Gangin’ the Girls Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Chap 5: Epilog

Every time Ernie walked by her, Twyla could not avoid staring at his ass. Gina had said that she fully intended to run her big dildo up it tonight. The idea made Twyla tingle in anticipation. Of course, Gina had also said that Rob would be buggering her tonight, as well. Would they take turns? Would she and Ernie be on their hands and knees, side by side, while their next door neighbors plundered their butts? It was all too exciting but at the same time, a little scary. Friday she’d been tied to her bed and used by her husband, their next door neighbors, and two of their friends. That had completed the set of gang bangs that the wives had agreed to, but Twyla knew that there would be more.

She had been really angry at Ernie when she agreed to it and though the other women responded with gusto when their turns came, Twyla had gotten cold feet. Fortunately, Gina had come up with a solution. Once she’d been tied down, she had no control over what came afterwards. It had been a very satisfying fantasy rape. But it appeared it was not over.

Gina had given Twyla her first experience in same-sex and told her that from now on, she was the whole group’s sex toy. The four men had all said versions of the same thing and tonight Rob and Gina were coming over. Twyla chewed her lower lip. A sex toy. Every time she thought the term a thrill shot down her nerves. The Goodfellows had said they were bringing the pizza. Ernie had chilled the beer. Twyla had a salad chilling in the fridge. She watched the clock work its way toward seven.

At the stroke of seven the door bell rang and when Ernie opened it, Rob and Gina swept inside. Twyla was lifted out of her chair and spun around in a tight hug then given a deep, hot kiss. That was followed by another from Ernie and a third from Gina. The last one had gone on so long that the men began to applaud. She hardly got her breath back when the smell of hot sausage and onion pizza overwhelmed any other thoughts and they’d sat down to eat.

After dinner conversation had centered around Ernie’s IT business and Rob’s landscape contracting, the soccer league they both belonged to, daughter Steffie Goodfellow’s softball and the antics of four year old twins—for about an hour. Then, having given everyone time to digest their meal, Gina had reached down into her tote bag and produced a disposable enema. She stood up in front of Twyla.

“And now it’s time for the dear little sex toy to get ready for a big evening. We want you clean inside and out—and naked. No hesitation, now, off you go.”

Ernie was starting to grin broadly when she pulled out another and handed it to him.

“You, too, Mr. Michaelson. Rob and I already are. Go!”

When Ernie returned Rob and Gina were already stripped and lounging in dressing gowns. Rob handed one to Ernie.

“I suspect that Twyla will take a bit longer getting clean, just to take longer.”

Twyla looked at her naked image in the mirror. Tonight she would be taken, plundered, gang-banged again. She shivered. It was so delicious to be desired and then used by a group. And she had been promised anal violation! Trembling slightly, returned to the living room.

Ernie and the Goodfellows sat a semi-circle. Twyla stood at the focus and posed, her back arched and her chin lifted. She saw the hunger in their eyes, hunger for her body. Heat spread from the union of her thighs, upward to meet the blush descending from her face and back behind. She squeezed her thighs together and clenched her buttocks in anticipation.

“Come here.” Robin’s voice was quiet but commanding. When she was within reach, he ran his hands all over her, caressing, pinching and probing. “Delicious, just delicious, Twyla. We’re going to enjoy this a lot, little toy. We’re all going to the bedroom and we’ll get in bed together. Gina and I will watch Ernie take you. Then you’re going to roll over and I’ll take you. While Ernie and I rest, Gina will take you and then I’ll take you again as Gina introduces Ernie to the joys of female on male buggery. Now go let the others feel you up.”

The other two continued the groping. Gina’s forefinger pushed inside and stroked Twyla’s G-spot. Her thumb gently rubbed the swollen clitoris until Twyla started to jerk and murmur until she cried out in orgasm.

Gina stood up and kissed her passionately. “Now you’re ready for a really good fucking.”

Twyla squealed in happy astonishment as Ernie wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up and over his shoulder.


He slapped her on the bottom and both couples rushed off to the bedroom. There Ernie threw his wife down on the bed, threw aside his dressing gown and dove on top of her. Slipping his hands under her shoulders he reached up and grabbed her wrists, pinning her down. With a snarl he plunged into her and began to pound her into the mattress.

