Gangin’ the Girls Ch. 02

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Ball Licking

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Chap 2: Maria

Gina looked over at the ringing phone, recognized the caller’s number and picked it up.

“Hi, Heather.”

“Uh, hi Gina. Twyla and I were just calling to see—to see . . .”

“To see if last night was as good as we hoped or as bad as we were afraid, no?”

“Well—yeah, I guess that’s about it. How are you?”

Gina snickered. “Well, I’m sitting on a pillow but that’s mostly for effect. Rob is fussing around spoiling me completely. I think he wants to make sure I don’t have regrets and cancel the whole thing before he can get into your pants.”

“Sitting on a pillow? Are you really that sore?” Twyla’s voice was aghast as it came over the speaker. She was obviously sharing the phone.

“I said it was for effect, but I am a little sore. After all, by the time they all had me and Rob came back for seconds up my butt I’d been fucked for at least an hour. However, to answer your primary question? Girls, it was fantastic!”

“No! Rob actually buggered you? What did he do that for?”

“Because, my dear Twyla, I invited him to. It was so sweet of him to be the first to share his wife with his friends that I thought he deserved a little extra.”

Heather sounded unconvinced. “Didn’t it hurt?”

“Did it hurt? In the beginning it did, a little. But by the time he got going good I was cumming like a cat in heat. What hurt more was Carlos’ spanking.”

“Ooo, Carlos likes spanking? Cool!”

“Heather!” Twyla was shocked, “I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing.”

The other woman giggled. “Neither did I until Irwin built a bondage bench for two of our friends. It was so beautiful I had to try it out. I never did anything like that before and once I was buckled in, I figured since he had me all tied up, he might as well give me a paddling. He used the fly swatter.”

“A fly swatter?” Gina was curious, “I’ll bet that stung!”

“Oh it did. I yelled and cried until I’d had enough and safe-worded. My ass was soooo red? Then he fucked me, hard and I actually came with him inside me.”

Twyla tried a couple times before she could respond. “I am stunned, I really am. It doesn’t surprise me that Maria can get into this. Not wanting to say anything against her ’cause she is my friend, but that woman would probably trip a man and hit the ground first—on her back. But you two . . . Like I said, I’m stunned.”

“You’ll be more than stunned in three weeks, Twyla my girl,” Gina’s voice reflected the predatory smile on her lips. “By the time the men are finished with you I’ve got a hundred dollars that says you’ll be in line for it again.”


The following Friday, Maria looked with satisfaction at her apartment living room. Most of the furniture was pushed to the sides, there was a buffet along one wall, the floor was waxed and ready for dancing and most important of all, there was a day bed readily at hand. She nodded to herself and mamboed off to the bath. As she scrubbed herself down she shook her head in amazement.

Those other women! It was too easy to convince them to share husbands, she thought. Now she did not have just a husband and a lover, she had three! At first her Carlos could not believe that she had gotten the others to agree, but one night with Gina and he was convinced his wife was a genius. Now maybe she could get some honest respect. Next time she had things to do, maybe she wouldn’t have to chase him off with a meat cleaver. It had upset the neighbors the first couple of times she did that. They had called the policia, who were not sympathetic, not at all. Now everyone understood. Sometimes Carlos was too ardent for his own good and just needed cooling off. Maybe having three other women to pursue would keep him busy. Of course, that did imply that she might have three other men pursuing her. But everything has its price, she thought, and love was a great way to pay.

Dry and moisturized, she stood naked in front of a full length mirror and thought about tonight. When they moved to the U.S. it had been a battle to get Carlos to let her shave her legs and underarms. It was what she got for marrying a Peruvian, she thought. Maria had prevailed that time but the fashion for a smooth pussy would probably lead to divorce if she tried it. Instead she had carefully waxed her bikini line and given herself a light trim. Smiling, she reached down and fluffed up the remaining dark curls.

