Getting Caught Cruising Pt. 02

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We all just stand there staring at each other, wondering who was going to speak first.

This hot stud just stood there eyeing us up and down and then gave a cheeky half smile; I stand there frozen with fear until I look up and see him smiling.

I stand there pondering, “Does he want to join?”

I turn to Callum to see if he is thinking the same as me.

He looked at me and grinned.

Yes, he was! He then turned his head facing this guy at the doorway with a subtle cheeky tone in his voice, “anything we can help you with?”

With that he started walking towards us, closing the door behind him, I could feel Callum’s cock go soft why he was concentrating on this guys coming towards us.

He took off his suede jacket and let it just drop the floor, he moved in even closer, I could feel his breath getting closer to my lips. I lock his eyes with mine and he moves in to kiss me, I stare at these perfect lips, these soft pert lips just a kind of rose colour pink that you just wish you could kiss just once in your life.

He licks his lips to make them just a little moist, wow his breath smells so sweet like he had been eating a peach just before walking in here, oh my god his getting so close now his breath warming my lips, giving them this tingle that I’ve never experienced before.

He gently kisses my lips; it sends shivers down my spine, all the way to my fingertips and my toes.

I feel my cock starts to tingle, his making me hard again. Wow I’ve never been so turned on in my life. He pulls away from me.

I make room in front of me so he can go in front creating a sandwich with me as its filling, I don’t bother to ask him his name, hey what do I care, I lift up his shirt slowly, like it was in slow motion, I wanted to savour every moment of this why I could!

He loves to tan in the sun, I look down to his navel and see his tan line just sitting there above his shorts, I go up a little further and revealed this perfect V pattern leading from his hips down to his groin I was like he was paving the way for me.

Further up I go I see the end of a snail trail it was like a perfect landing strip, more, there are the start of what I sense are some rock hard abs, then I reveal another two, then another two and then two more, I reach his pecks and lift his shirt more my eyes following the definition of his chest these perfect golden hard pecks with a tiny nipples poking out at the end of them.

My tongue screaming to follow the outline of his V line, up to his abs ensuring that I don’t miss a single piece of skin on this young guys body working my tongue up his sternum into the middle of his chest, moving to his left nipple running my tongue around it and across the tip, making it slightly wet, it getting harder so I flick it making it harder, then when finished with that one, retracing my steps along to his other nipple taking it between my teeth just nibbling ever so slightly.

Why I do this I am slowly reaching my hand into his shorts just stroking his cock, feeling the small amount of hair at the top, this telling me that he likes to keep himself well groomed.

I snap out of this fantasy that was going on in my head, I had the real thing in front of me, I didn’t need to fantasise. I push my bum back onto Callum showing him that I still acknowledge he is there and he has his load left to shoot inside me!

He responds by slightly thrusting into me, showing me that his still hard and in control. He bends forward licking the middle of my back all the way up to my neck, going back down Esat travesti and kissing his way back up across my shoulder blade, towards my shoulder joint.

I reach towards… let’s call him Scott.

I reach for his hands grabbing them at the wrists, and force them up so they are above his head and hold them there against the cubical wall, he pushes his shoulders back to the wall and moves his crotch closer to mine so he was at an angle like his bottom half was leaning towards me begging for me to take out his cock and suck on it.

But I wasn’t going to do that just yet, I was going to make this last. So I lift up his shirt forcing it over his head as not to get in my way and then I carried out my day dream, I followed it just like I had imagined it and my mind wasn’t wrong.

He had the snail trail, the perfect V line and the most gorgeous glow to his skin, this golden colour and a white line where his waist band ends, he obviously liked to wear just his shorts when he tans, how else what he get this line? My mind started to drift away again…

Wow, I was back to reality again, wow this guy seems to have some power over me.

Maybe it was the way he looked, way his breath smelt so sweet, his tan or that half smirk/smile that he first gave when he caught us, or maybe it was the thrill that this whole situation just shouldn’t be happening.

