason got some water warmed up and retrieved a soft rag from the bathroom door.

Jason then removed his own shirt and pants. “Don’t want to get these wet,” he said casually. He stood there in his boxer briefs and he helped Phil into the tub. Jason was close to 6ft 4″ and towered over Phil. His muscular chest and legs were smooth while small wisps of hair trailed from his belly button into his underwear. His ass, though smaller than Phil’s, had a cute round shape. Phil could see the shape of his flaccid cock as it pointed up in his boxer briefs.

Rather than turn on the shower, Jason allowed a bucket to fill beneath the tap. He then Halkalı travesti used a pitcher to pour the warm water onto Phil’s back. The relief was instant until the water trickled to the cane marks. He winced again.

“Don’t worry Phil. I’ll take care of those in a little while.”

Jason’s tall stature made it easy for him to pour water on Phil’s chest without him having to turn around. He didn’t want Phil to move too much- just to feel relaxed. His soapy hands touched against Phil’s chest and upper back. At one point Phil felt like he was being pressed against Jason’s chest. His large hands reached further down to his sore butt cheeks. Despite a little occasional pain from rubbing, Phil was amazed at how tenderly Jason handled him as he soaped up his hair crack. Phil was as taken aback by Jason’s care as he was by his ferocity less than an hour ago.

He was startled back to reality when he felt Jason’s hands soaping and fondling his balls. “What are you doing J?” asked Phil pointed tone. However, he didn’t attempt to move away.

“Just making sure everywhere is cleaned up. Relax bro, I’m not going to hurt you.” With that, he peeled back Phil’s foreskin and gently ran his soapy thumb over the exposed cock head. Phil shuddered. He figured that any lines that could be crossed between them had already been crossed. The situation felt erotic in an almost paternal way. Jason rinsed him off and helped him out of the tub to dry off before carrying Phil to his bedroom.

Jason, still in his boxer briefs, sat on the bed while Phil walked in behind him naked with the towel draped around his arms.

“Now to take care of those marks on your ass. Don’t want them to hurt too bad tonight,” said Jason. “Come stand in front of me so I can see the damage. You don’t need to let one loose again right?”

“Hey, fuck you man!” Phil spun around.

“Sorry, that was in poor taste. Promise I won’t joke about it again.” Jason retrieved some anti-inflammatory ointment from his bedside. “This should help.”

He squeezed a generous amount into his hands and slowly began kneading the large globes less than a foot away from his face.

“Feel better?” asked Jason.

“Fuuuuuck. Yes bro. Feels so much better,” responded Phil with relief. He felt the lingering pain melt away completely.

“Bruh, your booty is thick as fuck Phil,” chuckled Jason.

“Okay okay. Don’t make it weird. We’re not in that stupid room still,” responded Phil with a hint of discomfort.

“I’m serious man. I bet you can deadlift a freakin’ ton if you tried. I can see why girls like getting in between those cheeks man,” laughed Jason. As mildly uncomfortable as the compliments made Phil, his ass was his favorite body part. He couldn’t resist getting complimented while being handled in this way.

“Yeah, it’s nice to feel a girl’s tongue wiggling around up there in my crack. I guess I’ll have to wait for these marks to disappear before I start back enjoying the finer things in life,” responded Phil. He was hoping his stiffening cock would deflate by the time Jason was done and he had to turn around.

“Yup. That’s a tough one to explain to a chick.”

Jason continues his massage of Phil’s ass gradually spreading the cheeks wider and wider with each motion- but not too wide as to make Phil uncomfortable. He got a faint view of Phil’s hole under the dim light in his room. Jason, who’d never considered himself to be interested in guys, Levent travesti felt drawn towards Phil’s meaty ass. He tested the water by placing a kiss on the small of Phil’s lower back. Phil’s back flexed a little but he remained silent. He then began to gently caress the hairs on Phil’s crack.

“What are we doing bro? You’re my best friend. We’re both straight regardless of what happened downstairs.” Phil sounded scared.

“I don’t want to make you anymore uncomfortable than I already have tonight Phil. If you want me to stop, I’ll stop. Lemme go get you some clean clothes.”

“Hold up. You did give me these marks. And it’s your fault I can’t get my booty eaten,” reasoned Phil.

Jason knew where this was heading and decided to help Phil reach a judgment. “Seems only fair that I should help you out, doesn’t it?” asked Jason mischievously. “Nothing gay- just repaying my best buddy for what I did.”

“Yeah. Now that you put it that way, it is pretty fair. Get back down there and finish the job bro,” said Phil authoritatively.

“You got it.” Jason returned to his position with Phil’s ass I his face. The deep, hairy crack looked so inviting. Phil’s legs spread a little more to reveal his low hanging ball sack. His cock pointed firmly upward, his foreskin retracted on its own with a thin strand of pre-cum dangling from the tip. Jason gently kissed the top of Phil’s crack and worked his way to the base. He then spread the thick meaty cheeks to reveal the tiny winking hole. With a gasp of air, Jason buried his face in Phil’s ass kneading the cheeks as he did. He could smell his best friend’s musk on his face despite being freshly out the shower.