Eres hootchie mama, Maria The question was what to wear? She didn’t want to have so little on that they started on her early but she didn’t want to have so much on that getting naked took more Escort Bayan Gaziantep than a moment—when the time came. Maybe she should start at the top. Reaching up into the top of her closet, Maria took down a multi-colored straw hat with a floppy brim. With that perched on her long black tresses she had to admit that she was a tempting little morsel—too tempting for the first hour or so. Ruffling through drawers produced a low-cut bra covered with long, sparkly fringe. Now she needed a skirt and some ‘fuck me’ heels. Fringe . . .

Somewhere in the back of the closet was a low slung skirt that bared her belly and barely covered her snatch. However, it had rows and rows of fringe around it to miniskirt length. Ah, there it was. Fully dressed she wondered if just maybe she should have put on a G-string underneath. She shook her head. Better that her men (and she was already thinking of them as ‘her men’) should get a glimpse of their target for the night—unless it was targets. Carlos had told her in some detail about Rob’s adventures between Gina’s nalgas. The thought made her squirm. It was going to be a good night.


Twyla stood leaning on the bathroom door watching her husband shower.

“Maria says you’re going dancing tonight. Ever done the mambo?”

Ernie stopped shampooing. “Mambo? All I’ve ever done is watch it on television. Boy I hope she’s giving lessons before I fall over my feet. A broken nose could seriously dampen the evening.”

Twyla grimaced. “I suspect that what she means is that she’s going to mambo and you guys are going to stand around watching, except Carlos, of course. Maybe they’ll put on a demo before getting down and dirty.”

“Dancing the mambo with Maria, that sounds like the name of a song from the 40’s. And that brings up a question, Gina held a pool party, Maria’s taking us dancing, you said that Heather will be strapped into a bondage frame (and that I’ve got to see!) . . .

What are you planning?”

Twyla’s face fell and her lower lip began to quiver. “Ernie, I don’t know. When we all agreed to this I was so mad at you that I was all fired up and ready to fuck. Now that the gang bangs have started I’m getting worried. I really can’t decide what to do. I should have drawn the first night. That would have been easy. But now, each girl raises the bar and I don’t know how to compete.”

“Baby, there must be a hundred ways to get laid in style. Talk to the other girls tonight. Tomorrow we’ll go over what they think and I’ll help you set it up. After all, my lady is just as sexy as anyone else. I want you lookin’ and feelin’ good about this.”


Heather cocked her head and looked critically at her man. “Honey, the guaybera is right, the linen slacks are right, the sandals are right but the whole look is not. It needs—it needs a hat! Don’t move; I’m going to go look in your closet.”

Irwin stood patiently. Some days he thought she had married him because he was an artist with wood. Some days he thought it was because of his abnormally long tongue. Most of the time, though, he would take an oath that her real reason for marrying him was that she thought he made just the greatest dress up doll. But when she returned with a Panama hat he had forgotten he even owned, he had to admit her fashion sense had won again. He looked at himself in the mirror and cocked it rakishly over his left eye.

“Not bad, Babe, not bad at all.”

She shimmied up and plastered herself against his back, running wide spread fingers down his pectoral muscles.

“Better than not bad, stud; you better get your sexy ass out of here before I hijack Maria’s evening. It won’t work for next week but tonight? Damn, you look hot. Mmm-mm!”


“Robin, that’s what you wore last week.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing. I ran everything through the cleaners, it fits and it’s suitable for a tropical evening. Why shouldn’t I wear it again? Maria hasn’t seen it.”

Gina sighed. From a thick, male standpoint he was probably right. Certainly none of the other men would notice. However, she wasn’t going to let him out of the house in the same shirt and slacks he wore to her first gang bang without a fight.

“Irrelevant, sir. You are in the outfit you took off to ravish me in preparation for my being ravished by the others. I ain’t gonna stand here and see you go off to plunder Maria dressed like that. Now go back into the bedroom. I want you out here in five minutes in something different. Otherwise I will come in after you and dress you myself!”

