Freshman Love Ch. 01

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My name is Carter Peterson. And I’m from Highland Park, a neighborhood of Dallas. People automatically want to be my friend because of who my dad is. He’s the founder of a huge law firm in Dallas called Peterson and Parker. He’s become very successful, which means that I also benefit from his success.

All my life I’ve had everything handed to me, from the best house to the best car or electronics. But it never really made me happy because that was all my dad’s doing. I’ve always liked to do things on my own.

I am 19 years old and have just started college at SMU, Southern Methodist University. It’s here in town and has a really good program in what I’m looking for, architecture. That’s right I want to build buildings. But not just any type. I want to build Skyscrapers. My grandfather want an architect, he would build homes in the area for rich people who wanted everything perfect. But he is my inspiration to becoming Dallas’s best skyscraper builder.

I’ve always had a good sized group of friends. But after graduation most of them moved to go to college. And lucky me I’m the only one I know that’s going to SMU. I don’t know how I’m going to make new friends because I am one of the most socially awkward people the world has ever seen. I think I’ve told you everything there is to know about me. Other than one thing. The fact that I’m gay.

I always knew I was different. But it took me until the summer before sophomore year of high school to realize how i was different. Sure I dated girls, but none of the relationships seemed right in my mind. I’ve never had a boyfriend. How could I if I couldn’t tell my parents because they hate gays.

I came out to my friends at school and everyone was super supportive and most of them said something like “we already know” or “took you long enough to tell us”.

I just wish that my parents could understand that it doesn’t change anything. I’m still the son they raised and loved from 19 years. But I doubt they will ever understand.

I’ve been at school for a month now and I have to say I’m adjusting to college life pretty well. I like all my classes and haven’t run into anyone that wants to beat me up and steal my lunch money. But I’ve began to make some friends. This guy named Nathan is really cool. He’s in my english class. We’ve hung out to work on homework together. He’s pretty tall, around 6 foot 1, yet skinny. At most he probably weighs 140 lbs. But who am I to judge.

I’m 5 foot 9 and 185 lbs. But that’s not from food. That’s from years of going to the gym almost everyday for about 2 hours. Hard work really does pay off because if I do say myself I have a pretty nice body. Not only am I muscular, but I also have the type of skin that everybody wants. No acne or blackheads. And very easy to get tan.

People growing up would always be jealous because while they would have terrible acne, my skin would be as clear as ever and would be the most beautiful golden color. To top that off my naturally dark brown hair really did my face pretty good. But it didn’t get better until I dyed it platinum blond. Now my wavy hair, that’s long on the top and short on the sides, really frames my face.

But back to school talk. So far Nathan is my closest friend, which is fine by me because he is the type of person that I would normally befriend anyways. We were kind of forced to be friends due to an english project. But it turned out for the better.

One day I was going to one of my multiple math classes, and I sat down in my normal spot. Then I realized something is off that normally isn’t. It took me a few seconds to realize that the usually vacant seat diagonal from me, was filled by someone. I glanced over my shoulder to look at the clock on the back wall of the classroom and as I turned back around my eyes met with the most beautiful color blue eyes. It’s like someone put sapphires in his eyes. His strong jawline was still easy to be seen through his slight beard.

His short hair was the most beautiful shade of white anyone could ever achieve, obviously from a skilled hair dresser. He wore a light grey hoodie that was obviously a little too small for his huge arms. And I mean huge.

I was always proud of the work I had put in to get my biceps to the size they are, but mine dwarfed in comparison to his. His skin was the most beautiful skin I had ever seen. His Bomonti Escort olive skin had an undertone of gold and I felt I was looking at a Greek god. The last thing I saw were his big, juicy, plump lips. They looked so soft and kissable.

That’s all I wanted to do in that moment. We must’ve been staring at each other for what felt like years. But it ended with the sound of the professor starting class and he turned around.

I couldn’t concentrate that class period. The teacher was going on about equations, but they all went in one ear and out the other. All I would do was stare at the back of this beautiful person’s head. I decided that at the end of class I was going to go up and talk to him. I don’t know why I thought that was going to be a good idea, but it seemed best.

When class ended I started packing up my books and papers when out of the corner of my eye I saw him standing there, at the corner of my desk.

As I stood up he moved back to give me room to stand, But after that he just looked at me and finally, kind of blurted out,”Hi, I’m Matt. What’s your name.”

I responded with, “I’m Carter. I couldn’t help but noticing that this is your first day in this class.”

He said “Yeah. I just transferred here from LSU. I decided that I didn’t like it there after all and SMU was my second choice, so I transferred.” After a long pause he said, “Do you think that you would be willing to show me around the campus and Dallas. This is my first time in Dallas so I have no idea where the best places to go are. Or frankly where anything is.”

