Getting Picked Up

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I got off work late one Friday night, having to work till after midnight because my relief was late again, only to find that my car had a flat tire. Not having a spare, I had to hoof it home. Living kind of out of the way and across the interstate I was walking across the overpass when a car honked and stopped just ahead of me. Not wanting to have to walk the fifteen miles home, I gladly accepted the ride and climbed in the passenger side of the Cadillac. As I climbed in I eyeballed the driver and noticed that he was a very attractive older gentleman, roughly six feet and well built, so I gave him a nice smile and thanked him for the ride. He asked where I was going and I gave him the directions, then told him that he didn’t have to take me all the way, I was just happy to get a ride and even part of the way would be nice. He smiled as he put the car in gear and said all the way would be fine, but he wanted to make a stop and the local liquor store to pick up some beer and other stuff since he was staying at a local hotel with some friends and they were out of stuff to drink. I told him I wasn’t in a hurry and would be happy to help him carry the drinks to the car when he stopped.

When we got the liquor store we went in and he asked me to grab a couple cases of beer while he got the harder stuff, I asked him what kind and he told me as I went back to the beer cooler. In the surveillance mirror I noticed him checking me out as I was walking to the cooler and smiled a little to myself thinking that my night was looking up a bit. Now I’m not a big guy at all, about five foot six, a hundred and fifty pounds and I’ve been told that my ass is my best feature and since I’m a bit feminine I’ve been mistaken for a woman from behind before. Which is perfectly all right with me, plenty of “straight” guys have decided that bending me over and fucking my feminine ass was all right, and since I absolutely love getting my tight hole fucked, I’ve learned to put a little wiggle in my walk when I know someone is checking me out, which I did as I was walking to the beer cooler.

After paying for the beer and liquor, I helped him carry it to his car and climbed back in the passenger side. As we were pulling out of the parking lot he asked if I would like to come to his hotel room and have a few drinks with him and his friends. I smiled sweetly at him and said I would love to. He drove to his hotel and we carried the drinks inside and he introduced me to his five friends. I gave them all a nice smile and we sat and chatted for a bit as we drank and after a bit I was feeling pretty good when Frank, the guy that picked me up asked me out of the blue Bayan Eskort if I wanted to party a little bit. I smiled and asked if we were all gonna party and he smiled back and nodded as he started to unzip his pants. Without wasting a second I bent over in front of him and helped him take his cock out so I could start sucking it.

Sucking and licking his stiffening member I quickly undid my pants and pushed them down to my ankles and slipped my sneakers off so I could step out of them. Standing there bent over sucking Frank’s cock my sexy girlish ass was an inviting target since I was wearing a little string thong. Hearing the whisper of several zippers I sighed contentedly around Frank’s cock as it grew in my mouth and felt a nice solid smack on my left cheek, which caused me to spread my legs a bit wider. They didn’t waste any time at all, one guy quickly pulled the string of my thong aside and jammed a finger into my tight asshole, which hurt a little bit without lube, but I just moaned around Frank’s cock and spread my legs a bit more.

I heard someone say, “Ralph, get the lube, this bitch is pretty tight.” I assumed it was the guy with his finger deep in my asshole, but couldn’t look around at the moment as I was enjoying sucking Frank’s cock too much and feeling it grow even larger in my mouth. After a minute or so I felt the finger slide from my eager hole and it was replaced by a small tube of lube that squirted the cold stuff all over my asspussy, then it was slid inside me and squirted some more inside me. Meanwhile, Frank pulled my mouth off his now huge cock and began slapping my face with it before pushing my mouth back down on it till the head of his cock was sliding past my tonsils and I was gagging slightly on his cock. I heard some chuckles from the other guys in the hotel room and at my slight gagging, Frank roughly pushed my head down till my nose was buried in his pubic hair and his balls were against my chin. I controlled my gag reflex as Frank began thrusting his ever-expanding cock deeper and deeper down my throat till it felt like it was poking into my stomach. I didn’t get a chance to catch a decent breath beforehand and my lungs were burning for air and I was seeing spots before Frank pulled my head off his cock to let me breath. I was able to gulp a few breaths before he shoved my head back down on his cock and began to thrust himself deeply into my throat again.

I felt someone slide a finger into my now well-lubed ass and begin finger fucking me and soon slid another finger in. I heard someone across the room say, “Oh yeah, get the little slut ready, I can’t wait to try that ass out.” and seconds later I felt the head of a cock pressed firmly against my eager little asspussy. Steadily the guy started sliding his cock into my ass as mild stretching pains rippled through me. Once he was buried deep in my asspussy, his balls against my thighs he began trusting into me while Frank continued fucking my mouth.

