From Co-worker to Student Ch. 05

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Big Tits

The sun hadn’t come out yet out when I woke up, but I could tell it was getting light. Ann was still nuzzled against me, so I carefully moved away in order to relieve myself in the restroom. When I came back I felt wide awake and restless. It was too early to wake her up, but cuddling with her was very appealing. Or, I thought to myself, I could just stay up and maybe take a little tour of her house. I opted for the latter choice. I found a clean t-shirt and some boxers in my bag and put them on.

So far I’d only seen the kitchen, dining room, living room, and Ann’s bedroom and bathroom. The house was bigger than one would expect a single person to live in, so assumed that this was the same house that Ann owned when she was married. Upstairs there were two rooms other than Ann’s and after seeing the contents of each it was obvious that the kids stayed in them when they visited. Between those two rooms were a bathroom and a closet. On the ground floor the only other room was set up like a den with a small television, a couple tables, bean bags, an old sofa, and a cabinet full of board games. I figured it must have been a room for the kids to hang out in.

The basement was mostly unfinished. Ann had put many boxes down there, and they were neatly organized and labeled. The part that was finished was a small room containing a desk, a small lamp on a table, a filing cabinet, and a few boxes on the floor. I was about to leave when I saw out of the corner of my eye that there was some correspondence on the desk.

I respected Ann’s privacy, so I didn’t read anything, but I felt compelled to see what else was there. I shuffled through a drawer and found two bibles, one of which had dozens of little pieces of paper in it for bookmarks. I smiled knowing I did the same thing with my own bible. I put the bibles back and opened another drawer. Within it were many envelopes of pictures.

The first few envelopes were full of pictures of various people who I didn’t know. One picture caught my eye though. It was of Ann, who looked a little younger, and a young woman who was just as attractive as Ann. She was taller than Ann, had the same type of build, and long straight hair that was red, almost brown in color. Her eyes were brown. It was her smile that was most striking. As I looked at her face I felt myself smile as well. She looked like she could have been my age. I wondered how she and Ann knew each other.

Several more packs of photos later I put them all back and headed up to where Ann was sleeping. It was nearly 8 o’clock, not too early to wake her up, though I wasn’t going to do so intentionally. As I made my way back to her I considered trying to fall asleep again, but another idea came to me. Maybe I would wake her with a little surprise, courtesy of my mouth and fingers. The thought excited me.

I smiled as I found her sleeping on her back. She’d kicked the blankets to the bottom of the bed and only a sheet remained over her body. After I took off my shorts and shirt, I slowly pulled back the sheet, carefully putting my weight on the bed between her spread legs. I could barely contain myself, though a small part of me wondered if this was a bad way to wake someone up. I mean, the pleasure would be nice, but what if Ann didn’t want to awaken to find she was already working towards an orgasm? I was going to find out.

Her pussy was, to my surprise, already wet. She must have had a good dream, or her body was still feeling turned on from the night before. I littered kisses all over each of her thighs, her belly, and her hips. She stirred for a moment, turning her head aside and shifting her hips a bit before going still. I waited a few seconds before putting my face near her pussy.

Those delicate lips of hers weren’t parted like they had been the day before. In the small gap between them I could see her wetness. It was like an invitation for my tongue, so I stuck it out and ran the tip up and down along the darkened edge of each lip. As I did this the lips sort of leaned to one side so I softly pressed my tongue against the bottom of the exposed flesh and took my time licking it a few times. Of course I couldn’t let the other side be neglected, so I made sure to lick it as well. And finally I tilted my head sideways and took both labia in my mouth. I didn’t suck or squeeze, rather I just held them so I could stick my tongue between them and stroke my tongue back and forth across the inner surfaces. I was greeted by her slick fluids which I gladly consumed.

I must have gotten carried away with having her folds of skin in my mouth because she started to wake up. I thought for sure that after having freed her pussy from my mouth that she’d settle back into sleep, but her eyes gradually open and looked at the ceiling. A few seconds later she saw me and she shook her head and smiled.

