Gangin’ the Girls Ch. 04

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Big Dick

Chap 4: Twyla

Gina greeted each man at the door with a long, hot kiss though in Carlos’ case it was followed by a light slap on the face when he tried to grope her.

“Oh, no you don’t!” she scolded, “This is Twyla’s week. You don’t get into these pants until next week.”

He pouted cheerfully in return and took the cold beer Rob was handing out and settled down on the sofa next to the bowl of warm French fries. Once all her guests were comfortable and supplied with snacks, Gina took a pull on her own mug and perched on an ottoman in the center of the room.

“Now, you may be asking yourselves why is Twyla off to a movie with Heather and why is the Wives Satisfaction Squad meeting here tonight? Guys, my neighbor chick is going to need some special handling. Ernie will tell you she’s a tiger in bed with him but she’s really nervous about this up-coming party. In fact, she’s so unsure of herself that we’re going to do this gang bang a little differently. Twyla’s really afraid that she’ll either panic or get the giggles if she tries to entertain you the way Maria and I did. So mama fix. We’re going to play out a little scenario; one that gets her thoroughly fucked but doesn’t require her to do anything to encourage it.”

Gina reached down to the catalog on the floor next to her. “Twyla is going to be an aristocratic lady who has been abducted and tied down by lecherous barbarians. They thought about holding her for ransom but have decided instead to keep her as their plaything.”

“I like it already,” Irwin commented.

Carlos rubbed his chin with a sly smile.

“Now,” Gina continued, “in keeping with the theme, you guys are going to need some accessories.” She opened the catalog to the bookmarked page. “I want you to look these things over and decide what suits your personal taste. Use express delivery so you can be sure that you have everything by Friday. I don’t want you all looking alike but keep in mind the style is black leather and chains. Masks will be good, too. And between now and then, I want you to come up with some properly villainous things to say.”

“Har-har, me proud beauty?” Rob dove for the floor to avoid the swiftly thrown pillow.

“Ham! Now there are to be no physical threats, nothing genuinely scary. The whole theme is that her old life of privilege is over and she is now our sex toy for life. And I’m saying ‘our’ on purpose. Twyla isn’t to know but the first leather clad barbarian she pleasures will be me. I’ll get her hot and screaming and then you guys have at her. Do her right but emphasize the ownership aspect. Pretty princess will never see her palace again, only the inside of luxurious yurts and the horizons of the steppe. Any questions?”

As the other men gathered around the catalog with hoots of laughter, Ernie asked Gina, in a whisper, “Are you serious about that sex toy and ownership stuff?”

She pushed him into a club chair and climbed into his lap.

“Sweetheart, I am. Doesn’t she love it when you hold her down and use her? You know she still tells about the time you threw her over your shoulder and carried her off to the bedroom. Twyla wants to be a sub. When this Friday is over, the four of us are going to start getting together, just us. And she’s going to be the centerpiece. I’m going to have her, Rob’s going to have her and you’re going to have her. Then Rob will have her again while I have you. It’s what she really wants, lover, she just won’t admit it to herself.”

Ernie thought about that for a while. Twyla did scream loudest when he held her down by the wrists and she’d just about attacked him that time he’s picked her up and carried her off. Why hadn’t he done it again? He really couldn’t say. It was fun—both of them thought so, but for some reason he’d only done it once. Well, after Friday things would change!

“Gina?” Carlos face was inquisitive, “These villainous things we say to Twyla, does a sex toy get pregnant? Do we tell ‘er all about ‘ow many babies we’re going give ‘er?”

“You bet, stud! That’s another thing she wants but is buca escort afraid of. However, this time it’s a game. She’s still on the pill so you can say all you want without panicking her. Yeah, tell her what a great little brood mare she’ll make. It’s exactly right.”

Irwin and Carlos thanked Gina for the beer and fries and took their leave, chuckling about leather vests, black masks and studded wrist bands. Rob put his arm around Gina and nodded surreptitiously toward Ernie. She responded with a wink and a squeeze on the butt. “Sure,” she whispered, “why not? Twyla won’t be home for at least another hour.”

She walked over to where Ernie was cleaning up the French fry bowl. “Hey, neighbor, ever done a three-way?”


Twyla looked into the open box. She checked the invoice against the contents. Yes, everything was there. She was not exactly sure that was good news. Four fur-lined cuffs, two in small and two in medium, one two-inch ball gag and a silk blindfold it said, and they were all there. Worse yet, Rob had brought over a roll of light chain and some Velcro patches. As she fretted around him, he’d fabric glued one patch onto each of the corners of their king-size mattress and then attached the corresponding patch to rings on the end of the chain. Twyla had tried them out. She was amazed at the holding strength. Thought pulling them off by lifting them was easy, trying to pull them apart sideways, the direction she’d be pulling from the center of the mattress, was impossible. Once those buckles were done, she’d really be helpless.

