From Co-worker to Student Ch. 04

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I woke up startled for a moment having had forgotten where I was. Once I remembered everything I relaxed, opened my eyes, and smiled. I was also surprised to find Ann not in the bed with me, but I quickly spotted her standing nearby rummaging through a dresser. She had her back to me and was bent over slightly. I took the opportunity to admire her bottom which was in its full naked glory. It was hard to believe that just 24 hours earlier I was probably getting ready for work where I’d be viewing Ann as nothing but a co-worker. Now I was lying naked in her bed after having spent many hours becoming more intimate with her than I had with anyone else.

“Hey you,” She said after turning around to glance at me on the bed. “Sleep alright?”

“Kind of. It’s a little weird sharing a bed with someone for the first time.”

“Feel like getting up? Or do you want to sleep more?” She asked as she slid into a pair of white cotton panties that covered up much more skin than the ones she wore the night before.

“I’m good.” I told her and realized, thanks to my stiff prick, that I really needed to use the restroom.

“Okay.” She smiled and picked through the drawer again. “Are you hungry at all? We could drum up some pancakes or something.”

“Nah, I don’t usually eat breakfast.” I told her as I rubbed my eyes, trying to wipe out the grogginess I was feeling. “But don’t let that stop you if you’re hungry. What time is it anyway?”

“Still pretty early, around 7:30,” Ann informed me. She was facing me again and putting on a bra that matched her panties.

“It seems later.” I slid off of the bed and walked to the bathroom. My cock was pointing straight ahead, leading the way. “Be right back.”

Ann followed me towards the bathroom and gave me a little slap on the butt. “You’ve got a cute ass.” She said and slapped it again.

I sat on the toilet without thinking. Standing and pissing with a hard cock isn’t a very good idea. Ann sat on the edge of the bathtub and faced me. I felt rather self-conscious about peeing at that moment. As a friend of mine once perfectly described it, I had a shy bladder. I couldn’t get myself to go.

“Feeling a little uncomfortable with me sitting here?” Ann said with a quick laugh.

“Yes.” I told her and wasn’t able to hide the embarrassment on my face.

“Oh come on. It’s just a bodily function. You need to relax hon. I hope your spending time with me, being naked and all, will help you get over how shy you can be sometimes.” She poked a finger into my knee. “I know you’re going to piss, so just go for it. It’s not like I’ll be offended.”

I knew she was right, so after a bit of relaxing I finally let it out. It was one of those very satisfying pisses that guys have when they wake up having to go badly.

“Good boy. Now that that’s out of the way, how about we decide what we want to do before you have to go help your friend?”

We decided that the rest of the morning and short time after lunch before I left would be spent doing stuff that wasn’t sexual. I think we both knew that the evening and following day could easily be very intense, and the prospect of a little rest before that was appealing. The only exception to our morning of abstaining was when we showered. We cleaned each other and had a couple passionate kisses. After that we did some laundry, went for a walk during which our conversation was light and mostly dwelled on stuff at work. The one thing definite thing we did plan on doing when I got back that evening was cooking dinner together. Finally, prior to lunch, I helped her sort through some old boxes of stuff in her garage that she wanted to eliminate. The time flew by until I had to get going. I wanted badly to call my friend and tell him I couldn’t make it, but that just wasn’t my way of doing things. So when the time rolled around, I gave Ann a tight hug and quick kiss on the lips, and took off.

The friend I was helping was moving from an apartment just a few doors from my own to a house that he bought about 20 minutes away. Another person, one whom I knew from a few social activities, had come to help as well. Both of them owned trucks which were perfect for moving the big stuff, and I loaded my car with smaller boxes. After six trips, a total of about five hours, mostly because we decided to put most of the big things in place instead of just dropping all in one room, we were finished. The guy who was moving, being a very thankful and generous type, insisted on taking us out for a bite to eat. And despite my urge to decline, I went with anyway but opted for only an appetizer while knowing that Ann and I were planning eating together. That took another hour. So by the time we were completely done, it was around 7 o’clock in the evening.