“You’re so naughty. I thought I was dreaming when I felt something between my legs.” She said while rubbing her eyes. “Keep going. I don’t mind.” She sighed and opened her eyes izmir escort again. “What a nice way to wake up. I think I’m going to keep you in my closet from now on.” She pulled her legs further apart for me, bending them at the knees.

Her hood was looking good by this time, so I let my tongue wander to it. Ann helped me by pulling it back and exposing the clit to me. Her other hand settled on the top of my head, gripping my hair gently.

“That feels so good.” Her words were quiet. “That’s it, lick my clit. Hmmmm…”

As I was licking her button I eased my index finger into her pussy. “You’re so hot inside Ann. And wet too.”

“Thanks to that tongue of yours hon.” She whispered right as my finger was all the way inside. I pushed up against her g-spot. The reaction was her typical sharp inhale and slight arch of the back. “That’s it. Oh god. Slowly fuck me with your finger. And suck my clit, but not too hard.”

As I pumped my finger in and out of her I could feel the muscles squeezing it and releasing it. “Are you doing that to my finger?”

“Yeah. Ohhh Scott, I’m going to cum soon.”

She seemed to be enjoying this slow type of stimulation so I didn’t suck harder or fuck faster. I watched her face as I continued to coax the orgasm out. She had her eyes closed and her mouth open a little bit, occasionally biting on her lip. She looked peaceful. Suddenly she gasped and bucked her hips up causing my tongue to press hard into her clit. That caused an even more violent reaction. Her legs first bent all the way so her heels were touching her ass, and then they shot straight out and she brought them over my shoulders. I knew what that meant, so I took a deep breath. The hand that held my hair pulled me into her now undulating hips. My face was her toy, and she fucked it passionately.

“Ughhh…God I’m cummmmminnnng!” Her voice was shaking. Each time her hips pushed into my face she emitted a little squeal. “Herrrrre it commmmmes!” And with that she moaned loudly and her whole body started to shake. Everything that wasn’t shaking was squeezing, including her thighs. I thought she had a vice grip on me the day before, this time was even tighter. I literally couldn’t breathe.

She hung there in the thick of her orgasm for what seemed like half a minute. When she finally released me I sucked in a deep breath and laughed. I knew I wanted to wake her up to the gentle tonguing of her pussy. I hadn’t expected to get her off this way.

“Good morning.” I greeted her finally as I sat next to her.

She struggled to laugh between her deep breaths. “Good morning indeed. How’d you like a permanent job as my personal alarm clock?”

“How’s the pay?” I played along.

“Such the smart-aleck.” She poked me with her finger as she sat up. “And thank you. That’s the first time I’ve had a wakeup call like that before.”

“It was a pleasure.” I said and smiled. “Wanna take a shower?”

“Actually, how about a bath?”

“A bath? I haven’t had one of those in a looooong time. But why?” I replied.

“I need to shave, and from the look of your face,” She reached out and squeezed my cheek. “You need to shave too.”

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about shaving a woman before. Ann’s suggestion of this bath and shaving was exciting for me. Quite a few years ago I was in touch with a girl who was just a bit younger than me, and we got to talking about shaving her legs. She commented about how when she finally got married that she wanted her husband to shave her legs for her in the bath. That’s when the seed of this whole thing was planted.

Ann collected the stuff we needed for shaving while I ran the water. By the time she was back the tub was only half full, so she made sure there was enough soap in the water to get it nice and bubbly. Once it was full it definitely was covered with enough bubbles. I couldn’t even see the water.

I helped Ann get in first, not that she needed help. But I think she enjoyed having me hold her arm steady as she stepped over the edge of the tub. I was expecting to sit facing her, but she motioned for me to sit between her legs, and I eagerly complied.

I can’t say how relaxing it felt to not only have the hot water soaking me, but also Ann there with her legs around my waist, her arms wrapped around me, and her head beside mine so our cheeks were pressing against each other. It was blissful.

“I can’t wait to make love to you Scott.” Ann said and tightened her wraps on me.

“Ann, why me?” I asked her. The question had been on my mind quite a bit since she presented herself to me on Friday evening.

“What?” She asked, clearly confused.

“Why did you decide to ask me to stay here with you this weekend?”

