Friends With Benefits?

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October 2006

I took the kids to a play-date at a friend’s house yesterday. Arrived Saturday morning about 11 am and had a great time seeing their new home which sits on a spacious lot of about 2 acres. They definitely moved to the boonies. Winding roads and farm country empty to the drive of a little cottage style, 3 bedroom ranch, with an open floor plan over a full basement. The pale blue siding and quaint little frog pond in the center of the sprawling front lawn was hidden by all the luscious fruit trees that surrounded the grounds.

My friend Lainy and I walked about the yard chatting and catching up as the kids ran like crazy animals through the fields. We wandered about checking out all the possible places to plant a garden.

It was a gorgeous fall afternoon in October. There was a cool breeze, yet unusually warm for just before Halloween. We found a patch of yard to the right that was enclosed by white picket fencing that would serve this purpose fondly. There were several plots of overgrowth there. Squatting closer to the brush I noticed that they were rows and rows of post season strawberries. It should be exciting to pluck that next summer.

I helped them move the girl’s dollhouse over from the in-laws and we found a huge rock that is perfect for, well, sunbathing on, I thought. When I say huge I mean it. We both lounged back comfortably on this tabletop rock hidden by more fruit trees and really tall wheat grass. This landscaping, though over grown and wild, was amazing! You can even smell the wild mint growing from behind the rock.

“Rena calls this her thinking rock.” Said Lainy as she lit a smoke and we stretched in the dappling sunlight. Rena is her daughter of 8 years old. Adorable little girl, intelligent and wise beyond her years, with beautiful blonde locks I would kill for.

Finishing our cigarettes we wandered down the drive and found matted down grasses where the deer lay. Past the greenhouse and farther down the drive there is a hardly noticeable trail where the deer trample through and so we followed it to see where it led. The history of the newer house is that the land used to belong to some old couple for decades. They moved to retire in Arizona and sold the house for next to nothing and all the land that goes with it. Lainy and Rick got real lucky!

We came up the path on the other side of the property almost to the rear of the house where the trail finally opened up. Along the fence lines were these huge raspberry bushes and lilacs trees. When we stopped to admire them she tugged one the berries off the bush and fed it to me. Wow, the flavor of a precisely ripe raspberry is a sensually exquisite pop to the senses. We found several odd plants that resemble cabbage and radishes in these smaller fenced in areas like pods around the back lawn. Still not sure what they are, I guess we will have to wait until spring to figure that one out. So we plucked up some mint and took it inside, where we made some tea and unpacked some boxes labeled kitchen.

Rick walked in shortly after and stood between us. Giving Lainy a kiss, I felt his hand firmly cup my ass. He must have been mistaking mine for hers? I wonder. This hasn’t been the first time he has touch me in this way. I just never say anything to Lainy because I don’t want to lose her as a friend. Nor do I want to ruin her marriage. It’s as much my fault as his I suppose. I must admit I am quite the flirt with him and Lainy laughs when we tease each other.

Rick left to take the truck back to his parent’s house and we gathered all the kids and fed them. All of them, 3 of mine and 4 of hers! The brats and the burgers were great as usual, nothing like a little Heinz 57 and Worchestshire sauce in a burger on the grill. Next cam the Margaritas! A lime and Quervo and a sugar rimmed glass…always a staple when I visit.

We emptied more boxes between drinks. Settling the kids down to watch a movie it was already 11 pm! Lainy, Rick and me all stepped outside for a smoke and watched the harvest moon rise. It is so dark out here in the sticks; I’m just not used to it from living in the city. The sky was with filled with so many stars that I felt like a dot in the universe to look at them. The moon on the other hand was gigantic! A harvest moon if you haven’t seen one looks like you could reach out and touch it. They are brilliant orange and you can even see Bayan Escort the craters. I know I’m strange but I find staring at a nighttime sky a very energetic and sensually heightening experience. In short; it makes me hot.

I went in to check on the kids and turned off the TV when I found 7 snoring heads. I set up my blankets on the sofa and went to the master bedroom where I left my bags to slip into my p.j.’s. The master bathroom there is generous in size, and to my surprise sound proof. Rick was playing music rather loudly when I walked in. The garden tub and walk in closet make up part of the suite. A stand up shower and double sinks with vanity complete the scene. I looked around thinking I was so happy for them.

Entering the master again, Rick was sitting at his computer in the bedroom and invited me to sit on the bed so he could show me something. I packed away my toothbrush and sat on the bed behind him at the computer. He went on about how they know some guy who gave them about 5000 cd’s all downloaded to his system and played me a couple songs. We have always gotten on well and have never had a problem finding something to talk about. Rick is an attractive man in his late twenties and just pulses sexual energy.

I would go as far to say that he is an incredible cutie. I call him her stallion. He is not even 30 yet and married to my Lainy who is 18 years his senior.

