FWB Evening

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After a nice evening of shucking oysters outside and drinking bubbly, it’s getting coolish so they move inside. They have been friends and playmates long enough to both know it’s play time. They know each other’s limits and trust is there.

It does not take long once inside before they are into each other, hard kiss, exploring hands… her sweater quickly gone, both fully in the moment.

He guides her to his room, hands teasing her breasts, pinching her nipples, grabbing her ass, always keeping her eyes on his. His kiss is demanding, his body controlling hers, erection hard… she’s aroused too.

He pins her back to the main mast post adjacent to his bed, standing, pressing his body into hers…, strong, tall, dominant… and kisses her mind away.

With a wicked smile on his face, eyes too mischievous for her liking, he rises her hands above her head… and secures her wrists in her own black leather cuffs, clipping them to the hook on the post. She laughs in disbelief. Sneaky man! Must have grab them from her pack and hooked them up during dinner. No wonder he kept her facing him when they got in his room. Oh she’ll get him back soon enough…

But for now, she loves it. That’s what benefits with a trusted friend is all about. Sometimes just talk and drinks, sometimes unrestricted fun sex added.

He stands there, doing nothing, smiling at her disbelief and her overt enjoyment. She looks around and see condom, butterfly bullet and wevibe on his bed. Really! Is nothing personal in her bag anymore? Bastard! Good thing that’s all she had in her bag.

She laughs then smiles at him, anticipation growing in her.

He approaches, bare chest, bare feet, jeans on, and she shivers of pleasure at his sight. With her arms now restrained, she is at his mercy. He runs his hands on her body, taking his time, teasing and appreciating. He cups her jaw and bends to kiss her, nothing sweet about this kiss, raw desire and total control. He is a Dom after all. His body, hands, lips, eyes, erection, all say one thing: She is his to play and please, whichever ways he wants. Waves of pleasure and release runs through her at the knowledge, she slowly drifts into submission. A rare blessing in her busy life, she’s glad of her choice, she does not let go easily.

He removes her skirt, leaving her thong and bra on and spreads her legs. Reaching under the bed spread he pulls out a black leather crop. Hers? Really? How did he get it here? She does not care, the realization of what şişli travesti he plans to do hits her and she flushes from head to toes, eagerness pulsating in her body.

He drags the crop on her, gently sensitizing her skin, adding soft slaps here and there, increasing her apprehension.

He expertly takes her bra off one handed, teasing her nipples into hard points, increasing her arousal. He lets go of her breast and increases the force of the blows on her body, still mild, keeping in time with the beat of the music playing, up and down her thighs, front, back, each pass a little closer to her crotch. He moves to her chest, gentler here, tapping around each breast, making her anticipation grow.

Time to step it a little. He grabs the butterfly from the bed and kisses her. Rubbing her sensitized skin makes her tremble under his hands, she is still with him and very relaxed. He turns the vib on, smiling, and slides it in her thong, right on top of her clit. Mmmm…

She involuntarily crosses her legs, but not for long, one dark look and a little semi-amused shake of his head and she opens her legs again.

He steps back, looking at her. Flushed skin, eyes still focused, excitement obvious. She’s ok. Good to go.

He massages her breasts, bends to suck on her nipples, sending current directly to her core and slaps her ass a little harder. She tenses and immediately relaxes into it. He continues his work on her with the crop, watching her reaction as he increases the force of the blows. She is leaning into each one, so he continues, climbing toward her pussy, closer and closer. He lets the next blow fall, the one that was going to hit her straight on her female parts, and instead reaches between her legs with his hand. He kisses her and slides one, then two fingers into her, she presses into him, wanton. He increases the speed of the bullet. With his fingers back in her, rubbing the internal ridges that makes her melt, his mouth moves to her breasts, wetting her nipples. The last few blows have made her slid out of her brain, she does not react at the consequences of having wet nipples. He smiles, steps back once more and runs the crop on her swollen breasts. Side, under, other side, top… until she moans loudly. Just what he was waiting for… he slaps right on her wet erected nipple. Her body tenses as her breath catches, and then she glows, relaxing as the pain transformed into comforting heat. He does the same to the other bakırköy travesti breast, back and forth, making her climb higher and sink further, giving her only the pain she can takes and obvious pleasure.

