Friends Become Lesbian Lovers

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My best friend Maggie and I have been friends ever since we were 5 years old. We were in elementary, middle, and high school together and now we were two of five girls sharing a condo during our college freshman year. Of course I have seen her many times in her bra and panties along with her completely nude body as well as she, mine. I had never thought much about it until that first weekend before the Monday classes were to start. We both had boyfriends but Christian attended a different school than myself and Maggie’s boyfriend Josh was now a senior in our high school back home.

There were “back to school” parties all over campus, mainly at fraternities trying to recruit freshmen. That evening we dressed up and had ourselves looking pretty good if I say so myself. Maggie is about 5’10, 130 pounds, cute face and sexy long brunette hair. I am about 5’5 1/2, weigh 120 pounds, and have long dirty blonde hair. On this evening, Maggie was wearing her Isabel Marant pleated black mini skirt with a Ralph Lauren swoop neck white top and Asos heels with a single strap around the back. I was wearing my Flynn Skye Olivia red mini dress with a low cut front and my grey Vince Camuto heels with mesh looking straps that ran up my calves. Decked out in our curled hair, lipstick and jewelry, we arrived at the first house to the delight of many cute guys looking and talking with us freshmen.

I was talking with this hot guy named Jordan as we stood in the large foyer next to a winding staircase watching the football game. Every time the home team scored, there was a loud cheer and an occasional spilled beer. There were probably 20 or so girls and of course the guys were all over us trying to score, themselves. Eventually someone made up a rule that every time the home team made a first down, two girls would have to kiss as in a similar manner you would find in a drinking game. After a while, Maggie and I were pretty tipsy and in a very “playful” mood. When it came our time to kiss, all the guys were chanting, “Kiss her now! Kiss her now! Kiss her now!”

Wanting to put on a seductive show for the guys, I raised up and Maggie stooped down as we leaned in with a sexy smile on our faces, tilted our heads, slightly opened our mouths and planted a sexy, seductive kiss on each other that lasted about 5 seconds with all the guys cheering and whooping in the background. A few other girls kissed when it was their turn but most just shrugged it off and shook their head “no.” I will admit that not only kissing Maggie stirred something inside me, I was also extremely aroused by the guys watching us. The next time it was our turn and as usual the chanting began, we really gave the guys something to talk about.

I stood on my tip toes as we both tilted again and our lips locked for about 40 seconds in a mini make-out kiss. We put our tongues in each other’s mouth and made sure the guys could see them while holding the back of each other’s head. What started out as just a novelty show kiss had turned into a passionate lip lock. The cheering almost became silence as the guys were stunned and I’m guessing very aroused. Watching the game had just become secondary. Maggie’s clear lip gloss combined with her fruity alcohol breath tasted nice and made me horny. Once our mouths broke free from the suction, Maggie’s chewing gum was now in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how wet my pussy had become just from a kiss.

The game had ended and now the music was pumping while we were all having a great time dancing, drinking and generally making fools of our young selves. Maggie was worn out from all the dancing and sat down in this huge red chair that was located in the adjacent room, just off the large dance area we were in. She was sitting there fanning herself with her hand when I walked in and sat down sideways on her lap. By that time, we were both pretty inebriated.

With our faces about 6 inches apart, I giggled as I asked, “That was wild. I can’t believe we just did that, can you?”

Maggie answered, “I know. We had every guy loving it. I’m gonna have to be honest, it was…kinda…hot. I don’t know…I guess what I’m trying to say, is I liked it.”

Excitedly I agreed, “I know, right? If you could feel my pussy. I am so wet right now.”

I took Maggie’s wrist with one hand and pulled my thong away from my crotch with the other to give her access under my dress. She slid her hand in my panties and darted her middle finger inside my moist vagina.

“Damn, Britt, you are! I don’t know about you but I’m ready to head back to the condo and fool around,” was Maggie’s response with her finger still buried in my pussy.

While sitting on her lap, I once again moved in slowly until my lips met hers. Her foundation smelled wonderful as we passionately kissed. I squeezed her cheeks together with one hand as I continued to press my lips to hers. I could feel her finger moving around inside me which quickly evolved into her thrusting it in and bursa escort bayan out.

