Fraternity Fun

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Going into my senior year of college, I couldn’t say I had a memorable sexual experience that I would carry in my memory for the rest of my life. But during my fourth year, a few things would happen that I will never forget, mainly my first experience with a man or should I say… men. But before I confess these mind-blowing occurrences, I should tell a little more.

In that year, I had returned to living the dorms on campus. I moved into an apartment during my junior year, but that proved to be a horrible idea with my roommate leaving with two months to go in our lease. I decided it would be cheaper to just get a single room in the smallest dorm of our school. Our college was not a huge one, with an enrollment of around 15,000. We had three dorms, a large one that housed most of the male students, a smaller one that held about 400 less students and then the newest that was added about eight years ago, the one I moved into.

It was different than the others because half of the rooms were built for single occupancy. The students jokingly called them livable closets because they were around 12 x 14′. On one side was a built-in closet and a built-in desk, the other side had the single bed and a sink along the wall. They were cramp and more expensive than the larger dorm rooms but there was a demand for them. I hated that I was moving back on campus, but it was really my only option.

There were more seniors in my dorm, the other two were mostly populated with 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. As annoyed as I was to be living back on campus, my only saving grace was I had set it up so that my senior year would be an easy one. I had finished my requirements and got most of the hardest classes for my major out of the way. Actually, thanks to taking summer classes in the years before I would have the easiest year yet.

It was by the end of the first month that I met Carl, a senior who lived in the room across from me. Carl was a nice guy. He introduced himself to me when he heard I was listening to some 90’s R not my ex-girlfriend that I just broke up with a few months ago, not my roommate who I lived with, not even my best friend from my hometown and certainly not my family. My secret was that I had an intense attraction to black men.

This really goes back several years, but I have always had a fascination for interracial sex. My most powerful fetish was for mixed race sex. I thought it was only for black women, but the last year or so I realized I was equally, maybe more attracted to black men. It happened when my roommate rented an interracial gangbang video, we watched it while drinking beer. I had popped a monster boner but that night when I was jerking off all I could think about was me sucking and fucking those big black dicks. I felt it best to suppress this crazy fantasy, but when I met Carl, it started to come back, with a vengeance.

It was after the holiday break, in January. I hadn’t dated or even fucked a girl all semester. What I thought was going to be a fun and stress-free year, had turned into a snooze fest with weekend nights leaving parties alone and sitting in my room extremely horny, jerking off thinking about Carl and what his cock would be like to suck or even fuck. I had come to the realization that I was losing interest in women to my desire to have my first BBC.

Carl gave me no indication he was even slightly interested in men. We started to become close, eating a lunch or dinner at the cafeteria a few times a week. Watching a football game in the dorm media room on Sundays (our rooms were too small to watch tv in). We even went to a movie a couple of times. Carl was becoming a friend, but if he really knew what I wanted from him, he might end it in a second.

One January night, I went to take a shower. Our bathroom/showers were large, being shared by another wing. Although we had twelve showers, if you used them at odd times, say 9 at night, you would probably be alone. Each shower had a partition that would give you privacy from a person next to you but there were no doors. You were really basically out in the open. As I washed, I heard the bathroom door open and saw Carl come around the corner into the showers. I might have been holding my breath as Carl took off his towel and hung it on the hook on the wall by the shower entrance. When he turned around, he said “Hey, Vince. What’s up?”

I am sure I answered but all I can remember is the sight of that cock of his. Even mostly flaccid, I was impressed and amazed. It swung with heaviness and was already nearly as long as my cock is when hard. He took the shower right next to me and all I could think about for the next several minutes is how I could get one more glimpse of that cock of his. Finally, I had a plan. I would fake that I lost my soap, tossing it right behind Carl. When I stepped over to get it, I glanced behind me. The view made me freeze in my tracks.

Carl was facing me with üvey kız kardeş porno the water hitting his back. He was washing his face which was sudsy, his eyes were obviously shut tight. But now his cock had grown even more. Although he wasn’t fully erect, I was in front of a cock that was nearly eight inches in length. Carl just rubbed the lather into his face, I must have stayed with my knees bent looking at him for over five seconds. I gathered my soap and went back to my shower. Seconds later a voice came from around the partition. “Did you get a good look?”