“Oh.” She paused. “Well, I guess it was a few things that sort of culminated into making me do it. I mean, it was a long week at work, and after all of those long days and not really doing much else even once I got home, I alsancak escort needed to let off some steam if you know what I mean.” She poked my stomach as she made the comment. “But it was much more than that. Don’t get me wrong, I was horny, but that was really a small part of it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, hoping she’d explain herself.

“After spending a week working side by side with you I found myself very curious about you. At work you’re so…professional. People don’t know much about your personal life. Maybe those guys you sit with know about that stuff, but the rest of us don’t. Anyway, after spending that time with you, and even after the brief times you helped me in the past, I wanted to get to know you more.”

“So you wanted to sleep with me.” I thought aloud.

“No…well, that wasn’t my original intent. I was apprehensive about asking you out to eat when we finished. When you didn’t seem to think twice about it, and about coming here instead of going out, I was relieved and excited. Even then I only wanted to be able to get to know you better. You’re a lot like my husband was before we married, but you’re also much different than he was, and that’s something I find very attractive about you. You’re easy going and caring nature…and I guess even your way of keeping your personal life to yourself, it’s something that I found myself drawn to this week. I almost found myself perceiving you as playing hard-to-get even though you weren’t.”

“I see.” I replied, though I didn’t completely understand. “It sounds like you saw me as a challenge.”

“Oh, no Scott, it wasn’t like that at all. Please don’t feel that way. The only challenge was for me to get enough courage to ask you to stay with me.” She kissed the back of my head as she thought a moment about how to continue. “If anything, I saw you as someone I wanted as a friend. The more I was around you and saw your gentle manner, the more I felt attracted to you.” She paused again, sighing. “When I…on Friday evening, it wasn’t until I was standing in my bedroom after you spilled the water on me that I realized how much I wanted you physically. I felt like a teenager again as I stood there trying to decide what to do. I never expected you to say yes.”

We were both quiet for a couple minutes. I was digesting what she’d shared with me. I understood what she did saying, but felt a little awkward as I thought about her wanting to pursue me. It was the first time any woman had confessed such a thing to me. Having it come from a woman like Ann, older and beautiful, made it seem more surreal for me.

“You’ve filled a hole for me Scott.” She chuckled as soon as she said it. “No pun intended. I’ve wanted for so long to feel appreciated, to be held, to have a friend who didn’t judge me because of my divorce. I know it’s not been very long, but you’ve made me feel that.”

I sat silently for a bit to think. What she’d said made complete sense. In fact she was filling a hole for me too. The complete lack of physical affection in my life was painful at times, and that didn’t even take into account my deep desire to be in a relationship. Ann was probably not the person to start a romantic relationship with, but I felt sure she would be a great friend as well as someone with whom I could engage in the tactile side of things when we both felt the need.

On the other hand I had been in situations that were somewhat similar before. Suddenly spending a lot more time than usual with a person who one finds attractive tends to generate feelings of attraction or, if the circumstances are right, even love. While I wasn’t feeling a romantic love for Ann, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have feelings for her. So that whole idea concerned me. How would things be in two weeks or a month after we weren’t spending every day in close contact?

“Don’t you think that all of this, the feelings and stuff, might just be from the two of us being around each other so much lately?” I asked her.

“Probably. But what’s wrong with that? We both obvious have a mutual interest in each other. So why not see where it goes?”

I had to admit she had a point. We were both adults capable of making decisions, and we both had needs we could fill for each other.

“Where do you want it to go?” I posed the question to her. This was really the meat of my curiosity at that point. She’d explained why we were there together, now I wanted to know what else she had in mind.

“I dunno. Let’s see what happens, okay? At the very least we’ll be more than just two professionals saying ‘Hello’ in the hallway at work. This may sound selfish of me, but I hope I can have you to myself on many weekends to come. I enjoy your company, and love the way you touch me. What do you think?”

“I think…that I hope for the same thing.” I replied.

She kissed my neck and squeezed me tight as a gesture of her approval. “I told you before that I don’t want to just be ‘fuck buddies’. buca escort You’re a great guy Scott, and I’m not satisfied with sitting idle and watching as good thing passes me by. Whatever happens happens.”