Helpless. For some reason the word was less fearsome than she expected. There was that afternoon when Ernie had come home from work early and caught her playing with a vibrator. He had lifted her off the couch, thrown her over his shoulder and carried her kicking and yelling into the bedroom where he’d held her down with one hand while undressing with the other. Then he’d had her, had her hard. It was a wonderful memory.

Now what would a princess have worn when the barbarians came boiling over the walls, slaying all the men and carrying off the treasure, the livestock and especially the women? Whatever it was, she was sure it would have to be disposable. Somehow Twyla couldn’t imagine hairy, leather-clad barbarians being gentle about undoing the bows on her best chiffon nightie.


Maria looked over Carlos’ shoulder as he examined the receipts from his three sandwich shops. The newest one was as large as the previous two put together and the location was ideal.

“We are doing well, no?”

“We are doing well, yes. Maria, I think by the time September comes, we should be out looking for una casa propia, a house of our own.”

She leaned down and hugged him tight to her cushiony bosom. “Maravilloso, Carlos. Then we can ‘ave a big garden, an’ fruit trees.”

“Don’t forget the chickens. There must be chickens, Maria. Per’aps even rabbits.”

“Mmm, conejo! I will cook that one with olives and chilis and cebollas. So good.”

“Maria, what do you think maybe we could move closer to the others?”

She started to unbutton his shirt and ran her hand down inside. “What do I think? I think that idea is the best you ‘ave this year. Come, macho mio, that kind of thinking deserves a good fuck.”


Friday night! Twyla sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing her hands together nervously as Gina entered the room with a large tote bag and set it on the floor.

“Gina, what a cute jumpsuit. What is that, black chenille?”

“Thank-you. I think it is. Maria made it for me. Now there’s a woman who understands clothing. It’s not really in fashion, you know, but it’s so soft and comfortable. Not to mention so easy to get out of! Now, where are we?”

Twyla swallowed hard. “Here are the cuffs and chains.”

“Excellent. Now, your nightgown. I’m assuming it’s not one you value highly?”

“No, it’s due for a trip to the rag bag so if they want to tear it off me, that’s okay.”

“That’s my girl. You’re getting alsancak escort into the spirit of this already. Let me see those cuffs. Oh, these are the high end model, the ones with real fur. Very comfy looking. Hold out your hands.”

Gina buckled the cuffs onto Twyla’s wrists and then to ankles. She pulled on them to make sure they wouldn’t slip over her hands and ran a finger underneath to make sure they didn’t cut off circulation. Then she clipped the chains in place. They jingled pleasantly as Twyla slid into the center of the bed and lay back, raising her arms and spreading her feet. Gina pressed the Velcro tabs in place all around.

“Now pull, honey. Harder, like you’re really struggling. I think that’s got it.”

Twyla took a deep breath. There was no backing out now. To her surprise the knowledge was a relief. She had nothing to do but lay there and nothing she could do but lay there. What would happen would happen.

“Okay, send in the barbarians.”

Gina smiled evilly. “Not yet, little princess. We have a few things still to do.”

She reached into the tote bag and pulled out a thin, firm pillow and slid it under Twyla’s bottom.

“We need to have your pussy aimed upward, Twyla. It makes a better target that way.”

Then she took out thick, crude looking candles and set them around the room. When she lit them, Twyla was surprised to see that they didn’t burn steadily like normal tapers but flickered and guttered like torches. When Gina turned out the ceiling lamp the candlelight danced around the room in an unsettling manner.

Then Gina reached into the bag again and drew out a leather hood and pulled it down over her head. When she fastened it in back, nothing showed but her eyes and mouth.

“Gina? What are you doing?”

Candle light flickered off Gina’s teeth as she grasped the zipper pull beneath her chin and slowly drew it down the front of her jumpsuit. The chenille fell off her shoulders and dropped to the floor revealing a criss-cross of black leather straps joined by silver metal rings.

“I’m the first barbarian, princess. I’ve been looking forward to this. Your father offered a ransom, a substantial one but only on the condition you remained untouched. We talked about it but what’s treasure? Cold and shiny, that’s all. But you, you’re soft and warm. We’re going to keep you. You’ll be a great toy for me and the boys.”

“Gina, I’m straight. I don’t do women!”

“Wrong, princess, you’ve never done a woman. That’s about to change and the best part is—you don’t have any choice.”

Once again Gina reached into the bag and brought out a thick, black silicone dildo. She dribbled a little lubricant on it and with a sigh, pushed the bulbous end inside her pussy leaving the other end sticking out aggressively. She snapped the harness over it to keep it in place.

“Gina, you wouldn’t . . .”

