Friends of Friends Pt. 02

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Jack could feel hands massaging his as cheeks before spreading them open to reveal his tight little hole, then he could feel the coldness of the lube running down his crack as Marcus opened the bottle and let some pour out. The coldness was broken by the warm fingers now leading the lube to where it was needed to be and Marcus just massaging the puckered little hole. Jack was trying to moan but it was hard with his lips wrapped around Terry’s cock. He could feel some more pressure on his backside and soon a finger was inside him and probing ever deeper making sure to get everything wet. Soon one finger was replaced by too and Jack could feel himself being stretched to accommodate Marcus’s cock and he could not wait any longer. While he was sucking on Terry, Jack was also trying to push back on the fingers inside him letting Marcus know he was ready for step two.

When Marcus decided it was time he removed his fingers and planted his cock head right at Jacks hole, Jack could feel the pressure and knew exactly what it was and instinctively tried to push back onto the cock, Marcus playfully backed away. Jack pulled off of Terry’s cock long enough to ask “are you going to fuck me good?” to which Marcus replied that he had a huge load saved up for her. Jack went back to his task of pleasing Terry and again felt the pressure of Marcus’s cock on his ass hole, This time the pressure increased and Jack could feel the head popping into his waiting hole and a gasp passed his lips. Marcus was now holding onto Jacks’s hips and pushing into his ass slowly to allow time to adjust. Within a few moments, Jack could feel that Marcus had reached all the way in as he could feel the skin on skin. Marcus started into a rhythm of thrusting into Jacks’s ass, slow and deep at first then picking up the pace. Jack was thoroughly enjoying having a cock in both his ass and mouth and was still diligently working away on Terry. Jack pulled off Terry’s cock again to ask Marcus to take his time and make it last as long as possible.

“Don’t worry, Nicole. I have been saving up for tonight so I have more than enough for a few,” said Marcus. The Escort Bayan thought of being fucked multiple times by a couple of guys was a very hot thought to Jack, so much cum. It was not long after this that Jack could feel Terry tensing up and getting close to cumming. Jack looked back at the cock and before he even had a chance to wrap his lips around it Terry was unloading right into Jacks’s face. At least 6 hot spurts erupted from Terry’s cock and landing square on Jack’s, chin, lips, and nose before he even had a chance to realize what was going on. Terry pushed Jack’s head down so he could finish getting all the cum out of his cock and Jack played with it until it was soft again. Jack looked back up at Terry, cum still dripping off his lips faster than he could slurp up.

“Fuck, you are such a great little cock sucker, I couldn’t hold off any longer,” said Terry. At this point, Marcus still thrusting deep into Jack’s ass Asked jack to turn around and look at him. From the light in the living room, Marcus could see strings of Terry’s cum sliding down and dripping of Jacks face, this was more than enough to send Marcus over the edge and Jack felt Marcus drive deep into his ass, his cock twitch and then unload a huge stream of cum. Marcus groaned and squeezed Jack’s ass and pushed just a little bit hard to try and get every last drop of cum out and into Jack. Spent, Marcus pulled out of Jack’s ass, and instantly Jack could feel the warm dribble of cream start to drip out. Jack stood up and was greeted with the 2 guys smiling with huge grins, “What’s next guys?” Jack asked. Marcus responded with “It time you had a happy ending as well” as he pulled a very realistic dong from behind his back.

Jack sat down on the couch and pulled his legs up so his knees were at his chest just as Marcus had asked. Marcus came closer with the dong and Jack could see just how realistic it was now. It was shaped after a cut penis with a very flared mushroom head and veins more detailed than Jack had ever seen on a sex toy before. Marcus brought the dong up to Jack’s face and started to swirl it around in the leftover cum from Terry before dragging it down to Jacks waiting mouth. Jack stuck out his tongue and proceeded to clean off all the cum from the dong while Marcus and Terry watched. After a thorough cleaning Marcus moved the dong on down towards where it was needed, back to Jacks waiting ass. With Jack sitting on the edge of the couch with his knees pulled up his chest it gave Marcus unfettered access to Jack’s ass to do whatever he pleased. Marcus started to move the dong up and down the crack of Jack’s ass, moving it slowly over Jack’s hole, each time Jack moaned with pleasure and a little bit of Marcus’s cum would flow out.

After playing for what seemed like forever to Jack, Marcus started to push the dong into him and he was instantly filled with the feeling of pleasure again. The moans started out quiet and got progressively louder as Marcus pumped the dong in and out of Jack’s ass and after a few minutes of exploration Jack let out a huge gasp, Marcus had found the spot he was looking for. Marcus was well adept a finding the male g-spot, otherwise known as the prostate and he had hit paydirt on Jack. He could see Jack’s eyes roll back into his head every time the mushroom head of the dong rubbed and massaged it.

“It looks like I found your sweet spot, Nicole,” Marcus said not breaking the pace he had found. Jack, through the moans, tried to say “Yes” but it didn’t come out right. Jack instinctively reached for his cock but Marcus brushed his hand away.

“No, we are going to get you cumming with this alone” explained Marcus. As it turns out when Jack has his prostate massaged he gets really, really loud, Marcus was sure he had hit the right spot and when he had maximized the moaning he kept up the depth and pace that made him moan the most. Jack opened his eyes looked down ad Marcus pumping the dong in and out of his ass, a very happy grin on his face, he could also see Terry sitting in a chair behind Marcus watching the show and stroking his cock again. Both guys were apparently enjoying themselves as they were both hard again.

After a few minutes of thrusting Jack felt a new sensation, one he had never felt before coming from deep down below, it was hard for him to explain. Within seconds he was gushing cum like never before, it shot up all over his chest, face, and still moaning mouth and he loved it. Marcus started to slow his pace and gave Jacks now shrinking cock a few strokes before Terry came over and coaxed every last little bit of jizz out onto his tongue and swallowed.

Both guys now stood in front of Jack with their cocks hard, at attention and being stroked. Jack leaned ahead as much as he could on the edge of the couch and grabbed both cocks again and stroked, feeling the remnants of their cum from the first go-round. Jack decided this would be a great time to live out a scene from one of his favorite porns where the girl is kneeling and the guys jerk off on her face, Marcus and terry were totally in on this little adventure.

Jack got onto his knees on the floor and the guys came up on either side with their cocks right at his face, Both were starting to jerk off while rubbing the tips and shafts all over, Jack tried to lick and suck as much as he could when they came close but they seemed to make a game out of it. Back and forth Jack hopped from cock to cock as they came close to his mouth and he could tell soon that his hard work would pay off. Terry seemed to be ahead and jack could start to head small grunts and finally, Terry let loose with a hail of cum right at jack’s chin, Each stream went a bit higher as Jack opened his mouth and caught as much as he could. The stream seemed to never end and was splattering all over the place. When Terry was done he used his cock head to smear the cum all over Jack’s already covered face. Jack didn’t even have time to clean up before Marcus started unloading himself onto his face as well, Marcus’s cum shots were a little more well placed than Terry’s and the majority went right into Jack’s mouth. Both men took turns pushing their now softening cocks into Jack’s mouth and around his cum covered face helping him clean up. When the men backed away Jack laid down on the floor and felt the warm stickiness of the cum still on him and raised a finger and scooped up some more before dropping it into his mouth.

This truly was a great night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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