Games SOME People Play! Ch. 18

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“I don’t have any story! Don’t you guys get it?”

How shall I describe the scene? Fagged out, Sandra, Susan, and I are slumped, still naked (but hardly focusing on that), on the sofa and in the easy chairs. Both are big, full-breasted girls, Sandra and Susan, mother and daughter-but notably muscle-toned. Now, the long thighs and shaggy bellies are pushed forward in a slouch, the torpid breasts are sedate and spreading on slack torsos, and the pretty blond faces have declined to form slight double chins in the collapsed curve of ease of their bodies. And I, too, am without noticeable posture, slumped on the sofa beside Susan, my recently fearsome prick flopped over to take a nap on my leg, the dried cum like a cracked film of white over the shriveled pink head of my dick.

Only Stephanie, the chronically turned-on younger Lorraine girl, is sitting up, bent forward, haranguing us. “You have lives! You tell your story about some sex drama that was part of your life! Now, it’s my turn, right?”

She glanced from one to the other of us, her pretty pixie face animated with emotion, green eyes challenging, slim shoulders drawn in, a little, so the divinely rounded, firm breasts were squashed forward. I wondered if her nipples ever were less than erect.

“I don’t have a life! Do you get it? My life since I went away to college has been sex! I have no ‘sex story’ because my story is sex! Between sex dramas there’s nothing—almost nothing, except maintenance work like getting some money, exercising, doing my hair, and getting treatments for my skin.

She paused to assess her audience. “That’s it! I have no story! My story is like the last two days here: a fuck fest!”

“Sounds exhausting, Sis,” drawled Susan, managing to open her eyes for a second or two.

“You aren’t hearing your sister, Susan!” said Sandra suddenly, pulling herself upright, consciously squaring her shoulders so that her jumbo breasts resumed their glorious defiance of gravity. She glanced a moment at the spreading blondish pelt of fur on her belly and seemed to shrug slightly. What could she do?

She said, “Stephanie, your whole life became your sexuality and what it meant. Is that right?”

“My whole life became sex for everything, for every decision, for my whole non-career! I found out I could sex my way anywhere to get anything!” But she added, “Well…not anything…”

Susan, too, sat up, now, and her slimmed down copy of Sandra’s body took shape. “Sorry, Steph,” she said. “I’m with you, now. Anything you tell us is okay. The only thing I know is that I love you.”

“Fine! In high school, my only sexual activity was crawling out my upstairs window onto the porch roof and sneaking over to look in your window while you jerked yourself off.”

“Okay,” said Susan. “You expressed all your own new feelings about sex through your big sister, and what she was doing. And you felt guilty, I’m sure.”

Stephanie thrust forward her face. “Not too guilty to bring girls and guys I knew to watch you too!”

“Stephanie!” exclaimed Sandra.

“No, Mom!” said Susan quickly. “This is about me. Shut up for a minute.”

“You’re so right, Susan,” said Sandra, with a sigh of contentment. She resumed her slump and I noticed that her breasts nevertheless had an assertive fullness, raised and round on her torso, the nipples fleshy even in relaxation.

“What about you, though?” asked Susan. “By that age, you were gorgeous, just exquisite.”

“Well, I didn’t think so!” snapped Stephanie.

“Well,” said Susan slowly, “so there may be quite a few of my neighbors around town, here, who look at me and recall my frantic jobs between my legs. Makes life pretty exciting! I wonder how many guys see me in the fish store and think of that night on the porch roof!”

“Oh, don’t be so fucking understanding! I was a pathetic little voyeuristic juvenile delinquent!”

“Let me ask you something?” said Susan thoughtfully. “Out there on the porch roof, did you have fantasies about being inside-in the bed with me?”

“No,” said Stephanie, slowly. “Too scary, much too scary. Sometimes I had fantasies about guys being in there, fucking you. And then you would become me. And sometimes… Oh, shit, this is so sick!”

“Don’t go there, Steph,” said Susan quickly. “People discover their sexuality in some strange ways. And most of time, for some reason, they suspect that their way was the only sick way.”

“Okay,” said Stephanie stolidly. She was looking at Susan in a very different Antep Escort Bayan way.

