Fuck My Face…in College

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The following is a fictional story by a bisexual man.


I was tired. It’d been a long day of moving into my dorm room, so I was just laying on my bed, shooting the breeze with my new roommate, Rob. He was putting things up on his side of the room, while talking about going out for the football team when his eyes wandered to my side of the room and landed on a pic of me and my girlfriend, Angela.

“Holy shit, she’s hot!” he exclaimed. “I’d fuck the hell out of that!”

“Yeah, she is,” I remarked. “But she’s a little needy. It’s nothing too serious. We have fun together, but we’re allowed to see other people.”

“So does she?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “We have a policy of ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.'”

“What about you?” he asked.

“Nah, I haven’t found anyone else, I’m open to it though,” I said.

“Well, you bring her around, I’ll make her open up for me!” he said with a laugh. “It’s getting late, I’m hitting the shower.”

While he was out, I looked at my smart phone. Our talk had caused my mind to wander to certain things. I clicked on the Fuck My Face app. I was just insanely curious if anyone on campus was using it. I’ve never activated it on campus, I was scared of anyone at the college finding out I’m bi and love having my face fucked, but I figured one quick little check wouldn’t hurt. It was taking a little bit to load. When It did, I saw blips on the radar showing guys looking for a good face to fuck.

Suddenly the door opened. I immediately minimized the window. I laid the phone down as Rob came in, trying my best to act natural. He told me he was turning in for the night. His back turned to me, he slipped some boxers on underneath his bathrobe. He then tossed off the robe and climbed into the bed on his side of the room. Not wanting to be rude, I followed suit, stripping down to my boxers and getting beneath my covers. I turned the lights off and we gave each other a customary “Good night.”

Not sure when I dozed off, but I did. I was fast asleep, but suddenly I woke up.

The room was pitch black. There was a weight on my chest and something was in my mouth I recognized immediately: a long, warm cock!

I made a muffled sound of surprise, unable to move as someone sat on top of my chest, pinning my arms beneath me, and his cock made its way into my mouth and throat.

I soon cut off the sound, my eyes widened in shock and fear, realizing Rob was sleeping in the bed next to me! Did he hear? Did he know what’s going on?

I tried to move and get the cock out of my mouth, but the man on top of me grabbed my forehead and held my head firmly in place. His cock slid in and out of my throat and there was nothing I could do. I just laid there completely compliant as this stranger raped my mouth. I listened for any sound in the room. All I could hear was my bed creaking as the man on top of me fucked my face. I was terrified, but I heard nothing else. There was no sound from Rob.

Assuming Rob was still asleep, I began to relax, wrapping my lips around the hard man meat that was using me. I embraced what he was doing to me, welcomed it as his thrusts into my mouth got more powerful, his cock going even deeper into my throat. I was practically being assaulted, raped by a stranger, and I was loving it! Never had I felt anyone have such absolute power over me!

I began to wonder how this was happening and why. Then I remembered the app! I forgot to shut the app off! Someone found me using the app. Rob must have left the door unlocked accidentally and this man, this dark, dominant force of nature, just came in and decided to make me his no matter what.

The thrusts became more violent, the man’s breathing heavier. Then suddenly he pulled out, his weight still on me, his hand still holding my head in place. I felt him explode onto my face with stream after stream of hot jizz. I opened my mouth like a hungry whore yearning for his cum. It hit my outstretched tongue. I felt thick strands of his cum land on my cheek and closed eyes. Cum was dripping down my face as he removed his hand. He spit on my forehead, showing me all the respect a whore deserves. And then he got off of me. I heard the door open and close as he left. I laid there for a minute enjoying the feeling of cum and spit on my face, savoring the taste in my mouth. He marked my face, like it was his. It was a glorious feeling. I reached to the side of my bed, grabbed a t-shirt and wiped my face off. Then I proceed to have the best night of sleep I had had in a long time.

The next time I woke up, it was from a knock on the door. I heard the door open and Rob greeted Angela, meeting her for the first time as I was still waking up from a deep sleep.

Angela looked over at me, chastising me for oversleeping. I apologized as I got up, giving her the excuse that unpacking took a lot out of me. We hugged and kissed. I just kept thinking that I had just taken a man’s cum in my mouth a few hours before. Çankaya travesti I wondered if she could taste it? I hoped she could. The thought turned me on. Part of me wished everyone knew what type of cocksucking whore I was.

