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Kerri dragged herself up the last flight of stairs to the door of her fifth floor walk-up. She fumbled for her keys, causing one of her grocery bags to crash to the floor.

“Fuck!” Of course the can of tomatoes would have landed on her toes.

Jamming her key into the lock, she jiggled the stubborn thing and finally got her door opened. She kicked the stray bag inside figuring she couldn’t do much more damage to the items inside.

The first thing she noticed as she used her hip to shut the door was the key to her neighbor’s apartment lying on the nightstand. She let out a disgusted sigh. She’d been planning to collapse in front of the TV and try to forget the hell of a day she’d had. She’d forgotten she had to feed Nick and Allen’s cat.

The two men were commercial photographers, and they’d been out of the country on a shoot. They were due back tomorrow. She considered putting her duties off, knowing she’d been giving Sasha, their grey Persian, extra treats all week, but she hated the thought of the little furball going hungry.

With an annoyed snort, she stuffed the milk and eggs into her crowded refrigerator and grabbed Nick and Allen’s key.


Kerri bent to pick up Sasha’s bowl and froze. Someone was in the apartment. She grabbed the phone off the kitchen counter and crouched behind the bar. She’d started to dial 911 when she heard a low chuckle that could only have come from Nick. Peeking out from behind the bar, she saw her two friends. They were in the living room, wrapped around each other in the midst of a hungry kiss. Kerri couldn’t take her eyes off them. She couldn’t even breathe.

Nick’s hands gripped the front on Allen’s shirt, snapping buttons as he ripped it open. Allen released his lover long enough for Nick to push the shirt from his shoulders. Lowering his dark head to Allen’s chest, he began making long strokes with his tongue. Allen groaned as Nick licked at his nipples, and his hands tore at Nick’s long dark hair, pulling it free from its tie.

Kerri’s nipples tightened to painful points and dampness coated the thin silk of her panties. She’d secretly fantasized about watching Nick and Allen together ever sense they’d moved in. She found them both wickedly sexy and the idea of their perfectly sculpted bodies rubbing against each other had filled her head many a night as she’d lain in bed with her vibrator. Now that she was seeing them for real, she couldn’t bring herself to walk away.

Nick continued laving attention on Allen’s chest as he worked the buttons of his own shirt and shrugged it off. Allen gasped when Nick’s teeth dug into the dense muscle above his nipple. Nick gave a throaty laugh and stood.

Kerri’s eyes remained glued to the men as Nick unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor. He wore nothing underneath, and his cock sprang free. Its thick, rigid length reached nearly to his navel. His hands cupped the side of Allen’s face. “Suck me.”

He pressed Allen down to his knees.

The sight of the Allen’s mouth engulfing Nick’s cock made Kerri moan. She brought her hand to her mouth to try and stifle the sound.

She watched the well-defined muscles of Allen’s back flex as his head moved back and forth on Nick’s shaft. One of Allen’s hands wrapped around the base of his lover’s shaft while his other hand cupped his balls, rolling them through his fingers. Kerri wanted to kneel behind him and lick his tanned skin.

Her clit was throbbing with need. Hoping not to make a sound, she slid down zipper on the side of her skirt. Her fingers snaked through the opening and under the waistband of her tights. She bit her lip to keep from gasping gaziantep bayan escort as her fingers slid against her soaking wet pussy. She sucked in her breath as she her fingers rubbed circles against her clit. Her eyes remained glued to Nick and Allen.

Nick fisted his hands in Allen’s short blond hair, holding his lover’s head still as he fucked his mouth, forcing Allen to swallow his entire length. Allen groaned and held onto Nick’s hips as they pumped against him.

Kerri looked up, wanting to see Nick’s face when he came. She gasped. He was staring at her. She jerked her hand out of her pants, scraping her fingers painfully. against the metal teeth of her zipper. Heat rose to her face. “I’m sorry. I-“

“Would you like to take his place?”

Kerri’s heart pounded. Had she heard him right?

Allen let Nick’s cock slip from his mouth and turned to look at her, a wicked smile on his face. “Please. Be my guest”

Kerri’s feet started walking toward them before her mind had worked up the nerve to go through with her fantasy. She stopped a few feet from them.

“Come on, Kerri. You know you want to fuck us. “Nick’s low, smooth voice pulled at something deep inside her. She nodded. Both men smiled at her.

