Garage Remodel

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This story is a fantasy, nothing more. It’s not real, please don’t leave feedback saying that you can’t believe that this really happened. If you don’t like gay sex or like reading about one man’s sexual fantasies, please don’t leave negative feedback because you were surprised. This is really a silly story with dialog that’s not anything to write home about. It’s just a simple, dumb fantasy of mine to talk and think dirty like this in a story.


Being a rabid fan of old cars and motorcycles, it was well overdue to have my garage remodeled into a showplace in the house that I had moved in to a few years earlier. There was an old grungy bare concrete floor and drywall without taped seams and there was only one bare bulb light on the ceiling. I wanted it to be light, bright, and clean in there for my babies – my cars and motorcycles.

I had a friend who was a designer and he gave me the names of a few contractors that he uses for his projects at the design firm he works for. Being gay, as was my friend, I didn’t even think of why he always used these contractors. I was about to find out.

The first company to show up for an estimate would be doing the insulation and drywall finishing. There were two guys in their early-40s it looked like and being in my late-20s and always horny I was always eyeing up guys, especially those who worked with their hands for a living. I liked to fantasize about what it would be like if they were take me against my will and rape my tiny asshole and fill it with their hot cum.

These guys had white jumpsuits on which were zipped about halfway down because it was mid-summer and hot and humid. I had an old skin-tight somewhat ragged and faded t-shirt on and some stretchy gym shorts. I never wore underwear, I liked the feeling of being free, and swinging free… I was hoping that I’d be doing some swinging in a little while with these guys.

Matt and Frank came to the front door and since the house was a split-level design, I brought them down a half-level where there was a door into the garage off of the family room. They could probably tell that I was a bachelor because of how sparse the furnishings were but I wasn’t sure if Roger, my friend, had mentioned that I was also gay. Roger has told some pretty incredible stories about the insulation guys but I wasn’t sure if he was pulling my leg or not.

I was wondering if these guys could tell that I was starting to get horny thinking of them being in the house alone with me and it being so hot in there. I never used the AC, I liked the feeling of being hot, to the point of sweating. I worked at home and lived by myself so who cares? I was sweating and my thin t-shirt was clinging to my upper body and my tan legs were glistening with sweat. They each unzipped their jumpsuits a few more inches and asked if I minded if they slipped out of the upper portion of them and tied the sleeves around their waists because it was so hot in there.

I said that I didn’t mind that at all, “You two can do what you want, whatever makes you feel good do it. If you need to tie your sleeves around your waist or tie anything else up or whatever, just do it, don’t even ask. I’m open for anything.”

Matt said, “Thanks, we may just do that. Roger said that you were open for anything.”

I wasn’t sure if he was teasing me or if they really were starting to think about raping me in my own house!

I added, “Why don’t you two come in my back door and we can check out the work that needs to be done.”

Frank said, “Coming into your back door sounds great to both of us, the sooner the better. We’re both ready to come into your back door right now.”

I was starting to get a real feeling that this was going to turn into a big, sweaty pile of human flesh writhing around and all sorts of bodily fluids being squirted out and exchanged with me on the receiving end of most of that action. That sounded great to me, I was about as horny as I’ve ever been at that point just talking about all of these dirty situations by using sexual casino oyna inuendo with Matt and Frank. They knew how to talk dirty without really talking dirty, too.

We went into my back door, the back door to my garage, that is, and Frank and Matt followed closely, maybe a little too closely. I pushed on the door to go into the garage and it stuck but we were all walking towards the door and assuming that it would open. Frank bumped into me from behind and I could feel his hardening cock through his jumpsuit pressing between my sweaty butt cheeks as he plowed into me from behind. We all stopped dead because I hadn’t opened the door yet but Frank kept pushing against me, pushing his hard cock into my ass through the fabric of his jumpsuit and my loose, short, stretchy gym shorts.

I said, “Sorry about making you plow into me from behind, Frank, my back door is stuck shut and it needs to be hammered on a bit to get it to open.”

I was surprised that the two of them had just run into the back of me and we stood there for what seemed like quite a while, but in reality, it was probably only a few seconds. I was fumbling with the door and Frank was still pressing hard into my back and ass cheeks. He was driving his pelvis into my butt cheeks trying to get the door to open by pushing against me, basically dry-humping into my ass trying to get the garage door to open! I could feel his cock stabbing against my sweaty, tender asshole through my gym shorts as he kept pushing against me, cramming me into that shut door.

