Garage Encounter

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Dave stepped into his neighbor’s darkened garage. It was cool and smelled of oil and grease. He smiled. An old red car with its hood up dominated the shadowy space.

“Are they gone?” he asked as he walked along the side of the car, one big hand sliding along the curves of the vehicle.

Pete stood up when he heard Dave’s voice and smiled when he saw that the young man was bare-chested and barefoot as well. He never got tired of looking at the well-defined muscles of Dave’s chest back and shoulders.

“Yeah,” he said, wiping his hands on a red shop rag. “But they won’t be gone long.”

“Do we have time?” Dave asked, his voice a little more than a strained whisper.

Even though they were well-hidden behind the raised hood of the car and the darkness of the garage, Pete glanced out of the open garage door to check. The street was empty. “Come here,” he said quietly.

With a low hungry sound, Dave moved up close to the taller man and ran his fingers down’s Pete’s chest and flat belly, fumbling for his belt buckle. He tugged on it gently and their eyes met.

Pete licked his lips and they kissed briefly. “Suck me,” he said, his voice sounding gruff.

Dave’s cock jerked to a full erection, straining against the front of his jeans at the sound of Pete’s voice.

“I’ve been thinking about this all morning,” Pete whispered, squeezing Dave’s cock through his jeans.

Dave nodded, held onto Pete’s wrist and humped his hand. He never got enough of this older man and the way he made him feel – somehow explosive and content, all” title=”kocaeli escort bayan”>kocaeli escort bayan at once.

“Suck me,” Pete repeated.

Dave was only vaguely aware of the cold concrete floor under his knees. In the near darkness, he heard the jingle of Pete’s belt buckle. He swallowed hard. He heard the zipper sliding down and the whisper of clothing as it was pushed down out of the way, and felt his heartbeat quicken. His tongue played along his lower lip in anticipation.

A whiff of the other man’s distinctly male scent filled his nose, exciting him even further. His hands were shaking when he curled his fingers around Pete’s big cock. It was thick and long, the shaft heavily veined, the knob swollen. Dave pumped it slowly and, even though he could not see in the deep shadows, he knew the tip was already glistening with pre-cum.

Pete gasped quietly when Dave’s hot tongue slithered over and around the tip of his dick. Then Dave sucked gently and finally probed into his slit, searching for more of his delicious fluids. With one hand on Dave’s head, he thrust his hips forward, urging his young lover to take him deeper.

Dave made a tight little ring of his lips and allowed Pete to slide further into his mouth. He loved the way Pete’s big cock throbbed against his tongue. He loved it when the fat knob touched the back of his throat.

But mostly, he loved hearing Pete mutter guttural obscenities as he slowly fucked Dave’s mouth.

“So fuckin’ good,” Pete grunted, tangling his fingers in Dave’s thick curls. “You know I’m gonna fuck that ass as soon” title=”kocaeli sınırsız escort”>kocaeli sınırsız escort as we get the chance.”

The thought excited Dave even further. He squeezed his own cock hard and bobbed his head a bit faster. At the same time, he swirled his tongue around Pete’s shaft. He was rewarded with another teasing taste of his juices. He sucked it down greedily.

“Oh, you like it when I talk dirty to you, don’t you?” Pete muttered, pulling Dave’s hair.

In answer, Dave sucked Pete harder, let him inch down his throat.

Pete chuckled. “I’m gonna bend you right over the fender of this car and take that sweet ass. Slide my cock in balls-deep and fuck you good.”

Dave moaned around Pete’s pistoning cock. Little wet sucking sounds filled the small space, mingling with his heaving breath. The thought of taking Pete up his ass made him so hot, he was afraid he might come right in his pants.

Finally, he freed Dave with a wet slurp and pumped the big spit-slick rod with both hands. His whole body was on fire, both from the anticipation of the ass fucking he would get someday soon and the knowledge that his mouth would soon be full of Pete’s hot, sweet spunk. He gazed up into Pete’s face, trying to prolong this exquisite torture as long as possible.

“Finish it,” Pete grunted, fucking Dave’s fingers.

With a low moan, Dave swallowed as much of Pete’s cock as he could. At the same time, he worked a hand between Pete’s legs, fondling his sweaty balls. As he began sliding his mouth up and down Pete’s prick” title=”izmit anal yapan escort”>izmit anal yapan escort faster, taking him deeper each time, Dave imagined he could feel the cum boiling inside and began bobbing his head.

“Yeah, suck it,” Pete growled. His cock had already begun to swell and jerk

Dave moaned around Pete’s meat.

“Suck my big cock.” Pete punctuated each word with a thrust of his hips that sent his cock down Dave’s throat.

Hungry for Pete’s load, Dave pumped him with one hand and squeezed his bloated balls with the other.

“Fuck, yes,” Pete hissed.

His came in another moment, shooting the first thick spurt of jizz straight down Dave’s throat. He pulled his head back as the second and third hit the roof of his mouth and then even more of the sweet fluids continued to pour out of Pete’s dick, coating his tongue and oozing out around his lips and onto his chin.

A car door slammed nearby even as Pete continued to spurt weakly onto Dave’s lips, dribbling all over his fingers.

And then there were voices that Dave recognized as Pete’s wife and her two sisters.

As Pete tucked his cock away, he motioned for Dave to keep quiet and then he ducked under the hood of the car. The three women trooped through the garage, each of them speaking to Pete in turn. His muttered response seemed to be all they needed and then Dave heard them in the kitchen giggling about something.

“When are you going to fuck me?” Dave asked, his cock aching for attention.

“Tomorrow the three of them are going to the beach,” Pete said. And then he stood up and flashed Dave a quick smile. “But tonight, I’m coming over to your place to work on your car.”

Dave took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“Now, grab a wrench and help me with this,” Pete said, tossing a red shop towel to Dave. “But first, wipe off your mouth.”

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