While she thrusted it, Maggie was also moving her finger around circles while she fingered me and whispered, “Wow, Britt, you are really tight. You never told me that. I bet Christian loves that.”

Our mouths were open and eyes closed while we switched our heads back and forth during our make out session. We would moan inside each other’s mouth and eventually I started sucking on her tongue like it was a small cock. From the excitement of my first experience with a girl, combined with the mood in general, my pussy began to twitch around Maggie’s finger in a small, but satisfying orgasm. While I was cumming, I playfully clamped my teeth onto her bottom lip while I grunted. When I had finished, we broke our kiss and Maggie pulled her finger out of me and first smelled it like a teenage boy would do after his first fingering experience. After inhaling my aroma, she slid it back and forth inside her mouth.

“Mmmm. That is so good. I also never knew pussy tasted that good. Let’s get out of here and have our own party,” Maggie giggled while smacking her lips together.

I got off her lap and we left the fraternity house. As we walked down the street, she reached for my hand and held it like we were a true lesbian couple with the sound of our clicking heels on the sidewalk. It was different and exciting. She looked totally sexy in her skirt as I looked down at those long legs with every stride. When we walked in the door, I slipped off my heels and carried them to my room by hooking my fingers around the straps. Maggie kicked hers off right by the door.

Maggie sighed and asked, “Well, are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’m sure. Let’s go in your room,” I anxiously responded.

As we walked in, she turned off the main light and turned on her small lamp sitting on the night table. She turned and while first staring into my eyes, she then reached down, took hold of the bottom of my dress, lifted it inside out over my head and tossed on the floor, leaving me exposed wearing only my bra and G-string panties. I then returned the favor and with the help of Maggie stooping down, I slid her top over her head and tossed it on top of my pile before unhitching her skirt, letting it fall around her ankles. We embraced and kissed passionately as our bodies pressed against each other. Goose bumps flooded my arms and my nipples became hard as the excitement of our bra covered boobs pressing together overwhelmed me. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth and I once again felt like a virgin preparing for her first time.

We broke our kiss and crawled under her blanket. The sheets smelled heavenly of body spray and Maggie. She was on top of me, reaching underneath my back, unhooking my bra. As it freed and fell off to my side, her lips clamped to my left nipple. She sensually sucked it, only taking time to lick around my nipples then stopping at its tip before switching to my other breast. She sucked and licked my nipples while I held the back of her head when I felt her finger slip inside my panties to massage my clit. I took a deep breath and sighed in pleasure.

“That’s it, right there. Oh yes, don’t stop. Just a little faster. Yes, just like that,” I would whisper while Maggie fingered me for the second time that evening.

With Maggie’s lips suctioned tightly around my nipple and her middle finger now sliding in and out of my pussy, I let out a loud moan, “Auugghhh,” as my orgasm began. My vaginal walls twitched around her digit while the pleasure overwhelmed me. Maggie got up on her knees, reached behind herself, unhooked her bra and tossed it to the floor. She lowered herself on top of me so we could kiss again. Now it was our bare breasts pressed against each other. She had amazing firm tits and having them pressed against my own, only caused me to suck her face that much more. She was even prettier with her makeup slightly smeared and her previously curled long hair now messed up.

As Maggie broke our kiss, she muttered, “Go down on me,” then cocked her head and started slowly kissing my neck and ear.

With my alcohol fueled lust at its peak, I allowed Maggie to take my place, lying on her back. Now I was the one kissing her neck as she closed her eyes and enjoyed my soft smooches. I then started moving down her skin until I found her boobs. I kissed and licked all over both of them before I totally concentrated on her nipples. I sucked them like a new born baby feeding on its mother until they were both rock hard. I rubbed her pussy lips through her panties and continued to do so even when I stopped sucking. I continued kissing my way down until I reached her belly button ring. I licked around it while Maggie squirmed underneath me. Her skin smelled incredible.

I remember how soft and smooth her body felt and at that moment I realized how guys must feel about us. I couldn’t görükle escort get enough of her as now my lips were planted directly on her panty covered pussy. It was damp and her smooth lips protruded through the silky material. I nuzzled her box and kissed that wet spot over and over. I was so mesmerized by her that I needed to dig my face into that sweet pussy.

