From Mommy at Christmas

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From Mommy at Christmas
by BrettJ © 2010

As she tidied up her daughter’s room, Karen Shower was perplexed. The 38-year old blonde was at a total loss as to what she could give her daughter Crystal for Christmas. Now that she was Assistant Manager of the Bank, she could finally afford to give the 16-year old anything she wanted, but Crystal hadn’t indicated there was anything she wanted. Not yet, anyway.

There had been a lot of lean years for Mother & Daughter both, as Crystal’s dad had vanished when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant. There had been many years of scraping by in tiny apartments. First a bachelor apartment, then 1 bedroom and so on. Over the years, with some help from Karen’s parents, they had managed. Karen went to school a few nights a week and studied banking and when she got her foot in the door at the Bank, she ran with it. She was Head Teller outside of two years and the only reason she hadn’t advanced further was the person directly above her was only 2 years older. To everyone’s surprise last month, Melissa Ryerson had announced her engagement … to another woman, no less … and was moving to Toronto, clearing the path for Karen. It had come as a surprise to everyone but Karen, who knew all about Melissa’s sexual preferences.

The new job came with a substantial increase in pay, which would make the payments on their new Condominium much easier. Crystal was working 2 nights a week at a lingerie store and bringing home extra pay, easing the burden, but Karen wanted to shoulder most of the load. She insisted her daughter keep most of her income, although she did accept the little gifts of lingerie Crystal’s employer pressed upon her. Amy Bennett wanted all of her girls to look pretty and to know the experience of sexy lingerie, so she was often generous with bonus “gifts”. As Crystal was 5’9” and looked sensational in anything she wore, Karen was sure her daughter was moving a lot of product.

Karen went back to the task at hand – what to get a 16-year old girl for Christmas who has given you NO clues as to what she’d want. She spotted her daughter’s Diary on her desk as she cleaned Crystal’s room. She knew she shouldn’t, but perhaps reading the book might give her some ideas. She picked it up and began reading and nearly dropped it in shock. Sitting down on the bed, a wide grin crossed her face. She now knew exactly what she was going to give her daughter for the Holidays.

It was a lovely day that Christmas, with nice gifts sent by Karen’s mother and father, a beautiful meal and a nice Christmas bonus for both Karen and Crystal. The food was cooking in the oven and mother and daughter were relaxing. Crystal handed her mother her final gift. She opened it and saw a very expensive pair of Jimmy Choo stiletto heels that likely must have cost $500 or more. She turned to Crystal, who had the widest grin on her face.

“Like them, Mom?” Crystal asked, thrilled by the reaction.

“Darling, they’re gorgeous, bursa escort but they’re way beyond your budget, I can’t let you …”

Crystal stopped her. “My bonus paid for most of it and I’d been saving up for months. Amy ordered them in especially for me, so just enjoy. You have lots of pretty outfits those would look great with, so just enjoy them!”

“Should I put them on now, darling?” Karen asked. Crystal nodded and when Karen put them on, they did feel as if they belonged on her feet. They were the most decadent pair of shoes the young mother had ever worn in her life.

Karen went into the kitchen to check on the meal and everything was as it should be. They had hours before dinner was ready, more than enough time to give Crystal her present. She walked back into the Living Room and smiled.

“Crystal, I have one more gift for you, but it’s upstairs. It’s hidden away and I have to get it out, so give me about 20 minutes and then come upstairs. I’m sure you’re going to like it,” Karen smiled, patting her daughter’s hand and walking away. The shoes gave her walk a slight sway and she felt very sexy in them.

Crystal kept checking the time and when 20 minutes had passed, she walked upstairs. She didn’t see her mother, but she saw a Christmas Bow on the door to her mother’s bedroom. She neared it and heard her mother call out “Crystal? Is that you? Open the door and come on in.”

Crystal did as she was told and opened the door. The room was lit with candles and the scent of Jasmine filled the room. On the bed, with a red bow around her waist, was Karen, wearing a black negligee that Crystal had given her a few months earlier. She didn’t look at all motherly, she looked exciting and hot.

“M-Mom?” Crystal sputtered out.

Karen grinned. “I have a confession, baby. I read your Diary.”

Karen read aloud

I don’t know how to tell Mom what’s going on in my life lately. Working in the store, around Amy and all the sexy customers, I’ve come to realize that I’m a lesbian. Girls really do it for me and there are so many sexy women coming in here, I’m constantly turned on. The thing that I think would freak out Mom the most is the fact I think she’s the sexiest woman I know. She’s so smart and sexy and tall and blonde, I think of her and I in bed and it makes me horny. I know nothing will ever come of it, but it’s my favorite fantasy to get myself off.

Crystal was stunned by her mother’s knowledge of her intimate secret, but when Karen stood up and wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close, she nearly collapsed. Karen was kissing her like a lover kisses another lover, intimately, sweetly and her hands were cupping the cheeks of Crystal’s ass in the pretty dress she was wearing. Crystal was almost melting into the kiss. Karen moved away and smiled.

Karen spoke to her daughter. “You’re wearing pretty lingerie under there, I bet. I’m very flattered; do you really want me that much?” Crystal nodded. görükle escort “Then, that’s my Christmas present to you, to take you as my lover. If you can handle it, that is. Don’t worry baby, you won’t be the first woman I’ve slept with. I think I have a very sexy daughter and I’m flattered that she thinks I’m sexy too.”

