Getting Away

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Adam and Evelyn, his sister, developed a serious relationship during the Covid-19 lockdown. They’ve moved in together and are living as husband and wife. They’ve discovered their neighbors are more than just good friends. Read the stories leading up to this point in:

“Cabin Fever.” (Literotica,, 4/30/2020),

“Georgia.” (Literotica,, 6/5/2020),

“Family.” (Literotica,, 6/15/2020), and

“Moving On.” (Literotica,, 6/12/2021).

My name is Adam and I’ve been living as man and wife with my sister since leaving the cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Covid-19 restrictions kept us there for almost a year before we were able to leave and find an apartment of our own in Grand Rapids.

We chose Grand Rapids since it was far enough from our mother to limit both the number of and length of the times she visited us. Our mother, Georgia, discovered our intense sexual attraction for each other and managed to include herself in our activities. Neither I, nor Evelyn, was excluded from Georgia’s sexual demands. While neither of us initiated sex with Georgia, we admitted we both enjoyed the result, thus the move about two hours away from Georgia to discourage visits but not quite eliminate them all together.

We have a three bedroom, three floor, condominium apartment just outside of Grand Rapids. The main floor is the general living area with living room, dining area and kitchen. Upstairs are two bedrooms, one used as my office for my consulting business, and our bedroom used for sexual romps and sometimes for sleeping. On the lower level, is the entry, garage and a third bedroom, designated for Georgia’s use. It’s been successful in keeping Georgia’s activities isolated in her own bedroom.

Our neighbors, Nick and Carrie, are a couple about the same ages as we are. We enjoy each other’s company and invite each other over for dinner and games frequently as our friendship deepened. That’s until I accidently saw Carrie sunbathing naked on the deck behind her apartment.

I left hastily when I noticed but neither I nor Carrie could forget what I had seen and what she had felt being seen. I fantasized about Carrie, unaware that Evie was having similar thoughts about Nick, without seeing him naked. After the next dinner party, the women and Nick and I had separate discussions about my indiscretion. Each pair reached consensus about the direction the evening might progress without communicating with each other.

We played a simple card game with the winner asking the loser for “anything they want.”

It started simply with asking the loser to take a drink, and progressed quickly to me asking Carrie to take off her shirt. With the ball rolling, we reached the point where I had the option of asking Carrie to remove either her bra or her panties.

Nick halted the game there. He had an obvious objection to Carrie taking off either item. On the way back to their apartment, Carrie laid it on the line with Nick. They were going to play the game with me and Evie again and if Nick even hinted at stopping the game he would pay dearly. She was proud of her body and wanted me to get a better look.

The following week, at Nick and Carrie’s apartment, the game went where Carrie wanted it to go. Even after all of us were naked, the game continued. The result was, Carrie led me up to her bedroom and Evie took Nick next door to Georgia’s bedroom.

Neither couple surfaced until late Saturday morning. Everyone agreed that they had no problems, no recriminations and go guilt about the previous evening and night. They agreed they should get together again and even take a long weekend together. Nick suggested a clothing optional resort and they parted, smiling and planning for their next chance to be together.

It was a good plan, but subsequent events, primarily between Nick and Carrie caused them to reevaluate the structure of their relationships on a daily basis. Carrie pursued me and Nick was making overtures toward Evie. Evie and I aren’t married and we agreed that, as long as we had each other, we should look to other relationships and families. But, Nick and Carrie were married and we didn’t fully understand what their goals were. The four of us had a short discussion about a more relaxed, more sexual relationship between the significant others. Nick and Carrie explained the nature of their “marriage.” They were financially and sexually involved but not emotionally. Fidelity was not a feature of their relationship. They had an “open marriage” with emphasis on “open.”

Evie and I agreed that, except for the marriage part, we had a similar relationship to Nick and Carrie. We also realized, in the future either of us would want to have children and, as siblings, having children was ill advised. One, or both, of us would eventually find the ofise gelen gaziantep escort perfect partner and get married. We confirmed, that, married to someone else or not, we would continue to have a loving and sexual relationship with each other.

The relationships between the four of us quickly became very casual. Frequent sex was a paramount activity. Evie always informed me in advance if she could and I did the same for her. Sometimes the notification consisted of a phone call on the way to the bedroom or the hotel.