He pauses, checking she is ok, makes her open her eyes. Pupils dilated but able to focus on him, breathing regular if a little fast, lips swollen, skin flushed, time to finish her.

He returns to her legs with the crop, higher this time, hitting her pussy directly from under, her clit from the sides, making the butterfly move. Again and again, up and down to her pussy, side to side of her clit, rythmatically. She leans into each blow, she is close. He removes the bullet and continues his pattern, faster this time, concentrating on her pussy. He feels her tense and without a pause hits directly on her clit. Making her yell out loud and cum. He drops the crop and rub her clit, hard, making her orgasm last.

She collapses in his arms, needing support to stay up. With one arm holding her, he unhooked her cuffs from the post and half guides half carries her to the bed, laying her on her back. She is still breathing hard, her brain in endorphins heaven, having receives the double hit of endorphins from pain and pleasure. Not that she really separated them.

He puts her hands on the headboard, wrists still in cuffs but free, and orders her to keep them there. Her ass is resting on his leg pillow, slightly tilting her, perfect angle for his access to all of her. He runs his hands on her, appreciating the marks he put there, removes her thong and reaches between her legs, opening her. Hmmm… slickly wet, no need for lube. He plays with her pussy, appreciating having her open to him, her clit is still sensitive and she wiggles when he touches it.

He turns the wevibe on low and slides it in her gently. She clenches around it. He’s never tried it, he can’t wait to experience the feel of it. Soon…

He licks her nipples, still hard from her orgasm, bites a little, enjoying himself and her reaction. He can see her hands twitching, but he knows she won’t move them. Eyes glazed, head in the cloud, right now he knows her need to please and obey is stronger than her urge to touch him. He appreciates and respects her surrender, he could do about anything to her right now, but would not even think about breaking her trust by crossing her limits. She would cut the benefits part of their friendship right off, probably the friendship istanbul travestileri too. That’s just who she is.

Her hips are moving into him, wanting him inside her. He removes his jeans, freeing his manhood. Is been hard for too long… She looks at him smiling appreciatively while he covers himself. She is coming down a bit, aware of her surroundings, but it’s windy outside, the boat’s gentle rocking adds to her feeling of floating, of nowhereness, keeps her in her happy place.

His erection is pulling at him, almost to the point of pain. He bends back on her, kissing, touching, appreciating her body. He slides his fingers into her, she’s swollen from her orgasm, tight. He increases the speed of the wevibe and slides into her, slowly.

Fuck, he can feel the vibes on his cock, throbbing. It almost brings him to the edge right there. She is feeling it too, her pussy clenching around him. He kisses her and starts pumping, hard, in need of release. Her hips are pushing up at him with every trust, her body wanting all of him, deep. Her hands are gripping the headboard hard. He grabs both in his, supporting himself while pinning her down. Her legs are wrapped around him, the vibrations between them adding to their pleasure.

He lets go of her hands and nod yes, giving her permission to use them. Liberated, she grabs his shoulders, his back. Both move faster, harder, rising higher with their hands touching every parts they can reach. Her moaning is loud, close to a yell, her pussy contracting with each hard fast trust. It’s sends him over the edge. His cock hardens and jerks, releasing in her as they continue to thrust into each other. The jerk of his cock sends her over the edge too and she cums again, contracting around him, milking him. The wevibe making their orgasm last.

He collapses on her, removes the vibe, and just lay there, inside her, softening slowly. When he pulls out she moan at the lost, not entirely conscious of what is happening.

He rolls on his back and brings her to his side. He holds her tight, kisses the top of her head, reassuring her by his presence, needing hers for his own. She went into subspace, a bit deeper than he thought he would take her. He is not surprised though, she has the ability to float away fast and deep when she lets go, a testimony of her trust in him. Better keep her here for the night, safer, for both of them.

They can say goodbye in the morning, does not really matter. Sometimes it’s an early departure with a thank you and good night, other times it’s a morning goodbye after a night sharing a bed. He likes both and tonight she is in no shape to be left alone. So he lets her come back to reality safely tucked in his arms, enjoying her warmth and delecting in the moment. It might end at some point soon, so might as well enjoy it while it last.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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