I threw some clothes on as quickly as I could. She seemed okay that I was making her late for the library, but I didn’t want to push it.

“You should watch it, man,” Rob said from across the room. “A woman should never have to wait or want for anything.”

“I like him,” Angela responded playfully, looking at him with a smile.

Rob was standing there, dressed in shorts and a tight tank top that showed off his muscular body. He had a duffle bag over his shoulder, ready to go work out at the gym. I could tell they were checking each other out. I’d never seen her flirt in front of me before.

Even in an open relationship, it should’ve upset me, but it didn’t. My mind just kept wandering back to cock in my mouth and cum on my face.

Angela and I left, leaving Rob to lock the room on his way out. The both of us made small talk on the way to the library, but didn’t mention Rob. Once there, I kept her company as she hunted down books to check out for her classes.

A few minutes into it, my cell phone buzzed. A message popped up on my phone.

“Did you enjoy my cock in your mouth last night, faggot?” it read.

It was the man who used me last night! My heart stopped. I stepped back making sure the phone’s screen was out of Angela’s sight. Every part of me with common sense was screaming, “Put the phone back in your pocket!” but I kept holding it in front of me, staring at the message.

I quickly typed one word, “Yes,” and sent the reply

Angela was still browsing the books with her back to me. Not sure how long it took, time seemed to stand still, but my phone jumped in my hand, vibrating that another message had been received.

“Go to study booth, close the door, leave the light off, get under the desk and wait for me,” he said.

“Can’t, with girlfriend,” I feverishly typed, praying Angela wouldn’t turn around and ask who I was messaging. Almost immediately I got a response.

“Now, bitch, if you ever want my cock again,” it read.

Again time stood still. Not sure how long I contemplated my dilemma. But every part of me now only wanted one thing and it could not be denied. There was only one thing I could do.

“Yes,” I typed.

I told Angela I wanted to look around since she was going to be awhile. She looked at me for a second. I could tell she was disappointed because I was supposed to be spending time with her. She told me it was okay, but I knew she was just being polite, she really wanted me by her side.

I didn’t feel bad. I didn’t feel much of anything other than the overwhelming urge to have my mouth filled with a man’s dick. I quickly made my way to an empty study booth. I shut the door behind me, making it almost pitch black inside. It was a small booth, just big enough for a one-person desk and chair. I slid the chair back and crawled under the desk in the dark. I sat there on my knees, all I could see was a sliver of light under the door. My body shook in anticipation. Was he in the library? Every fiber of my being was hoping he was close. I didn’t want to wait. I couldn’t wait. I had to have a cock in my mouth at that moment.

Then I heard steps approaching. Suddenly anticipation became fear. What if it wasn’t him? What if it was just some random person? I had no idea what I would do. The door opened and closed quickly as a stranger entered. In the split second of light that poured in all I could see were gym shorts and tennis shoes worn by half the men on campus. The light stayed off and I heard him sitting down in the chair.

He slid the chair up straddling my body with his legs on either side, his crotch just inches from my face. I felt that strong hand from last night grabbing the back of my head and pushing my anxious, open mouth onto his crotch. I could feel the shape of his massive dick beneath the soft material of his shorts. I closed my lips on his covered cock and let my tongue explore the shape of it as I tried to devour his man meat like a hungry animal. His shorts were wet with my saliva as I sucked his cock through the soft material.

He grabbed my hair and roughly pulled my head off him. My mouth was still open, yearning for him to fill it. I heard him pulling his shorts down. Again, my whole body shook with anticipation. All I wanted was his naked flesh in my mouth.

Suddenly he pushed my head forward again and his semi-hard cock was jammed into my mouth. I could feel his hands firmly gripping both sides of my face, forcing my mouth back and forth on his dick. I choked and gagged as his massive man meat roughly entered and exited deep into my throat. I didn’t care if anyone heard me, all I cared about was devouring his cock.

Not sure how long he fucked my face before I heard a voice Dikmen travesti outside. He kept fucking my mouth, unfazed by the presence of someone outside. At first, I couldn’t make out the voice. I tired to ignore it, just focusing on the rapturous pleasure of being used by this man.