I worked from home and Carrie was home while Nick worked. Carrie and I had a sexual encounter almost every day. Evie worked part time and met Nick for lunch at least twice a week. Each couple slept with their partner every weeknight and with their opposite partner on the weekends.

Evie and I talked frequently about the future. Evie confessed that she was falling in love with Nick and, if he wasn’t married, she would marry him and have his children. I thought that Evie’s feelings were on the mark and confessed my own feelings. I was falling in love with Carrie.

“Adam,” said Evie. “I love you. You’re my rock, my Gibraltar. Everything I am springs from my relationship with you and I’ll never let anything come between us. Sex with you is magnificent. It warms my insides and strengthens my soul. I could curl up with you forever knowing you’ll always be there for me if I ever need you. Sex, with Nick is different. With Nick, I fly. I soar above the clouds and risk all for his pleasure. Together, you both create the perfect life for me. Children are the only missing piece of a perfect life. With you children are not an option and with Nick it’s ill advised since he’s married to Carrie. If I can’t have it all, I want what I already have.”

I shared Evie’s dilemma. Our sexual relationships were expansive and satisfying but the potential for future family relationships were severely handicapped. Sadly, we agreed we couldn’t, wouldn’t jeopardize Nick and Carrie’s marriage to realize our own desires.

One Saturday, at lunch with the four of us, after a night with their weekend partners, Evie was more subdued than usual. Nick was concerned since she had spent the night with him and he was wondering if he had done something to upset her.

“Evie,” asked Nick, “are you okay?”

“Nick,” answered Evie. “I’m fine physically, but, to be honest, I’m a mess emotionally.”

Nick’s evident concern deepened.

“It’s not your fault,” consoled Evie. “It’s all my problem, Nick,” she continued, “it’s probably not a good time to tell you but I’m in love with you.”

That got Nick’s attention and Carrie sat up straighter and listened.

“I can’t help it,” continued Evie. “I love you. Adam knows I love you. I want to have children and I want to have them with you,” she added.

“I don’t understand,” confessed Nick. “You’re married to Adam. I’m sure you could have a baby with him.”

Evie looked at me. I acknowledged her predicament and nodded. She could explain.

“Nick,” said Evie. “I, we, have a confession to make. Adam and I aren’t married.”

Nick couldn’t control his reaction. Carrie’s reaction was even more apparent.

“I’m sure, whether or not you’re married,” Nick commented, “Adam and you could still have children.”

“There’s more,” said Evie, looking at me for support.

“Tell them,” I whispered.

“Adam and I can’t have children,” said Evie. She held up a hand when Nick started to say something. “Adam is my brother,” she said.

Nick froze, whatever he planned to say trapped in his throat. “I can’t believe this,” he managed to say. “Carrie, can you help me out here?” he asked.

Carrie looked at Evie and me. She had tears in her eyes. “We thought we were the only ones,” she said softly.

“What?” asked Evie.

“Evie,” said Carrie more confidently. “Nick and I aren’t really married either. Nick is my brother too.”

Evie’s whole world crashed and rebuilt itself better. Everything that had been haunting her was suddenly gone. The world was suddenly bright, sunny and everything was possible. She ran to Carrie and kissed her. “I love you,” she said. Then she kissed Nick. “I love you too,” she said.

Finally, she ran to me. “I love you most,” she said and kissed me too.

Carrie spoke up. “I don’t know if this is the proper time to say this, but, Adam, I know that I’m in love with you. I’d have told you sooner if I had known you weren’t married to Evie.”

“Carrie,” I said. “If you had, I would have told you I was falling in love with you and was reluctant to tell you because I believed you were married and I didn’t want to interfere with an existing relationship.”

The relationships between the four changed that afternoon. The new freedoms were reflected in all their activities. The level of pure joy increased among gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort them all and whatever tensions or guilt they felt evaporated.

A couple of weeks later, I went shopping with Nick. A week later, we set up a romantic dinner for four at an exclusive restaurant downtown. The five-course meal was accompanied by unlimited wine. By the time we finished the main course, everyone was feeling loose and festive. Between the main course and dessert, Nick took a small box out of his jacket pocket. He looked at Evie, opened the box and asked, “Evie, will you marry me?”

