Frosh Makes Out

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I’m nineteen years old, just off the bus, an incoming freshman at huge Penn State University. I’m the third in our family, two sisters preceded me. One is still here, or will be in about a week. At their suggestion, I’m going to find a room in a private home rather than stay in the dorms. Then, over the next couple weeks, try and manage to be accepted into one of the fraternities. They tell me that fraternity life is the way to go. Be part of a group rather than just another anonymous body among the tens of thousands because this ain’t high school, Mark. Nobody gives a damn about you — not teachers, not the university. You’re on your own and it will be much better to be part of an organized group.

I should mention that the university is very large and it’s located in a relatively small town that wouldn’t even exist if the school hadn’t been placed in the middle of the state back around Civil War time. So, it’s a place, I’m told, that lets you very much be Joe College, unlike schools in big cities. Anyway, here I am at the front door of a house not too far off campus. Nothing fancy but a nice tree-lined street. A large man, perhaps the age of my father, answers the door. His name is Carl. We shake hands, discuss the whole bit about renting a room, I’m shown the room and accept. He introduces his wife, Mae, who looks out from the next room, likely the kitchen.

I’m so full of trying to figure how to handle the next few days that I’m almost oblivious to the room. I mean these are just landlords. I pay no attention to them. If I didn’t end up living there I probably wouldn’t even remember their names. I go and get my luggage at the bus station and come back and move into my room. Normal bedroom.

Downstairs in the house, the front door opens into the living room that spreads across the front of the house. Behind it are a dining room and a kitchen, splitting the rest of the house. The stairs go up on one side of the living room with one turn half way up. Immediately across from the top of the stairs is the bathroom. To the left, above the living room, is the owner’s bedroom. To the right, off a small hall are two bedrooms, one on the left, one on the right, essentially above the dining room and kitchen.

Moving in, Mae, the wife, talks to me a little, hoping I’ll enjoy my time at Penn State. I learn that Carl, her large husband, is a fireman. He’s old fashioned and doesn’t want his wife to work so she’s a housewife with time on her hands. She seems younger than him. I have a hard time guessing female ages but she’s probably more than twenty five and less than forty. I realize that’s a wide spread but once girls grow up, until they start wrinkling of old age, I can’t tell age at all. She’s no beauty but isn’t ugly either. Brown hair, trim figure, even featured face that probably could be made up to be more attractive. I just didn’t pay a whole lot of attention. I mean, she’s my landlord. I have a lot on my mind. I’ve got to register for classes and I’ve got to find ways to get to various fraternity open houses and ingratiate myself so they’ll take me. It’s a pretty challenging, even scary, time for me.

That first night I get to two fraternities and drink a lot of beer and then stagger back to my room fairly late. I have a key. The next day I go to the main campus to see about registering for school and arranging my schedule. I can’t do it for another two days but I want to know what the routine is. I’m nervous about all this stuff that’s sort of beyond my control. I talk to a few people, actually go to lunch with two guys I just met. I line up another several fraternity open houses for that evening. Mid-afternoon I head back to my rented room mostly because I don’t know what else to do.

Maybe I should add that I’m no jock. I wrestled JV but wasn’t that good so never pursued it more. I played in the band but know I’m not good enough for the university band — it’s all music majors and I’m planning to be a math teacher. But I’m not in bad shape. Six feet even, maybe a quarter inch more, 180 pounds, fairly fit but not real buff. I’d had girl friends. I’d managed to get laid but not nearly as often as I’d prefer. Fairly square kind of guy mostly.

Anyway, I come in the house, head up the stairs and just as I hit the landing and the stairs turn a right angle, right smack in front of me almost, the bathroom door opens and Mae steps out totally naked. The first thing that hit me was what a great body she has. Really fit. Tits, obviously, hips, shapely legs, and no hair at her pussy. Very fit, trim body. Very sexy.

“Oops,” she says and jumps back a step, still naked and facing me. Then she sort of grins and says, “Well, it’s too late to pretend this didn’t happen. Sorry.”

I might be square but I always had a sassy mouth, say whatever pops into my mind. “Don’t be sorry, you have a gorgeous body.”

“Oh,” she says, looking at me oddly. I think maybe she’s sizing me up. “Well thank you, I’m glad you like it.”

