Getting Watched by a Neighbour

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I recently moved to a new flat in an up and coming part of East London. It’s three floors up and has large sliding floor to ceiling windows in the living room with views into central London, but mostly of the flats across the road.

A few weeks after moving in I was out on the balcony smoking something I shouldn’t be when I noticed someone across the street on their balcony also smoking. He was a tall, muscular man of African heritage, well dressed in his late 20s or early 30s; in short he was my type. I smiled at him and he smiled at me, he finished is cigarette and went back inside.

A Sunday morning a few days later I was lazing around the flat wearing just little white shorts and loose fitting pink T-shirt. Slumming it on my comfy sofa I spy the guy across the way out on his balcony enjoying an early morning cigarette. As I shamelessly stare at him, my eyes admiring his muscular tattooed arms held tightly in the tight sleeves, I find myself getting a little excited.

Standing and walking slowly to the large window, the new carpet soft between my bare toes. I linger until he notices me. He smiles at me and I do my best to pretend I haven’t seen him. Lifting my pink shirt canlı bahis şirketleri over my head in one movement exposing my Perky breasts and tossing my shirt aside casually as I spin around. Slowly I lower my shorts bending forward slightly exposing my nice (if I do say so myself) arse to him; I walk slowly to the sofa, swaying my hips and taking a look as sexily as I can over my shoulder. I see him pitched forward on his chair, watching my movements as I elegantly as possible lower my naked body onto the sofa, a cushion under my bum, wiggling to get comfortable before spreading my thighs wide enough to expose my pink pussy already showing signs of wetness.

I see him watching out of the corner of my eye, keeping up the charade that I hadn’t noticed him. Sucking two fingers into my mouth, curling my tongue between the digits as my other hand cups and squeezes my naked breast, erecting my nipples between thumb and forefinger. Pulling my fingers from my mouth and trailing them slowly down my chest and flat stomach before sliding them between the soft folds of my labia smearing my saliva over my clit, my moans echoing off the walls of the sparsely furnished room.

As I tease canlı kaçak iddaa myself, pressing my fingers into my throbbing clit, I watch him manipulating the tip of his hardening penis through the fabric of his designer jeans. At the site of this I slide my fingers inside my pussy, squirming on the leather sofa as I stretch open my cunt.

I image his strong hands squeezing my breasts, holding my thighs apart and kissing me deeply as he slides his hard thick cock inside of me making me moan as it throbs against my gspot with of his deep thrusts.

Thrusting my fingers in and out of pussy, feeling my tight walls surrounding them as they curl to my g-spot, wet and sticky with my own juices. Moving my hand from my breasts to my mouth, tongue extended and smearing saliva over my fingers; this display of tongue for his benefit. Taking my fingers down my body and tugging at my pert buttocks, swirling the wet fingers over pink arsehole sucking my bottom lip in delight at this exquisite double pleasure.

I see him now with his hand inside his jeans, gripping and stroking his bare hard cock. What was he thinking about as he watched me tease both my holes? Was he thinking how tight canlı kaçak bahis my rectum would be around the tip of his cock as he stretched it open? How I would beg him to take it deeper? Beg him for his seed inside me as I climax with his fingers on my clit?

I wriggle my fingers deep inside my tight cunt, gyrating my hips and grinding my clitoris against the butt of my palm; pressing the tip of my finger into my anus. My body shaking as I watch him work his cock, hoping he knows I want him to watch, spreading my legs wider to give him a better view of my quivering pussy.

My toes curling into the deep pile of the new carpet as I through my head and back and cum loudly, a wave of ecstasy sweeping from my loins over my body, my legs and hands shaking in delight the feel of his eyes on my body making my climax so intense. After a few moments I withdraw my fingers from my cunt, stretched and still pulsating from the intense orgasm. Looking over at him deliberately now I suck the sticky cream from my fingers, slowly, savouring the memory of my orgasm.

As I stand to leave and clean up I strike a pose, my juices running down my inner thighs, giving him one last look at my attractive body. Seeing the smile on his face and the large bulge visible through his jeans I feel satisfied and confident. I give him a playful wave, at last acknowledging that I have known of and wanted his eyes on me all along, and stroll out of the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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