I hadn’t been fucked in quite a while and my asspussy was aching a little bit, but that soon passed and I was enjoying getting it fucked while Frank’s relentless cock kept me gasping for breath as he shoved it deep into my throat again and again. The guy fucking my asspussy pulled out and I immediately felt another cock-head pressing against my hole as the next guy stepped up behind me. Without a seconds pause he rammed his cock inside my asspussy causing his balls to slap against my thighs as he chuckled saying how tight I was. My eyes popped open wide since this guy was a bit bigger and more stretching pain rippled through me as he ruthlessly began hammering at my asspussy. I whimpered around Frank’s cock, but nobody seemed to notice. Then I felt someone, presumably the guy fucking my ass, start slapping my ass cheeks hard, first one then the other.

Frank gave a little laugh as he pulled my head up from his cock and said, “How do you like the ride so far slut? When we’re done with you, you wont even be able to crawl out of here.”

Then he stood up and another guy quickly shoved his cock down my throat and I eagerly began sucking and licking it as he slid it steadily in and out of my mouth. Despite the rough treatment I was enjoying myself. It had been months since I’d been fucked and lately I had been so horny I almost couldn’t stand it, and suddenly here I am with six cocks to please and getting treated like a common whore-boi and loving every second. The guy fucking my asspussy, suddenly slammed himself deep inside me and I felt his cum shoot into my ass, feeling like a jet of hot water washing into my asspussy and I came myself, spreading the wet spot in the front of my thong even further, my little cockclit hard as a rock.

Suddenly I was pulled off the cock I was sucking and pushed to the bed where Frank was laying on his back, his huge cock standing straight up. He looked at me smiling and told me to ride it. Frank’s cock was at least ten inches long and it had been a very long time since I had something that big in my asspussy, but I didn’t hesitate at all. I quickly climbed over to him as I pulled my t-shirt over my head. I straddled him facing away from his head because most guys like to watch their cocks disappear inside my tight hole and began lowering my asspussy onto his cock, once I had the first few inches inside me, he grabbed my hips and shoved himself as deep as he could get inside me while I whimpered and begged to be fucked hard. Frank was happy to accommodate me and he began thrusting himself up into my asscunt, while another guy roughly grabbed my hair and shoved his cock into my mouth and down my throat.

“Fuck you’re tight!” Frank grunted out as he continued to fuck my tight little asscunt and stretch it open for me. It wasn’t long till I felt his pace quicken and suddenly he slammed his cock as deep as he could inside me and I felt his cum shoot deep into my bowels. I smiled around the cock I was sucking as Frank pulled his cock from my asscunt and the guy I was sucking laid down on the bed and told me to ride him cowgirl. Eagerly I straddled him and slid my asscunt down on his cock. As I ground my hips against him, I felt someone else climb up on the bed behind me and I was pushed down against the guy I was riding. Then I felt another cock pressing against my asscunt and begin forcing it’s way inside next to the cock I was riding.

I heard someone say with a chuckle, “That’s hot, always wanted to see two cocks stretching a tight ass.” I moaned in pleasure/pain as the second cock mercilessly stretched my asscunt out as it was forced inside me. Soon, both men were stroking themselves inside my asscunt and I was moaning louder. Frank grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth onto his cock and began fucking my mouth like he was fucking my ass. As I felt first one then the other guy in my asscunt cum inside me, they pulled themselves from my ass and Frank pulled me across the bed by the hair before shoving his cock back down my throat saying, “Gonna fill your mouth with cum like I did your ass bitch!” It was only a few seconds before another cock was shoved into my well stretched asscunt and began hammering at me. The guy in my ass came inside me before Frank came again, I was almost out of breath before I felt Frank’s cock quiver in my mouth and he shot a load of cum down my throat. I held his cock in my mouth till he stopped cumming, then I pulled my mouth off it and swallowed his cum noisily.

Smiling I looked around the room and as I was doing that frank grabbed my hair and pulled me off the bed and dragged me to the middle of the room where he flipped me onto my stomach ordering me to lay there. Very soon I felt something cool pressed against my asscunt and then forced inside. I oooed a little bit as I realized it was a rather large buttplug. Frank told me not to move till he and his friends were ready for round two. Almost exhausted, but really wanting to get fucked till I couldn’t walk. I lay there smiling with the plug in my asscunt waiting for round two of the fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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