Getting Used in the Windy City

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This is a fantasy that involves male-on-male action and forced sex. If you’re not into that please move on. It isn’t meant to be a great work of literature, it’s meant to be a silly fantasy of mine.

I think I have a problem. I’m always horny and wanting to fuck someone or to be fucked by someone. Is that normal? I sometimes wonder about my life; is it getting out of control? Do others think about the dirty, nasty things as much as I do? I’m finding enough guys that like the same things that I do so I can’t be that far off base…

I was in Chicago for the week and it was the early afternoon in mid-March and unseasonable warm outside. I had just checked into my sweet suite – the company that I work for sends me all over the country on business and they don’t skimp too much on expenses so I always get a great hotel room. This one has something I always look for, and want, and NEED! It has a tub with a separate hose sprayer. I’m a big fan of enemas and these spray hoses are the best way to get my fill, literally. After trying out the hose and cleaning myself out, I needed to get something to eat.

I was only a block away from Michigan Avenue where there are a ton of restaurants and bars so I put on some shorts and a polo shirt hanging out, blowing in the wind of Lake Michigan, and I set out to get filled up, so to speak. With the wind blowing it’s a bit colder than I thought it would be so I ducked into a pub only a couple of blocks from the hotel and grabbed a seat in a booth and ordered a beer.

The waiter brought my beer and took my order and I saw a young guy about 25 or so walk in and look around like he was looking for someone. He saw me in the booth and stopped looking around. He took a seat at the bar and looked over at me every now and then while I ate. I almost felt like he was there to see me but that couldn’t be the case, I just turned 40 so I’m probably an old man in his eyes. I work out and am in great shape but there’s no way I look like I’m in my 20’s. It must be my mind playing tricks on me again.

Every time I took a swig on my beer bottle he looked over, like he was picturing me sucking on his hard cock. I went with it and lingered on the neck of the bottle, licking the end and moving my mouth slightly up and down. Not overly trying to make a scene, but just to keep him guessing. There were only a couple of other guys in there anyway so what was the harm in teasing him a little bit? I started to get horny thinking of this guy thinking of ME in a sexual way! He was looking at the other two guys as well so I figured maybe he was a local and they all knew each other and they came in there all the time. The other guys looked even younger, maybe 18-20 or so and they were also in great shape.

I finished my food and my second beer but I wasn’t looking forward to the walk back to the hotel. It was almost dark out and I was sure that it was colder out now. The breeze off of Lake Michigan can really cool things off after the sun goes down. It would be a quick, chilly walk, I thought to myself. I left $25 in cash on my table and shimmied out of the booth, tried to tuck my hardening cock down into my stretchy short pants a little bit, and looked towards the stranger. He was talking to the other two guys in there so I knew that they were friends. Oh well, another dry night in the hotel room, I guess.

Just before I left, the guy at the bar said something to me, like he was asking a question. I walked over to him, with my still plump cock pushing out the front of my stretchy short pants a bit. He asked where I was from and said that they didn’t usually see too many guys wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt in March in Chicago. We chatted a bit and he said, “I’m Cole. Take a seat if you’d like to talk for a bit, it’s cold outside, you don’t want to leave yet, do you?”

I really didn’t want to leave. He was hot and I could tell that he was in shape; athletic-looking. He had a 3-5-day stubble beard and a White Sox hat on, backwards of course. I took a chance and sat down and we talked baseball and Chicago and weather and college and careers and every subject we could think of. We talked for almost two hours, and I had another two beers. He also had at least two or three beers in the time that we talked. I’m not a big drinker and four beers were a LOT for me. I knew that I’d be staggering back to the hotel.

I finally said that I should probably take off, I had a busy day in the morning. He said that he was a student and he lived down towards my hotel so he said he’d walk back that way, if I didn’t mind? I didn’t mind at all, I was already thinking of all sorts of dirty trouble we could get in along the way. There was a tiny public green space that I passed on my way down to the pub and I imagined him forcing his cock into my ass in the shrubs there in the dark, out in the cold, in public… all things that I love to do, or have done to me.

