Getting Inked

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“Nice tattoo!” I smiled as someone called out to me as I passed in the park. It was a nice tattoo, a black tribal fairy done between my shoulder blades. But it wasn’t just the design that made it good. It was the whole experience. I took a deep breath, enjoying the fall air as I recalled getting that particular piece. It wasn’t my first, for certainly was not my last, but it was the most memorable.

I got it at the end of winter. It was almost spring, but we were suffering a horrible cold snap. I was the last client of the day, but all the cold air from people going in and out of the shop had made it chilly. “Sorry about the cold, this place is shit for keeping warm.” my tatt man told me as he got things around. “Sucks since you gotta be so exposed for this.” He chuckled.

“I’ll live, the cold is going to be the least thing on my mind here in a moment, I’m sure.” I told him with a laugh.

“No shit. Straddle that chair, yah, lean down just a bit. You comfortable? Good, that works perfect.” He guided me into a position to make each of us comfortable as he got ready to make my skin very uncomfortable.

I stared at the tiled floor as he began, thinking idle thoughts. The gun buzzed to life and I tried to tune it out. It was the worst part of the process. Like going to the dentist. But my dentist was a boring looking middle aged woman. My tattoo guy was a different story. He was kinda plain in appearance, brown eyes, glasses, a bit of a baby face accept for the cleft in his chin. But he had long hair. I love long hair on a guy. Can be dog ass ugly but if there’s long hair, I still feel a spark of attraction. The guy working on my back also had a fun personality, so it made him all the better in my book.

“Here we go….you doing alright?” he was so concerned as he started out. I took in a deep breath as he put the needle to my skin. I always think it’s going to be worse than it is. But it wasn’t so bad. He did a few more strokes on my neck and I relaxed.

“I’m good. If I can’t handle it by now, I shouldn’t be in a chair. I’ve had worse.” I muttered, looking down at the floor. I breathed in slowly to make sure I didn’t tense or move.

“Yah, that’s right. First time I’ve done you though. It’s just habit to ask”. He got working again and I let the sensations start to sink in. It hurts, I give it that. Stings and burns. But then it starts to make you sensitive. I started to feel everything. The cold was brushing over my skin making it tighten and break out into goose-flesh. Then there was the warmth radiating from my tatt guy as he leaned in over me. The cuff of his flannel kept grazing near where he was working, until he paused to roll it back. It made a soft tickle that felt nice so close to where my skin was burning with new ink. I closed my eyes to feel more. He was sitting, straddling my back. His thighs were brushing against mine as he leaned over me. I was greatful for the warmth he provided. I should have worn more than the thin halter dress, but then I couldn’t feel as much as I was. I imagined that I could feel each line of his denim pants against me. He was close and warm…I was starting to become aroused by it, him brushing against me as he penetrated my skin. Pain and pleasure always lived in close proximity for me. I could feel the tingling start and I concentrated on that and the pain. Wetness started to join the tingling in my pussy, and with an intake of air, the subtle scent of my arousal greeted me. I didn’t even notice I had moaned.

“You alright there? Need a break?” he paused the gun and drew up from me. His hot breath brushed across my skin. I didn’t want him to leave or stop, so I was fast to reply.

“OH no, just relaxing. Almost makes me want to fall asleep. But you were right, I sure can feel the cold.” He leaned back to start working again and I was pleased. I closed my eyes and settled into the sensations as he talked.

“Yah, what really sucks is when it’s cold, and you get one of those jackass tattoo artists that use a spray bottle on ya. Man, I had a guy do that and I wanted to jump up and bust his face in.” He laughed with me and paused to wait for me to still. I did, cause I wanted the sensation of the needle again, his breath following after the sharp sting and his body hot around me again. It was damn cold! I concentrated on the warmth again and it seeped into me. He leaned in to swipe my skin and I felt the added heat as he brushed against my tailbone. Well, seems I wasn’t the only one arroused. I felt more the heat of his cock than the hardness as it barely brushed against me. Just a hint, but it was enough. My muscles clenched up and i shivered as I all but came right then. I clenched my teeth as my pussy began to throb. Oh this was becoming quite the torture. He must have realized I had noticed his reaction and drew back away from me. Damn.

“Ah, let me give us a second…” He quickly wiped at my back, keeping away. He was embarrassed and trying to compose himself. I should had let it pass and saved him any reaction. It was probably just a subconscious reaction to my body’s response. Logically I knew this, and should pretend I was oblivious, but I wasn’t. My back burned, my skin was so sensitive I imagined I could feel individual molecules of air caressing me, my pussy was hot and throbbing and I just had what promised to be a thick hard cock brush up against my backside. Fuck it, I sıcak kafa izle was not going to be the better person tonight. Without even thinking about it, I shifted back on the chair and brushed into him again.

