Frustrated Wife Seeks Fulfillment

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“Urg, thanks love that was great.” Said my husband Bob as he rolled off me having just shot his load in about 2 minutes of sex, he then turned over and went to sleep, thinking nothing about my needs or frustrations. FUCKING GREAT.

We had had sex three times in the last six months and each time it was like this, I needed more, I am an attractive, well proportioned thirty five year old woman in the prime of her life and burning with sexual need and mounting frustration. I didn’t want an affair, I deeply loved my husband of the last twelve years, it as just that the sex had died. As I started to play with myself an idea came to mind as to how I could get my rocks off, but would I be able to do it. I’d been a bit of a slut in my early years, more likely to fuck a guy than not, but could I be as slutty as I would need to be? The following morning I made a phone call.

Three days later I’m having an interview, Rosie said, “OK lets see you dance and strip, get it all off, I want to see what I’d be employing.” With that a spotlight came on on the stage and slow sexy music filled the room.

Taking a big gulp of air I stood on the stage and began to dance and strip, I worked the floor and pole as hard as I could trying to look sexy and available, eventually I was naked. Rosie told me to sit near her.

“Well Carol, your a bit old for a dancer and truth be told, you can’t dance that well. You know you wouldn’t just have to dance, there are the private dances and other service a dancer offers, but I have an idea how you can work here, and we both could make some money. You know we have another side to the club?”

“Yes.” I replied knowing what she meant and this was what I was really after.

“Well I think you could fit in well, your age, body, hair colour and everything would fill a gap in the girls I have here. How do you feel about that?”

Just then we were interrupted by two guys making a delivery one about my age and a younger guy about twenty.

“Oh sorry ladies, didn’t mean to interrupt.” Said the older one, looking at me all the time, eyeing my body up and down with no embarrassment.

Rosie said “It’s ok guys, come over here. Do you like “Tracey”, she’s just auditioning, would you both like to fuck her for free?”

“WHAT, I can’t fuck two strangers just like that?” from me.

“Yes you can if you want to work here, consider it as part of your audition. Your choice fuck them both now and you get a job, but you’ve got to be a good fuck for them”

Not surprisingly both guys agreed that they wanted to fuck me.

I gathered my nerve well this was what I had come güvenilir bahis here for and said “OK, I’ll fuck them both, and guys it will be the fuck of your life.”

“Rooms over there, condoms are in there as well, and guys, no limits you can have her anyway you want, cunt, ass, mouth, she’s yours to enjoy. You’ve got two hours. “Tracey” lets see if you’re good enough to work here.”

Oh God, I had to fuck these guys for two hours I thought as I walked into one of the bedrooms at the back, the guys followed me in and closed the door.

“What do you want then lads.” I said looking at them as sexy as I could, as they were sizing up my size 10, five foot six inch frame, with 36C boobs, narrow waist, wideish hips and long, long slim legs, that go up to my incredibly, well for a thirty five year old firm arse. I also have shoulder length brown hair cut in a fringe in front


The older one said, “I want you to suck my cock and I want it deep in your throat from the first suck, and I’m not wearing a condom for that, if I cum I’m cumming in your mouth and you are going to swallow it all.”

“No; you’re using a condom.” I said.

“No I’m not, your new boss said we get you anyway we want, no limits so just act the whore you want to be.”

“OK.” I replied not really happy with this. I walked over to the bed and knelt on it, beckoning the older guy over to me, licking my lips and looking at him through my fringe,

“Come on then, lets see what you’ve got for a new working girl to enjoy.”

Both guys got their clothes off pretty fast at that, neither of them was bad looking but neither had they film star looks.

The older one was stroking his cock which must have been about seven inches long but not very thick, as he approached me, then as I opened my mouth to receive him he pushed it deep into my throat straight away just as he said he would. He wasn’t very rough but not that gentle either, he would push his cock deep into my throat holding it there until I gagged and then would pull out until just the head was in my mouth. I managed to get into the rhythm of his actions and when he pulled out started to run my tongue over the bulbous head.

“That’s good, your getting into it now.” He said.

In the meantime his younger companion had got behind me on the bed and placed his smaller but thicker cock at the entrance to my by now wet pussy, as I felt him enter me I pushed back hard on him so he slid all the way in deep, as I hadn’t had decent sex for a while, he felt bigger than he was and I felt myself stretch to accommodate him. He held himself inside me for a few türkçe bahis seconds and then began to pound away as hard and fast as he could, slamming hard into my cunt, making me moan with delight. He had the strength and vigour of youth and kept pounding me hard. Just what I wanted and needed.

