Fulfilling Sam Ch. 05

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I had barely had a chance to rest, when Aria peeked in the room, but I had a duty to fulfill and I am definitely a man of my word. I got up and followed Aria obediently to our bedroom, ready to service my radiant pregnant wife.

Even with the short amount of time I had to rest between my encounters, she had little trouble arousing me to the idea. She slipped off her silk nightgown, covering her swollen belly. Even at only 5 months along she was showing a lovely curve. My cock began to grow rigid once again. I reached down with my hands, deftly running my hands over her bare skin, paying special attention to her belly as I did. The soft tender caress that I was giving to her brought a shiver from her body, and a moan from between her lips.

As she wrapped her arms around my neck, and I joined her in this embrace, resting my hands on either side of the small of her back, she brought her lips near my ear, her breath audible for her closeness, and whispered to me.

“Kiss me, Caed, show your wife, the woman who is carrying one of you children, how much you love her.”

My hands cupped her face, bringing it level, so I was able to look directly in her eyes, I could smell the slight flowery scent of her shampoo. I gazed wantonly into my wife’s deep blue eyes. My thumb caressed her cheek, occasionally grazing her lip. I felt her lips tremble as I brushed past them. Moving my lips toward hers, I pressed them together. I slipped my tongue between her lips, finding her tongue and tasting her. The moment, though lasting only a minute or so, felt as if it lasted far longer, for all the passion between the two of us. When it finally ended, she fell back onto the bed, almost weak for the energy spent in that small period of time.

Aria pulled me down to lie on top of her, and I complied, wanting to be closer with her. I carefully positioned myself on her, making sure not to put to much pressure on her rounded belly. My stiff cock laid a top her now slightly wet vagina. I began to kiss her neck, hungrily tasting every part of her. She wrapped her arms around me in a firm embrace, pulling me tight against her, bringing her lips to my neck, gently nibbling on me. Without realizing what I was doing, I pushed my hard member against her. She let out a loud cry of pleasure, as the tip rubbed ödemiş escort across her clit. I could feel her wetness on me, and it drove me wild.

I could smell her wonderful aroma, the pregnancy making her even more delicious to my nose. My hand drew slowly down to feel her. I ran my fingers down between her lips and slid my middle finger from the perineum, across her moist opening, and bringing it to rest on her clit, eliciting more excitement from her. I moved my head downward toward my waiting treat, stopping to kiss her, in every sensitive place I could find, taking my time to suckle on her breast, flicking my tongue across her hardening nipples. Her breasts were fuller than I had seen them before, and a small amount of liquid entered my mouth as I sucked on them. I swallowed it down before continuing on to pleasure her more.

Reaching her shaven pubic mound, I could smell her more deeply, and I wanted nothing more than to dive in and taste her, but I wanted to draw this out, giving her every pleasure that I was able to give. I kissed her fleshy mound, and brought my lips around, kissing her thighs, nibbling them gingerly, making her tingle with anticipation of what was awaiting her. I brought my hands down, reaching under her taut ass and grabbed firmly lifting her slightly, presenting her moist pussy for me to indulge in.

Her belly rose above me, and directly in front of my view, her lips, swollen with excitement ached to be touched and spread. I obliged her, kissing her pink lips, running my tongue between them. I could taste her sweet fluids all over her. I was able to push my tongue inside her several times, each time I wanted to taste her deeper, and I pushed harder. My faced pressed against her crotch; I almost lost control in my erotic pleasure. The taste, the smell, the feel of her supple lips pressing against my face, it was an animal hunger within me, a most primal urge to satisfy her. I was crazy with my lust for her, as I began to nibble her clit, using my tongue to apply quick, yet steady strokes across it. She bucked up with each pass, and with her enthusiasm, I buried my face deeper.

