Friends Reunited

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I sat at the bar, gulping my second bourbon a little too fast. I almost jumped out my skin as my phone beeped.

Sorry, On bus. Traffic is a nightmare. I’m almost there. 5 mins x

I had only been there half an hour, but it seemed like I had been waiting half a day. Another five minutes might have been the end of me!

I took another drink, my cheeks drawing together at the sharpness of the taste.

“Hi!” a voice from behind suddenly said.

I jerked in fright and a dribble of bourbon slipped out the corner of my mouth.

“Shit! Um…hi!” I stuttered and wiped my face.

He smiled at me and kissed me once on the cheek. Here he was, Simon, my high school crush, 15 years on. My stomach flipped and I swore he could hear my heartbeat. It was as though everyone in the bar had stopped to witness our interaction.

He was exactly as I remembered him, just a little more filled out, a little more muscular, a little taller and a lot more man! His dirty blond hair was shorter and styled into rough spikes. His grey eyes held me in his gaze.

“Can I get you a drink then?” He smiled.

My stomach flipped again. It could win Olympic Gold at this rate.

“Um…yes please…um…bourbon and soda.”

He leaned over the bar to order our drinks from the large figure of a man waiting patiently. I fidgeted with my fingers, twisting my rings around and around. I had no idea why I was nervous. Maybe it was the thought of the unknown!


I had hung out with Simon when we were in high school. We became really good friends, but one night we got drunk and took things too far. We had ended up fucking in a –field — how unromantic. That was not exactly how I had hoped my first time would turn out. Secretly, I had wanted something to happen between us, but obviously he hadn’t. He didn’t talk to me after that night, ever again. For the rest of our time at school he ignored me, and even turned others against me. He truly broke my heart.

We had bumped into each other a few weeks back whilst I was out shopping. I came out of the ladies changing room and there he was, waiting on his wife. He suggested we meet for a catch-up and took my number, but I never expected him to call.


We found a table in a cramped corner of the bar. There were other people at the table so we squeezed in together on a bench seat. My skin prickled as I felt the heat of his leg pressed against mine. My stomach was one step closer to taking first place on the Olympic podium.

“So…how does your husband feel about you meeting random men on a Saturday night,” he asked, smiling.

“Oh…I…I’m not married,” I whispered, and took a sip of my drink.

“Really? Wow…I thought you would have been snapped up long ago. You must have a boyfriend, surely?”

I shook my head and blushed slightly. “No, but don’t worry…I don’t have cats…yet,” I joked. “I could say the same for you. How does your wife feel?”

His mouth pressed into a hard line.

“She doesn’t own me. I’ll do what I want,” he snapped.


“Sorry. That sounded way harsher than it was supposed to. It’s just my wife is …well…” He sighed, then took a long drink and placed his empty glass on the table.

“Another?” he asked, pointing towards his empty glass.

“Okay, please,” I said as I looked at my practically full glass.

What was all that about, I wondered, as he headed towards the bar. It was then I noticed he wasn’t wearing his wedding band. What was going on? I really wanted to question him but I knew I shouldn’t pry. My mind wandered.

Suddenly he appeared next to me again.

“Things aren’t great between me and Vanessa. Not great at all. To be honest, I’m just not happy. I haven’t been for a while. I suppose I must have been at some point, but I got married far too quickly and way too young. I was only 22. She just likes to control everything I do, where I go, when I go, who I go with…I’ve had enough. She thinks I’m meeting my dad tonight! I’ve just had enough.” He took a large gulp of his drink.

I didn’t know what to say. I just half smiled and took a sip from my glass.

He continued, “Sorry…you don’t need to hear this. Tell me…what’s been going on with you?” He smiled, and my heart raced. It only felt like yesterday I was kissing him on those wonderful full lips.

I snapped back to the present.

“Um…nothing really. Uni…moved to the city, working the 9 to 5.”

“Oh come on…there must be more to you than that.” He gazed into my eyes, pinning me to the spot.

I told him about my volunteer work, my hobbies, my family, concerts I had been to and what new music I was into. Drinks seemed to come and go like magic and time passed in the blink of an eye as we chatted away for hours. We met just after 8 pm and it was now 1130. I couldn’t believe how well we were getting on after all this time.

“I need to tell you something that I’ve never told you before,” he whispered with a slight drunken tone to his voice. “I’m sorry.”