Shaking his head, Rob complied. Boy, the last two weeks had been a wild ride. Ever since the wives decided to start sharing men Gina had turned into a force to be reckoned with. He was starting to feel very much the toy boy. It was an odd feeling and he wasn’t sure he liked it. On the other hand, he wasn’t sure he didn’t. Stripping down he hung up his clothes and started thumbing through the closet. Hmmm, a Hugo Boss pair of silk-blend trousers and a compatible Tommy Bahama shirt. And didn’t he have a cravat that was in the same tones? Yes, there it was. Okay, let’s try again.

“Is this better?”

Gina lowered her chin and raised her left eyebrow. She clasped her hands behind her and stalked a circle around him, looking him up and down.

“Mr. Goodfellow, the idea is that you four men are going to the Santiago’s to despoil Maria. You show up like that and the shoe may be on the other foot. I almost wish I was coming along just to watch. This promises to be interesting, darling, very interesting, indeed. Growf!”


As Rob climbed into the passenger seat of Ernie’s convertible his neighbor looked worried.

“Whassup, bro?”

“It’s Twyla, Rob. I think she’d getting cold feet. When this whole thing started she was a tigress in heat but now . . .”

“Really? That’s not good news. I’ll tell Gina tonight. Maybe the two of them should go out for shopping and lunch tomorrow. The woman has a whole different personality since this began and while it’s a little startling, I would hate to see her revert.”


After the men left, Twyla rang up Gina and poured out her problem.

Gina was quiet for a while. “You’re really not enthusiastic, are you Twyla?”

That was when the tears started to flow. “No, I’m not. I’m scared. I don’t know how you pulled it off, Gina, I really don’t. I haven’t had sex with anyone but Ernie since high school and even that was just some clumsy fumbling in the back of a car at the lake. And now I’m supposed to be some sexy siren entertaining four men one after the other and it’s only two weeks away.”

Gina thought about this. Twyla obviously needed help but with Rob out at the Santiago’s she couldn’t leave the kids alone.

“Tell you what, hon. You come next door so we can talk. I’ll make us up a couple of cocktails to lower your inhibitions and get you to relax. As the dirty old school song goes, ‘we know a hundred ways to get plundered, we are from Campus Hall’. We’ll come up with something.”


When Carlos came home with the rum and mixers Maria did not have to take out the meat cleaver to keep him away but it was a near thing. He insisted that she at least put a wrap over it while he worked at the side board so he could concentrate. As she put out the croquettas, the empanadas and the tostones, a sideways glance at his crotch revealed that he was having a difficult time keeping his mind on the drinks.

She smiled to herself in quiet satisfaction. Men were such fun to torment, Maria thought. And Carlos was even more fun when she tormented him past all patience and he threw her down and had her without mercy. The long build up of tension and its sudden release was, in her mind, the best thing about being female. And now she was going to have four men? Paradise had arrived on Earth.

Carlos had just changed his clothes after completing the last pitcher when the doorbell rang. At last Maria could doff the robe and shake out her fringes.

Remembering the image she had seen in the mirror she wondered how much of the food would actually get eaten before she found herself on her back, naked. Oh well, the other three would have to have something to occupy their time while the fourth enjoyed her. And after each was done, the hors d’oeuvres would help restore them for a second ride. At least, she hoped they would. None of the men were teenagers anymore and she wasn’t sure that all of them were good for two fucks in an evening. Of course Carlos was. He usually did. And Rob had done his sexy wife both fore and aft at the last party, so she was optimistic.

Irwin had arrived only a moment before the other two so the three entered together. Maria’s full body greeting raised the room temperature at least ten degrees before she hustled them all over to the buffet. A round of mojitos led to a toast to the bartender and his lovely wife. Maria blushed prettily and announced that the mambo lessons would begin with a demonstration.

She and Carlos started with simple steps the others could follow. When they were all moving together back and forth, Maria turned and backed up to her husband. Keeping in step with him, she rubbed her shoulders and her butt against him, shimming and bouncing her breasts. She held out a hand to Irwin and pulled him over dancing with both men at the same time. Once she was satisfied with his footwork she turned around again and treated him to the same thing she did to Carlos. She got the same result, a bulge rose in the front of his pants. Ooo, I was worry they might attack me too early. Maybe I get so hot I attack them. This Irwin, he feels like a big one! No, I mus’ dance with them all firs’ and get stripped nuda. Then we play.