Her only complaint is that she cannot keep up with his sexual appetite. She teases me about picking up the slack, which I have always willingly teased back, nudging him, anytime. I guess that it’s mutual because I catch his glances every now again, that are slightly more than friendly. More like he’s picturing me naked in a precarious position, which I have to admit I have done on several occasions myself.

Lainy followed me into the bedroom with fresh margaritas and sat next to me on the bed, while I was telling Rick that I would very much like him to create an eclectic workout CD for me. Lainy undressed before us into a big T and lounged back on the bed; I guess I should fill you in little here. Lainy and I have had a previous lesbian experience that I am not going to share now. That’s a whole other story in itself. But you need to know this because what happens next is something that sort of just happens sometimes when we get together and we have been drinking.

She rubbed my shoulders and back relaxing my never ending tension in my shoulders. She kissed my neck and cupped my breast and I leaned back onto the bed to indulge myself a little more with her, enjoying the unique sensation a woman’s mouth has on mine. She is so soft and gentle, no harsh whiskers rubbing against my skin. She tasted sweet from the margarita and her kisses are filled with a different sort of emotion or should I say intensity than a man. We got caught up in the moment touching and caressing each others breasts. Her breasts are much smaller than mine and feel pert with very hard nipples. I couldn’t help myself but to roll those little buds between my fingers and feel her respond by thrusting her tongue between my lips. When she pulled away and kissed my neck very whispy like, my pajama top was lifted over my head. I removed hers and we lay licking at each others breasts and giggling like school girls.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of Rick who had turned toward us with a look of utter amusement. He was like a kid staring through a candy store window, you know the one, real wide eyed and interested in seeing more. She tugged him over to us and he lay haphazard diagonally on the bed between us. She kissed him and rubbed his crotch. I sat back and watched. I have never really thought of myself as much of a voyeur, I would much rather be a participant. So this was relatively new for me. You know what? I think I liked it. My loins tingled and I could feel my own nipples harden while watching them.

Slightly uncomfortable I scooted away, to leave them to there privacy.

“Where do you think your going?” said Lainy, not letting go of my arm.

“I’m gonna leave you two to do your …thing…” I replied unable to get up when Rick threw his legs across mine.

“Ohh, don’t leave, stay. You want her to stay right honey?” Lainy said giving Rick a chiding glance.

“Um, Yeah” Rick replied quizzically to his wife; then looking at me sitting there topless on his bed after a make out session with his woman. “Hell Yea!” He said firmly after getting the go ahead look from his wife.

I blushed and sat on the bed against the headboard making myself comfortable to watch them in action; up front and personal porn show. Cool.

“Uh-uh” said Lainy “you lay here. I’ll be right back.” And she disappeared out the bedroom door pulling her T shirt back on.

I lay on the bed next to Rick and said “now what?”

Here I was, lying on a bed with my best friend’s adorable husband, half naked, and alone!

He shrugged, gave me an ‘I will eat you alive look’ rolled over on his side and leaned in to kiss me. I was stuck, partially pinned under his weight and a stray leg across mine. The kiss was quick as he testing the waters. Again he kissed me, a little longer this time and I closed my eyes and kissed back. Delicious! It wasn’t a mind numbing like a kiss when you are in love, but enticing, because it’s naughty. When he kissed me again his hand cupped my breast and this made me catch my breath in surprise. He grinned and did it again, this time pulling me to lie on top of him. I got caught up in the moment and made a subtle sighing noise under my breathe that made him kiss my mouth more fully and insert easily his tongue to touch mine. His hands moved to my hair as his lips danced across mine seductively, making me groan a little at how well he kissed.

When we finally came up for air he said “wow, you’re a great kisser. So much energy and the noises….do you always make noises like that?”

I blushed because I wasn’t sure I knew what he was talking about. “Yeah I guess so.”

“That is so hot!” He said excitedly. He rolled on top of me and in walked Lainy. She sat in the office chair next to the bed and didn’t say a word.

Rick looked over to her excitedly and said, “She Squeaks!”

Lainy rolled her eyes at this and let out a sigh. We all laughed and I said what else do you like? Expecting him to say something about my big boobs or… my big boobs… but then he said

“I have always wanted to be dominated.”

“Every mans dream right?” Said Lainy exasperated, “I’m not really the type; I just don’t have the energy.”

I looked at her and said “well…let’s make it happen then. I have the energy and you can help me. Get some scarves or something to tie this man up and we will have our way with him.”

She laughed and didn’t move not taking me seriously. I looked at her asking her what she was waiting for and he just laid there not believing what was happening. Lainy went over to a dresser and picked out 3 satin scarves. We tied each of his arms over his head to the bedposts and placed the other one over his eyes. He grinned widely in anticipation.

Downing my drink I put Lainy’s hand on her husbands chest as I caressed his thighs and calves. She rubbed his shoulders and chest. We licked and nibbled all over his body, completely ignoring the hardness that grew between his legs. We began very slowly and seductively at first touching, licking and kissing him everywhere softly. Lainy and I reached over him to kiss each other and massage each others breasts.