I pushed open the pub door and a brisk cold breeze lifted my shirt up almost Bahçelievler Escort over my head! My stomach, back, nipples, and chest were totally exposed in the night air, how embarrassing. I know how women feel now when they have to always hold down their dresses when it’s windy out. I quickly grabbed my shirt and pulled it down and turned and started walking down the sidewalk to my hotel two blocks away with my new friend slightly behind me. He caught up to me eventually and we started talking again. I could sure feel that the four beers had caught up to me and my head was spinning a bit.

He seemed to be saying something and I turned to look at him and he was turned around talking to the two guys who had been in the bar and they were following behind us as we walked. I was freezing by this time and we had only walked less than a block after leaving the pub. I wanted to get back to my hotel room and warm up, either with someone, or several people, or by myself. I could tell that my cock had shriveled up from the cold, that’s rare for me since I take pride in what I was born with. It’s not a huge cock by any means but almost 8″ is bigger than most cocks, I think.

I wasn’t sure why his two friends were following us but I started to get the feeling that they were thinking of having some fun with me. Not that I minded them thinking that and not that I minded them actually doing that, but man, it was cold out! I was shivering and my nipples were rock hard; almost painfully hard, rubbing under my polo shirt. What a mistake to not have worn at least a t-shirt under it and some long pants.

We were coming up on that little green space and Cole was now beside me as we got up to the little park. He put his arm around me and that felt good, warming me up a bit. As we got about a third of the way past the park he started walking into the park, sort of walking both of us into the park! He said that he has to take a piss and asked if I minded? I said, “No, but won’t you get in trouble in public like this?”

He said, “Nah, nobody’s around and it’s dark out anyway.”

So, we went to an area in the back of the park where there was a big, thick hedge and some 4′ high shrubs. I was surprised when he started rubbing my back with his hand and then started rubbing my ass cheeks! His hand was under my shirt and he was rubbing my naked back and slipping his hand down my shorts and rubbing my naked ass cheeks and my cock started getting hard again! I only had on my workout shorts with the elastic waistband and no underwear so his hand could easily get down into them and rub my cheeks and my cock was getting hard and was pushing out the front of my stretchy shorts. His middle finger was rubbing against my asshole and he was rubbing it between my butt cheeks and sliding his finger up and down my crack and slipping it into my tight, slippery asshole, fucking into my hole with his finger! Wow that felt good! I think that he was sizing me up, literally, sizing my tight asshole with his finger to see if his cock would fit in it, or how much trouble it would be to force his way into it with his cock. I always keep my asshole lubed with a big dollop of Vaseline so I was sure that whatever size he was, it would fit. It wasn’t long before I found out what size his cock was.

We got in-between the shrubs and the tall hedge and he moved us over to a bench and we sat on it. He started kissing me and his hands were all over me, rubbing all over my cold, naked body. Rubbing and pinching my rock-hard nipples and squeezing my cock under my shorts. I reached over and felt that he had a semi-hard cock so I started rubbing it through his pants. He said, “here, let me help you” and he unzipped and pulled his cock out. I was surprised to see that it was about the same size as mine, maybe a little bigger and fatter.

He had a lot of precum on the tip of his cock so I was rubbing that around his cock head and he was saying how good that felt and his cock was rock hard. All of a sudden, he stood up, took me by the waist and bent me over the bench, and he pulled my stretchy shorts down and started sliding his cock head up and down between my butt cheeks and over my asshole! WOW, I didn’t expect that! Then he popped his slippery cock head in my ass! Holy man, that was quick! He held it there and I was waiting for him to start fucking into my poor, cold ass but he didn’t, he just held it there. Then, I could feel him start pissing in my asshole! WHOA!

I said, “HEY! What the?! What are you doing, you’re filling up my ass with your hot piss?!”

He said, “Ohhhhhh.. that feels so good. I had to piss so bad and I didn’t want to waste it. Your asshole is so tight that I wanted to kill two birds with one stone. It feels so good shooting my hot piss up inside your asshole! We knew that you were a naughty boy and would like something like this.”

“Uhhhhhhhh.. I can’t believe that you’re pissing up my ass, I just met you! It feels great, I can feel your Bahçelievler Escort Bayan hot piss warming me up as it shoots up inside of my ass. Keep filling me up and using me as your dirty urinal!”

