Friends with Benefits Ch. 03

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Jenna woke with a start, the dream she was having had her running, being chased by some invisible, yet all too threatening creature.

“Where am I?” was her first thought before the memories of the last few days surfaced. It had been a stressful and upsetting few days. Big projects at work, the turmoil of getting the last of her stuff from the house she had shared with Josh. She had asked that he not be there when she came to get her things, as usual he didn’t comply. It didn’t help when she pulled up in Ben’s pickup.

“Who’s truck?” Josh met her at the curb.

“You’re supposed to be gone.” Jenna pushed past him.

“Who’s truck?” his tone becoming increasingly demanding.

“A co — worker’s” This is what she had hoped to avoid, scooping a cardboard box from the back of the truck; she headed for the house “I’m here for the last of my things.” She had to side step past him a second time to get inside. She moved through the house picking up the last few treasures she had forgotten.

Out of the corner of her eye Jenna could see Josh watching her. She wished he would just go back to the couch and forget she was there, but it didn’t appear that it would happen.

“Where are you living now?” the sound of his voice surprised her, although it shouldn’t have, he’d been shadowing her since she had arrived.

“I found a room closer to the office.”

“What do I have to do to get you to come back?” the whine in his voice unmistakable.

“You know what, Josh,” Jenna turned to look at him “anything you could have done, you didn’t do, and now it’s too late. Take what you have learned and apply it to your next relationship. I have.” The last words were out before she could stop them.

“So there is another guy.” She could hear the contempt in his voice

“Yes, as a matter of fact there is.” The anger rising up within her all she wanted him to do was hurt the way she did. Before she knew what had happened she heard the tinkling of broken glass, the box she had been carrying ripped from her hands and thrown across the room, shattering against the far wall. Josh grabbed her arm and pushed her against the wall, pinning her outstretched hands against it on either side of her head. Pressing his full length on her, she could feel the stiffening of his shaft against her belly. Holding her firmly, he dropped his head to the soft spot between her jaw and shoulder and nipped gently at her skin, alternating between light tongue strokes and gently bites. An involuntary moan escaped Jenna lips as Josh worked magic on the tense muscles Escort Bahçelievler along her shoulders. Jenna allowed her eyes to close; he certainly knew the right buttons to push, she would have to give him that. No matter how mad she was at him, he could always set her ablaze. He knew her body like a well-known roadmap, all the right places to touch and kiss. He released her hands from the wall and reaching for her bottom pulling her tighter against his body, his eager mouth coming down on hers, drawing her into a deep kiss that added fuel to the familiar sizzle through her stomach and into her pelvis. Dragging her fingers through his hair and down the nape of his neck, she relaxed into his arms. Josh’s familiar kiss and touch setting off a need within her she wanted to release. Squeezing her between his body and the wall, his cock straining against the fabric between them, he rubbed against her seductively. Jenna could feel the desire building inside her, to have his hands and his fingers caressing her, his tongue licking her private parts. It had been so long since they had made love, or even touched each other for that matter. His hands on her skin igniting fires in all the right places.

“Oh, yes.” Her breath coming in sharp gasps and her knees going weak. The sound of her moans bringing her back to reality.

“NO!!” Putting her hands on his chest, she shoved him away and stared at him hard. “No, this is over. Why are you so eager now? I couldn’t get your attention if I danced naked in a fire, now I’m gone, now you want me.” She reached out her palm connecting with the fleshy part of his cheek, the sound echoing through the room. “No! Never again. No!” She needed to escape, the trinkets left, she bolted out the backdoor. Stopping briefly on the landing before jumping in the truck and reversing hard out of the driveway.

Jenna was still shaking when she pulled the truck into the driveway of her new home. The overhead garage door standing open, she could see Ben working at the workbench along the far wall, his back to her. Cutting the engine, Jenna sat gripping the steering wheel, her knuckles turning white, the deep sobs catching in staccato hiccups, the intense need to heave burning in her throat.

Ben turned when she slammed the truck door. “You don’t look good. Are you alright?” he asked concern flashing across his face.

“I…I’m fine.” Jenna pressed the keys into his hands before turning toward the house.

