Getting Off on Tanning

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Big Dicks

I usually swim when I’m at the beach-tanning has always seemed kind of boring-just laying there, roasting in the sun. I never realized how much fun it could be until recently, when I went with two friends of mine from school. Gina works as an aerobics instructor, and has a tight, lithe frame, and beautiful dark brunette hair. Her friend, Lisa, doesn’t have quite the same tight look, but has no-I repeat, no part of her that isn’t firm. Of course I didn’t know this at first…

A few Fridays ago, after a particularly tough day of classes, Gina and Lisa came by the four man suite that I inhabit with several other bozos. (There are four of us, two to a room, with a common room) They said they’d come by to see if anyone wanted to go to the beach with them. No one else was around, but I was interested in going, and said so. Gina said, “Good, we hoped you’d want to go.” and Lisa didn’t say anything, just kind of smiled.

A bit nervous-I’m not usually bold with women, and I’d admired both of these two from afar-I changed into my suit and grabbed a towel and some tanning lotion. The three of us got in Gina’s Jeep, and soon we were heading for the beach. We went past several of the popular ones, and stopped by the side of the road a good half hour from town. We climbed down a trail that didn’t look man made, so I wasn’t too surprised to not find anyone else around when we arrived. It was a pretty small cove, with about 100 yards of fine, white sand.

“Wow,” I said, “what a great place!”

“Yeah,” said Gina, “we found it while out exploring one day. No one else ever seems to come here.”

We spread out our towels, and the girls took off their shorts and tanks, to get down to some serious tanning. I had to keep my eyes averted after the first glance at their suits, just to keep from staring. Gina wore a black thong bikini with a G-string Bottom. It was incredible. It barely covered her crotch, and there was a lot of eye-catching skin to see. Even more amazing though, was Lisa’s. I had taken her for pretty shy until now. The front was fairly standard, albeit a bit small, with a top that didn’t quite cover her breasts. But the back… There was none. Only strings for the back of the top, and the same for the bottom. Her ass was completely exposed except for a piece of cord the diameter of dental floss. I felt stirrings in my shorts, and was glad I had sat down.

Gina spun around, breasts jiggling, and asked, “What do you think of the suits?” As if she didn’t know.

“Great!” I managed to get out while still apparently calm.

Lisa giggled.

Then they sat down and we all put on some lotion. Its funny how there always seems to either not be enough to spread around, or too much. We did our own arms and legs, and then the girls put some on my back. Their cool hands, full of lotion felt great. Lisa kept rubbing even after I was sure the lotion had been rubbed in. I was worried that Gina would notice, and was embarrassed as all hell. But it felt great.

Then they lay face down, and asked me to put lotion on their backs for them, “since we did you…” Lisa gaziantep bayan escort lay on my right, and Gina the left.

I put lotion all over my hands, and began to work simultaneously on the two of them. Just looking at them in these suits was a raging turn on-touching them was almost too much to deal with.

Rubbing Lisa was like rubbing a naked woman. I could see all of her backside-buttocks, thighs, and firm back. Only a few wispy strings, and a black patch over her crotch stopped me from seeing it all.

Gina’s suit was almost the same. Her G-String bottom wasn’t as non-existent as Lisa’s, but it was pulled up so far that I could see skin on each side of her bottom, between her thighs.

I worked slowly, putting lotion on their necks, then backs. As I rubbed the lotion on Gina’s back, she leaned up and popped off her top, while laying face down.

“That’ll help get it on,” she said. Boy. Would it ever.

I kept working. Lisa didn’t remove her top. Hell, there was nothing but string on her back anyway. I pushed the lotion in, rubbing and massaging, pushing and feeling their skin. Really getting into it.

Gina told me it felt really good, and that I could keep rubbing after the lotion was in. Lisa mmmmhmmmmed her agreement to that idea.

“Well, I’ve still got a little to do on the lotion,” I laughed, somewhat nervously. I thanked whatever gods that were on the beach that neither one was sitting up, or they couldn’t have helped notice my bulging shorts. Wow, I’d never enjoyed tanning so much.

By now I was at the lower back of both girls, and then Lisa made a move which shocked and stunned and completely turned me on. As I put the lotion on her ass, she reached down and undid her bikini bottoms. They were tied on either side of her waist, and all she had to do was pull the bows loose. And she did. She shifted around, and the string which had bisected her ass was removed, and I could see her slit. It really got to me. I could feel my heart thumping a mile a minute. I looked at her, and she winked from her prone position.

I gasped, and quickly looked over at Gina to see if she’d noticed. Whew! She hadn’t.

Then with the hand opposite from Gina, Lisa reached behind her and grabbed my hand, then lowered it between her thighs.

“Really get me good and soaked,” she said, “I don’t want to burn.” She was soaked already so far as I could tell. She was drenched. She slid her legs apart further.

I was in a state of confusion. Here was this great feeling babe under one hand, who had just stripped off her bikini bottoms and put my hand on her cunt. Meanwhile her friend, also a fox, was telling me not to quit rubbing her, since it felt so good. At this point, I knew I couldn’t quit anyway, since if Gina looked over, there was no telling what she would do.

To further make it exciting, Lisa leaned up and undid her top. She didn’t try to keep me from seeing her breasts. Now she was completely naked. Oh God. I was incredibly hot.

Gina gasped under my fingers as they involuntarily quickened to match the ones in Lisa. I concentrated and slowed. Careful. I masturbated her friend while I kept rubbing lotion on her.