“So, you keep a spare gun in your pocket or you happy to see me?” Okay…dumb line, but it was the first thing I thought of. I hoped I didn’t push my luck, cause he pulled back from touching me again.

“Um..I’m sorry about that..want to take a break, I…ah will control it.” He started to shift his weight to get up. I quickly arched my back to press my ass back against him. It startled him so he paused. Oh yes, that was definitely a thick erection straining the front side of his pants. I let out a whisper of a moan.

“That’s alright. You don’t have to control it. In fact…I was wondering if you’d like to try the other gun out on me. I’m kinda curious how it feels.” I glanced slightly over my shoulder quickly to read his face. I might have pushed too far and would need a new tattoo artist, and ice in my panties next time. Wait, who was I kidding? That would make me horny too. But I sure hope I wouldn’t need a new artist, and I sure hope he wouldn’t resist. I saw the brief flash of indecision in his eyes. I bit my lip and squirmed against the chair. I needed him to make up his mind fast. I spread my legs a little wider on the chair and pressed my pussy into the leather of it. And, it wasn’t the setting of a porno, and maybe in real life it seemed way over the top, but fuck it. I whimpered as the pressure against me just taunted me more. And maybe it was a porno set after all, because I saw him lose his battle with himself. In that instant I saw in his eyes that he wasn’t going to follow any code of work ethics here. My tattoo guy was going to fuck me.

“Okay, let me get ready and set up. How about…you go stand over there at the bench. No, don’t get on it, just stand there and bend over it some. I already saw your id, so we should be good.” I laughed as he assumed a professional attitude as he put away his tattooing gear and came towards me. I got off the chair and headed to the bench like he said.

“Would you like some help?” I turned and took a step to him, intent on freeing himself from his pants. I was dying to feel the weight of his cock in my hands, stroke the soft skin, taste that first pearl of pleasure before letting him sink into me.

“DO I tell you how to do your job? No. Now shut up and get yourself over to the table like I said. No no no, not like that.” I felt him come up behind me and grab my hips.I had only just stood facing the table, thinking he wanted me on it or something. Obviously not, cause he yanked my hips back towards him and pressed my shoulders down so I was truly leaning over to the bench. I rested my hands on the leather surface and gave my hips a slow wiggle under his hands as he started to slip up my dress. I sighed and arched my hips up a little when his hands slid up my thighs and grasped the edge of my panties. He made a low sound of approval as he slid down my legs with my panties. I stepped out of them and waited for him to come backk up. Instead he stayed on the floor and ran his hands up and down my ankles.

“Mmm, not too bad a view from here. But make it better, spread your legs some, and keep on these heels. Damn that’s hot. In fact, let me snap off a photo. Look over your shoulder and keep your hips up like that. Perfect, your pussy is just teasing me with a view of those soft pink lips.” I did as he said, making an alluring picture of expectation. The camera flashed and I ducked my face. Wonder just how many shots like this were on the shop camera. I kept my legs braced though and as he took another shot, I slipped my hand between my legs to touch the lips he mentioned. Perfectly smooth after a fashionable v of curls. The air was cold and drying the heated moisture my arousal was causing to glisten along them.

“Hah, I can’t blame you for caressing yourself. Let me watch you do that for a minute. Making yourself nice and wet for me? Hmm, doesn’t look like it. Let me try.” I tensed as he came up to me again, shivering with anticipation. He sunk down to his knees and watched from face level as I stroked myself. I rolled my clit around under my fingers then slipped them and parted my pussy for him. He breathed into it then grasped my wrist and pushed my hand away. “Lips like that need to be kissed.” Is what he said right before his mouth was on my shaved lips. I gasped a moan along with him as he ran his tongue along the edges of me. His hands were sliding up my thighs and then to my ass, squeezing and pressing each cheek apart as he nuzzled in closer to my demanding sex. I arched and started to press back against his mouth. His facial hair brushed roughly against my sensitive skin and I grabbed the table and rubbed myself against his mouth. He growled as his tongue lashed me then sucked a lip into his mouth to bite. A hand slipped up from my ass and soon he had my clit free from its protective spot and was rolling and pinching it. I bit my lips trying to not cry out with the intensity of what he was doing to me. My body was arched and tight as I rose onto my toes to give him better access.