“For canlı bahis what? Getting me drunk?” I smiled.

He laughed silently.

“For the way I was at school. I was such a dick. You didn’t deserve that in any shape or form. Fuck…it horrifies me thinking about it. I had no right to be that way. I was just trying to be the big man in front of my friends. I should have stood up for you when they teased me for sleeping with you, and when they teased you. But instead I denied it and made you out to be an obsessed liar.”

I blushed and took a drink.

“Will you please forgive me, Beth?” He sighed and placed his hand over mine, squeezing it.

I whipped my hand away and pushed a stray hair behind my ear.

“I’m not sure I can. I mean…well you know. I might be able to forget about it…especially with a few more of these.” I giggled and shook my empty glass trying to change the subject.

“I need you to forgive me. If I could meet my teenage self I’d batter him senseless. I can’t believe what I did to you. I’ve never stopped thinking about it. Please?”

I squirmed in my seat. “We’ll see. I know it was 15 years ago but it’s just not that easy.”

I was begging him in my head to change the subject.

“Can we go somewhere else? It’s too loud in here,” he said.

“I live 5 minutes around the corner, and there is some beer in the fridge. Would that do?”

“Perfect.” He smiled.

He stood up and I followed him as he weaved in and out of the crowded bar. As I stepped out into the night air I knew I was drunk. I felt wobbly on my feet but managed to retain my composure. The walk to my flat passed in a blur, and I rooted for my keys in my bag as we stood at my door.

“Women and their handbags!” Simon giggled.

“Shhhh…..neighbours,” I said, thinking I was whispering before breaking out into a giggle myself.

We stumbled through my front door, sniggering like we were 16 again. I pointed to the door on the right, signalling the living room, as I staggered through to the kitchen and grabbed some beers from the fridge.

Again time disappeared. I looked at the clock, and saw it was 3.30 am.

“Won’t your wife be looking for you?” I asked with a sigh.

He leaned his head back and rested it on the back of the couch. A smile spread across his lips.

“I don’t give a fuck, to be honest,” he said, and finished his beer. He placed the empty bottle on the table, and then turned to face me.

“I meant what I said in the pub, Beth. I need you to forgive me. I’ve never stopped thinking about you…I mean the way I treated you.” He stumbled over his words. “Fuck it…I’ve never stopped thinking about you! How I wanted to be with you, how I wanted to hold you and protect you. But I was more concerned about being popular, and the whole time I just wanted you. That night was probably the best night of my life.”

I blushed and smirked at him.

“I…um…eh…I,” I mumbled.

“I still want you Beth,” he whispered, and out of the blue his lips were on mine.

His lips were as soft as I remembered. At first I reciprocated and kissed him back, allowing his tongue into my mouth. Suddenly a moment of sobriety hit me, and I pulled back, turning my head away from him.

“We can’t do this Simon…you’re married.”

“Barely.” He scowled. “I’m leaving her.” He moved towards me in an attempt to kiss me again. “I need to be with you.”

“Come on Simon. You’re just drunk. You’re not just going to go and leave her.”

“Beth…bumping into you that day just made it even clearer to me. What were the chances of that happening? We haven’t seen each other for 15 years, and all of a sudden I meet you in the ladies department of Monde!”

His lips met mine again. He was an extraordinary kisser. I knew it was wrong but it felt so right. My body relaxed as his tongue pushed past my lips and probed my mouth. My stomach did a triple somersault to win the gold.

He placed his hand on the side of my face and gripped my hair. He pulled me closer and kissed me harder. Simply kissing him was sending shockwaves between my legs. I asked myself, was this history repeating itself?

His other hand slipped around my waist. My skin tingled all over at his touch. His hand stopped on the small of my back and he pulled me gently. I took it as a gesture to move closer to him. I decided to bite the bullet and clumsily I straddled his lap, facing him, never breaking the kiss. As I sat on his lap I could feel his erection pressing against my thigh. He ground it into me, making me aware of how much he wanted me. I ran my hand through his hair, tugging it slightly in the heat of the moment.

His hands found my hips and he pulled them towards him. I instinctively pushed into him. I knew now I wanted him more than ever. His fingers found the edge of my top and he skilfully removed it, discarding it to the floor.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he muttered.

I hurriedly removed his t-shirt. He had definitely grown into a man. His shoulders were bahis siteleri broad, his biceps large and sculpted and his chest perfectly formed. He obviously worked out. He sat up so our chests touched. The feeling of his skin on mine was divine.