During the moving time I had managed to put Ann out of mind for the most part. Not because I didn’t want to think about her, but because I didn’t want my friends to think something was going on with me. I had every intention of keeping my new relationship with Ann to myself, illegal bahis at least for now. Maybe, as time went by, our friendship wouldn’t be something to be secretive about. But the physical side wasn’t going to be part of my conversation with others.

On my way back I decided to stop at my apartment to brush my teeth and clean up a bit. I also thought that a call to Ann would be a good idea in case she needed anything from the store that would be necessary when we cooked soon. As it turned out she had picked up everything while I was out. There was one last thing that I needed to find out from her. I wasn’t positive what would take place over the rest of the weekend, but I knew I needed to find out if we needed condoms. So I asked if should pick some up. She informed me that I didn’t need to worry about it. I wasn’t sure if she was on the pill or if she’d had a hysterectomy, but I was rather relieved by what she said. I didn’t have to pick up anything for the evening, but I wanted to show her my appreciation for my experience with her so far, so I picked up a single red rose on my way to her house.

I arrived back at her place at around quarter to 8. It was later than I was wishing for, but neither of us was worried about the time. We had more than a day left for whatever fun we wanted, and plus many days to come in the future. As we both agreed, there was no need to rush anything. This whole thing was about two lonely people enjoying each others company.

My knock on the door was met by Ann hollering to me to “come on in”. I wandered into the kitchen where she was, to my surprise, dressed up rather formally. She’d put on some black pants with vertical pink pinstripes on them and fit her snuggly, doing her shapely ass and long legs much justice. Her shirt, actually it was more like a formal tank top, was pink and had a modest cut in the front that hid all but her upper chest. On her feet were black mules. It was definitely the sexiest clothing I’d ever seen her wear. Her hair was tied back into a short pony tail. Meanwhile her face was still natural looking, with no more than a little makeup around her eyes and what looked like a little blush on the higher part of her cheeks. I literally stood still for a moment and just gawked at her. She looked magnificent.

I, on the other hand, felt very grubby in her presence. I was still wearing my jeans and t-shirt that I had put on to move. Why I didn’t think to shower is beyond me. I guess I was just too excited about going back to her house.

“Welcome back. Get your friend all squared away?” Ann asked as she filled up a pot with water. Her words had broken my trance.

“Yep. I’m sorry it took so long. He was nearly begging us to put sort the furniture out a certain way. And then he insisted on taking us out for dinner.” I told her and walked closer. I was nonchalantly holding the rose behind my back, and found it more natural to hold it behind the counter once I was leaning against it.

“Still got room for our pasta?” She smiled. “And some special desert after that?” And with that she winked.

“Of course. I only had a little bit to eat.” I paused and walked up to her. “Ann, you look incredible. I’ve never seen you look so amazing…when you’re dressed.” I flashed a big smile. Then I presented the rose to her. “And this…this is my way of saying thank you.”

She’d been putting the pot on the stove when I was talking, and upon seeing the rose she turned to face me. “Oh Scott…” Her voice trailed off as she looked at it, and then into my eyes. “Thank you. I love roses.” She smelled it and I watched as she quickly pulled a vase from a cupboard, filled it with water, and put it on the counter with the rose standing within it.

She turned around and moved so she was up against me. Normally she was of the height that her eyes were at about the same level as my mouth. But with the shoes she was wearing her eyes seemed almost at the same level as mine. Her arms went around my neck and she looked into my face for a moment before kissing me quickly on the lips and hugging me. I put my arms around her and held her tight.

“Scott, I know this weekend is special for you. I can’t tell you enough how honored I am that you’ve let me be your first sex…your first lover. I want you to know that it means so much to me too.” She said softly into my ear. I wondered what she meant, but didn’t feel like that was the right time to ask, so I simply held her. After a few seconds she pulled back and kissed me on the cheek and then stepped back.

We were both quiet for a minute or two as we savored the sudden intimate mood. Finally Ann broke the silence.

“Chef Scott, my handsome assistant, are you ready to help me?” She asked and pulled two paper chef hats out of a drawer.

“Yes ma’am! What dish are we preparing today?” I jumped into my new role and put my hat on. I loved cooking, especially while doing it with someone else.