His hands still pushed back against the walls with mine, our fingers interlocking, he was liking this and so was I, so I continued to play with his nipple. Some more kissing back down towards his snail-trail down his V lines, reaching the waist band, the more I bent down the more Callum’s cock entered me getting more deeper and ever more satisfying –

I unlocked my fingers from his, running my hands over his smooth chest, across his hard erect nipples to which I gave a slight tweak to as I passed, down over each rip that was his abs and down to his waist band, pulling it down ever so slightly kissing the top just where his pubic hair meets just pure smooth skin.

Moving down further down towards the base of his penis, It becomes visible to me, wow he was a big boy, he was bigger and thicker than Callum, I’ve never had one this big in my entire sexual experience, I have only dreamed to have one like this, I’ve heard that the bigger thicker guys make the best lovers as every inch of your hole is covering it so tight It makes you more sensitive and you feel it more because of that fact.

I slowly nibble the base of his penis, making his cock fill up quickly getting hard that even his shorts were becoming tight. Working my way up to the head.

I bring my tongue to his tip, licking all around his thick cut cock. And then I stretch my mouth as wide as I can and take in this giant beast, Callum groans as he feels the warmth of my arse tightening around him. His puts his left hand on my shoulder ensuring he can get as deep as possible inside me, pulling me back onto him as he pushes deep inside me, his right hand reaching up to Scott’s lips, he licks his thumb and runs it along Scott’s lips making them more moist,

Scott opens his mouth letting out a little groan, his tongue peeking out and running across the top of Callum’s thumb.

Callum moves his thumb into Scott’s mouth running it along his tongue to which Scott recipicates and starts to massage it back closing his lips around it and stats to suck on it.

I was in heaven right now, I’ve always fantasised about a threesome but have never had the courage to have one… until now.

Scott Kızılay travesti then pulls away releasing Callum’s thumb and leans in to kiss him making his cock slip from my mouth, to which I followed and leaned in to take it in some more, I wasn’t letting go that easily.

I grabbed Scott’s cock from its base, milking any precum that was acclimating inside come to the surface so I could lick it up, I managed to get a few drops and just let it slide down the back of my throat, savouring the taste.

After lapping up his precum I pull away and break them two away from kissing and turn Scott around so he was facing the cubicle wall while still making his hands stay firmly pressed against the wall. I pull down his shorts all the way to that his bare buttocks was staring me in the face.

I kiss both his cheeks and run my tongue up the middle of his hole to the top and wiggle my tongue slowly at first and then getting faster and faster as quick as my tongue would go spreading his cheeks baring his pink hole and continue to rim his making his hole moist, Callum getting more excited as he watches me face deep in this guy’s bum, Thrusts faster, I stand up so that I was at the same height as Callum.

I run a finger across Scott’s hole prepping it for my finger, I slowly slip it inside him to which he tenses immediately, I pause and await for him to relax before going any further, after a few breaths he relaxes and I work my finger to his prostrate and apply pressure.

I prepare another finger and continue to insert it inside him; he whimpers a little more out loud, I rub his prostrate till he was practically screaming on this inside, afraid to let it out in case someone else would hear. I slowly retract, his hole still open and ready for me to plunge my cock straight into, I spit on my hand and massage my own saliva into my penis creating a lubrication, I place my head at the entrance of his rectum and slowly started to insert it, I got to about 3″ before he asked me to stop, this was obviously a new experience for him.

I stopped as he requested, his sphincter tightening around me, I whisper into his ear to relax and enjoy it and not to worry, this seemed to help a little as he started to relax, then I started going in further, wow, I haven’t topped in such a long time this was such an intense feeling, I forgot how It felt to be this deep inside a guy.

I got in further and he told me to stop again, I began to sense that he wasn’t enjoying this as much as I so I pulled out and asked him if he was ok? He tells me that he is a virgin and has only ever been a top.