But then I recognized the voice! It was Angela calling to me. I must not have noticed her buzzing me on my phone. I tried to tell him it was my girlfriend looking for me, but he just shoved his cock in deeper. All that came out was muffled sounds. He pushed me all the way down on his hard, massive fuck tool, taking it balls deep into my throat. I chocked and gagged, suffocating on his cock. He knew what was happening and he wasn’t going to let me go. I was his and my mouth was only something to be used for his pleasure.

I went quiet, returned to being compliant, letting him continue using my face. At first, I didn’t want him to make me gag again for fear of being caught. But as I heard Angela call for me one more time, a tone of sadness in her voice, I realized I just didn’t want to respond. This was were I wanted to be, on my knees with a cock in mouth. This was all I cared about.

As the outside went silent again, he pulled my head off of his cock. I could hear him rapidly stroking it just an inch from my face. I opened mouth, anxious to devour his cock again. He gripped my hair tightly, holding me back from his dick, keeping his cockhead just in front of my face. I stretched out my tongue from my hungry, open mouth. I wanted to take his cum like a good little whore.

Then I felt it shoot. It went above my mouth, hitting my closed eyes and painting my forehead with streams of his jizz. Like last time, he spit on my forehead and then I heard him open the door and exit. I was left there with spit and cum dripping down my face and nothing to wipe it with this time. I cleared the cum off my eyes with my fingers and made my way to the nearest restroom. I was scared of being caught, but exhilarated at being marked by such a powerful, dominate man.

I took a nice long look at myself in the restroom mirror, my face covered in cum. I thought about just leaving it there so everyone could see that he owned me. But common sense won out, and I washed it off and went about my day.

I attended a few orientation seminars for the semester and then returned to my dorm room that afternoon. I just kept checking my phone. I left the app on, wanting more. I was wondering when he would come for me next? Where would I be at? What would I be doing? Every place I went was another opportunity to experience the glory of being turned into a whore by him again. Every fiber of my being wanted it.

I was checking for messages when I got to my dorm room door. I didn’t have any once again. I sighed and turned the door knob. It was locked. I pulled out my keys and unlocked it. I saw Rob on the bed with a head of black hair between his legs. Embarrassed, I immediately said I was sorry and started to close the door.

“Don’t go, she was just finishing up,” Rob said.

“Yeah, we’re done here.” said another voice.

It was Angela! I just stood there in shock as she stood up. Rob made motions that I was sure was him putting his dick back in his shorts. I was in a state of disbelief and hurt.

“What about ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’?” I asked Angela.

“No one asked or told anything, did they?” she said coldly.

“Remember the frat party you’re taking me to tonight,” she said forcefully, “Don’t keep me waiting.”

She then walked off. I didn’t know what to say. Rob broke the silence.

“Man, she’s got the lips of an angel on her!” he remarked.

Then he saw the look on my face.

“Aw, man, I’m sorry. I thought it would be okay since you two where in an open relationship,” he said. “I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay, I’m seeing someone else,” I said, grabbing my towel and bathrobe, and heading for the shower.

I just wanted to get out of the room. I was devastated. As I began to shower, I just wanted to wash it all off me. She did that to intentionally hurt me. It was awful.

But then I started to think about what I had done. Had that really been any better? Maybe it wasn’t intentionally done to hurt her, but I still hurt her all the same.

Between the roar of the shower and my self-loathing thoughts, I didn’t notice if anyone else was in the restroom. Suddenly a man’s hand was over my eyes, grabbing the front of my head, while his other hand pulled my wet hair. He forced me down on my knees against the wall of the small shower stall.

His hand continued to cover my eyes, holding my head firmly against the wall as I felt a hard cock enter my mouth. It was the same man as before, come to once again use me! I welcomed it, as he raped my mouth with his with dripping wet fucktool. His thrusts were more violent than before. He knew I wanted it that way and knew I could take it. The sounds of my gagging and Eryaman travesti choking were swallowed by the shower.

There I was buck naked, dripping wet, letting this man brutally use my mouth. All shame was gone. I was his whore and that’s all I wanted to be.