He said that he had five beers in that pub and he needed to get it out and my asshole was where he wanted to put it. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but in public? That was a bit scary, that’s all I’d need is to get arrested and go to jail for this! But then again, think of all those dirty cops, jailers, and prisoners who could use and abuse my ass… hmmm..

I could feel him finishing up, his jets of hot piss streaming up my ass were short, hot bursts now. As soon as I felt the last one, he held his cockhead in my ass for a few seconds and then he started pressing his cock all the way up into my dirty ass! He was going to fuck my piss-filled ass out here in the cold, dark city park! His cock was big and it filled me up. He started sliding in and out of my ass, I could feel the piss squirting out over my legs as he fucked into me. He was really working on my ass, pumping and pumping fast and hard, fucking into my poor little hole like he was possessed.

It wasn’t more than a few minutes and I could feel him really pounding hard and speeding up so I knew that he had to cum. He JAMMED his cock into me and started shooting his hot cum into me too. Filling my already dirty, piss-filled ass with his sticky, hot cum. I thought that when he pulled out that it was over with. Nope. I felt another cock in my ass and it was fucking into me like an animal cock. It was one of his friends from the bar! The two of them were now taking turns fucking into my ass out here in the dark in this public park with me bent over this park bench. Then the other one joined in! I had to hold onto the boards of the seat as I was bent over the back of the park bench to keep from toppling over as they rammed their dirty cocks into my ass over and over again.

One of them came in my ass and pulled out, then the other one started pissing in my ass! He was filling me with is dirty, hot streams of piss. As soon as he was done, he started hammering into me, fucking my ass like it was the last one he’d ever fuck. It wasn’t too long before he also shot his cum in me. I was a sloppy mess, all three strangers had cum in me and two of them had pissed in me too. I wasn’t sure what they were thinking of next.

As soon as the third guy pulled out, they held onto my shoulders, pulled me to my feet, and jammed a butt plug in my ass! SCHLOOP, it sucked right into my ass and stayed there, blocking all of their juices from leaking out! I was a bit wobbly from the intense ass-fucking that I just got and from the four beers that I just drank. I had to piss but they said to hold it. I wasn’t sure if I could hold it much longer but they insisted that it would be worth it if I could hold it for a few more minutes. They pulled my shorts up and walked me towards my hotel. We must have been quite a sight walking through the fancy lobby, all smelly and wet. One of them asked what my room number was and I said, “2544” on the 25th floor.”

We all got in the elevator and I looked at the four of us in the mirrored elevator doors, we looked like a crazed bunch of bums. One of his friends pulled my shorts down, pulled out the butt plug — PLOP! YOW! – and slid his cock up into my ass as we were on our way up the elevator. He just pulled me back into his chest with his cock buried up my ass, pumping against me, his cock sliding in and out of my slippery, abused asshole.

“Ding…”.. I knew, it, someone was getting on the elevator with us, talk about bad timing. He pulled up my shorts as much as he could but kept holding onto me and didn’t pull his cock out of my asshole as the woman got on the elevator. She looked at us grouped together like we were escaped from a mental hospital; I knew that she wanted to get out of that elevator as soon as she could.

Her floor was

7 and when we got to that floor, she got out of the elevator and turned to look at us as she left. I was being held back against one of the guys with my rumpled shorts sort of half on, half off and she knew that something was up. She was right, something was up, literally right up my ass. As soon as the door closed the guy started fucking into my asshole again, which wasn’t hard to do since it was so full of slippery cum and piss. He was shorter than I was so his cock was pointed up as I stood there with him fucking up into my poor little dirty asshole.

When we got to the 25th floor, we got out of the elevator and one of them dug into my pocket for my room keycard. We started towards my room and I tried to walk with the guy’s cock still buried in my ass and him holding onto my hips from behind as we shuffled drunkenly down the hallway. He was fucking into me as we walked; what an oddly good, nasty, dirty feeling to be used like this by young dirty strangers.