We’re standing there about four feet apart, I’m down güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri about three steps from her, looking right at her pussy. And she isn’t hiding or running or anything. “You shave,” I say.

She actually reaches to her pussy and touches it. “Yes, Carl likes it. Says it feels better.”

“I imagine it does,” is all I can think to say, beginning to realize I’ve been standing almost next to this naked lady for a little while now.

“Do you want to find out?” she asks, walking across the hall to the top of the steps, right in front of me. I move my one foot up a step and lean my body forward and get my face into her crotch and put out my tongue and lick. I’m only licking skin, her actual pussy is still between her legs. So she spreads her legs, moving both of them. I lick down a little and put an arm out and my hand around her naked butt. My tongue finds her lips and licks on them, pushing inside a little. Her hand comes onto the back of my head. “Lets go into your room,” she says as I lick.

She turns and walks. “Take your clothes off,” she says. I hurry after, getting my shirt and undershirt off. In my room, as I get my shoes and socks and then pants off, I watch her climb on my bed, lay on her back, pull her knees up a little and then let them fall off to the side. She then reaches down and gets the fingers of one hand to her pussy and tweaks a nipple with her other hand. I’ve never seen anything as sexy in my life. The more I see, the more I like her body. Full tits with no real sag to them. Firm stomach, strong legs. And now that glistening set of lips between her legs.

“Your pussy is beautiful,” I tell her as I pull my undershorts down and am finally as naked as her. I’d eaten one pussy before in my life, although I’d eaten it a lot. I had fucked two girls by then, neither the type you’d want to take home to meet Mom. I’d used condoms just because I knew I was far from the first cock in either of them. Then I overheard two girls talking, whispering actually, in class one day. They claimed that Melanie, perhaps the most gorgeous girl in our class, a cheerleader and top sex object by far, had said that if she could find a guy to eat her pussy then she would suck his cock because she really wants to try both of those things. No fucking until marriage but oral, yes. Well, next time I saw Melanie I blurted out that I’d love to eat her pussy. I should have scared her off except we’d known each other for years so she just looked at me and asked why I said that. I told her that I’d heard two girls whispering that she’d said she wanted someone to eat her pussy so she could suck his cock and if that was true, well, I would love to.

The upshot was that we ended up doing it a lot. But always in the dark, mostly in a car. Never totally naked and she never shaved. So I’d never really got a good look at a pussy before even though she’d taught me how to please her enough that I probably did it a hundred times. She sucked me even more often. It’s a lot easier for a girl to suck a cock almost casually while driving or anything than it is for a guy to get up in there and eat a pussy. And she liked to suck my cock. Interestingly, there was no talk at school about us at all. We were just dating and since we were both sort of square nobody ever claimed we were doing anything all that sexy.

Anyway, Mae’s pussy looked beautiful to me and I climb on the bed and sort of home in on it and get my fingers and mouth to her and start in. I don’t particularly like the position, my chin almost pushed down into the mattress while my butt’s sticking up in the air, but her pussy is moist and tasty and she moans and lets me know she loves everything I’m doing. I spread her open and lick inside, tongue fuck her vagina, lick up a little and then lick down towards her ass as far as I can in my position, then up again and tongue fuck her again. Then up to her clit. I get two fingers in her and start sliding them in and out as I concentrate my tongue and lips on her clit. Soon she’s catching her breath, her hips are jumping a little, her hand comes onto my head to push me in against her tighter, her legs start waving back and forth some, catching my head like a vise, and I work on her clit ever stronger and fuck her with my fingers faster. It probably doesn’t take two minutes and she’s having an orgasm. I pull out my fingers and get my mouth over her whole pussy as much as I can and suck and taste her fluids, then go right back to what I was doing before.

I learned with Melanie that she could have a lot more than one orgasm so I assume Mae can, too. And she can. Her second comes quicker than her first. She pulls at my hair and says, “Fuck me,” “Get that inside me”, and I keep finger fucking her and sucking on her clit until she has another orgasm. Then I slide up over her. She reaches down and grabs my very erect cock and aims it in and pushes up with her hips as I push into her and I’m all the way in. She’s beyond moaning. Maybe not quite screaming, I’m not sure what to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri call it but she’s noisy and she keeps her hips moving, trying to fuck me as much as I’m fucking her. It feels good in there, like a tight velvet glove, well, a moist glove, squeezing every inch of me. I can feel myself moving towards cumming. “Should I pull out? I don’t have a condom on.”