“Yah, just like that. Spread that pussy open for me. Damn that tastes good. Much wetter now. A gun needs to have a good amount of lubrication before penetrating the sketchbook izle skin. But you’re holding out on me. I’m not stopping until I get a real response from you.” That said he pressed his mouth tightly against me, shook it to rasp his facial hair against me and started to suck my lips then probe into me with his tongue. I started to moan and found myself riding his face. I pressed against his tongue as it slipped deeper into me. His nose ground against the area between pussy and ass and it felt so good. My nails dug into the edge of the bench holding on as I rode his face and my pussy wept on him with sheer pleasure. His tongue moved faster and faster but it wasn’t deep enough. I was whimpering and jerking till his hand reached up and three fingers replaced his agile tongue. I yelped and went straight up onto tiptoe as he aggressively stroked inside of me. He spread his fingers apart widening my entrance and then started to slide them in and out of me with hard jerks. It was intense and slightly rough and I responded to it like it was exactly what I needed. He started to laugh low and leaned back. “Like that do you? Put a knee up on the bench for me. Right up there. Damn but that’s a nice sight. You just fuck my fingers, doll. Mmm.”

My word he was right. His hand was just held stationary as I rode myself on them. He bent them just so and started to stroke for my g spot and I twisted and rode his fingers harder. My hips moved in fast jerking motions and then his face was between my legs again. He licked the juices that were pressed around my lips and his fingers, then pulled his fingers back enough to nuzzle in against my clit. My moans got louder and he growled slightly in encouragement. I felt the grazing of his teeth against my clit and my moans became ever increasing cries as I fucked myself right up to my climax.

I screamed in absolute frustration when he yanked his fingers from me and pulled his mouth from between my legs. I shook and my hips still rocked, humping cold air wanting that release he had just denied me. “WHY? Don’t stop, I want to cum!”

“There there, doll. I was just getting you prepared. Damn you taste good, and look at this, you’re slick from clit to mid thigh. Fuck you’re hot. Keep those hips pumping, I like watching you fuck the air. No, don’t touch yourself though. I got you all prepared, don’t want you to mess things up. Aw, listen to you whimper. That’s alright. No need to be stoic about the experience. I like when a woman lets me know she can feel what I’m doing to her body.” He stood behind me and talked directly against the raw start of my tattoo. I shivered and made another low moan. I stepped back a half step so I could feel him brush against my body.

“Oh please say you’re going to start work now, cause I’m fucking dying her. If you don’t fuck me after that, I swear I’ll use the fucking shop broom to get off. I came here to get myself penetrated, you get that gun geared up and penetrate the fuck out of me now!” I am not sure if it was a forceful demand or a whining plea. Didn’t care, my pussy was wet and throbbing. I could feel it pulsing all up and down my spine. I thrust my ass back towards him and whimpered when I heard him unzip his fly. I looked over my shoulder and saw him get himself prepared. Ever the professional, you keep your gun covered. He was thick as I thought and stretched a good handful and a half past his pants. It held in the air looking heavy and angry to be denied as well.

“Fuck I want you. Think you can handle the larger size? Fuck that, you’re gonna. Hold those pussy lips open wide. You’re ready, I just saw you glisten and drip down your thigh. Fuck this is going to be good.” He said no more. He stepped quickly behind me, grabbed the base of his thick cock and the broad head was pressing against my lips. It barely got glistened with my juices when he grabbed my hip in one hand and shoved his cockhead into me. I cried out and fell to the table as he let go of his cock, grabbed the other side of my hip and pressed the rest of his length into me with a solid slap as his body hit against my wet flesh.

“Damn that’s still tight. You feel good. Lets see if I can stretch ya some around me.” He shifted his hips against my ass and made his cock rotate around in me. I pressed back into him with an arch of my back and let go of the bench to untie the top of my dress. The thin fabric dropped down and my large breasts fell from their confinement. They were already swollen up and my tits were so tight it almost hurt. I pulled at them and pinched them in a similar way that he was rolling his thick cock inside of me. I moaned my deep relief when he quit playing and pulled back from me. He slid out till I felt the ridge of his cock head about ready to pop free. Please don’t leave me is what I thought and sighed in relief when he quick thrust back into me, driving me hard into the counter. He groaned in pleasure as he got me pinned down against the counter and thrust himself into me again and a gain. His hands slid up off my hips and took claim of my breasts from me. His hands covered them both and he squeezed them with each solid thrust. He pinched and pulled and leaned in to groan in my ear as he lay over me. Our bodies greeted each other with each slap together with a wet sucking sound. The scent of our sweat and my pussy’s juices was driving us mad. He growled and bit my sometimes when we touch izle ear and I brought my knee up onto the bench, spreading my legs wide and my pussy even tighter around him. He made short hard strokes into me till his balls slammed into my clit. I could feel them wet with my juices and soon was bucking back into every thrust.

