Getting Coached by Mr. Hawkins Ch. 03

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Double Dong

The next two months seemed to drag on forever as I waited for graduation day to come. I’d already been accepted to my dream college, so there wasn’t a whole lot of motivation to worry too much about school, and once track season ended I had a lot more free time. I’d gone to prom with a group of friends, and even though a few people knew I was gay, I wasn’t about to show everyone in my high school. So I danced with some of my close girl friends, slow dancing to “How Do I Live” and trying not to laugh at how ridiculous I felt. Mr. Hawkins was working as a chaperone, and during the song our eyes met. He gave me a knowing smile before turning away and talking to some other students.

All that free time had provided me plenty of opportunities to get acquainted with the toys Mr. Hawkins had given me. Hardly a day went by that I didn’t use them on my self as soon as I got home from school. I could take the smaller dildo easily now, although I still needed plenty of lube and a lot of patience for the bigger one that resembled Mr. Hawkins’ cock. I loved how full I felt when I managed to fit the entire thing in my ass, and every time it slid out, I could feel my hole gaping, ready to take anything. I played around with different positions – legs up in the air, sitting on the edge of the bathtub – but my favorite was still doggy style, which made me feel so submissive. I wanted so badly to scream out Mr. Hawkins’ name as I fucked myself, but afraid that I’d scream so loud that the neighbors would hear, I’d always cover my mouth as I moaned in ecstasy.

June 17th. The big day had finally arrived, and I was more nervous than I had expected. Not just because I was afraid that Mr. Hawkins had changed his mind and now wasn’t interested in me, but also because I worried that after so much build up, it couldn’t possibly live up to my expectations. What if it hurt too much? What if I liked having something in my ass, but found it weird for that something to be attached to another person? What Mr. Hawkins just wasn’t that good? OK, admittedly I found that last one a little hard to believe. He would really have to not know what he was doing for me to not by turned on by his muscular arms, hairy chest, and thick cock.

As the afternoon approached, I threw my graduation gear in the back of my car and drove to the school. As family members and friends started arriving at the football field, we assembled in the gym to start getting ready for our graduation procession. I laughed and joked with my friends as we tried to figure out how to properly put on our hoods, and this helped take my mind off of whatever might happen later.

The ceremony was a blur, as I was mainly focused on trying not to trip when I walked up to get my diploma, and hoping that the principal pronounced my last name correctly. After everything wrapped up, parents came down onto the field for the inevitable and drawn out picture-taking. As I was milling around next to my parents, I felt a meaty hand on my shoulder from behind.

“Congratulations, track star!”

It was Mr. Hawkins. I would have preferred not to have to introduce a teacher that I’d performed oral sex on to my mom and dad, but he didn’t really give me much choice.

“Mr. Hawkins, hey,” I stammered. “Guys, this is my P.E. teacher, Mr. Hawkins.”

“You guys can call me Dave. And hey, I’m not your teacher any more, Kyle, so I guess you can too!”

My parents both shook his hand. “I’ve always been telling him that he would enjoy working out in the gym. Never seemed to listen to me, but I’m glad someone got it into his head!” my dad said jovially.

Mr. Hawkins glanced at me with a smirk. “He’s been a great student. A very eager learner.” Was he trying to get us caught? “Well hey, I’ve got lots of other students I need to congratulate. Kyle, don’t be a stranger OK?”

Mr. Hawkins put his hand out for a bro hug, and brought us closer together, chest to chest, his lips next to my ear.

“Elm St. I’ll see you tonight after you have fun celebrating,” he whispered.

An electric shock ran through my body. Although I’d been expecting some sort of signal from Mr. Hawkins now that I’d graduated, I wasn’t ready for casino oyna him to tell me that he was ready to fuck me tonight, all while my parents were standing just feet away. And I loved it.

After going out for dinner with my parents and older sister, I headed back home to get ready for my big night. The plan was to head to a friend’s graduation party, hang out for an hour or two, then make my way to another party – the catch being that this other party would be at Mr. Hawkins’ apartment. I slipped into some blue and pink striped briefs (I normally wore boxers, but I loved how these briefs made my butt look), a pair of skinny jeans, and a tight fitting v-neck t-shirt. As I exited my room, I took a deep breath, knowing that the next time I came home, my life would feel very different.


A couple friends and I made plans to hit up a bonfire party being thrown by someone who had graduated the year before. I tried to stay on the periphery of the crowd, partly to not get too much smoke on my clothes (I didn’t know if that would be a turn-off for Mr. Hawkins), and partly to avoid interacting with too many people. The less people who knew I’d been out at graduation parties, the easier it would be to sneak off somewhere else for the night. So I milled around the edge of the party with a few close friends, sipped on a beer, and tried not to think too much about what was about to go down. I would normally never drink and drive, but the beer definitely helped calm my nerves.