The ring shone in the black box. Evie rubbed the tears from her eyes, choked out a “yes” and Nick placed the ring on her finger.

Before anyone could recover, I placed an identical box on the table in front of Carrie. Before I could ask, Carrie cried out, “Yes, yes a thousand times yes.”

I removed a ring from the box and placed it on Carrie’s finger. The women held their hands together. The rings were identical. Our love was identical. Dessert was abandoned and we rushed home.

That night, for the first time, they all made love in the same bed, the couples naked, alongside each other and sharing our partners and our love.

The next day the women began to plan quick weddings and Nick and I began to plan a honeymoon for four. The women had a workable plan by the end of the day. We, however, were having a problem choosing the perfect holiday.

We discussed it at dinner that evening. Carrie and Evie listened to us explain our thinking and the plethora of choices we were considering. Carrie put up her hand.

“Yes,” said Nick.

“I have a suggestion that might narrow the choices,” offered Carrie.

“We’re listening,” said Nick.

“Let’s go to a clothing optional resort,” she said.

Evie immediately seconded Carrie’s suggestion. “I love it,” she said.

“You don’t have a problem with us surrounded by naked women?” I asked.

“Not as long as Carrie and I are two of them and don’t forget the naked men,” grinned Evie.

Within a week, we had a hall, a menu, flowers, a DJ, reservations in Mexico, and a judge to perform the ceremonies. We emailed invitations to a select few friends, work mates and family members for weddings in three weeks. Altogether, we had thirty guests.

The day of the weddings, Carrie and Evie wore white dresses, below the knee in length and high neck lines. Nick and I wore tuxedos. I was Carrie’s groom and Nick’s best man. Nick returned the favor, supporting me while I married his sister.

Carrie was a beautiful bride for me and a stunning maid of honor for Evie who functioned in the same roles for Nick and Carrie.

The young judge who presided at the wedding handled the strange arrangement with aplomb. The brides walked to the altar arm in arm while we grooms waited with the judge. At the appropriate moment, I handed Nick the ring for Evie and then took the ring from Nick when it was my turn.

The party started immediately after the ceremonies. Dinner was served and the DJ directed the post dinner activities. First up, Evie sat in a chair at the center of the room and Nick knelt in front of her. With drama and fanfare, Nick slid his hands under Evie dress, fumbled around until Evie told him to stop it and emerged with Evie’s garter in his hands.

He tossed the garter over his shoulder to the mostly married men standing behind him trying to catch it. Most of the wives observing the childlike actions of their men over Evie’s garter just shook their heads and laughed.

Evie tossed her bouquet to the women who created a similar scrum trying to catch it as the men trying to catch the garter.

Carrie and I were next. Carrie sat in the chair. I knelt in front of her and slid my hands under her dress. I approached my task seriously. When I withdrew my hands, I was holding, not Carrie’s garter, but her panties.

The room exploded in laughter and the men immediately rushed to form another scrum. Two of the wives took their husbands by their arms and made them sit down again. While everyone was distracted, Nick quietly joined the group waiting for me to toss Carrie’s undies.

I dutifully tossed Carrie’s panties high in the air. With help from a couple of the other men, Nick managed to catch them. He walked to Evie seriously and presented her with his prize. Evie, just as seriously as Nick, took them and pushed them into her tiny wedding purse.

Carrie tossed her bouquet and the party continued. The four of us shared a first dance with each other, changing partners twice. During the second dance, Evie soloed to the center of the room, reached under her dress and removed her panties. The crowd loved it, except for two couples who sat stony at their tables. I retrieved the panties from Evie and presented them to Carrie who put gaziantep ofise gelen escort them in her purse.

The DJ brought up the music and everyone began to dance with each other. Over the next half hour, several other women removed their panties and their partners waved them in the air. One of the guys was wearing his lady’s panties on his head.

A short while later, one of Evie’s young workmates and her date started an erotic dance in the middle of the floor. While everyone watched, she started to unbutton her blouse. Fearing where the dance was going, Evie walked over to the woman and whispered in her ear. Whatever she said, the woman, nodded, smiled, took her partner’s hand and led him from the room. They returned about twenty minutes later, flushed and smiling. The woman’s blouse was fully buttoned but her bra was missing.