His mouth was back on mine, demanding, riveting me. This time he kissed me harder and with more passion. He pulled me tight into him as his hands explored my back, entwining his fingers into the loose strands of my hair.

Like an illusionist, he had my bra off. His hand found my left breast. He playfully pulled at my nipple, making me gasp and my pussy ache.

I kissed him harder, stifling the moans escaping my lips. I slowly began to rock my hips, feeling him grow, pushing against his jeans.

He hooked his thumbs into my belt loops and pulled me up, so that I was standing. He fiddled with my button fly and began to push my jeans off my hips. I was standing between his legs, as he shuffled forward to sit on the edge of the couch, his face in line with my navel. He tugged my jeans past my thighs, down to my knees. He placed his foot in the crotch of the jeans and pushed them down to the floor. I stepped out and threw them aside.

I looked down at him. He stared back, his face serious and hungry with desire. Then he smiled before leaning forward and softly kissing my stomach. I thought, thank goodness I had been hitting the gym recently! His kiss felt divine. He was so close to where I wanted him. My underwear was soaking.

He placed his hands on my arse and pulled me closer. He ran his tongue across my lower stomach, just above my waist band. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back in anticipation.

His fingers traced the material across my hip, down the inside of my thigh. I felt his thumb slowly glide over the thin material that protected my modesty. The sudden shock took my breath away. He teased me, slowly moving his thumb back and forth, across my wet panties.

He pulled them to the side, holding them with his other hand to expose my pussy. Agonizingly slowly, he pushed one finger inside of my throbbing wet cunt.

“Fuck you’re so wet,” I heard him whisper.

I looked down again and watched as he slipped his finger into his mouth. This turned me on even more. He moved his hand back, again slipping his finger deep inside me. He circled his finger slowly around and around. Fuck, it felt so good. He slipped in another finger and gently began to fuck me with his fingers. His thumb rubbed over my clit, sending hot spasms of desire through my entire body.

Without warning, I felt his tongue thrust inside me. My body jolted in ecstasy and I pulled harder at his hair.

“Oh fuck Simon,” I sighed, and bit my lip.

His tongue expertly explored me, whilst all the time he continued to finger fuck me. The feelings of his soft wet tongue and his fingers were pushing me over the edge.

“You taste so fucking good,” he moaned. His words vibrated against me.

My breathing was belaboured and my legs were turning to jelly. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold on.

“I’m gonna come Simon…Oh my fuck I’m really gonna come,” I panted.

He took this as indication to continue, harder and faster. He pushed his fingers deeper inside me as his mouth tickled and sucked my clit. I could feel the intense heat of my orgasm begin to build inside me. The pressure built and built, desperate to be released. And then it was there — my orgasm arrived and exploded through me like a bomb.

“Uuuuuuugghhh my ooohhh,” I mumbled in between spiked breaths.

My body shook uncontrollably, pushing my hips on to his mouth, greedily wanting more. My legs buckled as the orgasm took full control of my body. He grabbed my hips with both hands to steady me, his tongue still pulling every last piece of pleasure out of me.

I loosened my grip on Simon’s hair and straightened my legs. The warm post-orgasmic afterglow swept through my entire body.

“Oh Simon,” I sighed, breathlessly.

He yanked me down to sit on to his lap and kissed me ruthlessly. I could taste the salty wetness of my cunt on his lips. His erection seemed larger and harder as it pressed through his jeans against my naked behind.

I reached down and placed my hand over his cock. My fingers teased, and then I slowly began to stroke. He exhaled loudly.

“I want you Beth,” he said urgently.

I kissed him harder, claiming him, possessing him. I had only just come, but I already was getting moist again. I could feel him fidgeting with his belt and fly. I placed my hands on the waist band of his jeans and began to pull. He raised his bum off the couch and I yanked his jeans and boxers from under him. His dick sprang free. It must have been at least 9 inches and was lusciously thick. The tip glistened with a few beads of pre-cum.

I coiled my fingers around his cock. A low groan came from deep in his throat. I placed my thumb on the tip and swirled, spreading the sticky moisture around. I moved my hand gradually down his shaft, gently pulling his bahis şirketleri foreskin back. I looked to his face, his eyes closed and his mouth forming a perfect “o.”