“I’d just like to hear about when you started sex on your own,” said Susan. “You went off to that college…”

“No one had touched me in high school,” said Stephanie. She shook her head. “No one. And I tried really hard, even in gym classes, for no one to see me, either.”

“I just thought you were beautiful,” murmured Susan.

“Thanks,” said Stephanie bleakly. “At college, I tried exactly the same thing. We didn’t have a co-ed dorm. All girls. But even so, I wore my bathrobe into the bathroom and shower room and I only showered at about midnight, when no one else was there.”

I could not resist. I have related the conversation, but I had been both listening and taking in Stephanie’s body. After all that had happened, I still could not take my eyes off of her. She was as svelte, alluring, and arresting a treat for the eyes as a man ever sees. I admit that I felt like a satyr. I simply could not get enough of her. And here she was with this story of obsessive concealment; I didn’t get it. And so I asked, “Because you were ashamed of your body, Steph?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t know. I only know that it was unthinkable for anyone to see me naked, and that went for women and men.”

“But now you know…” I began.

“Let her tell it!” said Susan.

“In a Greek myth, some god would have turned into a swan or a…”

“Shut up, Tommy!” said Susan.

“A girl on my dorm floor warned me. She came into the girls’ bathroom late, when I thought I would be alone. She was fat. Fat and with a square face and dropped-straight hair. As far as I could tell, she was huge in the boobs, but I never saw the details. And she came up to me and said, ‘You know, they’re going to get you, don’t you?’

“I don’t know what I said, but I paid attention. She said, ‘You keep up this Virginia-before-Santa-Clause routine, but they’re going to gang up on you.’

“I was trembling, hauling my bathrobe right around me, staring at this girl. ‘What do they do?’

“‘Just play you around naked. You know. Do a scene on you. I thought I should warn you. They did me. I blubbered like an idiot and tried to cover my jugs with my hands. Good luck on that!’

“What was I supposed to do? What she said just terrified me. I crept around still more carefully.

“So one night, late, I had sneaked into the girls’ bathroom and was showering by myself, trying to be quiet, hurrying. And I hear the door open and close. Panic. I hurry even more.

“But when I reach around the shower curtain, groping for my bathrobe, my towel, they aren’t there! I scrabble even more. Then the shower curtain gets whipped back and they’re all standing there in a semi-circle.

“About a half dozen girls, all stark naked, mostly a little older-you know, upperclassmen. And totally nude. And all smiling. I mean, to me it was like one of those depictions of Hell with naked bodies tumbling down in all sorts of poses…

“I know that my voice was just a squeak when I said: ‘What do you want?’ I was trying to wrap the shower curtain around myself.

“‘Just showering,’ said one of the big ones. Some girl about 150 pounds with pendulous boobs and a really hairy belly. And then they all came crowding into the shower stall with me, all of them—at least half a dozen.

“I started screaming, then. And I lunged to get out. I couldn’t. I shoved into one, and she said, ‘Hey! Why are you squeezing my boobs? Do I turn you on?’

“And all that crap. On every side is a slippery, wet, naked girl, brushing boobs and asses and pussies against me, so I’m hemmed in. And I’m crying, now, begging. Does no good whatsoever.

“And the big girl says, ‘Jeez, look at these tits on her! She’s totally gorgeous! What the fuck is she hiding?’

“Then her hands are cupped over my tits and I’m dying, trying to pull them off me.

“‘A pretty pooch, too,’ someone else says, and I feel a hand down low on my belly, just brushing my hair.

“At this point, I’m blubbering, full out. Hysterical. Just no mercy. I don’t get how they didn’t see I was cracking up…

“And one of them, I have no idea who, they’re all just naked bodies, says, ‘Does she have a clit?’ and I’m feeling fingers down there, too.

“That did it. I exploded out of there, heaving myself against them. I put my foot up on the wall of shower behind me and shoved off, just blasting out. I think some of them slipped and fell in the shower.

“Nothing out there to cover myself. No towel. I raced right out of the girls’ bathroom, naked, and ran along the corridor to the door of my room. I grabbed the doorknob. Nothing! They had locked me out! I’m standing there, bare ass, dripping, weeping, hauling at the doorknob. But nothing.