A long, slow wave toward Rob had him moving. She was pleasantly surprised to find that he actually did know some mambo moves. Pelvis to pelvis they bumped and ground across the floor. Now it was Ernie’s turn. Half an hour of practicing the steps let him stroll up to her. He placed his hands on her swaying hips. Maria opened her mouth wide and licked her lower lips. She held her arms out straight to her sides and shimmied. In response to Carlos silent urging, Ernie ran his hands up from her hips and undid the button between her breasts letting the bra fall away. She tossed it aside and winked.

As she turned around to give Ernie the benefit of her butt Maria grabbed his hands and pulled them over her bouncing globes. Slowly she pushed them down to her hips, looked over her shoulder and raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Take it off?” Ernie whispered.

“Como no, macho,” she replied, “of course take it off. Ees time to joder.”

Naked, Maria held Ernie’s hands to her ass and pulled him across the room to the day bed. Dropping to her knees she unfastened his belt and let his trousers drop to the floor. Her eyes opened in wide in appreciation. As Ernie hastily unbuttoned his shirt, Maria took his engorged manhood in one hand and stuck it in her mouth. Stroking his shaft, she sucked and licked him until he was slick, shiny and even harder. Then she lay back, tucked her knees up to her chest and spread her thighs.

“Chingame, Ernie. Fuck me hard.”

He needed no urging. Remembering their first party with Gina he attempted to maintain a slow steady rhythm, getting her hot enough for an orgasm with her second partner. But Maria was no Gina! She grabbed his butt hard with her heels and his shoulders with her hands, curled up tight and panting hard the woman amazed her lover by screaming to climax within minutes. It was like riding a bucking bronco, Ernie thought to himself. No wonder Carlos looked so happy all the time. Bucking and pitching, moaning and whimpering, Maria had orgasm after orgasm until, unable to resist the spasms, Ernie joined her, shooting his load deep within. He collapsed into her arms.

“Oh Ernie, tu eres tan macho, mi macho! Now, go res’ and get something to eat. I wan’ you back in my pussy, Ernie, but firs’ I play with my other mens, no?”

The night was all she had hoped for. Yes, all four of them could come back for seconds and they did. By the time they finally finished with her, she had been penetrated and used in all orifices, between her breasts and even between the soles of her feet. That had been unusual and tickled terribly. Maria wouldn’t forget that number and Carlos would pay for it, you bet he would. She took each of them into the shower and washed them off, getting thoroughly scrubbed (or was it groped?) in the process and then, when the men were dressed once more, Maria kissed them lovingly and sent the three visitors home.

Maria pushed Carlos down on the sofa and crawled into his lap.

“So, my little puta, are you happy with what you started?”

“Pig! Of course I am happy, Carlos. It was wonderful. A husband I love and three lovers to play with? What woman could want more? We do this again next month?”

“Something like this, yes. Naturally, you are the best of the women, amante?, but the others I want to keep visiting. If sharing you lets me do that, we will just be one big family!”

Maria pulled herself closer to him and nuzzled his neck. “Te amo, Carlos, I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, Maria.”


Ernie crawled into bed in the dark. It was really late and Twyla was asleep. He spooned himself next to her back and gently wrapped an arm around her.

Twyla murmured and turned into his arms. “Did you have fun, honey?”

“I did.”

“Is Maria really as hot and exciting as she seems?”

Now Ernie was in a quandary. He couldn’t very well lie and say that Maria wasn’t the hottest woman he’d ever had. She was. But how to tell Twyla? The last time he’d been careless with his words he’d been in trouble for a week. He took a breath and tried.

“Maria’s like a super hot chili pepper, Baby. She’s really exciting in small doses but a diet of her would kill me. Believe me, I’m really glad to be home and back with you again.”

“Aww, that’s sweet. I love you, Ernie. G’nite.”

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