Game of Love Ch. 08

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Game of Love Ch. 08

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Hello guys and welcome to the 8th chapter of this lovely series. I love you guys a lot and I thank you for the support and love you’ve shown me. Thank you so much for your comments and rates. It shows that you guys really love this story a lot. I appreciate that. Get hooked with me and let’s make it even more interesting.

Don’t forget to drop your comments and rate this chapter. I am definitely looking forward to your comments, whether negative or positive because they inspire me a lot. I love you once again.

Game of love, feel the passion….


‘That boy you had hurt, the boy you had used and dumped like a whore. That boy died five years ago.’

Sergio was walking slowly inside his house with his mind elsewhere, reliving the torturous experience he’d just had with Eric. He had expected things to be bad but it had hurt more than he’d anticipated. Eric’s words had stabbed him right in the heart.

Sergio was looking like a man who had just escaped death. His eyes were red and he still had tears in them. After Eric had left, he’d remained in that room just standing there for a really long timer. It could have been hours or even minutes but all he knew was that it was really long.

He hadn’t even done a single thing he’d gone to do there and there were a lot of calls that he’d missed from Steve, the person he’d gone to meet there. They were supposed to organize a meeting with the owner of Lifestyle magazine company but now he couldn’t even hold the meeting.

“Sergio!” Adrianna came rushing to him when she saw him. “What’s going on? Are you okay?”

Sergio nodded slowly. “Yes, Adrianna, I…”

“Don’t lie to me.” Adrianna warned, holding his arm. “You don’t look so good. You look like you’re about to cry. What’s up with that?”

Sergio sighed. “I had an encounter with Eric today, Adrianna. Just a few hours ago. And it looks like I had hurt him beyond how I had imagined it. You should have seen, Adrianna, he was so pissed. He… he wouldn’t even let me touch him.”

“Hey, calm down, Sergio.” Adrianna rubbed on his back. “Please, don’t break down. I told you that this wasn’t going to be easy from the beginning. Of course, he wasn’t going to welcome you with open arms, was he? What you had done to him was terrible.”

Sergio sniveled. “I know, Adrianna. But with what I heard from him today, I have lost all hope of him ever forgiving me. He said that the Eric from five years ago is dead. He’s never coming back. Maybe, I just have to accept that this is all over and move on with life.”

“Are you crazy?” She hit him a bit hard on the chest, making him wince a bit. “Do you love this boy?”


“Then why do you wanna give up on him so easily?” Adrianna asked with a frown. “What I know if you love someone, no matter how much they try to push you away, you’ll never give up. Trust me, Eric will soon realize how much you’re sorry and he’ll forgive you.”


“What are the two of you talking about?” A voice came from behind them.

Sergio quickly rubbed his tears and turned to find his mother staring at the two of them with a suspicious look. She had her arms folded and she started walking closer to them. Adrianna chuckled nervously, holding her brother’s hand tightly.

“Nothing, mom!” She lied. “It’s just the same old talk.”

“Really?” Kin raised an eyebrow. “I heard something about love and…”

“Yeah, well, he was talking about Trev and his wedding gift and so I was just giving him a few suggestions.”

“Oh!” Kim smiled. “That’s really wonderful. And it’s actually nice that I have found you two here. Why don’t you two go and get dressed quickly? You will find outside waiting for you.”

“What?” Adrianna gasped. “Why? Where are we going?”

“We’re meeting up with Giada and Eric.” She said with a smile. “They’ve set up a meeting with the wedding designer so we need to be there.”

Sergio felt like someone had just dropped a stone on his head.

“But mom, I am not feeling well. That’s why I came back early today. Do you think you can…”

“No, Sergio.” Kim shook her head. “This is your wedding we’re talking about. You were supposed to meet with the designer yesterday with Trevor but you didn’t. There’s no way you’re escaping this one today. If you have a headache, then take a pain killer. The meeting won’t take too long.”

Sergio groaned angrily, clenching his fists. His mother was sometimes really impossible and he hated it when she forced him to do things that he didn’t wanna do.

“But mom, Sergio just said he isn’t feeling too well.” Adrianna had to come to the rescue of her brother. “I mean, is this meeting more important than his life. I am sure that…”

“Adrianna, please, shut the hell up!” Kim snapped. “I didn’t ask for your opinion on this one. Why won’t you support him when all of us know how much you hate Trevor? Please, shut up,”

Adrianna chuckled bitterly. “You know, sometimes I wonder which of us is your kids, Silivri Escort mom because whenever it comes to Trevor, you don’t show any concern for me. Why am I bothering even coming to this meeting when all of us know that I am not even needed?”