Suddenly he pulled his long hard cock from my mouth and once again grabbed my hair as he continued to cover my eyes. He forced me out of the shower into the small, curtained stall area in front of it where my clothes where laying on a bench. He took his hands off my eyes and pushed my clothes to the floor.

He forcefully pushed me down on the bench. My chest was pressed up against its cold granite. One hand pressed the left side of my face against the bench, my eyes facing the stall wall. His other hand fondled my ass, which was bent over the bench. He slapped it harshly. Once. Twice. Three times. I winced from the stings of pain, but I loved it.

Then I could feel his hard cock rubbing between my cheeks, teasing my asshole. I suddenly realized he wanted to fuck me! My mind raced, I’d never wanted anal before. I’d always only been interested in sucking cock.

I could feel the tip of his cockhead against my asshole as he continued to press my face on the bench. I laid there wet, helpless and naked with a complete stranger about to violate me. I was like a prison bitch about to be raped in the shower.

And as I laid there shivering under this absolute power, I realized it was exactly what I wanted. I wanted him in me, penetrating me, making me his. I wanted to belong to him totally.

“Take me,” I whispered.

And with that I could feel his cock entering me, slowly stretching my virgin ass. I felt inch by inch penetrate me. Slowly, painfully his big, thick fucktool was inside me. He leaned down and pressed his chest against my back, his weight pressing down on me as he thrust into my ass. One hand continued to hold my head down while the other gripped the end of the bench as he continued to thrust deeper and deeper. I groaned from the pain.

Pain started to give way to pleasure as his gyrations continued. He breathed heavily into my ear as he continued to thrust into me. He still held my head down, so I couldn’t turn my head to see him, but it didn’t matter to me who he was. He was the man who owned me. He was my master and I was his whore. I groaned as he fucked harder and faster. His breathing became heavier and heavier with his each thrust until he suddenly got off me and pulled out.

He grabbed me by the hair again and dragged me into the shower, this time shoving my naked body onto the floor. I laid there face up as he put his foot on my throat, preventing me from moving my head. He towered above me, just out of my sight. His body was blocking most of the stray of the shower, All I could see was his cock, which he was jacking furiously. I opened my mouth, ready for my whore’s reward. He didn’t disappoint, as a shower of cum flowed down into my mouth and unto my face. I was amazed he had so much cum after using me three times in less than 24 hours. I laid there with the cum on my face and in my mouth. I let it sit on my tongue, savoring my master’s seed.

I swallowed it, but he didn’t move. His foot stayed on my neck. I laid there, not knowing what was going to happen next, just enjoying being helpless before him. A couple minutes later he pointed his unerect cock at me. Before I knew what was happening, a wet stream hit my forehead. I cold tell from the smell it was piss.

He was peeing on me! Almost instinctively I closed my eyes. I was so turned on, by the primal way he was marking me as his. The pee stopped for a second as I felt his piss drip down my face and hair. Then the stream started again, hitting my nose before going down to my hungry mouth. The stream lasted for what seemed like forever, his pee filling my mouth and occasionally spraying my cheeks and chest. Then it tapered off. I swallowed it all.

He spit on my forehead and moved to exit the stall. I felt the water of the shower hitting my body. It missed my face as I laid there. I wanted it to. I just wanted a few extra minutes of having his piss, cum and spit on my face. I never wanted to forget who I belonged to.

I then got up and washed off, finishing my shower. After I left the shower I realized my towel and clothes were no longer there! I smiled. It was another way for him to show his power over me. I had no shame. I opened the curtain and walked, dripping wet, to my dorm room. No one saw me, but I didn’t care if they did. I opened the door and Rob saw me enter. He just looked away quickly and didn’t say anything. I dried my naked body and put some clothes on in silence.

A few hours passed and I met Angela at her place. She had on a short, tight dress that showed off her gorgeous body. She greeted me with a hug and a deep kiss. I was a little surprised because of how we left things.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done you like that,” she said, looking at me with a deep, sorrowful gaze.

“It’s okay,” I said, not quite sure how to react. “I’ve played around too. We have an open relationship.”

“Yeah, well that’s okay,” she said taking my arm as we began to walk to the party. “I’m just glad you’re not mad at me.”

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