Upon hearing this news Callum pulls out of me and sits me on the toilet seat and puts his cock in front of my face, then reaches for Scott’s hip and turns him around so his cock was also in my face.

Did he want me to suck them both at the same time? I look up at Callum and then then to Scott who are just there staring down at me, waiting for me to take them both. So I grab them both at the base and put them in my mouth. I suck on each one, paying more attention to one and alternating, both of them grabbing me at the back of my head making me take both of them more.

Scott in a hurry grabs me by the hair bringing me to my feet and makes me face Callum and bends me forward. His cock was going to be the biggest I had yet taken and I knew that this was going to hurt, with that I took a deep breath in and proceeded to kiss Callum as a distraction.

He slowly thrusts his shaft getting more and more lubricated the deeper he went in, the veins Alsancak travesti on this monster cock were throbbing against my prostate, after I relaxed and got used to his massive size I began to enjoy it more and more thrusting my bum onto him ensuring that he was deeper in me than anyone ever has been. I grab Callum’s cock and start to wank him off hoping that he will shoot over my face or deep into my throat making me choke on every drop of his juice that shoots out.

I feel Scott’s hands on my hips as he thrusts deeper and deeper, how glad I was that he came in when he did. Callum’s head tilted back, his breath got deeper and I knew that this was it, he was getting ready to cum, I open my mouth ready to catch it or have it on my face, I didn’t care anymore I just wanted it. Scott reaches round to my cock and begins to wank me hard and fast why still thrusting,

Callum’s cock then starts to twitch in my hand, here we go he’s resisting, but I was not going to let him hold on that hot sticky load, I wanted it and I wanted it now!!

I increase the speed, tightening my grip I kept pursuing it even with my wrist getting cramped I wasn’t going to be defeated, Callum grabs Scott at the back of his head and kisses him to prevent him from screaming out and within seconds of kissing his shoots his hot load, the first squirt hitting my face and the rest going into my mouth crashing onto my tongue which was ready to catch, Scott getting excited at hearing Callum moan begins to start climaxing I stand up Callum’s hand placed firmly over my mouth muffling any sound and ensuring that I swallow every inch of him.

He takes over from Scott and continues to wank my rock hard cock, Scott hearing me groaning, begins to become shallow in his breathing his breath hitting the hairs on my neck. His breath stopping as he begins to empty his ball sack inside me filling my hole with the hottest stickiest, wettest cum I’ve ever felt inside me, I could just feel it oozing out of him and my bum happy to take his offering. With every thrust after that I could just feel him massaging it into me making my prostate more sensitive.

I begin to feel myself reaching climax, my muscles started to stiffen, my toes and fingers curling up, I stare directly into Callum’s eyes as I feel my body begin to shake and shudder, oh my god I was going to cum and as I continued to stare into Callum’s eyes, I could feel myself about to shoot, and with that I shot my load.

It managed to Catch Callum on his chest and all along his stomach it had shot nearly as far as his chin.

I could feel myself beginning to sweat, as a feeling of relief came over me, wow, this was intense I had, had such an amazing time with these two guys I wish it could of happened more often, but I knew this was just a one chance thing, that there was never going to be a repeat performance, as we all stood there feeling overwhelmed at what had happened and cleaning ourselves up we just couldn’t help but stand there and smirk and look smug.

We all proceeded to walk over to the sinks to wash our hands, and slowly exited the toilets one by one as not to bring too much attention to ourselves, and as Scott left he turned back to look at me and gave me a cheeky wink as if to say,

“I’ll see you again another time!”


Thank you for reading this story, I hope you enjoyed it, this idea was given to me by a friend all I asked him for was a theme and I let my imagination run wild, if you would like me to write a story for you of a similar nature, then message me or leave a comment and rating with a plot or few words describing what you would like i.e. “getting caught y cruising” “male on male” and i will make you a story, and dedicate it to you! Please keep in mind that this is a hobby of mine and it will take me a couple of days to prepare it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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