Gamma Lambda Kappa Ep. 03

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It didn’t take long for Dani to take advantage of the fact that her roommate was lactating. Barely a day after I had revealed my success at eliciting milk, she was engrossed in a gaming marathon while I was sitting cross-legged on the floor reading some Harry Potter fanfiction on my laptop. All of a sudden, I was jerked out of the halls of Hogwarts by Dani’s abrupt cry of, “Aw, crap!”

I rose to my feet and stepped up to her. “What’s wrong?”

She rolled her eyes and groaned. “My system rebooted itself to install updates again!” She swiveled her chair to face me. “I swear, those stupid OS updates are more trouble than they’re worth!”

“Been there, sis,” I sympathized. “How long does it take to restart?”

“Longer than it should, I can tell you that. Starting up is one thing, but then restarting the game takes a while too, because the graphics are really resource-intensive.” She huffed, causing some of her bangs to dance in the air for a moment. Her eyes briefly shifted from my face to my chest. “In the meantime,” she decided as she began untucking my polo shirt from my jeans, “I might as well have a snack so I don’t have to take another break later.”

Once I realized her intentions, I happily helped her pull my shirt up, and she raised her eyebrows only for a split second at the lack of a bra before her head made a short beeline for my left breast. I felt a familiar warm tingle as she instantly clamped her lips onto my areola, taking some of the surrounding flesh into her mouth as well. Her grip immediately tightened, and her jaws began acting like pistons against the supple mound, perfectly complementing her lips’ vigorous suction. She then wrapped her arms around my waist, and I leaned my head back with a smile, letting the welcome sensation of nurturing and bonding wash over me again. I could hear Dani’s periodic gulps as my milk easily flowed into her mouth, and her moans of satisfaction made it clear that she was quite enjoying her treat. This only made the whole experience even more pleasurable for me as well, and I also emitted some moans of my own while I just stood there and let my roommate drink from my breasts for as long as she wanted.

Dani had been suckling constantly for about ten minutes before, in my warm and fuzzy haze, I managed to notice that her computer had finished rebooting. A bit reluctantly, I spoke up. “Uh, Dani, your computer’s ready to go.”

She withdrew so little that her lips still tickled my nipple as she responded. “Don’t care right now,” she said, taking a quick swallow of milk that made me shudder. “Tastes too good.” My heart warmed at her words, and I chuckled as she promptly latched on again and resumed her steady suckling. I let out a deep sigh as Dani soon turned her attention to my right breast. I contentedly fed her for another ten minutes or so before she finally detached herself from my bosom again, having nearly sucked me dry. “Thanks,” she breathed.

I gazed warmly at her. “Not a problem. Trust me.”

Hardly a day later, I wandered into the TV/gaming room to find Heather and Dani just finishing a game of Wii tennis. This was not an unusual way at all for them to have some fun after a long day of classes. I paused and stood to watch Heather make the final shot and whoop in victory. “And that’s how it’s done!” our blue-eyed, auburn-haired friend gloated playfully.

“Damn it!” Dani smirked as she and her competitor both spotted me and greeted me with a nod. “I’d kill for your reflexes!”

“Yeah, and I’d kill for your thighs, so consider us even,” Heather retorted before turning to face me. “Hey, Josie, I heard you’re lactating now. That’s great! Have you had your first real feeding experience yet?”

“Yep,” I karabağlar escort answered. “I gave Dani a snack in our room yesterday.”

“It was very satisfying,” Dani reported. “Her letdown’s already getting stronger.”

Heather stepped towards me. “Well, are you up for giving me a taste? I think I’ve worked up a bit of a craving.”

I smiled and shrugged. “Sure! Why not?” I gladly pulled my T-shirt up. I had pretty much stopped wearing bras until I could get some new ones that fit my recently enhanced bust, so that was all it took for my boobs to be openly exposed. Heather wasted no time in striding right up to me, and I giggled as I realized that her somewhat diminutive stature placed her at just the right height to nurse in a standing position while I also remained erect. Almost by instinct, I thrust my breasts slightly forward, but she needed no encouragement as she leaned in and captured as much of my left breast as she could in her mouth. Her lips almost immediately settled into a firm latch that obscured the entire areola, and she mashed her face slightly into my firm and bronzed mammary mound. I sighed in pleasure when milk instantly rushed out under the eager ministrations of Heather’s lips and jaws. After the first visible swallow, I gasped as I felt her suckling intensify, apparently enticed and emboldened by the taste and volume of that first helping. She rested her arms loosely around my abdomen while I stroked her upper arms.

