Friends That Share

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Sara could feel her nipples brushing against her shirt with each breath that she took, the gentle rubbing made them erect and sensitive to the touch. She dreamed of her friend, Karla, softly caressing her nipples between her fingers and feeling the warmth of her lips as she gently kissed them. The gentle touch of Karla’s long fingers on her pussy was something that she had been longing to feel for weeks. Sara had often thought about Karla and wanted to have her.

She often fantasized about leaning over and kissing her when she was sitting in the chair, running her tongue down her neck and softly kissing her breast. Slowly she would kiss her way down Karla’s stomach, softly pulling at her skin with her lips. Sara could feel Karla’s hips moving underneath the weight of her breast, pushed against her pussy. Sara removed her shirt and bra and pressed her tit back against Karla’s pussy, she could feel the heat the radiated from that area. Sara again began to kiss Karla’s stomach and run her tongue across her belly, her hands reached upward to softly pinch Karla’s beautiful brown nipples.

Sara slowly pulled down the sides of Karla’s shorts and followed their path with her tongue as she exposed her pussy. She pulled the shorts down past Karla’s feet and removed her feet one at a time as she placed them on the arms of the chair. Karla’s legs were spread and her pussy was wet from excitement. Sara placed two fingers on Karla’s pussy and spread the lips exposing her luscious pussy, and then she grabbed her own tit and pushed her nipple into Karla’s pussy rubbing it against her clit. Karla’s hd porno clit became swollen with excitement and juices ran from her pussy making it glisten with anticipation.

Sara’s tit slipped against Karla’s wet pussy and her nipple was erect and was stimulating as it rubbed against Karla’s clit. Karla’s hips were moving simultaneously with the movement of Sara and Sara’s hands held Karla’s ass pushing it against her. Sara looked at Karla’s face and could see the enjoyment that she was experiencing by the look in her face of pleasure, Karla’s eyes caught Sara’s and she smiled to show her friend that she approved of what was taking place. Sara then began to kiss Karla’s belly and trace a path with her tongue down to her wet pussy.

Sara had wanted to taste her friend and feel her wet pussy against her face. She slowly licked her lips and teased her friend with her tongue, running it along the sides of her clit but never really touching it. She enjoyed the feeling of her friend pushing her hips up towards her face wanting her to lick her pussy. Sara’s moved her tongue in circles around Karla’s clit, ever so often licking and sucking her clit inside her warm mouth. Watching Sara eat her pussy made Karla moan with pleasure.

Karla enjoyed the feeling of Sara’s warm, moist mouth suckling her clit, as a newborn baby would do their mom’s breast. The sensation of her sucking her clit was sending her into a climax that was beyond any she had experienced before. Karla’s body shook with pleasure, and Sara could sense that if she didn’t slow down it would all be over. She sex izle slowly licked Karla’s pussy tasting her juices of excitement. Sara kissed her clit and then began to kiss the inside of her thigh; she reached down and pulled a dildo out from underneath the chair.

The dildo was a large pink one that was two headed. Sara slowly rubbed one of the heads of the dildo against Karla’s pussy making it moist. The dildo slipped against the moisture of her pussy making Karla again moan with desire. Sara then began to lick Karla’s pussy and push the large head of the dildo inside her pussy, running her tongue along the edges of her hole as the dildo slid inside. Karla’s hips pushed upwards and the dildo slid into her pussy deeper, making her gasp with surprise. Sara began to move the dildo in and out of Karla’s pussy watching her hips rise and fall with each movement. Sara was also moist and wanted to feel that dildo inside her as well.

She straddled the chair and placed the other end of the dildo against her pussy rubbing it against her clit and hole. Sara pushed the head inside her pussy and slowly lowered herself down the length of the shaft, pushing the dildo inside Karla as she did this. Sara began to rhythmically move her body up and down the shaft of the dildo pushing it in and out of Karla. Karla was now rubbing her clit with her fingers and enjoying the sight of her friend fucking her with the dildo. Karla enjoyed watching Sara’s tits bounce up and down as she fucked her and herself with the dildo. Karla leaned upwards and began to lick Sara’s nipples, softly biting them. altyazılı porn Karla pulled Sara towards her and began kissing her with the dildo still inside of each of them.

She told Sara that she would like to be able to pleasure her in the way that she had done for her. Sara slowly raised herself off of the dildo and pulled it from within in her friend. She placed the end that had been inside of Karla to her lips and began to suck the dildo inside her mouth. She licked and sucked until she had cleaned all the juices from it that Karla had left behind. Sara then placed one leg on the arm of the chair and spread the lips of her pussy, exposing it to the pleasures of Karla’s tongue. Karla pushed herself back in the chair and placed her legs in between Sara’s.

She then leaned forward and ran her warm tongue against Sara’s pussy, she enjoyed the smell and taste of her friend’s pussy. She began to lick Sara’s pussy and placed one finger inside of her. She could feel how hot her friend’s pussy was, she licked more feverishly as she drove another finger inside Sara’s pussy. Sara was rocking back and forth against her fingers, fucking them as she had done the dildo. Karla turned her fingers towards her, inside of Sara, and began to press against her clit from the inside while she licked her clit on the outside.

This was more than Sara could stand her body began to quiver with excitement and her pussy exploded, juices running out of her pussy and soaking Karla’s fingers. Karla removed her fingers from Sara’s pussy and placed them inside of Sara’s mouth.

Karla began to lick Sara’s pussy and Sara licked Karla’s fingers as they shared the sweet taste of Sara’s orgasm. Sara now returned the favor to Karla and feverishly ate her pussy and sucked on her clit until she also exploded with excitement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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