With that discussion done, at least for the time being, we sat quietly for a while. The water had cooled off, so we decided to empty some of it out and freshen it with hot water. Once Ann was satisfied with the temperature and water level, we got back into the tub and sat facing each other.

Ann wanted to shave first, and offered to let me shave her legs, but I decided to wait for another time. I closely watched her do it, and admired how soft and smooth they felt when she was done. She also shaved her pussy, going slowly and telling me her method of doing it so I could shave her sometime later.

After she was done, and I gave her legs and pussy a good thorough inspection, followed by my approval, it was my turn. My face was covered in stubble, and so was my pubic area and Ann was eager to shave both. First she shaved my face and then followed by closely inspecting her work by slowly kissing it all over. Then I sat on the edge of the tub and she took her time on the rest of me. I walked her through it, though there’s not much to shaving a guy other than making sure the hair and skin are softened by cream or hot water or both, and taking time and care while shaving.

Once the shaving was done we washed each other up, while refraining from any fondling or kissing during the process. And then we dried and all that good stuff. We didn’t say much after the shaving was done, and by the time we were drying each other, we were both saying nothing at all. I think the anticipation of finally making love was getting to us. I know for me, the bath had relaxed me so much that I was ready to do it slow and gentle with Ann. The other thing that had me excited was how soft and warm Ann felt after bathing. I wanted to wrap myself around her and enjoy it as much as possible!

“So I’ve been thinking about how we can do this since it is your first time. You probably want to be able to enjoy as much as you can. What do you think of lying on your back and I’ll ride you?” She asked as she grabbed a clean towel from the bathroom and we sat on the bed facing each other.

“That sounds good.” I said and nodded.

“Okay. I’ll go slowly for you. You probably won’t last long once you’re inside me, so hopefully going slow will hold back your need to cum, at least a little bit”

“Okay.” I agreed. “And you’re sure we don’t need a condom?”

“Yep, your boys are safe with me.” She said and we both laughed.

For a few seconds we sat silently and just looked at each others faces. Finally Ann leaned forward, put her hands on my shoulders, and kissed my forehead. She indicated for me to lie down, which I did, and she sat on my stomach. The mood had suddenly become a mix of sexual tension and peacefulness.

“I want you to know that I really am honored that I get to be the first to do this with you Scott.” She said as she looked down at me. Her hands ran through the hair on my chest. “It’s been a long time for me as you know. I feel like a teenager, I’m so excited.”

I only smiled and put my hands on top of her thighs. I was excited too, but my cock was, to my surprise, still soft. Ann, on the other hand, was visibly aroused. Her nipples were hard, and I could see her pussy was already wet.

“Ready?” She said as she moved back so her ass was between my thighs. I nodded to her.

She took my cock in her hand and softly stroked it. Following a few strokes she moved back even more, leaned over, and kissed the head. I could already feel myself starting to get hard, and Ann felt it in her hand too, causing her to smile. She swirled her tongue around the head without taking it into her mouth, and with her free hand she cupped my balls and massaged them. Her expert stimulation had me hard quite quickly.

Now that I was ready, she moved so she was sitting high on my hips again. She leaned over and put her hands flat on the bed on either side of my head. As she looked down she had a big smile on her face.

“I’m going to put you inside me, okay?” She whispered and bit her lip.

“Okay.” I whispered back.

She moved slowly positioning her hips above mine and lining my cock up with her pussy. I watched as she pointed me straight up, and then ran the head of my cock along the outside of her hot entrance.

“Okay,” She said quietly. “Here we go. Nice and slow and easy. Let me do the work, you enjoy it as much as you can. If you’re going to cum, just let it go.”

My mouth was slightly ajar as Ann patiently lowered herself onto me. I could barely see her lips as they hugged my cock, almost appearing as though they were beckoning it to enter.

“It’s so hot.” I thought out loud.

“Yes. God you feel good. You feel so big.” She whispered as she approached the last inch.

I may have been a virgin to this, but she felt very tight. I assumed it was because she’d not had sex in so long. But regardless, it felt amazing. Between the tight hole, the abundant juice she was producing, and the intense heat, it felt like putting on a sensational tight glove that just came out of the dryer. But this one was alive and constantly massaging my cock.

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