“Strip for us.”

Kerri’s lungs constricted. She couldn’t breathe; she couldn’t think. But her body knew just what to do. She grasped the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up and over her head. She tossed it onto the floor and then reached behind herself to unhook her pink satin bra. When it had fallen to the floor as well, she summoned the courage to look up.

Nick licked his lips at he stared at her small high breasts. “Beautiful. Show us the rest of you.”

Allen moved behind her and brought his hands up to caress her breasts as she wiggled her hips, trying to get out of her skirt. “Mmmm. They feel as lovely as they look.”

Nick smiled. “I knew they would.”

Kerri’s heart pounded. Both men’s voices oozed sensuality. Her body was on fire, and in that moment, she knew she’d do anything they asked. She stepped out of her skirt as Allen’s hands slid down her sides and pushed her tights to her knees. “Oooh, our naughty little girl isn’t wearing any panties.”

Nick laughed. “I bet she loves feeling like a slut when she goes to her prim little office job.”

Heat rushed to Kerri’s cheeks and she knew they were bright red from both embarrassment and excitement. She lifted her feet one at a time, removing her high-heeled shoes and pulling her tights the rest of the way off. She gasped when Allen fingers delved between her pussy lips and slid inside her. Her knees buckled, and he pulled her back against his body.

She looked up to see Nick staring at her body. His eyes wide and his hand working his cock. “Is she ready for us?”

Allen slid his fingers from her ,and she groaned at the loss of pleasure. He held his hand out toward Nick. “Taste.”

Kerri sucked in her breath as she watched Nick suck his lover’s fingers, licking every drop of her cream from them. “Mmmm, delicious.” He smiled at her, looking wild and dangerous She wondered if she could survive sex with both of them or if the pleasure might just do her in.

He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. Then he sat on the couch behind him, spreading his legs invitingly. “Suck my cock, Kerri.”

Her clit tightened painfully as she sucked in her breath. She sank to her knees and crawled the last few feet to his lap. Then she reached for him, grasping the thick base of his cock and licking her lips.

“Don’t make me wait.” His voice was strained with need.

She smiled as she reached for him with her tongue, giving him a long swipe along the underside of his shaft. He gasped. The knowledge that he wanted her so desperately gave her courage. She took his head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. He groaned and she sucked him deeper, loving the warm, spicy taste of him on her tongue and the way he thoroughly filled her mouth.

Allen’s hands grasped her hips, pulling them back. She supported herself on her elbows on the edge of the sofa as she let Allen walk her knees back. Shamelessly, she tilted her hips up, silently begging him to give her pussy some more attention. When she felt his cock press against her wetness, she groaned.

Allen thrust hard, seating himself completely. She cried out and Nick’s cock slipped from her mouth.

Nick gripped her head and slipped himself back between her lips. He held her still as he had Allen. Nick fucked her mouth as Allen shafted her pussy. Over and over again, the two men filled her with their cocks. She felt her orgasm gathering deep inside her. Then Allen reached around and touched her clit, squeezing it between his fingers.

Hot starbursts of pleasure exploded in her body. Her climax was so intense she couldn’t control the wild thrusting of her hips. Allen held himself deep inside her, letting her body spasm around him. But Nick kept fucking her, his cock surging into her mouth. She whimpered around him as her orgasm faded.

“Are you going to let her taste your come?” Allen’s hot words brought heat racing right back to Kerri’s pussy. She groaned.

“No, I’m going to save it for you.” Nick released her then. And despite her body’s intense explosion, she couldn’t help being disappointed. She wanted more.

Allen slapped her ass as he pulled out. “On your back. On the bed. Now.” Her breath caught, and she turned to face him.

His lips curled up. “We’re not done with you yet.”

Nick chuckled as he stood. “I’m not sure if our friend can walk so soon after that climax.” He bent and scooped Kerri into his arms. A surprised yelp escaped her, but she relaxed against him as he carried her to the bed. His hard body felt so good.

He laid her on the mattress on her back. Allen had followed them, and he wasted no time in crawling up on the bed and positioning himself between Kerri’s thighs. He pushed her legs until they doubled on her stomach. She gasped as he filled her once again. Then he leaned forward and took her lips in a fierce, hungry kiss.

She heard Nick opening a drawer and then felt the mattress dip as he climbed on the bed to join them.