“Well, you’re a member of this family and…”

“But I don’t wanna go there.” Adrianna’s voice rose. “It’s not like my presence there will even matter and…”

“Adrianna, that’s enough!” Sergio sighed, feeling a little angry. “Arguing like this won’t take us anyway. Let’s just go and get changed and then get over with this.”

Kim smiled, walking to her son. “I am so sorry, sweetie.” She caressed his cheek. “I know that you’re pretty tired after work but I promise, it won’t take long. Do this for me.”

Sergio nodded, smiled sheepishly and started heading upstairs together with Adrianna. They were both not happy with what had just happened but Sergio couldn’t show it because he didn’t want to disappoint his mother.


Giada and her son were seated on a big table together with Sergio and his family. They were all happy, laughing and talking like a big happy family. They were all dressed to kill, enjoying snacks with apple juice. But although everyone seemed really happy, Sergio was awfully quiet because he was still thinking about Eric and his encounter that morning.

Trevor had his arm coiled with him, leaning on his shoulder from time to time which Sergio hated. The woman they were waiting for had not yet arrived and so they decided to talk about just the wedding and life after the wedding.

They were really happy. Giada was still talking when she took a glance towards the entrance and a smile popped up on her face. Her heart started racing and she felt really excited. She quickly got up, waved her hand and smiled even brighter when the person she was looking at saw her and waved back.

He started coming towards her and when he was closer enough, Giada rushed to him and pecked him, coiling his hand with his.

“What a surprise, David.” She giggled. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here but now I am glad I am.”

“Well, thanks, Giada but I didn’t expect to see you here too.”

“What can we say when fate keeps making our paths to cross? We can’t fight with destiny, you know.” She laughed, leading him towards the table where everyone was seating.

He greeted everyone and they were all so happy to see him.

“Why don’t you join us, David?” Giada asked.

“Oh no,” David shook his head. “I wouldn’t wanna…”

“Not at all, Mr. Smith!” Kim said happily. “We wouldn’t mind having a man of your charisma with us. You’re welcome.”

“Kim is right.” Giada nodded, chuckling nervously. “We are here to meet with the wedding designer and we could really use the opinion of the fashion god himself. And besides, Mr. Smith, you and I still have some unfinished business, remember?”

“I know, Mrs. Sandoval, but I wouldn’t wanna impose and besides, I am here meeting someone very important for a meal.”

“That’s not a problem.” Giada nodded, gesturing to a chair. “She can join us too.”

David shrugged, taking a sigh. “If you insist.”

He sat on the chairs closer to Giada and she was acting just like a bitch, touching him and acting like he was her boyfriend or something. She even ordered something for him. That was her moment to show him that she cared for him, his company and his wellbeing.

“Well, I just wanted to say that that was some fashion show I witnessed the other night, Mr. Smith.” Kim commented. “I never had a chance to appreciate you for your invitation.”

“It’s nothing, Mrs. Alvarado. Having a powerful business woman like you at my party the other night was really an honor.” He chuckled, glancing at the couple that sat there smiling. “And I never got the chance to congratulate the two of you on your engagement.”

“Thank you so much, sir.” Trevor chuckled, clinging to his boyfriend’s arm like a magnet. “It is an honor having you here with us and of course, it would be a great honor if you could attend our wedding.”

“Not a problem.” He gestured. “I’ll definitely be there.”

Giada chuckled nervously. “Aren’t they adorable? Anyway, Mr. Smith I was thinking that maybe right we could talk about my proposal and…”

“Excuse me!” David said as he quickly got up from his chair and started waving towards the entrance with a smile.

Giada chuckled happily, looking towards the direction Mr. Smith was waving and when she saw him, the smile on her face faded. Her heart pounded and she felt like she was gonna throw up. She was looking like she was frozen and deep down, she could feel the anger rising inside of her.

Sergio on the other hand felt his heart sink into his stomach and he gulped, feeling himself get tense. He got so nervous that adrenaline started preying on his very being. Eric, sweet gorgeous Eric was coming towards their table and God, he looked so damn sexy. He still had the same hair he’d seen him with that morning but he’d changed his clothes.

He was now wearing a beautiful Silivri Escort Bayan black tight designer’s shirt that was halfway buttoned up and tucked in a black tight skinny jean that showed off his curves. Shit, Sergio couldn’t keep his lecherous eyes off of him, not even for a second. But he still didn’t forget their first encounter after five years.