I used it as another opportunity to get a glimpse. “What did you say?” I said as I peered around the small wall separating us. I again looked but this time Carl was watching me clearly admiring his cock.

“Come on, Vince. You’re checking out my dick. It’s ok.” He said as he was rubbing soap on his body.

I chuckled nervously, “Heh heh…no I wasn’t” As my eyes were clearly glued on his manhood as I tried to laugh off his accusation.

Before I could make up a bad lie Carl said, “You wanna wash it?”

The words sent a jolt of electricity through my body, I probably became white as a sheet. I could feel my hands start to shake at the prospect of touching that marvelous ebony tool. “Yes.” I answered. The first honest response I gave yet.

Carl had created quite a lather of sudsy soap on his chest. He took my hand and scooped up some suds and placed them on my palm. I hastily grabbed his rod and started to rub the suds on it. As I did this Carl continued to rub the bar of soap on his chest creating more suds that would run down, giving me more suds to work with.

Quickly, I felt Carl’s dick grow and harden in my hands. It got even longer and thicker as I worked my hands up and down that slickened, lathered shaft. “Wow…” I sighed under my breath.

Of course, this was the first cock I had ever touched, besides my own and it just felt like I was losing my virginity all over again. My stomach knotted up and I kept catching myself holding my breath. He had thickened to a girth that made it hard to touch my index finger to my thumb, an awesome display of the superiority of his cock. I realized that his cock was now sticking straight out on its own and I took my hands off to admire how hard it was, as well as the length.

It was right then that we heard the unmistakable sound of the bathroom door being opened. Luckily, it was the far door. If it had been the door closer to the showers, we might have been caught. I quickly went back to my shower, gathered my things and got into my robe. I didn’t even towel myself. I left drops of water down the hallway, to my dorm room.

I had hoped Carl would visit me later that night, I even thought of knocking on his door, but I abstained. I did however jerk off thinking about that huge cock twice that night. I also jerked off the next five nights thinking of Carl, but that Saturday evening I got a different thrill.

It was a boring day. I had no schoolwork to catch up on, there were no activities on campus and no one I knew was having a party. I jerked off dreaming of Carl when I woke up, ate some breakfast, did some walking, went to the library and had lunch. When I got back to my dorm room, I read the book I checked out, but my mind was on that incredible cock of Carl’s. Around 5pm, I jerked off again, showered and had dinner at the cafeteria. I returned to my room to do some more reading and called it a night around 11pm.

At nearly 2am, there was a loud knock on my door. I got out of bed really pissed that someone was bothering me at this hour. I figured it was someone who had the wrong room or worse a friend wanting to go out drinking. When I threw open the door, I found Carl on the other side. He was tipsy or buzzed but not wasted or drunk. He smiled and asked if he could come in. I said, “Sure!” and let him into my room.

Carl had said he was out on a date, but it ended horribly, He was now alone and sexually frustrated. In a straightforward manner, he asked if I wanted to finish what we started in the shower days ago. I answered, “Yes.”. With that, he began to undo his pants as I kneeled down in front of him, anticipating sucking my first big black cock.

By now I had simply come to the conclusion that I was even more attracted to black men than I had originally thought I was. A minute ago, I was ready to kill whoever was knocking on my door, now I frantically wanted to suck this black cock that was in front of me. I didn’t hesitate when his pants came down, I took a hold of his semi-erect cock and without hesitation shoved it in my mouth. Carl simply backed up a step and put his back against the door saying, “Oh yeah!” in a hushed but elated manner.

I slid my lips up and down his dark penis, it grew with every motion my mouth made on it. It didn’t even take two minutes for it to be fully engorged xnxx porno with blood, showing a full, exquisite erection. As I sucked his cock, Carl either cupped the back of my head or ran his fingers through my hair.