Frank said, “I’m sorry about plowing into you from behind but I had my mind on other things and I didn’t see that your back door was stuck shut. I’d like to try to pound on your back door for a while to see if I can get it to loosen up and let Matt and myself in. Once we get into your back door we can get down to business.”

I said, “If we all push against my back door a few times, I think that we can get it to open and you guys can come into it.”

His cock was decidedly hard as it pressed against my asshole with only two thin pieces of cloth holding it from entering and I’m pretty sure that he would have fucked the shit right out of me, literally, right there as we were standing at my back door.

He held onto me from behind and said, “I’m sorry, when you stopped, I wasn’t paying attention and I kept moving forward, banging right into you from behind, I hope that I didn’t startle or hurt you in any way?”

I said, “No, not at all, I don’t think you could hurt my back door by ramming into it. It was sticky and stuck shut and I was trying to get it to open so you two could enter it. Maybe it needs some lubrication so it opens easier and you guys can enter it and have a look. Although, sometimes it’s better and faster without a lot of lubrication, just push it open as hard and fast as you can and force it in and out a few times to make sure it’s open wide enough.”

Matt said, “I’m pretty sure that Frank and I have a little lubrication that we could use on your back door to make sure that we can enter it quickly, and if we have to go in and out of it a few times to make sure that it opens easier, we can do that.”

I said, “Feel free to lubricate my back door whenever you’re ready, I would hate to have it be sticky and hard to get into the next time you guys are going though that opening.”

By that time, all of knew that we’d be fucking like animals and we all had raging hard-ons under our clothes. Mine was just barely staying inside of my short, loose gym shorts and they each had a very noticeable bulge in their half-zipped-down jumpsuits with their sweaty bare chests glistening.

We finally got the back door open to the garage by pushing on it. Basically, they were pushing against me and almost literally pushing into me, or into my ass through our clothes. I could feel the fabric of my loose gym shorts poking into my asshole and it must have looked strange to see that as I finally got the garage door open.

The door popped open and I said, “Well, I guess we have to canlı casino fix that sticky back door, I need it to open easier than that.”

Matt said, “We’ll fix that sticky back door for sure, we have to have it easier to open the next time we enter it.”

We were now standing in my hot, dimly-lit garage where I kept a half-dozen old scooters and one car. The rest of my cars were in a storage unit a few miles away. Matt and Frank were measuring the square footage and asking about the type of insulation that I wanted. I heard that blown-in insulation was great so I said, “I think I’d like the kind that gets blown in and fills every cavity tightly, I’ve heard that’s the way to go.”

Frank said, “We both recommend that type, it really works well and it fills the cavity full. We’ll bring our big hoses in here and fill your cavity with this white material until you’re full.”

I said, “I like the sound of that. I need to be stuffed full of that white stuff, I’ve heard that it really does the trick. Is it sticky at all or does it flow once it’s packed into the cavity?”

Matt said, “It’s a bit sticky and slippery to make sure that it fills every crevasse tightly and then we usually shoot a little more in there to make sure that it’s really packed in tightly.”

I said, “Ok, let’s do that. I would love to have my crevasses packed full of that white material.”

Even though it was dark in the garage with just one bare bulb on the ceiling, they were admiring my little scooters and they asked me if I would sit on one of them so they could get a photo. I plopped down onto the seat of the closest one and straddled it. My cock was sticking out an inch or two from the bottom of my little gym shorts and of course that’s the side that they concentrated on with their phone’s camera.

It was blazing hot in there as I had the AC turned off and I asked them if they minded if I took my soaked t-shirt off. Of course, they said that they didn’t mind. So, there I was straddling that little scooter with my sweaty, stretchy short-shorts on and no t-shirt and my cock head was poking out of my gym shorts leg opening. Matt asked if I could pose like a motorcycle racer with my legs sticking straight out and me lying down on the seat. I had to oblige.

I could barely lie on the seat because my cock was so hard but it poked out the side of my gym shorts and they took a couple of photos.

Frank got behind me and held onto my feet and said, “Look me me, I’m pushing a wheelbarrow!”

I said, “Why don’t you see if you can push me around the garage a few times by grabbing onto my feet and pushing me around in circles.”

He said, “I’d love to push you around for a while. Your feet and legs are so sweaty that I’ll have to hold on tightly and maybe get in-between your legs a little more.”

I said, “That sounds good, straddle between my legs and push me around like I’m a plaything. I’m so sweaty that I’m slipping around on this hot vinyl seat. You’ll have to hold on tight, maybe Matt will have to hold onto me, too.”