After the sun had gone down and it was completely dark out, I decided to make my move. I told my friends that I had promised another friend that they didn’t know as well that I would go hang out with them, and would try to meet up later at another party. My plan seemed to work, and as I turned to head towards my car, my head was spinning. After a few deep breaths, I entered Mr. Hawkins’ address into my phone, and started on my way.

It was about a 15 minute drive to his place, and I really tried to make my mind wander so that I wouldn’t have a raging hard-on right when I got to his door. It worked for a while, but my mind started to fantasize about stroking his big dick, having my ass played with, swallowing a load of Mr. Hawkins’ hot cum…I could feel a wet spot developing in my pants. Nice going, Kyle. Mr. Hawkins’ condo was on a relatively busy street near downtown, and I was a little freaked out about someone seeing my car and investigating what I had been doing there, so I parked on a little side street a couple blocks away. After parking I looked at baseball standings on my phone – wondering about who was going to take the second wild card spot helped take my mind off what was about to happen, and after about five minutes I finally felt ready to approach the door.

Mr. Hawkins lived in a small, two-story condo building with a view of the water. It looked very hip and modern, especially compared to a lot of the other condos that didn’t look like they were particularly nice when they built in the 70s. I approached the door, and for the first time this evening, didn’t feel the need to hesitate in my actions. Almost without thinking, my finger jabbed the “2B” button, and what probably took 5 seconds seemed like an eternity.

“Hello?” came the voice on the call box.

“Uh, yeah…it’s Kyle.”

“I’ll buzz you in, just come upstairs. The door’s open.”

I entered the building and had to restrain myself from running up the stairs. I pushed his front door open and peaked my head in, shutting the door behind me.


Mr. Hawkins – Dave – strolled to the door, tossing aside a dish towel he’d been using to wash his hands. He gave me another bro hug and we embraced, much as we had at graduation. Except this time he didn’t let go. Our eyes met, and Mr. Hawkins leaned down to kiss me softly on the lips. He then tilted his head, and moved to licking my neck behind my ear. I wasn’t expecting this, and even though it felt good, I guess my body reacted differently. I instinctively pulled away slightly, and looked at Mr. Hawkins with surprise.

“Everything OK, Kyle? Just want to make you feel good.”

“Yeah, canlı casino of course. I don’t know what that was about.”

“Hey, I get it, this is still a big deal for you, even if we’ve already kind of…”

Mr. Hawkins laughed and I smiled with relaxation. Remembering how much I wanted this to happen, and how slowly we’d taken things thus far helped get me back in the mood.

“I still want this,” I said.

“I’m glad to hear it,” Mr. Hawkins replied, “let’s make sure you’re super comfortable.”

With that, Mr. Hawkins released me and headed back to the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator, pulling out a bottle of Champagne and holding it up to show me.

“Thought we should toast first to the end of another successful school year! Grab a couple glasses from that cabinet there,” he said, motioning to a door next to the fridge. As I set the flutes down on the counter, I heard the bottle pop open, and Mr. Hawkins quickly poured our drinks. We clinked glasses and took a sip, toasting to a great school year and an exciting summer. I licked my lips devilishly.

“You know, I don’t think that bottle is the only thing that’s going to get popped tonight,” I purred.

Mr Hawkins grinned, putting his hands on my shoulders and kissing my forehead, and spinning me around to face the other direction. “Don’t worry, we’ve got all night. Let’s go relax on the couch and enjoy this wine.”

I did as I was told, allowing Mr. Hawkins to lead me over to his plush couch. We made small talk for about half an hour, mostly me telling him about my plans for the summer and college, before I learned a little more about how Mr. Hawkins came to be living alone and fooling around with an 18 year old. He’d been married to his high school sweetheart and had two daughters, both older than me, but the marriage had broken down when his girls were in high school. Since then, he’d been dating casually and starting to check out hookup sites. As he had mentioned in passing when I was about to suck him off in the showers, Mr. Hawkins had fooled around with guys a couple of times when he was younger, but always just considered it a passing curiosity. It wasn’t until he had run into an old classmate in the locker room at a local gym that things really took off.

“We were both heading into the showers at the same time, making some small talk, and then when I dropped my towel, we made eye contact and both seemed to know what was going to happen. We fooled around a little bit, but I knew I needed more. And then…I heard what you wanted.”

The champagne was giving me a little buzz, and I hadn’t even noticed that Mr. Hawkins’ hand had started caressing my leg, moving up towards my privates. I looked deep into his eyes, and before I knew it he was full-on French kissing me, and I loved it. Together we loosened my belt and allowed my pants to slide down a little ways, leaving me exposed in my boxer-briefs. I let myself sink down into the couch as Mr. Hawkins climbed on top of me, his hard dick grinding against mine. We continued like this for a couple minutes, before he stood up to take his shirt off, and dropped his pants and underwear to the floor. Stepping out of them, he laid back down on the couch and I jumped into action, removing my shirt and letting my pants fall to the floor. I leaned down to give Mr. Hawkins a kiss, then pulled away and dropped to my knees.