I was probably on my knees for ten minutes when he picked me up off the floor. As he stepped out of his pants, he took my hand and walked me to my bed. It was a single, but he laid me down. I watched as he took off the rest of his clothes and then pulled off my underwear. To my complete surprise, he took a position on my bed so that we could 69, which we did for the next 30 minutes.

As I sucked Carl, he was sucking my cock. I have had some intimate moments with a few women, but this was the most sensual, exciting and pleasurable half hour I could remember. Carl sucked my cock better than any woman ever had. I was trying to do my best to please this beautiful cock as well. It ended when we both came in each other’s mouths, separated by less than 20 seconds. Carl came up to me and kissed me deeply. We embraced and kissed; our semen mixed in our mouths as we could taste each other’s cum as well as our own.

We hooked a few more times in the next three weeks. The last time I went to his room exceptionally horny, in need of his big black cock, delivering my most torrid & intense blowjob I ever gave him to that point as he sat on his bed. Before he blew a large load down my throat, Carl invited me to a party his fraternity was throwing the next weekend. As I sucked and licked his cock I asked, “Don’t you belong to a black fraternity?”

“Yeah”, he said as he moaned. “But there are white men and women at our parties all the time.” He assured me I wouldn’t feel out of place.

I had been to fraternity parties before. I didn’t join one myself but had friends who did. Carl’s frat had a reputation of turning out white women. I had a class in my sophomore year with a cheerleader who went with her boyfriend who was in the fraternity. She ended up having sex with six of his brothers in a gangbang. Now you would think word of this came from one of the guys bragging about fucking this extremely hot blond, but it was started by her telling friends how much fun she had fucking all those big black cocks.

I told him I would go and then I finished my blowjob. Carl promised me I would have a good time. I really wasn’t afraid to go to a black fraternity party, but I wondered how I might react to a house full of black men with my newfound deep attraction to them. I even wondered if Carl was testing me in some way.

On the night of the party, we took my car, but I questioned Carl why he was directing me to the apartment complex that was near the college. I knew his fraternity house was on the other side of the campus. We drove through the large collection of apartment buildings when Carl instructed me to pull into one of the parking lots.

“Carl, you sure this is a fraternity party?” I asked.

“Yeah, two of my brothers live here.” He informed me. We walked up to the second floor, and he knocked on the door. “Yeah.” I heard a voice come from behind the door.

“Hey man, it’s Carl.” He answered. The door swung open, and the strong aroma of marijuana could be smelled. When we walked into the living room, I saw two other black men sitting on a couch. There was a heavy table sitting in front of them with a bong and a couple of ashtrays that had some ashes in it. A collection of rolled joints and a bag of pot was also on the table. The men greeted Carl with enthusiasm.

“Was up, Carl!” One of the men said as he stood up to greet Carl. The other man said his hello while he was taking a puff on his blunt.

“Brothers, this is Vince.” The guys greeted me with surprising enthusiasm. It was as if I was being waited for or that they had heard about me. I began to wonder if Vince had told them about our get-togethers. I was introduced to each gentleman.

The man who answered the door was Terrence. He was a tall but slender man. He looked like a male model, very handsome. He shared the apartment with Miguel, who was half Mexican / half black. Miguel stood the shortest of all the men only about 5’7″. He had the lightest skin color, like a deep caramel.

Last but not least, the gentleman sitting on the couch was Roshaun, but everyone just called him Ro. When I first laid eyes on him, I told myself he was big enough to play for our football team. I would find out that he indeed played outside linebacker for us. Even more, he was considered a prospect for professional football.

After being introduced to everyone I was invited to sit on the couch. Besides the couch that sat three people, there was a recliner chair and a large beanbag around the table. The guys were watching tv, but put the movie on pause when we came in. Even though it was after 9 pm, I had to ask if we were early.

“No man, we’ve been waiting on you. Now the party can start.” zenci porno Miguel said. I leaned to Carl who was sitting on the couch to my right and asked in a whisper, “I thought you said this was a fraternity party.”