“Oooh! Jeez! That’s the spot J!” gasped Phil as Jason’s tongue wriggled against his asshole. The thought of Jason, his older, larger buddy, with his face stuffed in his crack made Phil leak even more. It gave him a sense of power that he’d been sorely lacking all night. Jason pulled out to take a breath but not for long.

“Get up in there you cruel fucker!” shouted Phil. He reached behind and shoved Jason’s head back in. “Don’t be lazy bro! Finish the fucking job!”

Jason reached between Phil’s legs and slowly began to fondle his balls. He didn’t mind Phil getting rough with him if it was helping him to release some of his anger. Jason’s tongue slowly started to migrate from Phil’s asshole to his gooch. Phil finally released his grip on Jason’s hair.

“Turn around bro. Let me see you,” said Jason Phil did so. Jason’s head was now at the level of Phil’s chest.

“That felt good man! Sorry if I got too rough there buddy,” said Phil with a grin.

“No need to apologize man,” laughed Jason. “We’re both guys. Boys can play rough sometimes. Do your thing bro.”

Phil’s reddened nipple caught Jason’s eye. “Jeez. I really did a number on these poor tiny nipples of yours Phil. I bet they’re really sensitive now after all that.”

Before Phil could respond, Jason placed a gentle kiss on his left nipple. Phil shuddered. It felt like a jolt of electricity was being sent through his body. Jason passionately kissed each nipple careful not to be too rough on the tender spots. Phil cradled Jason’s head against his chest.

Jason managed to slip off his own underwear allowing his 7 inch cut cock to spring free. He slowly masturbated while nursing on Phil.

Phil bent his head slightly and places a kiss on Jason’s forehead. “Thanks J,” he whispered. Şirinevler travesti

“I think that bad boy is ready to go again,” said Jason as me motioned towards Phil’s throbbing cock.

Jason was too tall for his mouth to reach Phil’s cock while kneeling. Instead, Jason put Phil to sit on the bed with his legs spread. Jason lay on his belly looking up at his buddy.

“Since you liked teasing my balls so much, get to it J!” laughed Phil. “Although none of those fucking torture brushes again. Stick out your tongue bro.”

Jason’s tongue lapped over the soft skin of Phil’s scrotum causing him to shudder. He kissed the crease between Phil’s thigh and his balls. The sack began to tighten even more Jason juggled his buddy’s balls in his mouth. Phil ran his hand across Jason’s cheek and down to his shoulder squeezing his trap muscles.

“Fuck yeah J! Suck on those big fucking balls man! Gosh man, you’re better than Jessica!”

“Shuddup man,” laughed Jason as he punched Phil playfully on his stomach. “What kind of buddy would I be if I didn’t know what my best friend liked?”

“Let’s see if you do a better job with this fat cock than her.”

Jason released Phil’s balls and moved further up licking the length of his cock. It twitched and spit pre-cum on his lips. Phil giggled. Jason pressed his tongue against the frenulum as he felt the pre-cum dribble onto his tongue giving a salty taste. He then engulfed the entire head in his mouth causing Phil to shiver as he reached under to cradle his balls.

“I’ve had enough of this teasing bullshit for one night. On your fucking knees J!”

Jason did as he was told all while jerking his own cock.

“Since you were so curious about what I did to Jessica, I’ll show you, you nosey fucker! Open your fucking mouth bro!” commanded Phil.

Jason complied. Phil and Jason were seeing different sides to each other they never thought they’d see.

Phil pushed his cock into Jason’s mouth until he heard a loud gagging sound. He removed it causing mucus and spit to spill all over Jason’s chest. “That’s what I did to her.”

Phil was really getting off on dominating his best friend, not to mention a superior frat brother, this way. It was the closest he felt to getting back at someone. He forced his cock into Jason’s mouth again and again until he was face-fucking him.

Jason’s face was red and his chest and chin were covered with thick gooey spit.

“Am I fucking like a true Sigma-Phi bro yet J?” Phil was lost in his own world as he worked out his emotions continuing his onslaught on his buddy’s face. “Fuck! I’m going to bust soon! And I don’t need your fucking permission bro!”

“No you don’t buddy,” gasped Jason as he took a breath. “Shoot your load man! Shoot your fucking load in my mouth.”

Jason was not too keen on having his best friend’s nut filling up his moth but if that’s what it took to help repair their friendship, then so be it. Phil shoved his cock back into Jason’s mouth. Jason was close to cumming as well as he stroked his own cock.

Jason took his free hand and pressed it against Phil’s gooch feeling it begin to pulsate with each thrust. Phil’s massive glutes tightened up. He was close. With one final thrust, Jason felt Phil’s cock pulsate and then came a thick creamy load being emptied in his mouth. Jason swallowed with each spurt. Jason’s cock also began to pulse spraying his load all over the sheets.

Phil sank back into bed red and exhausted. Jason sat next to him neglecting to clean the cum from the sheets.

“Hope I wasn’t too eager man,” chuckled Phil.

“It’s fine. I did way worse to you,” replied Jason still out of breath. “Feeling a little better now?”

“Hmm. Getting there.”

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