“This evening we are going to be going with an elegant spread of spaghetti, meatballs, and a side illegal bahis siteleri of gourmet garlic bread. And lastly, for our two guests of non-alcoholic preference, a pitcher of ice cold lemonade to wash it down.” Ann said as she put her hat on. “I’ve already begun with the pasta, and believe now would be the perfect time for you to get going on those meatballs.” She pointed to a bag of frozen meatballs that was on the counter.

“Gourmet indeed!” I declared, and we both laughed.

The meal turned out great, and I was glad to have not eaten much at the restaurant. The conversation was light and humorous, never touching on anything personal or relating to what we had done or would do during the weekend. I personally was glad for that because I my anticipation of what was to come was so strong. Maybe Ann felt the same way. Regardless, we had a good time.

Once we were done, our dishes cleaned up, and both of us had used the restroom, the living room seemed like the right place to go, so we ended up there and turned on the television. Ann turned off all but one of the lights, and that one she left on low, much like the dim setting that we were in the night before. As it had been after I’d given Ann the rose, we were both very quiet. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence, but there was definitely a tension in the air. The TV was showing a romantic movie, and as we sat there watching, the scene was one of two lovers in the midst of a passionate kiss. I glanced over at Ann who was sitting on the couch. She was clearly turned on. I could see her bosom rising and falling with each breath, and her mouth was slightly open. My mind started racing, thinking of what I should do. I wasn’t sure if she just wanted to sit and relax, or if she wanted me to make a move. I immediately decided that I needed to do something. But being the chicken that I was, I just couldn’t bring myself to get up and do it.

I took a few deep breaths and felt my hands get clammy. “I’m not going to wuss out this time.” I thought. “I must do this.” I looked at her eyes, hoping she would look back. Instead she leaned on her side and rested her head on the arm of the couch. “Is she tired?” I wondered to myself. “No, she’s just relaxing. That’s got to be it.” I looked back at the television. The two lovers had taken their clothing off and it was obvious that they were going to make love. “Damnit Scott, do something!” I screamed in my head. “All I need to do is get up, and kiss her. It’s not like she’s going to reject me or something. There’s no reason to be such a chicken.” I was feeling more confident. “Alright, let’s do this. If I don’t do it now, I’m probably not going to at all.” I took a few more deep breaths. There was no way I could let this moment go without acting on it. “Go!” I yelled at myself in my head. So I looked over at Ann and stood up.

I walked over to her slowly and crouched down in front of her. She didn’t lift her head off of the couch, so I moved close to her and kissed her on the lips. That first touch of our skin was electric. She let out a quiet “mmm” to herself and cupped my face with one of her hands. I pulled back and brushed her bangs away from her forehead and kissed it, and kissed her cheek and then her neck. She leaned back and pulled me to sit next to her.

My lips went back to hers and she opened her mouth in response. I licked under her upper lip and pushed my tongue into her mouth to find hers waiting. As the intensity of the situation took hold on me, I leaned forward and Ann ended up leaning back against the arm of the couch again.

“I thought about you all day today.” She whispered as I planted kisses all over her neck and face.

I needed to kiss more than just her neck and lips and face. I longed to touch every part of her naked skin. I reached to take pull her shirt up, but she stopped me, leaving me puzzled. She seemed to hot and ready, but I stopped and looked at her quizzically.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing.” She let out a deep breath. “I have a surprise for you, and I don’t want you to spoil it. I just wasn’t anticipating you taking the lead like this.”

“I’m sorry.” I replied and felt a little bit frustrated. But she quickly erased that thought.

“No, it’s okay Scott. I’m glad to see you’re getting braver. That’s a good thing. But I’ve wanted to do this…to give you this surprise since we flipped through those books yesterday. Here, sit down and close your eyes. I want to do a few things before I show you. It’ll take me just a minute, okay?” She stood up and looked at me, anxious for my consent.

“Okay.” I nodded, closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the cushion of the couch.

She had me feeling nervous again. I listened as hard as I could to what she was doing. First I heard the TV turn off, then her walking out of the room and coming back a few moments later. After that I heard a lighter being clicked, followed by something being set down on a table in front of the couch I was sitting on. The lighter, at least that’s what canlı bahis siteleri I thought it was, clicked again, and another object was placed on the table. Then another click that sounded like a light being turned on or off. Then she walked out of the room again, and returned again moments later. That’s when I smelled something. It was the scent of a candle that had just been lit, and the aroma of the candle too, which was a very soothing and subtle flavor of vanilla.