“These are my fraternity brothers, and we are having a party.” He told me emphatically, as if I was wrong to question anything. In my mind I said, this is just some guys getting high. I’ve been to these get togethers before, but I really stopped doing these kinds of activities after my second year. I didn’t want to be rude or a party pooper, so when a joint was first handed to me, I took a hit.

Miguel asked if I wanted a beer, I said, “sure”. By the time he brought it to me, I had taken my second toke. It must have been some strong weed, because I was already getting a heavy buzz. I looked around the room and noticed that instead of talking amongst themselves the men were mostly looking me over. I told myself that I must have been imagining this. A minute later I had taken my third hit, my head was spinning. “What are you guys watching?” I asked to maybe spark some talk or at least continue with what they were doing before I came in.

“You really want to see?” Terrence asked.

“Sure.” I responded. “I like movies.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will like this one.” He said as he took it off pause. It only took seconds to realize they were watching porn. Not just any porn but gay interracial porn. I sat there in a quiet panic as I watched a white guy being fucked by several black men. All who were hung. It was a gangbang, with one white man serving his ass and mouth to these endowed black men. My cock rose like baked bread in my pants, but I was more embarrassed than anything.

I sat there trying to process the situation I was in. There was no way these masculine, manly black men were gay. I mean Carl doesn’t seem gay, but he does like to have his cock sucked and he seems to enjoy sucking my cock. I looked around the room, the men were either fixated on the television or they were staring at me. When I made eye contact with one of them, I would smile, nod my head and turn away. I could feel great intimidation growing.

The men would react to what was on the screen as if it was building up their excitement. My own horniness was growing by the second as I drank some beer. My erection was starting to get uncomfortable because my cock was getting so hard in my pants. Sitting with these guys while watching this movie made me want some black cock so damn bad.

Carl leaned to me and said softly, “You like the movie?”

“…. yes.” I confessed in a shy manner. I couldn’t lie. After all I was sitting there with a hard-on, but siting there watching this with four other black men was simply putting me in a quandary that I had never envisioned I would ever be in. Plus, this guy in the video was obviously being worked over. It made me realize that I could never take these four men at the same time. Carl alone was a handful (and a mouthful).

Again, a fresh joint was handed to me. This time I took a huge drag and held it for as long as I could. When I slowly exhaled, I was truly ripped. I shifted my cock over under my pants to a more comfortable position, I was sure Miguel saw me doing it. It looked like he smirked. Suddenly, loud rap music was being played. The movie continued to play but now music with a beat filled the room.

In a deep, robust voice, Ro asked, “Do you dance, Vince?”

“Uh, yeah…a little.” I responded.

“Why don’t you get up and dance for us.” He commanded. “Let’s see your moves.”

I laughed and said, “You guys don’t want to see me dance.”

Suddenly the room erupted with “Yeah we do.” “Come on, dance!” “We want you to dance, Vince!” Every man was encouraging me to dance to the music. I felt so foolish as I stood up. I was actually angry with Carl for putting me in this situation. I was in front of the tv. I started to move slowly, slightly.

“Yeah, yeah!” The guys encouraged. I felt as if I was being put on. I even wondered if Carl had told the others that I was some little white queer, who sucked his cock and they were going to laugh & tease me all night. But soon I realized that the men were not laughing, not teasing and certainly not being disrespectful. The truth was, I could sense that all four black men were starting to get aroused.

More and more I got into the music. I moved more and more to the song. It was “In Da Club” by 50 Cent. I also realized my hard-on was probably showing. I’m not well hung, but even a 7 1/2 inch stiff dick can show up under some pants. My moves became more sensual, more flirtatious. The men responded with positive and supportive reactions. Suddenly the chant of “Strip! Strip! Strip!” rang out.

I was shocked, was this really what they wanted? It might have been the pot, maybe their cheering, but I said to myself, “Oh, what the hell.” Even kicking of my shoes got the guys into my routine more. I slipped off my socks by simply catching the carpet on my socks and sliding my feet out of them. Now all that was left was my shirt, pants and underwear. Another song with a really good beat had started, I don’t even know what the song was, but I started to move to it.

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