His thick cock was at full attention, and I started by licking all around the head and up and down the underside of it. Precum was oozing out of the tip, and the taste of it was somehow making me even hornier. I started easing more and more of the dick into my mouth and throat. I still couldn’t fit it all in there, but I had gotten better since our first time. Mr. Hawkins’ face had a look of deep satisfaction before he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me off of him.

“Oh Kyle, that’s so good. But you’ve been doing all the work, I want to make you feel this good too.”

While I had wanted to make Mr. Hawkins come so badly, I couldn’t say no to his offer.

“I want that too,” I replied.

With that, he picked me up, his beautiful, muscular body carrying my tight, toned kaçak casino figure to the bedroom at the back of the condo. Mr. Hawkins laid me down on the bed and peeled my underwear off, my penis springing covered with plenty of precum of its own.

“Mmm yeah, this is a cute little thing, isn’t it? You’ve been a very good boy, Kyle.” Mr. Hawkins then threw my boxers across the room. “You won’t be needing those for the rest of the night!”

He got between my legs and started licking all over my penis and balls. I was completely drenched down there, but somehow I managed to delay my orgasm because I knew what was coming next. With minimal effort those big arms flipped me on to my stomach, my ass completely exposed. I could feel Mr Hawkins’ tongue start to explore around my hole before he started really lapping at it, and eventually introduced a finger. For a few brief seconds he stopped as I heard him open a drawer in his bedside table, and I heard a bottle of lube being open and squeezed out over my ass. I got a chill from the cool sensation of the lube, and I groaned as I eased myself back onto his middle finger, his other hand reaching around and fondling my balls. Mr. Hawkins kissed my back and neck as he kept sliding the finger deeper inside me.

“I think you’re ready for something else, don’t you?” he whispered in my ear.

“Oh fuck yeah, I need you inside me,” I moaned.

I turned around and helped him slide a condom on before he turned me over again. More lube was squirted onto his cock and my waiting hole. I was so ready. Having been opened up by Mr. Hawkins’ finger, the head of his cock went in easily enough. Just like when I was training with my dildo, there was some pressure when he reached the first ring of my anus, but within a few minutes I was loosened up enough to take more of it. I’d had my face pressed against the covers to stop from screaming out too much, but as the initial pain subsided, I turned my head back to see Mr. Hawkins working my ass. He had a satisfied smile on his face, his muscular, hairy chest glistening with sweat. I was so turned on that I started sliding up and down on his dick. I felt like such a slut and I loved it.

It didn’t take too long for Mr. Hawkins to blow his load. I could hear his breathing quicken up, and he started to grunt while saying my name.

“Oh Kyle, oh Kyle, ohhhhhh yeah baby!”

His dick started spasming inside me, and I could feel the force of his orgasm through the condom. We stayed like that for a minute, just catching our breaths, before Mr. Hawkins pulled out and tossed his condom in the trash can. I flipped over to my back, and after climbing back on the bed, Mr. Hawkins leaned in for a deep kiss.

“That was really fucking good, Kyle. How was it for you?”

“Well, my ass is pretty sore. It still felt great though.”

Mr. Hawkins laughed. “Well, I tried to be gentle, but it’s tough when your ass was turning me on so much!”

I smirked back at him. “It was still great. I thought I was going to come right away, but then I was mostly focused on keeping that dick inside me.”

“I think we need to do something about that then,” Mr. Hawkins replied.

Propping up a couple of pillows and sitting up on the bed, he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his lap. My dick, which had started to go soft, immediately sprang back to attention. Mr. Hawkins started kissing my neck again, massaging my ass with one hand, and stroking me with the other. I couldn’t believe that this man could turn me on in so my different ways all at once, and my moans let Mr. Hawkins know that I was getting close.

“Oh yeah, is this little slut gonna come for daddy?” he grunted.

“Oh daddy, I’m going to come for you,” I panted back, “keep touching me, keep touching me, keep-“

With that my dick spurted out several huge ropes of cum, covering my chest and almost hitting me in the face. I slid down off of Mr. Hawkins’ lap and collapsed onto the bed. After catching my breath, my first instinct was to head to the bathroom to clean myself up, but Mr. Hawkins grabbed me before I could leave. He ran his finger up my chest, scooping up some of my cum which he then brought to his mouth, and we kissed once more, my salty cum moving back and forth between our mouths. I didn’t know if I was in love with my teacher, but whatever I was feeling, I wanted to feel that way forever.

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