Trev on the other hand felt a surge of jealous when he saw the way Sergio was staring at him. He clenched his fists, feeling like a vessel of anger. Fuck, what he could do to just kill the idiot. He was sure that he’d come there to just seduce his boyfriend but he wasn’t gonna allow that.

Eric on the other hand was shocked and really angry but he decided to play it cool. He went to Mr. Smith and hugged him tightly before the both of them just held each other lovingly. Sergio felt jealous and he dropped his eyes to the table, acting like he was stirring his juice.

“Oh, David, you didn’t tell we were gonna be having guests.” Eric asked, trying his best to avoid looking at Sergio.

“So sorry, my darling. Actually, they’re the ones that invited.” He said. “They said they wouldn’t mind having us here. Please, take a seat.”

Eric glanced at everyone at the table and gracefully took his seat there. He felt so surrounded by evil and he was having a really hard time keeping himself under control.

“Wow! Eric, right?” Adrianna said happily, extending her hand. “My name is Adrianna Alvarado, Sergio Alvarado’s sister and I must say that I am a fan. You’ve become like my idol and the other night…” She moaned, shaking her head. “…that was a bomb.”

Eric powerfully shook Adrianna’s hand. At least, there was someone he liked upon meeting. “Thank you so much, Adrianna. I am humbled.”

“You don’t have to thank me.” She took her hand away. “I am crazy about trends in fashion and I am also crazy about those designs. It would be an honor to wear revamp. In fact, I was also thinking about purchasing some from your collection.”

“Is that so?” Eric chuckled happily. “Well then, since you love it so much, I will send a catalogue to you and you can choose whatever you want from there. It’s all on me.”

Adrianna gasped, touching her chest. “For real? I love you already, like really and my…” He glanced at his shoes. “…I love your shoes. Everything about you is like super sexy.”

Eric glanced at his snickers. He was wearing beautiful blue and white snickers that looked like they cost a fortune. “They’re private D&E summer collection. I designed them.”

“Wow! Where have you been all my life?”

The both of them laughed. It was like the only people that were talking were just the two of them. Trevor rolled his eyes and just held on tighter to his fiancé who was just hoping for the ground to open up and swallow him.

David cleared his throat, holding Eric’s hand sweetly. “Anyway, now that you’re here, Eric, err… Mrs. Sandoval is the woman I was telling you about that wanted to partner with us. We were supposed to see her the night of the event but she left early.”

Eric looked at Giada and gave a smile, a mocking smile. Giada felt her heart racing and she gripped on her chair harder. Fuck, she just wanted to snap his neck and end his life for good.

“Oh, so this is the woman.” He nodded, still wearing that mocking smile. “Well, nice to meet you Mrs. Sandoval. And I must say that I have heard a lot about you and your company and…”

“David, if you don’t mind, I would love to talk to you about this without the involvement of your worker here.” Giada said harshly, giving angry eyes to Eric. “You’re the boss and definitely, you don’t need your worker here to be…”

“I am sorry, Mrs. Sandoval, but Eric is not my worker.” David corrected. “Eric is my business partner and the brains behind D&E and also Liberty shoes. Without him, there wouldn’t even be these two companies.”

Giada glanced at Eric in disgust, trying to contain her anger.

“It’s okay, David. She’s not the first one to assume that. Some people still can’t face the fact that a young man, at the age of 21 co-owns one of the best fashion companies in the world.” He chuckled, taking a sip of his juice. “But anyway, there’s no problem if Mrs. Sandoval here wants to partner with us. I have no problem with it. She’s welcome.”

Giada couldn’t believe what she had just heard. She felt her heart race in excitement and her jaw almost dropped, staring at Eric like he’d just grown another head. Eric was staring back at her, still wearing a smile. That had gone better than she had expected. Finally….

“Well, then Mr. Smith, it’s settled.” She laughed, extended her hand to greet him. “We’re now business partners and…”

“Just a minute, Mrs. Sandoval.” Eric hollered, losing the smile on his face. He had everyone’s attention at that time, even Sergio was staring at him without even blinking. “I only said you’re welcome to partner with us but I didn’t finish.”

“What?” Giada gasped. “What’s there to talk about if…”

“A lot, Mrs. Sandoval.” He rested his Escort Silivri chin on his fist. “We’re willing to partner with you but it all depends on how much you’re offering.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s simple.” He chuckled. “We’ll partner with you if you’re willing to sell some shares at your company.”