I said, “Sure. I grew up here so if anyone would be a good guide around the city, it’s me. This was my last class of the day so I can show you around right now if you want.”

“Sure. That sounds great.”

“Alright well if you’re gonna see the city, you gotta do it in style, so we’ll take my car. Follow me”

“Fine with me”

We made it to the parking garage that I always park in. We went up to the third floor where I parked today and rounded the corner and I said “Well here she is. My one and only Stephanie” I could practically see his eyes falling out of his head as he stopped in his tracks and stared, with mouth open and everything, at my car.

“That is your car. The one right there” he said.

“Yep. she’s been mind ever since I turned 18. It was my birthday present from my dad.”

“But it’s a Bentley. How can your dad just give you a Bentley for your birthday.”

“He’s kind of rich. It’s easy to give your kid a really nice car when you’re a big shot lawyer. Do you still want that tour or are you ever gonna get in the car.” I said as I opened my door and got in.

He opened his door, and like he was going to break it, carefully got in and buckled up. “I’m gonna stop by Starbucks, do you want anything.” He shook his head, obviously still shocked at my car, but I wasn’t dones surprising him. I still had one more trick up my sleeve.

When we got out of the parking garage and at the street it didn’t take us long to have to stop at a stop light. ” Whew. It’s a really nice day outside.” Matt agreed with a nod of his head. I then pressed a button on the ceiling of the car and then the roof magically started to retract into the trunk of the car. The look on Matt’s face was priceless. I understand that I have a really nice car, but with growing up with rich people my whole life, I had never really gotten that reaction from someone.

Once we got our coffee I started showing him around campus, starting with what buildings his classes were in. Then I showed him around all the “hot spots” on campus such as the famous SMU diner. We stopped and got some lunch where we talked about our upbringings.

Turns out he’s from a little town called Maskerville, Illinois. His parents got divorced when he was 7, and shortly after his mom died, leaving him with only one parent.

I can’t imagine what that must have been like. First going through a divorce, then a parent dying. It must’ve been heartbreaking to have lived through. He told me about his younger brother, Steven, and younger sister , Amanda. From what he said about them, they seem like cool people.

After lunch I showed him the best mall in Dallas, NorthPark. It is huge, and has all the stores anyone could wish for. We then drove around uptown, and I decided Bomonti Escort Bayan to show him my house. He was amazed at all the beautiful houses in Highland Park, but when we turned down a street, it looked like he had died and gone to heaven. He was even more shocked, and a little confused, when I turned into the driveway of one of the most beautiful houses on the block. My house. Not my parent’s house, but mine. Being the son of a billionaire has its rewards.

I opened the garage and pulled my car into it bright light, put it in park and got out, not bothering with putting the top back on the car.

I lead Matt through a door that lead to the kitchen and called out, “ROSE”. You could hear my voice throughout the entire house. But from somewhere else in the house you could hear a clinking, but it was impossible to know from which part of the house it came from. Then from the stairs came the hugest dog anyone has ever seen. A blue great dane.

Rose was the most beautiful dog Matt had ever seen. Rose came up to Carter and started jumping all over him. He then took her outside and closed the back door. “That’s my big bad wolf, Rose.”

“She’s huge”

“She’s on the big side of the average great dane. But I still love her to death. If you liked my car, you’re going to definitely die at what I’m about to tell you. Are you ready?”

“Shoot.” Matt responded.

“Welcome to my house. Not my family house or anything like that, but my own house.” As I predicted, Matt was again shocked. But this time I think I took it a little too far because he actually fainted!! “WHOA, WHOA. MATT. ARE YOU OKAY.”

I lifted his head off the floor and put it in my lap as i was lightly patting his head to try to wake him up. He eventually came around, but i just held him there.

He looked to beautiful lying on the tile of my kitchen floor. It was either his long luscious hair, cascaded around my thigh, or his deep blue eyes that twinkled in the light, or even his plump lips. I’m not sure, but something came over me and my body forced my head to come close with his. After waiting for a rejection that never came, my mouth finally touched his. I mean I wasn’t even sure if he was even gay.

Our lips met and our tongues fought in our mouths. His fighting for control. After making for a good amount of time, we came up for breath. Then he said “I really like you, even though I’ve only known you for less than a day. I want to get to know you more. Wanna go get some dinner?”

I shook my head and the look of happiness fell from his face. “I’d rather cook for you instead of go out to dinner. Let’s eat here. I have everything we need.” His happy expression came back and he nodded. “Just let me go change and I’ll be right back.” I got up off the floor and went into my room.

I zoomed into the en suite bathroom and quickly undressed. I ran to the walk in closet, which in itself could be the size of it’s own bedroom. I went to my underwear drawer and got out my “special” underwear. They don’t have fabric on the ass which gives easy access for sex. Maybe it would go there tonight, maybe it wouldn’t. Who knows. I just want to be prepared.