The mood shifted and we got into it more roughly. I sucked at his cock as she touched her fingertips to my clit. Then changing positions she sucked his cock and I played with her plump little breasts. I cupped his balls as she stroked his growing cock with her mouth; I bit at the insides of his thighs. Lainy withdrew and ran her long nails hard down his sides and he groaned in pleasure.

Stroking his cock with my hands, I ran my teeth over his sides where her nails had left red and white scratch marks. Rick began to writhe under our touch. Lainy pinched him in the balls and then again on the inside of his thighs and he muttered something hardly audible in pain, but the look on his face showed sheer pleasure.

We made him flip over. His hands now tightly tied to the bedposts crossed in front of him I could see the scarves pulled taught leaving white marks on his wrists when he tried to loosen the bindings. Lainy pulled them even tighter. Scraping her nails down his back I followed them with my kisses and licking as he laughed out loud saying how it tickled. Cupping my hand I whacked him a few times on his bottom and rubbed it in afterward.

This is when Lainy pulled out a leather belt and thwacked him hard leaving a blotchy mark on his rump. Rick’s voice winced in pain but she leaned over and blow on it. He was still smiling. I noticed his cock seep a droplet creamy fluid form the tip, so I leaned over and rubbed it into the taught blue skin at the tip of his cock. Lainy passed me the leather strap and I hit him softly with it. After all, I have nothing against this man, he’s not my husband.

“Harder” she said and then held my hand smacking him hard again. His ass rose upward to relieve the sting and I blew on it. Reaching into my margarita glass I grabbed and ice cube and rubbed the spot where I…we just struck him. The ice melted immediately from the heat and he let out a groan that surprised us all. A few more smacks and he had had enough; he turned over by himself.

Straddling his strong thick thigh and Lainy on the other we touched each other and kissed at each others necks making out loudly so that I know he heard it but couldn’t see a thing; just hear us pleasing each other while rubbing our damp pussies against his thighs.

Opening my eyes, I grabbed his shaft with two hands and firmly stroked it upwards repeatedly, watching him grin in shock and pleasure. Lainy climbed behind me and suggested that I sit on her husbands cock. Slipped my thighs onto either side of him, I eased my self down onto the girth of him. Feeling him fill me up, it was very stiff and tight as my muscles flexed gripping him from the inside. I felt Lainy’s pussy damp against my ass as her breasts were pressed hard up against my back. I heard his scream a little in pain as she pinch him again, but I noticed it only made him push harder into me and grow even longer

I rode him sitting upright with Lainy’s fingers on my clit and her lips at my throat. Rick bucking between my thighs and all of our heart rates elevating. Lainy slinked around the front and sat right on her husbands face. He, hungrily in a gasp began to lick her. I could here the sucking noises and her moans as she kissed me full on the lips. There I was riding him from on top her fingers dancing on my clit as she rode his face and all of us delightfully pleased.

Lainy let out a gasp and I knew she was going to cum; so I licked at her nipples and suckled hard as they perked and hardened under my tongue. Suckling her, I moved against his hips harder and deeper into me. Faster the rhythm elevated and I felt the pressure begin to rise inside of me as well.

Lainy hopped off and took off his blindfold. He blinked a couple times to adjust to the light while we untied his hands from the posts. Rubbing his wrists from the strain they quickly went to my breasts just inches from his lips hanging larger than life over his nose. He grabbed them mashing them together and suckled them. Taking the whole nipple and areola into his mouth, it hurt a little but felt good.

Lainy sat back in the chair and watched us bucking against each other.

“Now I want to watch you give her what she really wants Rick.” Said Lainy

He sat upright and rolled me onto my back with my legs still clenched around his waist. He drove into me hard and fast, causing me to catch my breath. I grabbed the iron bedposts and maneuvered my hips to work the quickened rhythm. Laying his lips on mine for just a moment I felt his tongue rush in; then down my neck. Harder and faster he pounded into me filling me completely I tightened my muscles and enjoyed the ride. Feeling the pressure built up again and I muffled a squeal into his arm as he thrust very deep and we both came together. Glancing through clouded eyes at Lainy, she sat with a smile on her face with ad rink in her hand enjoying the show. Rick had a look of lustful concentration.

He pulled out soon after, both of us breathing hard as we lay there spent next to each other naked on their marriage bed. We chatted more about what just happened and laughed quite a bit. He still had nail marks on his back and fading leather strap mark on his ass. Rick was very pleased that his little fantasy came true.

Shortly afterward we all stepped out for a smoke and like nothing had happened were back to our playful friendly banter that we always have when we are all together.

I fell asleep on the couch that night while they watched a video in the front room. The kids scattered all over the floor below me slept.

When I awoke in the a.m. we had a huge breakfast and piled into our vehicles and spent the day as parents would at the pumpkin patch with our kids.

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