Nick looked around the room. He leaned over to me and said, “We should start an under/over pool.”

“What about?” I asked.

“How many women are wearing panties,” Nick suggested.

“How would we determine the winner?”

“We’d have to check or course,” Nick said.

Carrie overheard the conversation. She punched Nick in the arm. “Knock it off you two,” she ordered. “You can check two of us later, and just two,” she said. “And it’s a tie,” she added.

By early evening the party was starting to wind down. Carrie and I left first. We headed upstairs to a pair of rooms we had booked for the night with late checkouts in the morning.

By the time Nick and Evie arrived, the doors between the rooms were already open. Carrie and I were sitting on the bed, warming each other up. I had a hand under Carrie’s dress checking for what I knew wasn’t there. Carrie had her hand in my fly checking for what she knew was there.

“How do you want to do this?” asked Nick?

“I think I’d like to have Adam all to myself for now,” said Carrie.

“I agree,” said Evie. “Nick come with me,” she said and headed for the other room.

Nick followed Evie. Carrie called after them. “You can leave the doors open,” she said.

“Why?” I asked.

“I want to hear if they’re as happy as I am,” Carrie said.

“Where do you want to start?”

“Hug me, kiss me, cuddle me, undress me, touch me, squeeze me, suck me and fuck me,” suggested Carrie. “I want to start our married life repeating everything we’ve done to each other all these months.”

“Even that afternoon on the deck?” I wanted to know.

“That too,” agreed Carrie.

We started slowly and kept it slow. We progressed through Carrie’s list. I was feasting on Carrie’s breasts, nibbling on her nipples, when Carrie requested, “Skip the next body part and fuck me now.”

I turned Carrie on her back and parted her legs. I entered her slowly. Too slowly for Carrie. She grabbed my hips and pulled me inside her. We were stroking together, working up to a climatic ending when we heard Evie wailing from the next room.

“Damn,” moaned Carrie.

“She sounds happy,” I said.

“She does,” agreed Carrie. “Now it’s your turn to make me happy.”

I increased my attention to Carrie. I slid out of her and, before she could complain, I shifted my body down and found her enlarged clitoris with my lips. I sucked and nibbled on her clitoris until Carrie was bouncing on the bed with every nibble. I then slid up and reentered her.

Carrie pulled me close and pushed against my erection. I pushed inside her as far as I could and then pushed harder. Carrie’s resistance collapsed and she wailed louder than Evie as her orgasm kidnapped her and she tensed every muscle in her body.

We lay together, panting and trying to get our breath. When I finally rolled off her, we saw Evie and Nick standing in the doorway. “Damn, Carrie,” said Nick. “You never screamed like that for me.”

“Nick, darling,” responded Carrie between breaths, “you took me to the top of the mountain but you never threw me off.”

Carrie patted the bed, asking Evie and Nick to join us. “How does it feel being an honest to God bride?” Carrie asked Evie.

“It’s magical and we’ve just started. How about you?” Evie asked.

“It is magical, even spiritual,” responded Carrie. “It’s so much better than anything since we met,” she confessed. “Kiss me,” Carrie requested.

Evie paused for a half second and then leaned over Carrie and kissed her. One kiss led to a second and then a third. By the fourth kiss, they were palming each other’s breasts. “All these months together and we’ve never kissed before. Why not?” asked Carrie while caressing Evie’s breast.

“I can’t explain it,” said Evie, returning Carrie’s caress. “But I’ll never wait again,” she added as she leaned in for another kiss.

Nick and I watched, fascinated. “Is this part of married life?” asked Nick.

“Certainly, not the way I imagined it,” I responded.

“They look very happy,” commented Nick.

“What should we do?” I asked.

Nick looked longingly at me.

“Not on your life,” I said a little too loudly.

Carrie and Evie stopped kissing, looked at me and laughed. “Homophobic?” asked Carrie.

“No,” I insisted. “Just straight and getting straighter every minute.”

“Don’t worry,” said Nick. “You have a way to go to be as straight as I am.”

“Fuck us while we kiss and explore each other,” suggested Carrie.

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