I hadn’t even realized that I was moaning and crying out, but I was. It wasn’t enough though. I felt every inch of his body around me, inside me, stretching and pounding at me. “Fuck me harder, I want to hurt for a week after this tattoo. Fuck that’s huge! Yes yes! Like that!” I cried out everything as he got my one leg pressed up high, spreading me till I thought I would split as he slammed in. I felt his cock burry hilt deep till his head brushed almost painfully into the end of my depth. One hand was still twisting and pinching at one tit and then the other, but his other hand was scraping with his nails down my stomach and into my v of trimmed curls. He twisted his fingers and tugged till I yelped. He laughed in my ear, a low sound then plunged his fingers to my wet pussy, found my clit and with a pinch he caught it and twisted. I couldn’t help it. It put me over the edge. I jumped up and screamed as my pussy tightened up around him and wouldn’t let him move in nor out. He groaned and I cried out again as I came in a wet rush that squirted around his cock and out about where we joined. I collapsed on the counter and whimpered as wave after wave of my climax went through me. I’d never cum so hard before. As soon as I relaxed the walls of my pussy around him, he was chuckling and thrusting once again.

“There we go, I bet if I could have pulled out you woulda squirted all over my cock. Damn you lock up tight about a dick. I’m wondering what else can wrap tight around my cock. But, not till I make you scream one more time.” His fingers got wet in the juices that escaped me and he started to flick my swollen clit around in small circles before he started to tug at it. I moaned as he forced me back into full arousal after my wracking orgasm. I whimpered as he tugged and twisted, and then his other hand went between my legs to pinch at the lips spread around his cock. I whimpered, thinking I really couldn’t take much more, but then his fingers were pressing into me with his cock. He kept his cock still as his fingers started to stroke inside of me pushing for my g-spot again. I shuddered and then he was moving in me once again. No, I was moving on his cock, fucking myself on him as he stood and enjoyed. I needed it again. I had to cum again. I bucked my hips back into him as his fingers jabbed into me over and over. I screamed when his fingers pressed into my most sensitive spot. As soon as I did, he jerked his cock out of me and holding me down he stroked his fingers against me, leaning back to watch as I came again. I groaned as I felt my cum gush out of me and onto his hand. I squirted again and again as he groaned, and then with a sharp shove he was in me, fucking me so fast and hard I couldn’t keep up. I braced myself onto the table as he fucked me. He moaned and growled. Sometimes he pinched a tit other times he was groping my ass hard in his hand. I cried out in loud gasps and cries as his cock brutalized my pussy. But fuck if it didn’t feel good. With one more brutal thrust, I locked him inside me with yet another strong orgasm. Had anyone walked in, they might have thought me dying the way I screamed. But his groaning yell after mine would clarify what was really going on. He slammed into me hard one last time and then jerked out of my body.

The sudden loss of his weight holding my body against the counter made me crumple to the floor. I found myself with my hot wet cunt against a very cold tile floor. I looked up and saw his completely soaked cock bobbing before my face. “Yah…well, gonna show me what else can wrap tight around my cock or what?” I didn’t even look up at him. I had to taste my juices and feel that heavy cock. I grasped him and took him into my mouth. I sucked my juices off of him and then ran my tongue around the base of his cock. I licked my juices from the wet hair at the base of his cock and worked my way up to his tip. My tongue darted at the little pearls forming at the tip as he tried to hold himself back. His cock jerked and he thrust his hips towards my mouth. Instead of taking him in, I sucked my way along the bottom side till I got to his soaked balls. I lapped up every last bit of my flavor from him and took one then the other into my mouth to suck. He grasped my head and bucked his hips making his cock slap my face. I reached around, grabbed his ass and finally slid up to take care of that thick cock. I opened my mouth wide as I looked up at him. It was all the invitation he needed. He grasped my hair and thrust himself into my eager mouth. I relaxed so he could thrust himself deep into my mouth, pressing down the back of my throat in quick jerks. I took it for as long as I could before drawing away to get my breath. Then I grasped the base of his cock and sucked him into my mouth. I stroked him with my tongue as he slid into me. His head reached the back of my throat and I swallowed him down as he cursed above me. I bobbed my head up and down his length a few times, keeping him deep throated before letting him go. I slide back up his cock, letting him feel the touch of my teeth gently on his skin and over the ridge of his head. He almost yelled, grabbed my hair hard and was again fucking my mouth almost as hard as he did my cunt. I started to see stars before he paused to give me air. By then I was rubbing my throbbing pussy against the cold floor and ready to cum again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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