In her room, Jenna leaned against the door like she was trying to keep out monsters Bahçeşehir escort from an old horror movie. Her breath still coming in ragged hiccups, she closed her eyes and her head back against the solid wood door. The memory of what had just happened with Josh floating in her head. She thought about how his kisses could still set her body on fire. “If he was so good in the bedroom, why was he so lazy everywhere else? Maybe it was a man thing.” Sliding down the door, she sat with her back against it until her breath returned to normal and the nausea that was threatening her stopped.

Lifting herself off the floor, she walked slowly to the bed, sitting on it briefly before kicking off her shoes and peeling off her socks. Suddenly everything felt restrictive, walking into the bathroom; she saw her pale complexion looking back at her. “I look like shit.” Running her hands over her tear stained face and down her long graceful neck. Standing in front of the mirror, her hands followed her gaze, running over her throat and down her chest, stopping briefly to cup her breasts over her clothes. The memory of Josh’s hands on her body stirring those feelings she thought were long gone. Those feelings now making her feel dirty and disgusting. Jenna was angry with herself for responding to his touch in such a blatantly wanton way. “What was I thinking?” she chastised herself leaning in to start the water in the shower. “You weren’t thinking. It’s been a long time; you wanted some love and care, stop beating yourself up. You’re allowed to want attention.” The conversation raged on in her head, she peeled off the last of her clothes and stepped under the pelting stream of hot water. “Why couldn’t it have been Ben that pinned her against the wall and wanted to make love to her?” Her eyes popped open “Where the hell did that come from?” Shocking even herself with the rogue thought of sleeping with her new roommate.

Letting the water melt the stress of the day away, she poured a healthy glob of shampoo into her hand and started washing her hair, the feel of her own hands touching her hair and her skin sending sparks through her body. Rinsing the shampoo she added conditioner and waited, enjoying the hot water as it touched her skin. Taking the shower wand from its holder she adjusted the spray to the massage setting and held it over her shoulders. The sharp staccato pressure making her tense shoulder muscles relax. Moving the wand lower she experimented with the water jets on her bare breasts and stomach before grazing it over her Bakırköy escort bayan soft hairless mound. The water touching her private area sent a shiver through her, leaning back against the shower stall, she aimed the jet at her sensitive clit. “Oh!” She had never played with a shower head before, thinking the water would somehow damage the delicate tissues there, now she didn’t care and the water pressure and temperature was just right, not to mention the mood she was in. Josh had stirred the desire and Ben was standing there all sexy and concerned. “Damn, why was the world trying to torment her so. Two men, one who wanted her and she didn’t want, one she wanted and couldn’t have. Cruel jokes both of them.” The water jet was hitting the absolute right spot, the intensity building in her body, pushing her higher, the familiar tingles igniting over her skin and deep inside her.

“Oh My God!!” her voice echoing in the bathroom. The shower jet pulsing over her lips and clit with just the right amount of pressure. Trying to hold the wand steady and not break the climb, she was urgently pushed over the top. A loud moan escaped her throat. She hadn’t experienced an orgasm that powerful in a very long time. Pressing her back into the stall wall, she gasped and letting the orgasm ebb before turning the pulsating water at her clit again. Jenna let the pleasure build, this time more quickly, the edge approaching faster, the explosion within her bigger than she had every felt before. Her core throbbing and twitching with every droplet of water that splashed against it. “Oh my god, Yyess…”

Releasing the wand and letting it thump against the side of the shower, Jenna stood in the stall panting heavily, the tension in her body evaporated, leaving her weak and tired.

Picking up the sprayer, she quickly rinsed the conditioner from her hair and turned off the water. Reaching for a fluffy towel she wrapped her hair into a turban, before pulling a second larger towel around her slippery body. Now examined her face in the mirror the color had returned, the ghostly pallor of earlier gone.

Her thought wandered to Ben, out in the garage. “What made him so domestic?” He always had fluffy towels and soft cotton sheets. He seemed to enjoy all the feminine things, good food, clean laundry, sweet smelling air. He was attractive, masculine and buff, but he had this gentle softer side, an almost girly side she had only seen in her gay friends. “Is he gay?” the thought sped through her brain like a freight train. It didn’t matter if he was, just a pity, he would be a great catch.

Shrugging into a soft cotton robe, she absently dried her long hair with the towel as she headed to the kitchen for a snack. Opening the door, she saw Ben standing against the island chopping vegetables for dinner.

“Did you have a nice shower?” he asked a playful smile dancing across his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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