“Please don’t open your eyes until I tell you to.” She said quietly. “Put your hands between your legs.”

I didn’t need to be told twice, so I clasped them together and set them between my legs. Suddenly I felt her weight on the cushion next to my left leg, and then my right leg, and finally her sitting on my lap.

“Don’t open them. Put your head up straight for me.” She ordered and I complied. “I’m going to put a blindfold on you.”

“Why?” I asked, slightly concerned. I trusted her, but this was definitely unexpected.

“Don’t worry.” She said and wrapped a folded silk cloth around my head to cover my eyes. “Good boy. I’m almost ready. Just relax.”

After that she got off of the couch and I heard her doing something that I couldn’t figure out. The only thing I knew for sure was that I heard what I assumed was a zipper.

“Okay hon. Hold your hands out in front of you.” She said softly. As I held them out she took them into her own and helped me stand up. Then she led me around the table I mentioned earlier. At that point I was pretty sure I was standing in the middle of the living room.

“Now I’m going to use your hands to do something. Don’t say anything. Just feel what I put your hands on. Let your fingertips touch and glide along. You’ll enjoy this, I promise. Okay?” She said softly and kissed me on the cheek.

“Okay.” I responded uncertainly.

First she let go of one of my hands and a moment later held it again. I immediately figured out that she had turned around so that her back was to me because she pulled my arms up under hers and touched my hands on her shoulders. I felt her skin. She felt hot to my touch, likely because my hands were cold and sweaty from being nervous.

“Relax Scott.” She whispered and pushed her body back against mine. I exhaled deeply and did my best to do as she asked.

I focused on my hands again. They were still on her shoulders. I moved my fingers a little bit and found a strap of cloth between them. Ann must have noticed I found this because she slowly moved my hands down her chest until they rested just above her breasts. I could feel that the straps were connected to more cloth there. It was some kind of undergarment. I didn’t know at the time what kind of cloth it was made of, only that I could feel it was soft and had some sort of pattern on it. But as Ann told me later, this particular part of what she was revealing to me was made of jacquard.

She let my hands linger there for a few seconds and then took her time moving them down her sides to her hips where she stopped. As my fingers moved along the cloth I could feel the pattern on it. When my fingers stopped I could feel the edge of the garment and her skin. A little more exploration and I found a thin strip of cloth that was separate from whatever was covering her upper body. I figured it had to be part of her panties.

Again she moved my hands, this time going towards her stomach where my fingers found some sort of rivets or something running vertically. She continued upward until stopping where I could feel the top edge of the jacquard and beneath it her breasts. She was breathing deeply and I could feel it in her chest rising and falling under my touch. I was waiting for her to continue, but instead she flattened her hands against mine, pressing them against her tits.

“Scott, I’m so hot right now.” She whispered and eased up on her tits. Her hands then guided me down the middle of her torso along that vertical seam and I found the bottom edge of the patterned garment. Just below that was the top of her panties. I let my fingers roam, touching her soft skin and poking for a moment under her waistband. Ann waited longer than usual that time. I was tempted to let my fingers push down even more so I could caress her pussy, but she didn’t let me get that chance.

She pulled my arms straight out in front of her, and in the process pulling me tighter against her back. Back down towards her panties she led me until my hands rested right on the delicate fabric that covered her sex. When she’d said she was hot, she wasn’t exaggerating. Through the cloth I could feel not only her heat, but also that the cloth wasn’t just damp, it was wet. She relaxed her grip on my hands and gripped them so that she had made my hands into loose fists but had left my index and middle fingers extended.

With each hand she slowly moved my fingers along the bottom edge of her panties going upwards towards her hips. Then she moved back in the opposite direction, ending up with my fingers pressed against her pussy lips. She held one hand away from herself a few inches, and with the other pressed my fingers into her. Under her direction, I massaged her through the panties for a few moments before she pulled that hand away as well.

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