Giada’s eyes widened. “Are you crazy?” She was mad. “Why in the world would I do that? Why would I let you in my company?”

Eric gasped, shaking his head. “And how else were you expecting to partner with us, Mrs. Sandoval? Don’t tell you were actually thinking of buying shares at our company because that’s impossible. Our company is privately owned and we want to keep it like that or maybe you…” He chuckled sarcastically. “…you were thinking you were just gonna talk and then boom, we are partners just.”

Giada’s breaths started getting harsh.

“We don’t run a charity organization where anyone can just join, Mrs. Giada Sandoval.” He said without any fear, surprising everyone at the table. “We’re a private business entity and the only way you’re gonna partner with us is by selling us shares in your company. We have a reputation to uphold here and we can’t just accept offers from anyone.”

“How dare you!” Giada snapped. She wanted to rise from her chair but Kim held her hand. “David, are you just gonna sit there and watch this brat insult me. Is this how you allow your employees to disrespect…”

“I am sorry, Mrs. Sandoval if I sounded rude but I am just telling you the truth.” He shrugged. “That’s the only way…”

“Never!” Giada seethed, hitting her hands on the table. “I will never allow you into my company, never! Do you get that?”

“Then we have no deal.” He said with his arms folded. “But let me remind you, that we do not need you. You’re the one that needs us. I don’t need to explain because you understand me very well.”

Giada was beyond pissed. She looked at David and just went crazier. “Are you gonna allow this little boy to just insult me and make decisions for you? Don’t forget that we were friends and our parents were friends and business partners long ago.”

“That’s history, Mrs. Sandoval.” Eric answered as he wiped his mouth with a napkin. “Times are changing and if you’re ready to accept the terms that I have given you then… we can talk business.”

He rose from the chair with a smile. “Excuse me, I have to go to the restroom.”

He glanced at Sergio and when their eyes me, he felt a shiver go down his spine. He turned and started walking out of there, showing his bubble butt to everyone. Sergio’s heart jolted in excitement. Damn, he couldn’t keep his eyes off Eric as he left. Damn, five years looked good on Eric.

But unfortunately, Trevor saw that and he wasn’t gonna let it. He took his hand fan from the table, kissed Sergio’s cheek and got up.

“I also need to go to the rest room.”

He followed Eric and he wasn’t gonna let it go.

“David, really?” Giada seethed.

“I am so sorry, Giada, but my hands are tied.” He shrugged. “Eric can sometimes turn out rude but he isn’t. He is just a tough and gutsy businessman. You just have to listen to him. I can’t help you on this.”

Giada groaned, throwing her napkin hard on the table. She was acting like she wanted to cry and Adrianna was loving every single bit of it. She was holding a laugh in and she had no idea how long she was gonna hide it.


Eric finished washing his hands and he took out his handkerchief and started wiping his hands while staring in the huge mirror. He didn’t have that gorgeous smile on his face. He was pissed. He couldn’t believe Giada had the nerves to try and act smart with him. He didn’t tolerate nonsense anymore.

While staring in the mirror, he heard the door to the rest room open and it wasn’t long before Trevor’s reflection appeared on the mirror beside him and he had a big mocking smile on his face. Eric didn’t mind him. He rather just continued what he was doing.

Trevor chuckled mockingly, licking his lips.

“God, I am so hot.” He said, checking himself in the mirror. “It’s no wonder Sergio can’t keep his hands off me. He always wants me around. He can’t have enough of me.”

But all Eric did was ignore him. He knew the man was out for trouble and he wasn’t gonna give it to him, yet.

“But who wouldn’t want a piece of me?” He giggled, turning to show off his butt. “I am just too sexy. I mean, I too sexy that I even seduce myself. And I must say that my fiancé really has been taking care of me. I can’t wait to be his forever.”

Eric sighed and then started heading for the door when all of a sudden, he was pulled back and held painfully. But he released his hand slowly, staring at the man whose eyes burned with total hatred. He didn’t care because he didn’t like him too.

“And where do you think you’re going, bitch?” Trevor snarled. “Don’t act like you didn’t hear what I was saying. I know exactly what you’re trying to do. And all that shit about being surprised when you found us, I don’t buy it. You might be able to fool everyone here but I can see past that lying bitchy face of yours. You’re obviously to seduce my fiancé but know this…” He warned, raising his finger at Eric. “…you’ll never ever get close to him again because he is mine and he’ll remain in this life and all the other lives.”

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