“And then, the door of the girls’ bathroom opens and they all traipse out. They come right toward me. I’m folded up in two, leaning against my door, crying, barely daring to look at them.

“In the front, the big girl stops. She just looks down at me. She says, and it’s really, you know, not like teasing, really wondering… She says, ‘What’s your problem, Stephanie? I got to tell you, my boyfriend has the hots for you.’

“‘Mine, too!’ says another one, and they’re all giggling.

“‘You have a body to die for,’ says another one. ‘What’s bugging you?’

“Well, I’m curled up naked against my door, trying to cover up, and the big girl says, very solemn, now: ‘Let her in.’

“Another girl says, ‘She’s weird! Why don’t we lock her outside the dorm like that!’ But the big girl whirls right onto her, and says, ‘Shut up! Can’t you fucking see? Let her in her room!’ And they did.

“I got in and slammed the door, locked it, jumped into bed, pulling the covers around me… But you know what? I couldn’t sleep. For hours! I was scared, sure. But I was horny. I couldn’t keep still. I kept thinking about how they looked at me, and what they said about me. At last, I reached down and started touching myself.

“God! It’s one fucking great way to relieve your tensions! I did it about three times! I never forgot that! I was flopping around that bed and moaning and I couldn’t escape my own hand, coming after me, chasing me down there.”

Susan heaved herself up from the sofa, where she was beside me, walked over, and flopped herself down next to Stephanie in the easy chair. Big girl, Susan; she squashed Stephanie a little.

Before Stephanie could protest, Susan’s arm went around her, and her head rested on Stephanie’s shoulder, and she was saying, “What a thing for you to go through, Sis! I never knew all that.”

Already, Stephanie’s electric body was reacting, squirming, and she was protesting, “Hey! No room, here! What the hell are you doing?”

Susan only snuggled closer. I was having a little trouble keeping myself decent, watching all that gorgeous flesh squashed together. And, I have to say, I was jealous seeing the wide-open and vulnerable love in my wife’s eyes.

“Okay, great!” said Stephanie. “Since you’re here, I’m going to play with our tits if you don’t mind!”

Her hand came up and took hold of Susan’s wide, sedate pink aureole, squeezing it, flicking it, dragging it, as though experimenting with a new toy.

Susan only murmured, “Sure, you can play with me!”

“So what is this, now?” demanded Stephanie. “You see how crazy and I am so you humor me?”

“It’s what we never had,” whispered Susan. “Close sisters, talking, learning from each other. If as part of that you like frigging my tits, a little, right now, I’m good with it.”

Stephanie’s hands dropped to her lap, and she went limp in the easy chair. Her eyes closed. “I’m wiped out,” she said, softly. “Big time wiped out, Sis.”

She continued, dully, her eyes still closed: “After that night, I had my first orgasms-ever!”

“No!” Susan sat up. “Steph! I don’t believe it!”

“My first come. With my own fingers, in bed, weeping, thinking about those girls commenting on my body. Never touched myself, before that. Never liked my skinny, boob-less body.”

“Because of us?” Sandra straightened up. No trace of malaise in her posture, now. “Boob-less because Susan and I are full-breasted?”

“Guess so,” said Stephanie dully.

“You’re the world-class model!” exclaimed Susan.

“After that night, I became famous as the girl with no clothes. I walked from my room to the girl’s bathroom naked. I walked around it naked, when they all were there. I didn’t dress in my room from the time I got up till when I had to go out. I stood naked at the window and guys down there would notice and stand and stare up at me.

“I was excited every time that guys would visit our dorm. A couple hours each evening, all Saturday evening, and Sunday till 7:00 p.m. You know what? I left my door part way open. And I was naked. Always. And even if there were guys in the corridor, I walked to the girl’s room naked and that was quite often!

“It got so our floor of the dorm was a tourist attraction. I mean, guys who didn’t know anyone on the floor were coming. At first, they pretended to pass my doorway, ‘accidentally’ glancing in. Then, they saw I didn’t care, so five, six of them would gather around my doorway, watching me, talking with me. I never let any of them in! They could look all they wanted. I would joke. Flirt. Pose. But when they tried to come in, I shut the door! And no dates, ever!