My right hand found its way to her slick passage, and I effortlessly slid two of my fingers inside her, pulling them upward, and brushing seferihisar escort her g-spot with the tips. I could feel the vaginal walls tightening around my fingers, more and more frequently, with the simultaneous stimulation of her clit with my tongue, and her g-spot with my fingers. It didn’t take long for her orgasm to start, her vagina quickly contracting several times around my fingers. She began bucking against my face harder, pressing her clit against me as I pressed into her. I felt some of her fluid shoot into my mouth, but I enjoyed it with great pleasure. As I slid my fingers from inside her, she pulled my hand to her face, and tasted herself on me.

Her smile told me that she was not finished with me, and she tugged encouragingly, signaling me to bring my face back level with hers. As my lips drew near her, she reached out and grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me into a passionate kiss, her lips instantly parting, and her tongue searching out her own flavor in my mouth. We shared the pleasure of this together, before she rolled me onto my back, lowering herself on top of my now completely solid cock.

I reached my hands for her belly, to hold her there, while she moved herself up and down my shaft. It was my turn to let out a pleasurable moan, her tight pussy, slick from her recent activity, stimulated every part of my cock, as it slid back my foreskin with each downward motion. It was exhilarating to have my wife atop me, knowing inside her she carried a symbol of our love together. My balls tightened a couple of times from the shear ecstasy of the moment.

Aria could tell that I was enjoying myself, but she definitely had other plans, and she rose off of me with a grace that one wouldn’t expect from a woman as far along in a pregnancy as she was. She moved to the end of the bed, lowering her lips to the tip of my partially covered dick, which was now glistening in the light from a combination of her juices, and my own pre-cum. Kissing it gently first, licking contently around my head and running her tongue under my foreskin, the intensity grew quickly, and soon she was hungrily devouring my meat. Looking down, I could see her breasts protruding from her chest and below them her belly, barely above the bed itself. Her mouth selçuk escort worked its magic on me; she took her time, enjoying every part of me, tickling my foreskin with her tongue, before running it under my head, brushing over my frenulum.

I looked up to see Sam standing in our doorway, looking at the two of us, very hungrily; she looked back into my eyes pleading for me to invite her. Aria soon noticed our visitor, and invited her to join us with a nod.

I positioned Aria, lying on her back, at the end of our bed. I put her in just the right position for me to penetrate her deeply. Sam moved near my wife’s face, and lowered her damp womanhood to her lips, pressing against Aria, as she was pleasured by our lovers experienced mouth. Feeling the level of excitement in the room, I wasted no time in placing my wife’s legs on my shoulders, and inserting myself deeply into her. I thrust inside her, each time thinking that I was going to let my seed loose inside her, and knowing that this was how I got her pregnant in the first place. There was a connection there that was extremely erotic.

Sam’s motions became slowly rhythmic, and I joined her pace. I could tell we were both close to unleashing ourselves. With each thrust inside area, I became more and more sensitive; I could feel my balls pulling tight against me, readying to loose my load inside her. I could feel Sam, and the orgasm she had just reached, and it pushed me over the edge, with a final hard push, my orgasm hit, creating wave after wave of fluid to shoot out of my dick inside her, covering her inside with my seed. I could feel the contractions in my body, each time pulling my sack even tighter, before releasing a new burst of my creamy fluid into her.

I came to rest atop Aria, with Sam now lying next to us, her craving for more, now soothed. I could feel my heart racing within my chest, and my wife’s pounding from her, and now from her face I could smell Sam’s scent mixing with the two of ours, and I kissed her. A deep long passionate kiss, and when I let go, I whispered in her ear.

“I love you, and I would not have my life any other way. My two women, pregnant with my children, with only me to take care of them.”

She brought her gaze into mine, and just looked deeply as if she could see into my soul, but said not a word to me.

“Are you happy my love, with this arrangement?” I questioned her.

A solitary tear shown below her eye, and she whispered back in reply “Yes lover, I am happy,” and she brought me closer for one last kiss, before we all fell asleep all contented with the nights exercises.

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