Almost unconsciously, Crystal was removing her clothes, her mother’s eyes never leaving her body. “You … you did all this for me? You’ve been with women before? Mom, all of this is a total surprise.”

“I understand Crystal, so we’ll take it slow. Yes darling, all of this is for you … us. I’ve been with women several times. Do you remember Melissa?” Crystal nodded. “Well, before she met her girlfriend, she and I had an occasional thing going on. Nothing serious, just a fling. Oh, and let’s just say there was a reason Amy gave you the job on my recommendation.”

“You and my boss?” Crystal’s blue eyes opened wide.

“I do like pretty black women,” Karen purred, taking her daughter’s hand. “I’m going to ask you one more time Crystal, is this something you’re sure you want?”

“Fuck, YES Mom!” Crystal enthused. To prove her point, this time it was she who kissed Karen and she kissed her hard.

“Have you ever been with another girl or another woman before?” Karen asked. Crystal shook her head.

“You must not have read too much of my Diary, Mom. You’ll be my first … God, how hot is that?!”

“Very hot, yes. Come closer again, darling. Kiss Mommy; use your tongue, oh, how sweet. See how I’m dressed; do you like this on me?” Karen asked.

“Yes Mommy, very much. You’re still wearing the stilettos Mommy, ooh, and you’ve got stockings on too. I love stockings Mommy, you’ve got the legs for them,” Crystal cooed.

“Is that why you bought me the shoes baby, so I’d look sexy in them?” Karen asked.

“Yes, Mommy,” Crystal confessed.

“Then I’ll wear them just for you,” Karen smiled. “Let’s make love Crystal, I’ll show you how sexy it is to love another woman.”

“Oh yes Mommy, please do!” Crystal sighed.

Karen pulled her daughter close and put Crystal’s hand on her breasts. “Squeeze Mommy’s breasts Crystal, play with Mommy’s tits. Suck them if you want!”

Crystal enjoyed being given free rein to explore her desires and played with Karen’s tits, sucking each nipple into hardness. She heard her mother sigh and she joined her mother fully on the bed.

“That felt nice baby, you have a lovely touch and soft lips.” Karen kissed her again. “ONE of us has too many clothes on, let me help.” She got Crystal out of the pretty dress she had been wearing and smiled. “I see I was right about the lingerie.”

“I love nice lingerie Mommy, it makes me feel like a sexy girl,” Crystal smiled as her mother’s lips sucked one nipple through the sheer black bra she was wearing.

“You’re a very sexy girl baby, hot as hell,” Karen grinned. She unfastened the bra and lifted escort bayan Crystal’s legs to remove her tiny thong. “God, what a fucking sexy little bitch you are. Wish I’d know how hot you were before today.”

“Mom! I’ve almost never heard you swear before!” Crystal said, startled.

“You’re going to hear more than that!” Karen smiled as she began kissing her way down Crystal’s nude, tanned body. “I wish you had stockings too baby, we’ll get you some … some heels too, you have great legs too. God, what a fucking sweet piece of pussy!” Karen dipped her tongue deeply into her daughter’s muff and began eating her ardently and had her cumming in very short order. Crystal’s hands had been digging into her scalp and she was still shaking when Karen finished.

“Oh fuck Mommy, my first orgasm,” Crystal sighed. “Well, first one with a partner, anyway,” She giggled. “I want to try you; I want to … eat your cunt. I love saying that Mommy, it sounds so … nasty. Cunt.” She repeated.

“You can say anything you want in bed Crystal, words don’t hurt you. Sure baby, eat Mommy’s cunt. Use your tongue and make me cum!” Karen encouraged as she lifted the negligee off her body. When she removed her own thong, Crystal got a nice surprise.

“Mommy! You shaved your pussy! You have a bare cunt!” Crystal squealed.

“All for you darling, all for my baby. Come on, you little slut … come and eat my cunt, gobble my twat, stick your fingers and tongue inside and fuck me, fuck me good!” Karen snarled. She could see the hunger in her daughter’s eyes and knew she had given her daughter the perfect Christmas gift. Crystal nodded and got down between her Mom’s stocking-clad legs and began to eat pussy. Unlike a novice, there was no hesitation … Karen was shocked because Crystal just went for it like she’d been eating pussy all of her life. Her hands weren’t idle either, for as she ate her Mom’s snatch, they roamed all over Karen’s smooth, well-toned body. Soon, Karen herself was in the throes of orgasm and it was all because of her sexy, kinky daughter-turned-lover.

Karen was far from finished with Crystal. She actually had a few more gifts for the pretty blonde teen, some sex toys and a dildo she could use whenever necessary. It came with an attachment that either woman could use to fuck the other, if they wanted to. She also had some massage oils and lube and a tiny little “Rabbit” vibe she knew Crystal would love.

Karen proceeded to teach her daughter about `69’, which both of them loved tremendously and then they had a final session in Karen’s large shower. They kissed and got dressed, as Crystal’s grandparents were coming to dinner in an hour. She helped her Mom finish with dinner and snuck a final kiss. “We’ll do this again, won’t we Mommy? Please?”

Karen returned the kiss and smiled. “When your grandparents go home, we’ll go upstairs and make it an early night. I’ve found myself an exquisite little fuckmate, I’m not about to let her go!” She saw the look of absolute delight cross Crystal’s pretty little face and she imagined it would be even bigger when she told her daughter about what naughtiness she had planned for New Year’s Eve.

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