“It feels great, doesn’t it?” said an interjecting voice.

I turned my head to find Melanie leaning against the doorframe with a knowing smile on her face, though I wonder if Heather even noticed. “Totally,” I confirmed. “I mean, I am literally giving sustenance to a friend from my own body!”

“Mm,” Heather squeaked gratefully as she kept suckling with gusto.

Dani took a closer look. “Man, she’s really going to town there!”

I emitted a pleased purr and nodded. “Huh-huh! I thought you were turning into a breastmilk hound, but Heather’s giving you a run for her money!”

Melanie smirked. “Yeah, I’ve fed her once or twice myself. It was shortly after she joined, so she wasn’t lactating herself yet, but by the time she became a feeder, she’d also grown to really like suckling, so she just never gave it up. Actually, that’s a fairly common thing. Members that get used to suckling while they wait for their own milk to develop often end up playing the game from both sides, if you will.” She gave me and Dani a pointed look. “Your pal Raquel is another example. She mostly feeds, with Wendy being her main beneficiary. But at least a couple of times since she started lactating, I’ve seen her suckle from Heather just like she did before she was producing any milk herself.”

“Interesting,” I mused before Heather began suckling even more rigorously, causing me to gasp in pleasant surprise. “Wow, she’s really going at it!” A moan escaped my lips, and a thought suddenly occurred to me. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she got the hiccups from this!”

Melanie laughed and proceeded to share amusing stories about Vicky’s incidents of particularly urgent suckling. Just as I noticed my left breast feeling a bit light, Heather brought a hand to my cleavage and squeezed it slowly and gently a few times to press out those last morsels of milk. I shuddered at the first squeeze and then smiled proudly as she immediately began suckling at my right breast just as indulgently as she had at the left one. Within about fifteen or twenty minutes, both of my boobs were thoroughly drained, and Heather finally withdrew with a lick of her lips. As I pulled my shirt back down, I noticed with a soft chuckle that both breasts karşıyaka escort were moist with residual milk.

Although that certainly wouldn’t be the last time that Heather availed herself of my milk, it soon became clear that Dani would probably become my most frequent customer. The very next day, I had idly perched myself on an unobstructed corner of her desk while I talked on the phone with my mom. Dani was hard at work again at her laptop, and I heard her stomach growl a few times, so I really should’ve seen it coming. While I listened to my mom update me on how my younger brother Sam was doing in school, I saw her close her textbook with finality with a sigh and scoot her chair over to sit directly in front of me. She quite casually reached up and began unbuttoning my flannel shirt, at which I just smiled in realization and leaned forward a bit for ease of access. In a few short moments, she undid just enough of the buttons to move the shirt aside and engulf an impressive proportion of an exposed breast between her lips. I had to bite my lip to keep from giggling or moaning (I couldn’t be sure which) as Dani immediately began gorging herself on my milk, soothingly kneading my areola as she sucked hard on it. “That’s great, Mom!” I said after I heard something about Sam winning an award for a science project. “Tell ‘im I’m really proud of him!” I almost felt bad that the smile on my face was due more to Dani’s hungry suckling than to my sibling’s accomplishment.

“I’m not keeping you from anything, am I?” my mom suddenly asked.

“Oh, no, I’ll be here for a while,” I said, reveling in the irony as I dared to envision what my mother’s reaction would be if she knew I was casually breastfeeding my grown roommate at that very moment. I stroked Dani’s hair briefly as she continued to feed from me, gulping it all down quite loudly. The conversation carried on for about five more minutes before Mom’s lunch break at work ended. I took the opportunity to bask fully in the now familiar pleasures of nursing. As Dani began to sense that one reservoir was drying up, her fingers semi-consciously grazed the other as a prelude to latching onto it. I was no longer surprised when she once again ended up draining both of my previously engorged breasts. When she finally pulled back, she wiped her mouth in satisfaction. “Thanks,” she said. “That hit the spot!”