Matt came over and put his hands around my waist while standing on the side of me straddling over that scooter and Frank had a grip on my sweaty calves and they started pushing me around in circles. It was the most ridiculous thing ever but I was getting really horny thinking of this crazy scene. Two sweaty, half-naked contractors were pushing me around in my hot, dark garage and we all have hard-ons under our clothes. My legs were too slippery for Frank so he got in really close behind me and grabbed onto my thighs and started pushing me from there.

He said, “You’re so slippery that I have to get in closer if I’m going to keep pushing.”

I said, “That sounds great, the closer the better, just don’t stop pushing into me. Or, onto me, I mean…”

He knew what I meant and pretty soon he was pushing against my sweaty shorts that were sticking into my asshole. He slapped my sweaty ass cheek through my gym shorts and it made a loud SLAP sound.

“Hey, ouch! What’s that for?”

Frank kaçak casino said, “Roger said that you have to be spanked sometimes to keep you in line and I couldn’t help myself, just seeing you right there in front of me.”

He slapped my ass a few more times as he and Matt pushed me around in the hot garage, all of us getting hornier and hornier. Matt was gliding his hands up and down my sweaty, slippery back as he pushed on me from the side and he started slipping his hands under my clinging shorts, finally pulling them down and Frank removed them down my sweaty legs and off of my feet. There I was, totally naked, sweaty and slippery and lying on my stomach on a scooter in my hot garage!

Frank didn’t waste any time, he got behind me and pushed his cock through my sweaty butt cheeks and onto and then into my asshole! He had a little bit of precum on the tip of it but that’s it.

“Ohhhhhh! Your asshole is so tight, Roger was right! I thought I’d push into you without any lubrication since you said that you liked it hard and fast without it.”

“AHHHH! What are you doing? You don’t have enough precum on your cock, it’s burning as you stuff it into my poor asshole! It’s burning, it’s filling me up. I can feel it sliding a little more now, you must be making your own lube. Keep raping my ass, keep fucking your fat cock through my back door like we talked about. Ram it in, RAM IT IN! No lube… ahhh… it’s still burning but it feels great being used as a fuck toy. Spank my sweaty butt cheeks as you fuck into my abused little shit hole. Spank them, spank them hard! Punish me, slap my ass cheeks, rape my poor little asshole!”

Matt reached back and started slapping my butt cheeks while Frank kept slapping against me and pounding his cock deep up my shit hole. Matt was pulling my sweaty butt cheeks apart so Frank could really get in deep. I was still teetering on my stomach on that scooter and was now getting raped on it. It felt great to be abused by these two contractors. Matt put the kickstand down so the scooter was staying upright on its own and Frank really let me have it. He started speeding up and he shot a big load of white cum deep up my asshole. “Here’s your white material, it’s going to be packed up your cavity and then we’ll keep filling you up until you’re overflowing with hot, sticky, slippery white material!”

Now it was Matt’s turn and he didn’t have a problem jamming his cock into me because of the fresh load of cum that Frank just shot up there. Matt wasn’t content to just have me in the same position, so he turned me over onto my back and pulled my legs up in the air and hooked them over his shoulders and started raping into my little hole. He was really hammering in and out of it like he was punishing me. He said, “You know that you want to be raped. Roger said that you like to be dirty and to be used as a sex toy and that’s why he sent us over here.”

He fucked into my shit chute for a few minutes and he couldn’t take anymore so he filled me with his own white material just like Frank had done a few minutes earlier. Frank was stroking on my cock as it waved around in the air while Matt raped my asshole and my cock was rock hard. As soon as Matt pulled his spent cock out of my abused shit hole Frank sat down on my hard cock! I also didn’t have much pre-cum on the tip of it and he was grinding his unlubricated asshole up and down on my cock. It didn’t take long before I was filling his ass with my own white fluid.

They both raped me several times in my hot garage that afternoon. They draped me over my workbench and fucked and filled my ass. They bent me over a stack of 4 winter tires that I had in the corner and they even tied me to the ceiling and took turns pissing into my gaping asshole and using me as a urinal. Just as Matt would fill me with piss, Frank would start fucking into my spurting asshole, plunging in hard and deep until he filled it with more cum and they’d take turns abusing my asshole. Spanking it, plunging things into it, spanking my butt cheeks all while continuing to fuck the shit out of me, literally. They were wiping their dirty cocks over my butt cheeks and it was great. I was sure that they would be the contractors to hire for that part of the garage remodeling project.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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