I lifted my head, signaled her by tapping that cute ass, and requested, “Lift up so I get take your panties off.”

Maggie dug her heals into the bed and lifted her ass while I carefully slid those panties down her legs until they were off and I tossed them to the floor. Now that her pussy had been freed from its silky prison, I was ready to go down on it. With her knees up, I pressed my lips to her skin folds and they were hairless and smooth yet tacky with her wetness. Being completely submerged under the blanket, I couldn’t get enough of the sweet fragrance of Maggie’s sexy smooth pussy. With Maggie dancing the evening away, that delicious smell permeated and controlled the confined air.

I proceeded to dig my face into her pink folds, trying to get as deep as possible before coming up with a wet face. I licked her clit with the tip of my tongue before sucking it like a tiny dick. The more I sucked it, the more it popped out. My lips would make an audible smacking sound every time I would release her love button. I could feel Maggie’s hips shift when my tongue touched a sensitive area and hear her moan outside the blanket.

I lifted my mouth and told Maggie, “I can’t believe how good you taste.”

Maggie’s left pussy lip was much larger than her other side and after I licked the outside of both, I clamped down on that hanging skin. I would suck that nub before darting my tongue inside her vagina once again. I had never eaten pussy before but I applied everything that I like to feel when I’m getting ate out, to my performance on her. I do know that Maggie was sure enjoying herself. As I twisted, turned, and roughed up that vagina with my tongue, I would have to move my hair out of the way on occasion.

I then licked down her butt cheek and back over until I found her anus. Now my nose was buried in her box while my tongue probed her tight little asshole. I used my hands to spread her apart and push her knees further back to give me better access. I was also soaking wet from my inexperienced excitement. I used my powerful tongue to actually penetrate her anus and slip it in as far as I could. Because of her juices running down the crack, her asshole was also filled with wetness which caused my licking to make a sloshing sound.

I came back up to her pussy and eventually back to her clit. By then, her body had went from just a simple squirm to thrashing around. I sucked her clit as I slipped my first two fingers inside her. I slid them in and out while I concentrated specifically on that button. I loved the spongy feel of her vaginal walls. My mouth was moving in a circular motion when Maggie reached inside the blanket, arched her back, grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face into her pussy as hard as she could while tensing up in a powerful orgasm. She groaned very loudly while I felt her entire crotch twitching. I would repeat this and every time she came, she would grab the back of my head and forcefully mash my face into her crotch whether it was her clit, pussy or asshole. Her folds would gather on my cheeks like I was wearing her pussy like a mask.

After several orgasms, Maggie signaled me to move upward and kiss her again. I was a mess. My forehead was sweaty and my now frazzled hair was sticking to my cheeks. Her pussy liquid and smell were all over my face. Maggie didn’t mind as she kissed herself off of my lips.

“Oh my God, Britt, that was amazing! You made me cum so hard. I’m still shaking. I think you missed your calling,” Maggie panted, then giggled. “Now let me do you,” she added.

I was hoping for that request as I had went from horny to “in heat” from all the action. As I slid my thong off, now it was me lying on my back with my legs bent and Maggie’s tongue working my smooth pussy over. Oh my god, it was indescribable. She was using all the same tricks that I had just performed on her and for some reason, her tongue felt softer than any guy’s I had ever had. With my knees up high and my hands to my side, I balled up a handful of sheet while I orgasmed into Maggie’s mouth which certainly did not take very long to occur.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum again! Don’t stop! Yes, right there. Right there!” I would spew out before another orgasm would overtake me.

Maggie’s face was buried into my cunt when it was my turn to press the back of her head, pulling her deeper inside me, the next time I came. When she completely focused on my clit, the next orgasm I had was the most powerful of the evening to that point. My body locked up, my toes clenched in pleasure and my face contorted bursa escort bayan uncontrollably as I squirted a little bit all over her face in which I’m sure Maggie didn’t mind.