Allen’s lips left hers to trail down her neck and across her chest. When he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, she jerked, arching up off the bed. He sucked hard, and a line of fire raced from her breast to her clit.

She glanced up at Nick and became mesmerized by the sight of him fisting his cock in his hand as he applied a thick coating of lube. Dear God, was he really going to fuck Allen while Allen was inside her?

Nick gave her a feral smile just as Allen bit down on her nipple. She sucked in a breath, and her hips slammed up. Allen growled and ground himself against her.

“Lift her hips so I can fuck you both,” Nick ordered.

Kerri lifted her hips, rubbing herself from side to side, trying to get the contact her clit craved. Allen grabbed a pillow and slid it under her hips, lifting her to an angle where he could sink even deeper.

She watched as Nick wrapped one arm around Allen’s waist. He used his other hand to position his cock. “I hope you’re ready.”

Kerri watched Nick flex his hips and thrust hard. Allen gasped and fell against her, his balls slapping against her wet lips. Kerri whimpered as Allen ground himself against her while he fought to adjust to the sensation of Nick’s cock in his ass.

She glanced up at Allen. His eyes were closed, and his mouth hung open. His breaths came in pants. Nick’s cock was huge. She could only imagine how much it would hurt driving into her ass.

She glanced back at Nick. His lips curled up. “Your ass is next.”

Dear God, had her read her mind? Her heart hammered in her chest, but hot writhing lust curled through her at the thought of Nick taking her as he was doing Allen now.

Then Nick grasped Allen’s hips, and began pulling him back and forth, using him as a conduit to fuck Kerri. She lost the ability to think. Her whole world narrowed to the sensations building in her cunt.

Allen pushed her wrists down to the bed, holding her and grinding against her as he fought to hold himself deep while Nick tried to pull him back. Nick growled low in his chest and began thrusting himself into his lover, harder and faster each time.

Allen was being slammed against Kerri. Her hips rose, bucking and rotating, desperate to take Allen’s cock as deep as she could. She’d never felt so out of control in her life. She wanted both men to come, wanted to see them lose control as they fucked her.

Nick leaned over Allen’s back, pressing his lover down against Kerri’s chest. Allen writhed, fighting to move, but trapped between Nick and Kerri. The side to side rotation of his hips caused his cock to rub over the special spot inside Kerri that could send her flying. She gasped, trying to hold back, afraid of the intensity of sensation inside her.

“Come for us, Kerri.”‘ Nick’s low voice was filed with command. He pulled himself out and then thrust deep into Allen. That last deep stroke and the wild look on Nick’s face was all Kerri needed to go over. She cried out as spasm after spasm wracked her body.

Nick grabbed hold of Allen’s hair, jerking his head back. “Take my come,” he growled as his body flexed in a series of short thrusts. Then he tensed and held still.

His orgasm sent Allen over. He held Kerri’s still pumping hips tight to the pillow beneath her as hot jets of come spurted deep inside her.

When the three of them could draw breath again, Nick rolled to his back on one side of Kerri. Then Allen slowly eased out of her and collapsed on her other side.

“Jesus, that was good.” Allen’s voice caught as he tried to slow his breathing.

Nick laughed and the sound seemed to travel all along Kerri’s over-sensitized body. “Definitely worth the wait.”

Kerri turned to look at him. Suspicion curling in her belly. “What do you mean?”

“We’ve been wanting to fuck you since the day we met you. Or haven’t you noticed?”

Heat flooded Kerri’s cheeks. “This was a set up, wasn’t it? You knew you’d be home tonight.”

Nick smiled. “And we knew you’d slick and hot and ready for us if you got a chance to see us in action.”

“But that’s not fair. I-“

Allen curled himself around her from behind. “What’s not fair about it? We all got what we’d been wanting.”

She looked over her shoulder at him. “But why didn’t you say something before now?”

He laughed. “We tried. Numerous times. You just didn’t take the hint.”

Kerri remembered all the times she’d thought they were flirting with her but had dismissed it as the product of her own lascivious imagination.

Nick’s stroked her stomach and slid his hand between her legs. She gasped when he touched her well-used pussy. “It hardly matters how we finally came to this. All that matters now is that you realize we’re not finished with you yet.”

Kerri smiled, her embarrassment forgotten. “I’m all yours.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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