I was really liking this now, I had no control over what these guys would do and it was turning me on in a big way, I wanted to be fucked and I was being, I felt like a slut and was becoming the whore I knew I wanted to be.

I finally got some control over the guy in my mouth, getting him to slow down by massaging his balls and using my tongue on his sensitive head, rolling it around and pushing it into the small slit he would cum from, I could tell he liked this, his cock was throbbing in my mouth, I’d not had that happen for sooo long. I knew I gave good head and now he had calmed down this guy was going to get the best blowjob of his life.

The younger one behind me was still slamming into my pussy I didn’t care about him as long as he kept pounding my cunt, but at least he had managed to find my clit with his fingers and was rubbing it like mad, I felt my orgasm build slowly in my body spreading out in a wave of heat from deep inside me, and as both guys were deep in me at the same time, one in my mouth, the other in my hot dripping cunt, I came, clamping down tight on the young guy in my pussy.

That must have done it for him as almost the same time, he tensed pulled out as far as he could and then slammed into me hard, one last time, shooting lots of thick hot cum into my welcoming pussy. As he came and I felt his hot cum hit the deepest reaches of my pussy it triggered my second orgasm in a very short time. Eventually his softening cock slipped from my pussy and he semi collapsed on the bed behind me.

The older guy was still getting the blowjob of his life and showed no signs he was going to cum, he was enjoying my lips round his long slim cock, I glanced a look at the clock in the room and saw that I had been sucking on him for twenty minutes. WOW! I thought, I’ll give him ten more minutes then I’m getting him off. I wanted them to switch off on me now.

I really began to concentrate on him taking control now, getting him to slow down but go as deep as he could into my throat, where I held him for as long as I could. He was going long and slowly deep into my mouth and could feel the veins in his cock pulsing. One more slow deep swallow and as I looked up at him through my fringe he wrapped his hands in my long hair stopping me from pulling away and shot what seemed a gallon of hot, salty, güvenilir bahis siteleri sticky cum deep into my mouth. It wasn’t the nicest cum I had ever tasted but I made a show of swallowing every drop for him. I released him from my mouth and aching jaws and wiped his gleaming and sticky cock clean with my hair.

His mate had recovered now and wanted a blow job of his own, which I eagerly gave to him and after a time to recover the older guy traded off and began to fuck my eager pussy. We continued to fuck, with the guys trading off on my pussy, arse and mouth for the rest of the time allowed. They must have had me in every way possible.

At the end I staggered out of the bedroom covered in cum with more dripping from my abused pussy. Rosie looked at the clock and said. “Your fifteen minutes short of the two hours, can’t stand the pace?”

“I can but the guys can’t, I’ve just fucked their brains out, go take a look.”

Rosie looked into the bedroom and both guys were slumped on the bed totally spent.

“OK, looks like you’ve got a job, “Tracey”. You get sixty percent of the standard rate, that’s for blowjobs and straight fucking with a condom, anal is twenty percent more, any extras you perform moneys all yours.”


“Well standard sex is with condom as are blowjobs, if you want to go bareback that’s upto you what you charge, but don’t get an STD and don’t give any of my customers an STD, birth control is up to you.”

“When can I start?”

That’s how I came to work at Rosie’s where I’ve been working for three or four days a week for the last twelve months and I’m loving every minute of it. I’m getting the sex I need without any emotional hang-ups and you can’t say I’m having an affair.

I’ve built up a nice core of regulars, even a couple of women; now I’m not really into that in a big way, but if like me they have a need I’ll help them fulfil it My first time with another girl was when I was booked on a two girl session with Carla a stunning mixed race girl, who showed me what to do to please a woman.

After I’d been working for Rosie for six months she phoned me and said, “I’ve got a special for you if you think you can handle it, the pays fifty percent more than you would earn on a full day but it’s only for a two hour session.”

“Why the high pay, you know I’m into it for the sex not the money?” I asked her.

“It’s for a six guy gangbang, no holds barred, it could be rough. I thought you might like the chance to do this.”

“When is it?”

“Tomorrow afternoon.”

“I’ll be there!!”

After the gangbang I could hardly walk my pussy, ass and mouth were so well used, I’d been spit roasted, DP’d, airtight (all three holes filled at once – airtight) and even double vaginal twice, but I was in heaven and I think I may have found a new speciality for Rosie to offer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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