Slowly I began to pump his cock. I could just get my hand around it and no more. He rested his head on the back of the couch and closed his eyes, his hands resting by his side.

Wanking him was turning me on so much. I took one of my fingers and pushed it inside my once again, aching cunt. I was so wet. I used my own wetness to lubricate him, sliding my hand continuously up and down and around his manhood.

I wanted him inside me so badly. I raised myself and straddled him with my knees on the couch. He seemed oblivious to my movement. I brushed the tip of him over my wetness. This grabbed his attention.

“Oh Beth…please,” he gasped.

I began to lower myself on to him, inch by inch. It felt amazing as he stretched me, making me accommodate him.

“That’s it, fuck me,” he moaned under staggered breaths.

Encouraged by his words, I began to move up and down, feeling him plunge into me each time, taking my breath away. He placed his hands on my hips, helping direct me and control me.

“You feel so good Beth, so tight. I fit you perfectly.”

I began to move faster as the incredible pleasure pulsed around every vein in my body. The familiar feeling beginning to build again.

I leaned by head back and closed my eyes. Simon took advantage of this, as without warning his lips were around one of my nipples. I moaned loudly. The feeling was incredible. I rocked my hips harder, grinding them into him. He hooked an arm around my waist pulling me closer.

And then his thumb found my clit again.

“Oh God Simon!” I screamed. He almost made me explode right there and then.

“Come for me Beth, I’m ready for you. I want to come deep inside you baby.”

His words sealed the deal. As his thumb fervently rubbed my clit, I came hard around him. My whole body shook violently. My cunt pulsated around him, pulling him further into me. I slammed my hips hard down on to him, insatiable, wanting every last bit of him. I shouted incoherently and breathlessly towards the ceiling. He held on to my hips and continued to thrust his dick into me.

“Fuck baby…that’s it! Oh fuck Beth…Fuck…fuuuuuu.”

His body began to shake, and I could feel his hot cum pour into me. He burrowed his face in to my neck, muffling his cries. His pace slowed, but he still continued to slam into me, drawing every last ounce of ecstasy from me. I tugged his hair as my body writhed to the last beat of the orgasm.

With one last hard thrust he was done. His face was still nestled in my neck. We sat there breathless, panting. I ran my fingers through his hair and he looked up.

“Think it’s safe to say that was better than last time.” He laughed and kissed me hard. He stroked my skin and pulled away before resting his forehead against mine, still panting.


I woke up, a slice of sunshine creeping across my face through a gap in the curtain. We had somehow made it through to the bedroom, probably in a drunken stupor. I looked at my alarm clock. It was 830. His arm lay across my stomach, almost protecting me, holding me close to him. I blushed at memories of the night.

My head was heavy, I was warm and my skin clammy. Judging by his long and deep breaths, he was sleeping soundly. I needed a shower. I couldn’t let him see me sober and a sweaty mess. I stepped out of the bed, and as I turned to pull the sheet back across him, he lay there completely naked. I glanced down and bit my lip as I remembered what pleasure he had given me only a few hours before. I don’t remember his cock being so big. I snapped back to reality and pulled the sheet up. He still didn’t stir.

The water cascading down my body felt magical. It felt good to get clean, even though it had felt great being dirty! I tilted my head back and let the water run through my long brown hair. I closed my eyes and relived the previous night.

But then doubt started to creep in. I thought what if he regrets this? What if he sneaks out of the flat, then never speaks to me for another 15 years? Stop overthinking, Beth, I thought. But I couldn’t help it. All of this could be true. He is married, after all.

I was suddenly aware that someone was watching. I bolted round and peered through the steamy shower door. Simon was standing there.

“Good morning,” he said with a smirk, and he started to walk towards the shower. “It’s not only you who’s allowed a good stare,” he laughed.

“Wha…what do you mean?” I asked confusedly.

“Earlier…in bed, when you pulled back the sheet. I wasn’t sleeping.”

“Oh…” I blushed.

He opened the shower door.

“Mind if I…?” he asked, but didn’t wait for an answer. He simply stepped in and closed the door behind him.

He leaned over to kiss me, the water spilling over our faces. He pressed his tongue in between my lips and began to explore the now familiar territory.

My skin came to life once more as his hands brushed over me, from my chin, over my shoulder, down my arm, before coming to rest on my hip. I could feel the hairs on my flesh rising to meet his touch, longing to feel him once more.

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