Not long after our weekend trip to the mall, I discovered that the sorority house is not the only place where Gamma Lambda Kappa sisters will often nurse each other. Apparently, any place that’s private enough will suffice. Dani, Wendy, Raquel, and I were returning from our weekend trip to the mall in Dani’s red Volkswagen Beetle with Dani at the wheel when I heard a by-now-familiar sound of contentment from the back seat. I looked behind me to find Raquel leaning slightly back with her T-shirt pulled up as Wendy was casually indulging in a warm treat from her right breast. With her lips firmly clasped around the areola, the redhead sucked like a pro and moaned softly with almost every swallow. Meanwhile, her brunette companion stroke her hair slowly and let out an occasional soft moan of her own as she reveled in the experience of nourishing a friend from her body. Dani and I chuckled. “You couldn’t wait ’til we got home, could you?” I teased.

Wendy managed to shoot me an impish look while she continued to nurse, but it was Raquel who answered, “Very few of us are particularly shy about doing this in public as long as we can find a spot that’s private enough.” She smiled warmly at Wendy for just a moment as her lips smacked audibly. “It’s not unheard of for GLK sisters to duck into the restroom between kemalpaşa escort classes just for a breastfeeding session. It’s a great way to relieve or delay hunger if you have a particularly busy schedule and you’d rather get your classes over with before you enjoy a solid meal.” The curvy Latina let out a satisfied sigh as our mutual friend happily kept suckling, and I actually noticed a stream of milk escape for an instant only to be swiftly swept up by a vigilant tongue.

About ten minutes later, we arrived back at the house just as Wendy turned her attention to the other breast. “You guys go ahead,” Raquel said as Dani and I opened the front doors. “We’ll be in as soon as Wendy’s done with her snack.” I rolled my eyes, smiled, and joined my roommate as we made our way towards the entrance. Upon stepping inside, we found that Vicky seemed to have had a craving at roughly the same time as Wendy. She stood facing Melanie on the stairs, a step or two lower than the sorority president in order to put her head level with the breasts from which she was feeding indulgently. We could hear Vicky gulping and smacking her lips as we passed them on our way up to our room. She certainly sounded thirsty!

I bought a full supply of D-cup bras, but I quickly realized that I would probably only wear them on sufficiently formal occasions. Even with a growing supply of milk in them, my breasts didn’t really need the support, and I learned from Vicky that not supporting them as frequently in youth would help to keep them firm as I got older. The most important and obvious reason, though, was that I was soon in the habit of nursing my friends (especially Dani) too often to be worth it. Before the week was over, Dani had twice fed from me late at night in much the same way that Nicole regularly fed from Heather in the mornings. The first time, I had just crawled into bed when she finished a long assignment and instantly asked if she could have some milk before I fell asleep. “Sure!” I’d said. For a moment, I’d thought about moving my pajama top out of the way for her, but she was straddling me and gently pulling it aside so swiftly that I lazily decided to just let her do it. Within seconds, she had crouched over my torso and begun sucking eagerly on my left breast, soothingly massaging it with her jaws. I told her right then and there that, even if I’m lying in bed, she should just assume that she’s welcome to my milk unless I say otherwise. I doubt I’d even mind if it woke me from slumber, because frankly, I think the pleasure of it all made it very easy to fall asleep right afterwards. After Dani’s second midnight snack, I took a page from Heather’s book and started wearing nothing but boxer shorts or pajama bottoms to bed. The blanket felt nicely cool against my bare back, belly, and chest anyway.

On the cusp of spring break was when it became clear how integral breastfeeding had become to my new friendships. Since Raquel and Dani’s family lived just a couple of hours away from the campus, they would be spending the whole week there. It would be the longest time the four of us had been apart since the semester had begun, so it was bittersweet to see them go. Wendy and I gave Dani a long hug, but when we did the same to Raquel, something curious happened. The embrace led to us resting our heads briefly against her chest, and as if by instinct, we both started nudging at her breasts with our cheeks and the corners of our lips. Raquel welcomed the almost primal suggestion and immediately pulled the bust of her blouse aside. We took her areolas into our mouths and began suckling. Her departure was ultimately delayed for about ten minutes as she breastfed us, seeming to take as much comfort in it as we did. We didn’t suck her dry as we usually would, because we didn’t need that much milk to sate our need for an intimate good-bye. Nourishment was even less focal to the act than it usually was. When we finished our special last-minute bonding ritual, we giggled, pulled her top back into place for her, and sent her and her sister on their way.

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