I then got a pair of drawstring sweats a mildly tight fitting t-shirt. I quickly made sure I looked nice, making sure i had nothing in my teeth and fixed my hair then headed back downstairs. When I got there I noticed that Matt wasn’t there.

So I started to look around and noticed that the garage door was open so I went through it and saw Matt at the bottom of the stairs staring at my cars. “How many cars do you need” he said.

“Well the Bentley is for everyday use. But it doesn’t have a lot of room so when I need room I use the Range Rover. I use it for traveling or to go to the store. And then the Lamborghini is for fun. I’ll drive it around town for fun. I know I don’t need all of them but that’s what happens when you grow up like I did. Anyways do you wanna start cooking.”


I’m not the best cook in the world but I’m pretty decent. So I decided that we’d make mac and cheese but from scratch.

It took us about an hour but it was fun because we sang along to the music I put on and we got to know more about each other. It was a really good time. When we were done eating we decided to go see a movie. We saw guardians of the galaxy Escort Bomonti since it just came out.

I got my keys to the car and Matt headed for the Bentley. But I told him no and opened the door to the Lamborghini. He was shocked once again. I told him to get in the car as I got in and again began to press a button that brought the top down.

We got to the movie and went into the theatre and found our seats. Throughout the movie we held hands and kissed a few times. But it wasn’t enough for me. I slowly reached my hand to Matt’s lap and rested it on his thigh. I slowly maneuvered it to where I really wanted it to be. Over his dick.

I softly squeezed his bulge and I could feel it begin to grow. And I softly heard a moan from Matt. He reached down and slowly unzipped his pants. That’s when I saw it. He wasn’t even wearing underwear. But that didn’t matter to me. All I cared about what the long thick piece of meat that was right in front of me.

It was still soft but not completely and it was still huge. At least 7 inches already. It was cut so the mushroom head was displayed perfectly at the tip. The skin was slightly darker than the rest of his skin. He was completely shaved from the base of his dick and on his big balls.

I grabbed it and started stroking it. It instantly grew hard. It was so big. It was at least 10 inches. I was absolutely amazed my mouth began to water as I brought my face to it and slipped it in my mouth. I heard more moans slip out of Matt’s mouth and I gave him the best blowjob I could. But the movie ended and the lights came up so I had to quickly tuck him back in his pants. I couldn’t help but think that when we get home it’ll be the best night of my life.

We finally got home and I parked in the garage. We quickly ran up to my bedroom with me pulling him the whole way. When we got in my room Matt picked me up and tossed me on my bet. Before I knew it he was undressed. And soon he was undressing me while he passionately kissed me. Good thing I wore my sexy underwear because he left them on and smashed him face in between my ass cheeks and started rimming me. It was the hottest thing I’d ever felt.

He darted his talented tongue in and out of my loose hole. I reached for the bedside table drawer and pulled out condoms and a bottle of lube. He stopped and said “I’d rather not have to use those if I don’t have to. I’m clean. What about you?”

I smiled and replied “I am too.”

“Good. Then we don’t have to use the condoms. But I’ll gladly take the lube” I handed it to him and he poured some right into my hole and some on it. He lubed up his fingers and slid one in me at first. She twisted it in me and darted in in and out of me. After a minute or so he added a second finger. Then a third.

After what seemed like forever he slipped his fingers out, opened the lube and poured a gracious amount on his dick. “Are you ready?” I nodded vigorously and he slowly slided in me. It felt so good. I felt so full and stretched. And he just kept going and going until I felt his skin on my ass.

That’s when it clicked in my head that somehow I had fit this monster of a dick all the way inside me. He rocked his hips back and forth and slowly fucked me. He started to pick up speed until he was panting and sweating. I could feel my hole slid over his glorious mushroom head and I felt the tip his my sweet spot every time he went back and forth. It was amazing.

Without realizing it I felt my dick start to twitch and realized I was about to cum. I hadn’t even touched my dick. I started to cum and my hole started to twitch along with my dick and I squeezed so much that Matt shouted “OH I’M GOING TO CUMMMM” I felt his dick spurt out his cum into my ass. I felt the warmth of it. This was now the best feeling I had ever felt.

He slid out of me and I could feel his cum slid out of my gaping hole. But it was stopped by his tongue as he lapped it all up. Then he came to my face and began to kiss me. I could taste his sweet cum flow from his mouth into mine. It was delicious. We kept making out until we came up for breath. I said “I’m gonna go take a shower. You’re free to join me if you want.”

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and realized I had my underwear on this time. I made a mental note to make sure they get washed soon to make sure the cum doesn’t stain them. I turned the shower on hot and turned on the heated floors as well. I jumped in once the water was hot enough. I was startled when Matt came up behind me and started kissing me.

We finished up with the shower and dried off and got in my bed. He spooned me as we both fell asleep.

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