Rob poker oyna turned to his wife and nodded approvingly. “Isn’t that what you said she needed all along?”

Gina waggled her eyebrows and slid her tongue out of an open mouth. “She isn’t the only one, Robin. Most women like that occasionally. Twyla just needs it more often. Keep an eye on them; I’ll be right back.”

She returned with the tote bag to find Twyla’s heels planted on the sheets thrusting her hips upward and shouting Ernie’s name. She put the bag down and took out a box and handed it to Rob. Then she lifted out her harness and put it on, fitting the dildo in readiness. When Ernie groaned and went limp she turned to her husband.

“Take your time. I’ll bang her while the two of you recharge so you can do her again. Ernie’s mine!”

Ernie rolled off directly into Gina’s waiting arms. “Oh well done, that man,” she purred. “And once you and Rob are ready for seconds, you and I are going to have lots and lots of fun.”

He looked down at her harness and the purple silicone phallus protruding from it.

“You are going to take that off, aren’t you?”

She grabbed an ear in each hand and pulled his face in for a long, wet kiss that tingled his skin and started his libido on the road to recovery. “No, I’m not. Friday night you’re getting into me again. Tonight I’m getting into you. Just relax and you’ll like it as much as Rob does.”

“Rob lets you do him like that?” Ernie was skeptical.

“He does. You could ask him but right now he seems a little busy.”

Rob was indeed busy. The box he was given contained a set of three cylindrical vibrators in increasing sizes. With Twyla now lying on her stomach, Rob swirled thick lubricating gel on one, turned it on and gently pressed it against her anus. She squeaked in surprise but as the device intruded its vibrations made her muscles relax and she began to hum. After a few minutes of this he withdrew it and replaced it with the next larger.

He’s making me relax. This one is bigger than the last and the next will be bigger yet. And after that, he’ll start fucking me. Mmm, this isn’t so bad. Maybe we should get a set of those for us.

The third buzzer noticeably stretched her and Rob took his time sliding it in and out until he withdrew it all together.

Twyla felt pressure on her ass for the fourth time but now there was no vibration. She glanced back and saw his hands on either side of her shoulders and felt his taut belly rest on her back. The pressure increased and she was opened and entered.


“Does that really hurt, little toy?”

“No, I was just surprised. You’re bigger than the last one. Oooh! Rob, you feel huge. Aaaaaah?”

“I’m all the way inside you, little toy, and now I’m going to fuck you senseless.”

Ernie lay on his side, spooned against Gina. Her nipples and that purple dildo poking aggressively into his back and her hand trailed seductively up and down his chest and belly. He watched intrigued as his wife’s facial expression changed from mild worry to surprise to resignation to alacrity.

“Mmm, feel so full,” she mumbled.

“And so will you, darling man,” Gina whispered in his ear. “You’re going to like this so much you’ll come back asking for it. Oh, I’m going to have the happiest two bitch men on the block. But first I’ve got to fuck Twyla, just the way you did.”

Rob took his time. First he was enjoying how tight her ass was, second he wanted to make sure Ernie was fully recharged when Gina was done with Twyla and third he was being careful with the girl’s first sodomy. But as Twyla’s hums turned to moans and her moans to whimpers, he sped up. Sweat popped out on his forehead as he slapped against her buttocks sending ripples up to the base of her spine and back again. Finally she yelled and he came with her—and rolled off to the other side.

Gina crawled up from the foot of the bed. “On your back, toy,” she growled, “and get those knees up. It’s pussy time for Gina. Come on, toy-girl, suck these tits!”

The men were impressed with the older woman’s ferocity, though Rob rather thought it was mostly for show. Sincere or not, her demands had Twyla changing position every which way until she thought sufficient time had passed that Rob was ready again. And she was right.

When Gina finally pulled out, both women were sweaty and breathing hard. Rob thought the sheen it gave their skin was erotic and could hardly wait to have his way with Twyla second time.

Gina descended on Ernie like an Earth Mother.

“Michaelson,” she breathed in his ear, “I always thought you two were a cute couple. Think what a great quartet we’ll be.”

She slid down his chest bringing back to readiness with her tongue and lips. When he was stiff again she commanded him to roll up on his side and climbed in behind him.