Lisa’s legs kept moving farther apart as well. She had raised on her knees a tiny bit, as they spread, and now her ass was in the air and thrusting into my hand as I tickled her clit and slid my fingers up and down her labia. At least she wasn’t moaning.

I’d spoken too soon. She began to gasp and quiver as she thrusted, a tiny moaning and humming in her throat.

“Lisa?” asked Gina, “Did you say something?”

In a panic I spoke loudly, “No, she was just enjoying the back rub!”

“Well,” said Gina, “you do do it so well. Did you study or something at it?”

“Well, yeah, I had this book when I was a kid,” I said, in a panic to keep her attention occupied while I finger fucked her friend.

“Oh really,” she accused, “I bet it was one of those dirty ones.”

“Oh no!” I said, “it was really instructional-just like a text book.”

“Oh sure.” she said. And then she added, “will you rub a little lower?”

I was on her ass. Thank God she was looking away from Lisa, who was now completely nude, with ass in the air, ramming back on my hand, and holding it to her cunt. She was humming more quietly, and her eyes were closed. I felt my thumb and several fingers slide into her as I kept my index and middle fingers on her clit. Her tits were beautiful, but I couldn’t be distracted too long, because of Gina.

My hand moved down Gina’s ass to her legs.

“No, more to the inside,” said Gina. I slid my hand carefully between her thighs. She closed them on it, and squeezed. Oh God. Her too? I wondered if maybe they were both in on this. But what if they weren’t? The anger of one woman finding out you are fucking her friend(even with your fingers) is not the kind of thing you want to play with. Both of them… I gave a nervous laugh.

“How you doing, Lisa?” asked Gina.

A squeaky “O.K.”, came back.

Then Gina reached behind her and slid the flimsy material which covered her pussy aside, revealing it shaved and glistening in the hot sun. I wanted to come on the spot. Lisa’s pussy was trimmed down to a tiny slash of blonde pubic hair, but Gina’s didn’t have a hair on it. I had never seen a totally bare cunt in the flesh. As if reading my mind, Gina slid the suit down a bit, and moved her legs apart further. They were hampered from moving too far, but I could see enough. I could see it all.

Suddenly, as if making a decision, Gina whispered to me, “Take it off.” And pushed the suit down further.

In a fit of worry which was also a fit of anticipation, I grabbed it, and slid it down. Now she, like her friend, was naked with her legs slightly spread, with my hand on her shaven pussy.

They were both naked. Lisa’s eyes were closed, so she couldn’t see Gina, and Gina was looking towards the other side of the cove so she couldn’t see Lisa. Lisa kept rubbing on my hand with her cunt, and she would work up to an orgasm(I think), then slowly pull away. I hadn’t been able (understandably) to concentrate my fingers on her like I normally would. She was up on all fours now, and I could see her entire nude body. Luckily her eyes were still closed.

Gina’s shaved pussy meanwhile was really absorbing a lot of my attention. She still lay flat on her belly with her legs partially open. I began to rub her slit, opening it and moistening her clit as I had Lisa’s, with her own lubricant. It was fascinating with no hair. So fleshy. So bare and naked.

Now that I didn’t have to worry about diverting my hands to slowly rubbing in lotion, I began to speed up my fingering. I would rub quickly, and tense my forefinger, vibrating it like, well, a vibrator, and then slowly trace the clitoris with it, dragging carefully over, but not hard on it. I noticed that Lisa was more sensitive to direct pressure. After only a few more minutes I could feel the explosions building in both of them. I hadn’t noticed before, but Gina’s legs kept opening up further and further. I hadn’t realized that she was that flexible, but I guess the aerobics really kept her that way. Then I realized that she was almost into a full split. And her leg was about to touch Lisa’s!

I could feel it. Doom for me from both of them. Fucking their best friend while doing them at the same time. But I couldn’t stop!

It happened. Gina’s leg touched Lisa. This final barrier of secrecy being broken, triggered Gina who came with a shriek of “Oh yes!”

Lisa’s eyes popped open and she saw Gina, nude and coming, and then she exploded too, crying out, “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God yes me too!”

I swear its true.

The girls had apparently planned it out-to a degree. They both liked me, and wanted to flirt with me tremendously. And they had, with their suits and attitudes. But even they hadn’t broached the subject of sharing between themselves. The discovery that each one was being got off at the same time was such a high, since they hadn’t known how to resolve the situation, that they came harder upon finding out! Gina, realizing that she would be found out when she touched Lisa with her leg, came like a skyrocket at the thought of being caught. She still hadn’t seen Lisa. Lisa too, had come hard at the idea of being found out. She had been imagining that Gina had seen her being masturbated while her eyes were closed. It was an amazing turn on for both of them, they told me. And then they said it was my turn to go.

I was shy at first, having never stripped for two women at once. But their high was such that there was an incredible bond between us-one of sexual love and trust. I can’t explain it.

They held my hands, one girl on each, and removed my suit for me. Then they asked me what I wanted to do-and we did it. I got to see Gina’s pussy close up, as I lay on my back and she kneeled over my face. I did more than just look, too. Lisa alternated between her lips and her hands and her warm, wet inside self, on my cock, and when I came, four hands rubbed me and loved me, and held me as I lost myself in the most incredible orgasm of my life.

So I tan more often now. At that deserted beach. With them. I don’t know if we’ll stay together forever, but we’ve got now. And we all have great tans.

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