“I became a hot local attraction! There even were guys who weren’t students at the college. Nobody exactly could tell me to dress or close the door all the way. I mean, it was my room, right-and this was my so-called ‘lifestyle’?

“Some of the girls on the floor loved it! All those excited guys who watched me and then had to wander off, some with their little hard-on showing. But other girls hated it. Guys came to see them, but ended up standing at my door.”

Susan still sat collapsed against Stephanie, head leaning on her shoulder, listening. Abruptly, Stephanie said, “Flick my tits a little, will you? I’m getting off on this.”

“Sure,” said Susan, as though her sister had said, ‘Straighten my collar, Sis,’ and her hand came up and began to tease Stephanie’s rigid little nipples, wiggling them back and forth, rolling them around, gently pushing them back into the breasts. As she did, she watched with a kind of fascination; I knew this was her first venture inside another woman’s bra.

“Oh, fuck,” sighed Stephanie. “My tits are not human. I can get off just by being kissed, there.”

“Want a little kissing, Steph?”

“But I’m telling this story…”

“Okay, then, I’ll just tease’em.”

Stephanie gave forth a huge sigh, “Right. So, you know, I became notorious, but, of course, they all started to call me a ‘cock teaser.’

“And I was! I got off on it SO much! Nights, when the guys left and I closed my door, I would lie on my bed naked and imagine the dicks of the guys! I would rub my pussy like a washboard, just beat up on it, bashing around my clit. And all I could see, in my mind’s eye, was dicks! Big stiff dicks!

“So you probably wonder how I ever got fucked, right? I mean, I go from totally screwed-up by anyone seeing me to totally screwed-up about anyone touching me, right?”

“Sounds like it,” said Susan mildly. And then, “Wow, your boobs really like this, Sis! They’re hard as little muscles!”

“Oh, shit, yes!” moaned Stephanie. “I can’t concentrate any more!”

I was having a tough time concentrating, too. Watching this slowly unfolding scene, the sisters pressed together, one titillating the other, I had leaned back and let my body respond.

“Tommy’s got a muscle, too,” commented Sandra. My eyes flicked open. She was studying my prick.

“Yeah, just, I mean…” I wasn’t even coherent, by now, right?

“Are you captivated by the younger Lorraine women or open to all? Be honest, Tommy!”

“Open,” I breathed. It was heartfelt. You could not look at Sandra and preserve an ounce of resistance.

I love it when a woman says nothing. Nothing! Just does it. Sandra, sitting in the easy chair opposite me, slipped down onto her knees. I vaguely perceived the shape of the full hips, the waist curving in, the contoured torso flaring out into very extravagant boobs. The sexy thing about Sandra, who worked-out so hard to stay hot, was that she knew how she looked and enjoyed it. And so, as she knee-walked toward me, her smile was wide.

She reached out, very businesslike, and her strong hand took a confident grip on my long, stiff cock. “What does this want, now, Tommy?” she asked. “Hand? Lips? Tit? Pussy? Chinese menu?”

“Are we taking a break from the story?” I murmured. “I don’t want to interrupt Steph or miss anything.”

“That’s exactly the right question!” declared Sandra. She turned to her daughters: “Is this intermission?”

“Yeah, I think so,” muttered Susan. Stephanie was shifting her position in the chair, slumping, lifting up her legs, and holding her knees back against her chest. It looked like intermission to me!

Susan said, “I think little Sis is telling me I should go down on her. Right, Steph?”

“Shut up and do my pussy!” Stephanie’s voice was distant. “Eat me! No talking.”

“Sure, I’m coming,” said Susan.

“No,” said Stephanie. “I’m coming,”

“Okay,” said Susan, her bare back to me, now, sitting with her ass on her heels, hands positioned on Stephanie’s raised legs. “Okay, but I’ve never driven one of these, you know. Except for mine. So…”

“I’m an automatic,” said Stephanie impatiently. “Just step on the gas and I go.”

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