“Just fuck me. Fuck meeee,” she really does finally scream the eee part as I can feel her insides spasming on my cock, grabbing it tight, which moves me to my shooting off my load. She wraps her legs up around me as I shoot off my last couple drops or so. “My God that was good,” she says as she lowers her legs from me. I pull out and roll over next to her and she rolls to face me. “I’m glad Carl rented to you. You’re a lot better than the last one.”

“Are you sure it was o.k. without a condom?” I guess I am square to still be concerned about that.

“I’ve been fucking for eighteen years or so and haven’t got pregnant yet so don’t worry about it. I don’t Besides, if it happens, Carl will probably be happy. He’d think it was his.”

“What about Carl? Is he at work? Will he find out about this?”

“He’s at work and he won’t find out unless you tell him because I won’t. And I wouldn’t recommend that you do. He’d probably beat the shit out of you. I was fucking way before I met Carl and he knows it. I think he probably knows I’m still fucking but he never says anything and neither do I. It’s just too boring, stuck in this house everyday. But I’m a good wife to him. I stay here, cook his meals, keep his house, sleep with him, fuck him, suck him. Sex with him is really very good. So I don’t think he wants to rock the boat, he’s happy. So lets just leave him that way.”

She reaches down and grabs my cock. So I kiss her. It’s a very good kiss. I get a hand to one of her breasts. It’s a very nice breast. The best I’ve ever felt. Actually the first bare one I’ve ever felt. We kiss a couple more times. I kiss down and get my mouth to her breast, kiss it, lick it, suck on the nipple. Then the other one. “Oh, God,” she says, “I really need to go again after that. You’re good.” And with that she moves down and gets my cock into her mouth. My soft, sticky cock.

Between her mouth and tongue and fingers, I slowly get hard again and then she straddles me and sits on me, taking my cock up into her. It doesn’t escape me that I’m obviously inexperienced at this because I think watching her naked torso moving on me is the sexiest thing possible in the world. I mean, she’s maybe twice my age. But it’s still the sexiest thing ever as far as I’m concerned. She really rides me, grinds around, lifts up and down, goes slow and then much faster. She’s finally banging her whole body on me. It won’t surprise me if I’m black and blue tomorrow. and then her insides are grasping my cock again and she’s looking up at heaven and moaning and having another orgasm. And I’m still hard.

She looks at me and smiles as she rests on me. “You young guys. Still hard. O.k. lets do doggie.” She lifts up off me, grabs my cock with one hand and looks at it and then at me, grinning, then gets on her hands and knees. I’ve never done this but I know what it is so I get behind her, between her legs, put my one hand on her ass as I nudge forward getting my cock back to her pussy. And then there it is and I’m in her again. She pushes her butt back at me and I’m fully in. I hold her butt with both hands and pump in and out of her. By looking around I can see her tits hanging under her so I lean over her and move my hands around her and get hold of both of them as I continue to push in and out of her. She moans in pleasure as I pull on her breasts and nipples and slide my cock in her vagina. Then she starts pushing back more with her hips, almost forcing me to sit back up and I increase my action as she does hers and pretty soon I’m banging into her as fast and hard as I can manage and then she screams and her insides grasp me again but I’m so hot and into it I just keep on fucking her. Banging her. And then I’m shooting off. I push in as far as possible and just hold it as I finish unloading in her.

She collapses forward on her arms, which pulls my cock out of her vagina and soon we’re laying there facing one another, both with a film of sweat on us and both sexually sated. “What’d you think of our first sex, Mark?” she asks.

“Mae, it’s the best fuck of my whole life. It was mind boggling.”

She grins. “It was good, I’ll admit. You have a good, solid cock that filled me up. You really like eating pussy, don’t you?”

I immediately wondered if there was something wrong with eating pussy. “Uh, well, yeah, I guess . . “

“Don’t be embarrassed. There’s not a female in the world that doesn’t love getting eaten and you’re very good at it. You’re going to satisfy every woman you’re ever with.” She then kisses me, smiles and starts off the bed. “We’re going to do this often,” she says. It then takes a few minutes, a güvenilir bahis şirketleri few kisses and she and I both go to the bathroom and clean up. She kisses me again and goes into her bedroom and I go into mine. I realize somewhere along the line that she planned all this. She’d done it before. I just grinned about it. It also made me realize that as I’d walked on campus, I must have seen a couple thousand girls with trim, fit bodies and some level of sex drive, that would love to do this. With me or whoever they manage to happen to do it with. Why not me?