“Princess, I will. First I’m going to get you warmed up and sloppy. Then I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. Not only am I your first woman but this thing never goes down. You’ll scream, princess, even before the others get here and then they’ll start on you . . .”

Gina stalked the bed with feline, predatory grace and crawled up on the bed to stare down at her prisoner. She pulled a crescent shaped knife from her harness, lay the blunt side between Twyla’s breasts and in a single stroke cut her nightgown down the front. She tossed the halves away revealing the pale, trembling body inside. Then she slowly stuck out her tongue and ran it around the areola of Twyla’s right nipple.

“Gina . . .”

Descending to her elbows, Gina lay across Twyla’s chest and began to suckle first one side then the other. After a moment attempting to squirm away, Twyla moaned softly. Aha! I was right; she’s a little sub wannabe. Oh dear Twyla, you are going to make us so happy when we all take you again and again. And you will enjoy every moment it! After several minutes of this, Gina rose up again and began kissing and licking bornova escort her way down the younger woman’s body. When she reached the smooth-shaven sex, she sat up and grinned again.

“Now, princess, I’m going to eat you. When you’re all wet and eager I’m going to fuck you. In a few minutes the men will be here. They’re going to watch us. It will get them very excited, so excited they may pull me off of you so that they can take my place. Your pussy is going to be full, princess. It’s going to be full tonight and tomorrow and night after night. It won’t be long before you will be begging for it, princess toy.”

Her mouth was warm on Twyla’s pussy. Gina ran her tongue between the labia to find the button of the girl’s clitoris then took it between her lips and began to suck gently while she ran the tip of her tongue around it, just the way she’d taught Rob to over the years. Twyla moaned again and twitched. Gina increased the suction and the speed of her licking and Twyla twitched again, harder. Soon the moaning and the twitches were continuous until the moans turned to whimpers and the twitching to bucking. With a scream, Twyla came and came again as Gina relentlessly licked. When Gina finally stopped, Twyla opened her eyes. There were four men standing around the bed. They were naked, masked and bedecked in black leather and chrome. And they were smiling.

Gina wiped her mouth. She looked over her shoulder at the others.

“Not yet, men. First this doxie belongs to me.”

She scrambled up to lay full length on Twyla and with a thrust of her hips drove the silicone dong inside her victim.


“Like that, do you? Good, little princess, because you’re going to get a lot of this”

Gina began to thrust. The chains jingled to her beat, each stroke making them jump and ring. Twyla soon reached up and took the chains in her hands, pulling to give herself a base to thrust back from. She cried out, moaned, whimpered and then screamed again, shaking and kicking. That’s when Gina got up.

“Very good, princess, that was fun. We’ll do this again sometime. But now . . .”

She motioned Ernie to take her place. The moans resumed.

Rob reached down and gave Gina’s dildo a twang.

“So that was fun?”

“It was, but not as much fun as doing you. I must be het with some bi overtones. Any sex with a guy is better than any sex with a chick but sex with a chick isn’t bad. However, fucking you was definitely better. Mmm-mm! Just look at Ernie’s ass bounce. I’m going to have to have a go at him, too. Yep, from my standpoint, however hot a woman is, guys are better. We’ll have to get together with them next week so you can fuck her ass and I can fuck his.”

From the look of it, Ernie seemed to be saying fierce nothings into his wife’s ear but equally from the look of it she was paying him no attention. Mouth open and slack, eyes closed, Twyla had hit the rolling orgasm, the one that just goes on and on. When Ernie was finished, she hardly had come down for a breather when Rob was between her thighs taking his turn.

“Now you’re mine, princess.”

“I—yes, I am, Rob. I’m yours and Gina’s. And I’m Irwin’s and Carlos’. Am I going to be Heather and Maria’s, too?”

“You are our toy now, princess. When any of us call you, you won’t have any choice. You’ll come. And then you’ll cum!”


Saturday afternoon, Gina and Twyla lay in the sun next to the pool watching the kids splashing and diving. Gina had just refreshed both lemonades when Twyla turned to her and asked, “Am I really everyone’s sex toy, now?”

“Do you want to be? Remember, honey, no one has to do anything they don’t want. You wanted last night; you just didn’t know how you wanted it to go. Are you happy with what you did?”

Twyla blushed. “I—I am, I really am. I’m even happy with you doing me. You could, I mean we could . . .”

“Do it again? Oh, we will. And I’m going to do Ernie, too. That dildo and harness works great on a man, Twyla. The first night I had it I used it on Rob. He wasn’t good with the idea but I insisted. That’s when he discovered men really get off being pegged. What are you two doing Tuesday?”

“I guess we’re getting fucked. Will Rob take me in the ass?”

“I’m sure he will.”

“I’ve never done that before. Do I have a choice?”


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