Twyla looked canlı poker oyna sideways to see that his eyes were wide but he wasn’t trying to get away. Gina caressed him all up and down his front and ran her hand through his hair, nuzzling and licking his neck and ear.

“Lift your leg, baby,” she crooned, “I’ve gotta get you all nice and slippery. She put the tip of the applicator against his anus and gave a little squeeze, just enough to let it inside him. Then she squeezed again and dropped it on the floor behind her. She took the shaft of the dildo in her hand and pressed it onto the gel.

“Push out, baby, push!” and as he complied she gave a thrust with her hips and violated him.

He gasped. She snickered.

“That’s just the way Rob reacted the first time. That’s why I know you’ll like this as much as he does.”

It was a sensation like none he had ever experienced, strange and sensual. The heat of her body against his back, touch of her hand down his chest—until she took his stiff cock in her hand and began to stoke it in time with her thrusts. Each time she pushed the silicone rubbed his prostate, sending a thrill up through his body. He moaned with pleasure.

A wicked chuckle reached his ear. “I’ve got you, Ernie my man, you’re mine now, you know you are. Twyla is all of ours but you, you belong to me. And you’ll come when I call and do what I say just for another taste of this. You know you will.”

He hardly heard a word, so intense had the feeling gotten. It went on and on. If she had pegged him first he would not have lasted five minutes but now the minutes rolled on as he hummed and cried out in ecstasy.

Rob, too, was working hard. He gasped for breath with exertion, driving down into Twyla as she lay curled up, her knees pulled close to her breasts. Finally the release they needed came. Rob shot a second load into Twyla at the same time Ernie, with a groan, exploded.


On the Memorial Day weekend the following year, Rob was finishing up a tray of highballs under the watchful gaze of his neighbor, Ernie. The party looked to be going in a very satisfactory direction.

Ernie looked around the grounds.

“Rob, taking down the interior fences was pure genius. Now we all have access to a pool, a big vegetable garden, fruit trees and a great three story play house for the kids.”

“It wasn’t genius, man. When Carlos and Maria bought the house behind yours and Irwin and Heather moved in behind us it was just logical. And have you heard Carlos? He’s talking about chickens and maybe even a rabbit hutch. We’ve got our own little commune going right here in the ‘burbs.”

“Wasn’t Gina raised on a commune?”

“That she was. She says now it’s just like being at home, right up to running naked on warm days.”

“I imagine the kids love that.”

“Well, Steffie didn’t think it was okay, at first. After all, she’s starting to develop and is getting all the self-consciousness that goes with it. But when Grandma came over and jumped into the pool with Micki and the twins for a skinny dip, Steffie was completely outnumbered and so she joined in. Now it’s hard to make the little nudist to get dressed at all on weekends.”

“So where are they now?”

“In the country. Once my mother-in-law understood our situation here, she happily volunteered to take all the kids for the holiday.”

Ernie visibly relaxed. “Well that’s good. Nudism with kids is one thing. Having them around for—for . . .”

“An orgy? Yeah, it would not be good. It’s hard enough for teen-agers to imagine their parents having sex without subjecting them to it in person.”

Ernie picked up the tray and walked to the poolside where Heather was chatting with Maria. For her part, Maria was sitting on Irwin’s lap. She had his shirt unbuttoned and was running her hands and bare breasts against his chest as she jabbered happily back to Heather. Ernie held out the tray with one hand and palmed Heather’s right breast with the other. She nipped him affectionately on the arm.

Rob took his tray over to a big tree. In its shade Twyla was watching Gina with interest. The older woman was obviously working her way up to a real earth shaker of an orgasm as the ever-eager Carlos, his head buried between her thighs, tormented her to distraction.

Rob stepped behind Twyla and put a drink in her left hand. He reached around her to run his palm down her belly and pull him close tight to him. He leaned down and ran the tip of his tongue around the shell of her ear and sucked gently on her ear lobe.

“Hi, honey,” she responded, running her unoccupied hand through his hair.

His hand roamed up to run softly around each aureole bringing its nipple to attention.

“Gina’s having a good time, isn’t she?”

“She always does, no matter who she’s with. The only one of us she can’t get into bed is Maria and internet casino if she ever does, she’ll have fun with her, too.”

