Fun Day at the Beach

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Jim and Pam were at a house party at their new neighbors, Bill and Jane. Jane and Pam worked together at a local restaurant and were good friends.

The four of them got together once in a while for dinner or a trip to the beach. All were in their late twenties, Jim and Bill were both dark haired, six ft, well built.

Jane and Pam, often mistaken for sisters, both blond, hazel eyes, 5 ft\6, shapely bodies. The main difference was Pam’s hair was longer and her tits were small. Jane had very large tits and enjoyed showing them off by wearing low cut bras, or none most of the time.

The other main difference between the two girls was Jane liked to get fucked at least once a month by someone other than Bill. She had several different men that she fucked with on a steady basis and usually told Pam about what they did, describing every detail to her. Telling her how good one was at eating pussy, or the size of another’s cock. How each of her lovers was different but good and how much she liked the variety. No body else knew of her indiscretions, not even Bill but she thought he suspected.

Pam confessed that she had been a virgin when she met Jim and he got her cherry just a week before they got married. They fucked steady and did all types of things with each other but she often wondered what it would be like getting some strange cock.

Pam got a thrill from hearing Jane describe her activities with the different men and was envious and often wished she was brave enough to watch or join in some of that type of sexual fun.

The only thing she ever did was let Jim use a dildo on her once in a while and they would pretend it was another man in bed with them.

She was too chicken to do it for real, though the idea was an exciting turn on for them both and Jim had often mentioned getting another guy in bed with them. He said that he would love to watch her getting fucked by another man.

Jim was always reading sex books and she enjoyed some of the stories about threesomes and swinging. Pam often pretended that they were involved with a group, it sounded like fun to fuck with others. Or to be loved by two men at the same time. Someday she would like to try it. The idea got her pussy hot and she usually had to masturbate to satisfy herself.

Jane said that she thought Bill was also getting some different pussy once in a while but they didn’t talk about it, pretending to be true to each other. They had also talked about swinging a few times, fucking with others openly but didn’t know who to ask. The sexy talk always made both very horny and they had the best fucking then.

Jane told Pam that she could borrow Bill for an evening if she wanted but only if she could have Jim in exchange. Bill had often said that he thought she was sexy and would like to fuck her. Maybe if they set up a switch sometime with the guys, it would be fun for all of them.

Pam wasn’t sure if she could do it or not, but would think it over. The idea excited her and she said she would like to try swapping some time, she finally told Jane okay. Lets set things up.

That weekend they all went to the beach for the day. The girls packed a lunch and they found a quiet spot to spend the day. The nearest people were two couples about fifty yards away. Changing in their cars they met at the waters edge.

Both girls were wearing bikini suits that covered very little. They had just bought them together yesterday to tease the men with and get them excited. Just a small patch over the nipples, Pam’s suit covered more on the bottom, only a few hairs showed.

Jane’s barely covered the lips of her shaved pussy and was only a string up the crack of her ass showing off her lovely body.

Both men got hard looking at each others wives and the girls laughed at the bulges in their suits and told them to behave until they got home.

In the water they splashed around together for a while then Jim started to play with Pam’s pussy, pulling her suit aside and fingering her underwater while she held tight to his cock. They played like that for a while, teasing and getting each other hot. Jim asked Bayan Escort Gaziantep his wife if she would like to take hold of Bills cock and compare it with his.

“NO”, she said. But he could tell that the idea excited her by the way she gripped his cock harder while jacking him.

“Would you like to fuck him? You know we have talked about it, I would like to see you get fucked by him. We talked about swapping, now is your chance to try it. Want to?”

Just then Jane removed her top, fully exposing her nice tits saying, “I don’t want tan lines, hope nobody minds?”

“I don’t care if Bill doesn’t. Jim said. “Let’s all strip.” And pulled off his trunks. Jim then pulled down Pam’s top and turned her to face Bill while holding her arms tight to stop her from getting away.

She tried to get loose but he held her up to expose her bare tits to Bill and Jane.

Jim told Bill to help himself to her titties. “Grab a handful if you want.”

Jane took hold of Bill’s hand and placed it on Pam’s left tit while she squeezed his hard cock. She told him. “It’s ok hon, you can play with her titties, would you like to fuck her? Jim might let you fuck her if you let him fuck me.”

Bill reached both hands gratefully to grasp Pam’s tits and started to lightly caress them.