I wasn’t sure what shape I had left Escort Bahçelievler the room in when I went out to get something to eat a few hours ago. I know that I left the bathtub hose laying on the floor of the tub with the end screwed off so I could give myself an enema. They saw that and laughed and said what a dirty little boy I was and how I was going to be punished for being so dirty.

After getting another load of cum shot up my ass as I stood at the front door of my room while the other younger guy tried to get the key card to work, we went in. I could feel cum leaking out of my asshole, there was so much of it and so much piss in there that I could hardly hold it in by clenching my asshole as tightly as I could.

All three of them stripped every stitch of their clothes off and we all ended up in the bathroom. This room had a separate stand-up shower and a tub with a shower hose attached to it. That’s the one that I had already been playing with before I left to eat. Before I left to eat a few hours ago, I sat over the edge of the tub with my cock pressed against the inside of the tub and my ass spread wide and I sprayed my asshole and the bottom of my cock for several minutes. That felt SO good. Then I took the sprayer end off of the hose and stuck the end of the hose up my asshole and filled myself with warm water. I got up and moved around, moving my legs up in the air and rolling around on the floor to make sure the water was cleaning everything inside of me.

Then I sat on the toilet and let it shoot out. It took several minutes for all of the surges of water and other stuff to stop shooting out of my ass. I did that a couple of times until I was clean. A lot of good that was now, I had so much piss and cum in my ass that it was a waste of time to clean myself out.

That’s also what these guys had in mind, cleaning me out, except that they put me on my hands and knees in the tub and started spraying me with the shower head on the hose, on the hard-fast, pulsating setting. It felt GREAT! Like little electric shocks when they shot that warm water over my asshole and my cock and balls. I was about ready to cum just from that feeling.

Then they turned the water off and took the end off of the hose and stuck it up my ass and turned the water on again. They started slowly filling my colon with warm water, but then one of them laughed and hit the lever and it WHOOSHED up my ass! WHOA! The water was spraying into me and I was filled to the brim, it started shooting out I was so full! They did this a couple of times until the water was clear and then one of them got in behind me and pushed the hose up my ass again. As he filled me up, he started spanking my wet cheeks. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SPANK, SPANK, over and over again.

I said, “YES! Spank me, I’ve been a naughty boy and I deserve to be punished with a good spanking. My wet ass cheeks really make a loud sound when you slap them. Spank them again and again until they’re bright pink, I deserve to be punished!”

As soon as the warm water started shooting out of my ass, he pulled the hose out and rammed his cock into me!

“UHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! OHH, that feels so good, your cock is so big, jam it deep up my wet, slippery asshole! Rape my asshole! Pull your cock all the way out and wait for my abused asshole to wink shut and then RAM your hard cock back in again. Then, fill me with warm water and ram it in again as I’m shooting out this water, that feels so dirty and nasty and perfect.”

I couldn’t believe I just said that to a stranger who was fucking into my water-spraying asshole with his big, hard cock. Pulling all the way out and then ramming back deep into my spraying asshole.

He fucked into me as I was pressing that water out of my ass and when there wasn’t any more water, he filled me up and fucked me again as I shot the water out at him. What a dirty, nasty feeling getting used as a sex toy and having my ass abused and fucked like this, I LOVED it! All three of them did this to me and all three of them filled me with so much cum and piss and water that it was like a dream. Like a big, nasty, dirty dream or a fantasy that was actually coming true. I was forced to piss in a big water bottle and when I filled it they stuck the end of it in my asshole and squeezed my own piss up my ass! What a crazy feeling knowing I was basically pissing in my own ass.

This went on for a couple of hours and we made a mess of that bathroom. I didn’t want it to end but they eventually left. The next night there were nine of them, all from the same college baseball team. All shapes and sizes and colors. All had cocks of different sizes, shapes, colors, and widths. A couple of them were pretty fat and one was a foot long, easily.

All of these guys had one thing in common: they were as dirty and nasty as I was and they loved using my ass as a toilet and a play thing. I could almost tell which cock belonged to which guy and by the way they either grabbed by the waist in the tub as they fucked into me or pushed me down flat on the bottom of the tub and laid on my slippery back and fucked into me or grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me back onto their cock as they plowed into me hard and filled me with their young piss and cum. They literally fucked the shit out of my ass.

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