With both of Twyla’s nipples erect Rob transferred his concentration to her waxed mons and the smooth lips below it. Twyla hummed.

“Robin, are you trying to make me cum standing up? Why don’t we get down on the grass with them before I spill my drink?”

“There are plenty more where that one came from. Right now I’ve other kinds of spilling on my mind.” He continued stroking and caressing her, slipping his finger between the labia to tease the clitoris swelling between them. Twyla shuddered.

“Just—just so you know,” she panted, “you guys are playing with a bowl of raw eggs today.”

“Raw eggs?”

Twyla shuddered again and moaned. Rob felt the moisture forming on her swelling lips. He smiled to himself. Make her cum standing up? Oh, yeah.

“The women—got together—last month,” Twyla managed to say, “We all agreed—to stop our birth control—together. Oh!”

Breathing heavily, Twyla turned in his arms. She pressed her hips against him and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“You want to breed me, Rob? I’m like a seedbed all fertile and ready for sowing.”

She grabbed him by the lapels and leaned back, pulling him down on top of her.

“I can have a baby for you and then one for Ernie and another for Carlos . . .”

His mouth was greedy on her lips, muffling the rest of her words. She pushed his shirt down over his shoulders then fumbled with his belt and waistband until she could shove them over his hips.

Beside them Gina and Carlos had reached heights of passion. She clawed his back and shouted his name as he drove deep into her harder and faster. He growled Spanish in her ear, saying things she only understood deep in the animal recesses of her brain. With an inchoate roar, he shot his seed to the gates of her womb, leaving her breathless. As they came down together, Gina crooned happily in his ear, kissing and nibbling. She turned her head to the side.

Robin had Twyla’s heels over his shoulders pressing her legs back. Her back was curled forward and his thrusts were straight down. This was not making love, it was the rut. Unable to hold out any longer he, too, sent a jet of semen on its way then rocked back on his heels and wiped his forehead. He looked at his wife and saw her wink at him from beneath Carlos. She looked both happy and proud of herself, he thought.


That night as Gina reached for the light switch Rob sat up in bed and looked down at her.

“A bowl of raw eggs?”

“Oh that Twyla! She wasn’t supposed to tell you or any of the men. We don’t want to start a sperm war between you, after all.”

“I won’t spill the beans, then, but if one started I’d put my money on Carlos.”

Gina sniffed. “I wouldn’t. Old Lunch and Dinner Santiago probably keeps his sperm count too low to be effective.”

“Lunch and Dinner?” Rob’s eyebrows shot up in surprise.

“Mm-hm. Maria says Carlos picks up a couple of sandwiches from one of his stores every day and brings them to her office in the department store. They lock themselves in for the lunch hour. Then, when they go to bed at night, he’s ready again. I admit it’s possible that he’s super potent as well as really horny but the odds against it.”

“In other words, you think he’s mostly shooting blanks.”

She nodded. “I think so. And Maria isn’t helping herself any by spending most of her time on top. You weren’t noticing but this afternoon she was doing a reverse cowgirl on Irwin, bouncing up and down and slapping him on the side like she was a jockey. You guys’ little swimmers are powerful athletes but going against gravity is going against the odds. You keep her on her back.”

“I keep her on—what are you telling me?”

“I’m saying that if there is any of the four of you who is likely to be Big Daddy, it’s you, honey. You’re the organizer, the ring leader, the effective alpha male. Much as the girls love their men, they look at you differently from their other playmates. Did you score Twyla today? Who knows? But if you pace yourself you will. You know how Ernie can get obsessive about his coding. Unless Twyla tells him, too, and I don’t think she will, the little minx, you have a very good chance of fathering her first.”

“How about you? I thought you decided three was enough.”

“Did not. I was just taking my time before the next. The twins have been a bit much until now. And I’m only thirty. In today’s world most women are beginning their families at my age, not adding to them. So I’m not playing any favorites, dear. In our little omnigamy, I’m available to all of you. I just think that my Puck will get me again, just like he did the last two times.”

“Presuming that Steffie is mine.”

“I think she is. Just because you weren’t my only before we got married doesn’t mean you weren’t my most often. She looks like you and acts like you. As far as I’m concerned, she’s definitely Daddy’s Girl. Now, having sent Twyla to the moon, are you interested in seconds?”

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