Pam struggled and tried to get away but Jim was holding her firm and was telling her to relax and enjoy it, have some fun. She was scared but was getting excited. Bill’s hands felt so very good on her tits. If this was what Jim wanted, okay. She wanted it too. She would go for it. Pam reached and took hold of Bill’s prick, it was the first cock other than her husbands that she ever touched. It felt the same as Jim’s in her hand and she wondered if it would feel the same inside her hot, wet pussy. She was ready and willing to find out.

Meanwhile Jane and Jim wasted no time in removing the rest of her suit. Now naked they started to play with each other in the water. Jim rubbed his hand over Jane’s bare pussy, parting the lips he thrust his fingers into her cunt.

Jim had often thought about fucking Jane and he really wanted to watch Pam get fucked. He was now about to get both of his wishes.

They were standing waist deep in the water and Pam straddled Bill, allowing his stiff rod to enter her hot cunt. If this was what Jim had been wanting for a long time, for her to be fucked while he watched. Now he was finally getting his wish. She hoped he was going to enjoy it, as much as she was.

Bill’s cock fit nice and snug in her pussy. It felt so good to be fucked. Especially by a different man, why hadn’t they done this a lot sooner. She shut her eyes and fucked back to this stiff cock that was invading her pussy so beautifully.

Jim and Jane watched as their spouses started to fuck, both of them were enjoying the sight but just watching wasn’t enough. They both wanted to fuck. Jane wrapped her legs around Jim, took hold of his prick and guided it to the hot slit between her legs. They started to fuck.

Jane loved to screw but this was the first time she had been fucked while her husband was fucking someone else and they could see each other. It excited her to know that Bill could watch while she got Jim’s cock in her. This could be addictive. Much more fun than fucking around on the sly.

The four of them fucked side by side in the water, all loving the sensations of group sex for the first time. All enjoying watching their spouses fuck.

Pam was really turned on, getting fucked by Bill, knowing Jim was close by and watching only added to her pleasure. Bill’s cock felt the same but he used it different. He fucked slower giving a little twist on the way in. It was nice.

Jim was the first to come, he was so excited from seeing Bill fucking his wife that he lost control too soon and shot a load of cum deep in Jane’s pussy.

She told him not to worry, they would make up for it later.

They moved close to Pam and Bill, playing with them while they were fucking. Jim kissed Pam and whispered that he loved her in her ear. He caressed his wife’s tits while his buddies stiff cock used her cunt for the first time.

The added thrill of them being there started Pam to climax, she moaned and gripped her legs tighter around Bill milking his cock with her pussy drawing his cum into herself. Finishing her first fuck with a man other than Jim, but not her last, she hoped.

Relaxing, Pam let Bill’s cock slip from her cunt and turned to Jim and asked. “Did you like watching while I got fucked? Was it as good as you expected?”

“Oh, yes hon. I liked seeing you with him, now I want you. NOW!”

They left the water naked and went to their blankets on the sand to continue the fun.

Jim’s cock stiffened as he eagerly inserted it into her wet freshly fucked pussy. She was full of Bill’s cum and he slipped in easy. One of his favorite fantasies had just come true, and he had also fucked Jane. Fantastic. He wondered how soon they would do more?

As Pam and Jim started to fuck, Jane went to her knees and started to suck hungrily on Bill’s prick.

Standing there with his cock in Jane’s mouth, Bill could see that the two couples down the beach were watching so he waved to them and they waved back. He waved again and motioned for them to come closer. As Jane continued to suck his prick he watched as they came over close to them.

They stopped about six feet away and were watching as Pam and Jim twisted around and started to 69.

The two girls knelt to watch Jim’s cock fuck in and out of Pam’s mouth while the two guys stood near Jane, took out their cocks and started to jack off.

Bill’s cum shot into Jane’s mouth, she sucked him dry. Opening her eyes she saw two hard cocks aimed at her face. Not knowing or caring where they came from she wrapped a hand around each and guided one to her willing mouth. Sucking first one then the other, she soon had them both starting to come at the same time. Holding both to her open lips she let their cum flow over her tongue as she swallowed it. Savoring the different tastes.

The two girls stripped to join with Pam and Jim, one sat over Pam’s face and settled her pussy to her mouth. It was the very first time Pam ever tasted pussy, not bad. She eagerly licked the wet cunt of this new girl.

The other girl rolled Jim over on his back and started to suck his prick. She sucked it deep down her throat then twisting her tongue around and around gave him one of the best blow jobs he ever had. When he started to come she sucked out and swallowed every drop of his cum.

After every one was sexually satisfied they introduced themselves to each other.