She crawled back up and when her smeared face and disheveled hair emerged from under the blanket, we kissed once again and now it was my turn to taste myself from her lips. The entire room smelled of sex and both our pussies. It was though our pheromones had merged together and it was just so feminine and nasty and sexy as hell.

We were both hot and needed to discard the blanket. We were now two naked eighteen year old girls making love and not just experimenting with each other. I requested, “I want to lick you some more…doggie style. Get up on your knees.”

I didn’t have to tell Maggie twice and she obeyed my command. She was up on her hands and knees as I scooted right behind her, sitting with my legs crossed. Because of her long legs, I was at a perfect height to eat her pussy in that position. I leaned down and started to lick her swollen lips while my nose pressed against her asshole. It was salty and slimy. I was still extremely aroused and I noticed Maggie with her head down watching from her upside down view. My hands were holding the front of her thighs to better my leverage while I licked. With the added light, I could see that protruding lip hanging down and I sucked on it once again. I had no plan, I just licked and ate with reckless abandon.

When I lifted up to rest my tongue, I used my thumbs to spread her ass cheeks apart. This revealed the cutest, tight little asshole I had ever seen and it was still wet with my saliva. It was perfectly symmetrical with its ridges coming to a point and I couldn’t believe my tongue had been in it not 20 minutes ago. I could not resist that dainty puckered hole once again so I pressed my face in-between those smooth cheeks and lapped at that anal rosebud like a cat drinking milk from a bowl. I couldn’t help myself as I spread my own legs outside of her knees. I switched my lapping to more licking and drilling while I reached down and frigged my own clit. Maggie reached between her legs and was doing the same thing to her love button. I eventually used my tongue like a cock and started fucking her anus long enough for both of us to tense up and wonderfully cum together while you could hear her groans and my muffled screams into her ass. It was so hot and satisfying.

From that position, Maggie just kind of laid down on top of me, slid herself down and we were in the perfect 69 position. We continued to eat and lick each other as I rubbed her smooth butt. We then turned sideways and continued pleasuring each other, and when she came, her legs clamped together over my head like a vice. Our lust was now out of control and I didn’t even mind that her anaconda like grip slightly hurt my ears. Both our pussies were dripping and our juices were smeared across our faces like a beard. We sat up facing each other.

She spread her legs while we kissed and I spread mine. We broke our embrace and with the help of my hands, I slid closer and closer until I placed one leg over top hers and our pussies pressed against each other. Our legs interconnected like a pair of scissors. We rubbed back and forth and the pressure it put on my own clit was incredible. It felt so good even though we looked like two crabs fighting over territory. Her sexy foot was right next to my waist, so I raised it up to my lips and kissed the bottom of it. She was wearing a sterling silver toe ring on her second toe and her nails painted cherry red. I kissed my way up her arch until I reached those cute toes. I couldn’t help myself and started sucking them and even biting a little on the toe ring while we continued to bump and rub our pussies together. It was very a sultry scene.

Eventually we needed a little more pressure to get off, so to improve our angle, we had to use our hands on the bed to slightly lift ourselves up, causing our vaginas to line up perfectly. Now our pussy lips could smoosh together like a puzzle piece. I was doing most of the moving and gyrating my hips, causing the friction of our wet pussy lips to create that tingling sensation in my vagina. My orgasm was building and the sensation also felt like I had to pee.

“Oh yea, that feels good. You feel that?” I asked Maggie while grinding her pussy with mine.

“Oh my god, you’re gonna make me cum. Do it harder. Harder!” Maggie ordered in her lustful desperation.

Our pussies were now grinding and squishing together quickly and forcefully. The bed was squeaking and thumping as it moved. You could hear us breathing harder along with the slurping sounds caused by our rubbing crotches. Maggie was the first to cum and she started screaming which was just enough to cause me to cum as well. My leg that was still over top hers, started quivering and while I shook in pleasure, I couldn’t help grunting through my clenched teeth. Both of our asses collapsed back to the bed. My arms were so tired.

We got up on our knees, embraced and made out once again. I could taste myself in her breath and I’m sure she could with me as well. We broke our kiss and Maggie broke the silence, “I don’t know about you, but I need fucked really hard.”

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