Mae’s body isn’t perfect. Her tits are fine, maybe even in the ideal range. And they’re still firm, whatever her age. Her waist, although trim, is probably a couple inches bigger and a little softer than ideal. Her hips are also probably a couple inches bigger than movie-star-model perfection. But that firm, full ass was great for fucking. She’s also more experienced and willing to get her way and most younger girls aren’t ready for that yet. But maybe many would enjoy the sex just as much as Mae once they got to it. It makes me much more confident about making a pass at whatever girls I may run into here.

That evening I’m at an open house at another fraternity. This makes about five I’ve been to. After an hour or so I begin to realize that I like these guys better than any of the others I’ve been to. Not snooty or snobby, just friendly and sort of regular. If they choose to accept me, this would be the one so far that I’d prefer to join. I’m standing there with a beer and see a girl across the room that strikes me as being the most attractive I’ve seen for a while. So I maneuver around and get to her finally and say “Hi,” and she replies and I mention that this is a nice fraternity and she agrees.

Then she says, “You’re a freshman, aren’t you?” And I agree that I am. She tells me she dates the head guy here — I think she said consul or something like that, who’s a senior.

So I tell her that he’s a lucky guy, that she’s the most attractive girl around. I think maybe I had too many beers because I then said something like, “I bet you taste delicious.” She looked at me surprised but then smiled and told me that I’d have to ask Brad, who I guess must be the guy she’s dating. She even kept talking to me, saying that I’d had a weird smile on my face ever since I got there. Again, a little drunk, I told her that I’d just had the most fantastic sex of my life a couple hours ago, that I’d eaten the woman to a couple orgasms and then we fucked in every position possible. She comments that sex must be important to me and then this nice looking guy came around, introduced himself and I introduced myself and we talked for a moment and then he took the girl away with him. I never even learned her name.

Anyway, I went back to my rented room, a little drunk. I had to get signed up for all my classes within the next two days. I also had to hit any fraternities that I could to try and get into one of them. Whatever, I slept in a little late. What woke me was Mae climbing under the covers next to me and grabbing my cock. My erect cock — as it often is in the morning. This was the first time to be awakened by a woman grabbing my cock and I have to admit, I like it.

This time she starts off by sucking me. She is at least as good at it as Melanie had been, maybe better. She gets a mouthful from me and then rolls onto her back. I work my way down her body, first getting at her lovely tits, then on down to that delicious pussy. I eat her to two orgasms and by then I’m hard again and get up over her and push fully in. It isn’t as fantastic as yesterday. Maybe it can never be as good as the first time when every thing is unexpected and ends up being so great. This time, it’s a repeat and while it’s great, it’s not as mind boggling . Since I’d already cum once in her mouth I lasted longer. Once she had another orgasm she climbed on me and bounced on me until she had another and then we ended up again in doggie style, going at it hard and fast.

While I was out, getting my classes, I had a cell phone message. I returned it when I got back and it was from the fraternity where I was last night, asking me to come back tonight and meet some more brothers. One of the people I talked to that evening was Brad, the guy I had briefly met the night before. He told me that his girl friend had said he should consider pledging me, that I must have impressed her some how.

Well, another four days, another couple sessions with Mae, and the fraternity asked me to join. It all ended up as I had wanted, a week or so in a rented room and then moving into the fraternity house. Perhaps Mae was sorry to see me go — I knew I would miss our fuck sessions — but I knew that in the long rum I’m better off in the fraternity.

That weekend we have a party in the basement rooms. Lots of girls, almost all dates of fraternity brothers. I start classes the next Monday so I haven’t met any girls yet. Then the girl I had talked to a week or so before, Brad’s date, came up to me with an unbelievably gorgeous girl next to her. “Mark, this is Kathleen.” Then, turning to the girl, it’s “Kathleen, Mark.” Then back to me, “Kathleen is a freshman, too, and we just pledged her to our sorority. I think you might make a good couple.” And then she leaves us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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