The newcomers were John and Shirley, Sam and Sherri. Two friends with their sisters, the boys were 19 and the girls 18. Their folks thought it was cute that they were all friends and thought it was safe for them to all run around together. What their parents didn’t know was both boys had been screwing with their own sisters for a couple years and started swapping for the last few months after going on a double date and finding out that they all liked to fuck.

After exchanging phone numbers and inviting the kids to come over any time to party, they all packed up to go home. Bill said that Pam could ride with him and Jane agreed only if they all rode home naked. Everyone said YES.

Riding nude in Bill’s car Pam stayed low so nobody could see her. She held on to his cock while he played with her tits.

In the other car, Jane sat up and flashed her tits to all the men she saw. She had horns honking and guys waving to her all the way home.

Jim pulled the car into the car port leaving room for Bill to park behind him. They quickly left the cars still naked and went through the gate into the back yard which had a high fence which gave them privacy for their pool.

They all jumped in the pool to wash off the salt and sand from the beach then laid on the grass to dry.

Jim was the first to ask if anyone had regrets about what had happened and if they wanted to continue enjoying sex together?

They all agreed that it was great and would like to keep it up. Pam suggested finding another couple or two to join with them, that way they could have more variety in their fucking. She had really liked sucking all those cocks at the beach and wanted to do more.

As she said this she reached for Jim’s prick and started to give him a blowjob.

Bill crawled between her legs to suck her pussy while Jane went down on him and twisted around so Jim could eat her. All connected they enjoyed some fantastic oral sex.

What they didn’t know was that they were being watched by the next door neighbor, Alice. She had been looking out her window and had seen them go naked from the cars to the back yard.

Knowing that she shouldn’t but curious about what was going on, she went to the fence and peeked through the gate that connected their yards. Totally shocked by what she saw, she watched as they sucked each other, then they rolled apart and Jim started to fuck Jane as Bill stuck his cock into Pam.

Watching them fucking side by side made her hot for some cock too. She was so hot that she started to play with herself, her finger felt good but a cock would feel better. She went to find her husband.

Jack was watching a ball game on TV. When she told him what was happening next door he went to see for himself. Not quite sure she was seeing right, but hoping for the best.

As they watched Jim and Bill switched and started to fuck their own wives, after a few minutes they switched again, then again. Finally depositing their cum deep in the others wife.

Jack’s cock got so hard watching he had to do something with it. Yanking down his pants he reached for Alice, stripped her quickly and pulled her to the ground, spread her legs and started to fuck her. Neither one of them needed any foreplay, they were both hot and ready to fuck.

Alice was wet and ready for a hard prick and Jack easily slid into her. They both fucked fast and furious till he shot his load and she screamed in climax.

Alice was groaning in delight at one of the best fucks she has had in months and continued to thrust her pussy up to Jack’s hard cock.

The foursome heard the noise from next door and went to check. The gate was open so they gathered around and watched as Jack and Alice finished, then cheered for an encore.

Embarrassed, Alice jumped up and ran naked to her house, Jim followed after her and caught up with her in the living room. He pulled her to the couch and kissed her while running his hand up her leg to play with her wet pussy.

Frightened, but still hot from her recent fucking Alice opened up to allow him to finger her cunt, then spread wide to get fucked again.

“Please make it quick before Jack catches us.” She begged. He had been wanting to fuck Alice since they first moved here, he was going to enjoy this and take his time.

Meanwhile Pam and Jane were working on Jack, Pam was sucking his cock as Jane sat on his face covering his mouth with her cunt. He had no objections to this and responded by lapping Jane and playing with her tits.

Bill went in search of Jim. Finding them fucking on the couch, he watched as Jim finished then took his place to give Alice her third fuck of the afternoon. She was sloppy wet with two loads of cum already there and he slid easily in.

Alice opened her eyes, startled at this new invasion. Seeing Bill she wondered where Jack was, hoping he wouldn’t catch them before she came a few more times. This was the most fucking fun she had ever had, she wanted more. Wrapping her legs around Bill she fucked him with all her might. Fuck, this was great. Pushing back with each thrust of his cock, trying to get it deeper. His cock filled her pussy, pounding her to another climax. “Fuck me.” She cried. “Again”

After getting a load of cum from Bill and having two climaxes she decided enough for now, her pussy needed a rest. Going to the bath room to clean up she could see Jack and the girls through the window, Jack was fucking one of them doggie style while she was eating the other.

Returning still naked to Bill and Jim she told them what she saw so they all went back out to the yard to continue the games they liked best. Fucking

And now they were six. Any more out there?

If you liked this story let me know. I love feedback. Ron

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