Ghost Memories Ch. 01

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Teri (aka Janice) was showing the house on the shores to Nancy her long time friend. They presently stood by the pool enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Bill came out of the office when he heard two females’ voices. Being curious he wanted to meet Teri’s friend and fellow practitioner.

Teri saw Bill approaching. Talking over Nancy’s shoulder she said, “Hi sweetheart. I’d like to meet Nancy, a long time friend.”

Nancy turned to her right while bringing the coffee cup up to her lips. Recognizing the man that was walking towards her Nancy gasped. The coffee she had been ready to sip splashed down on the silk blouse Nancy wore. Almost at the same Nancy’s complexion turned a pasty white. Teri and Bill watched with shock filled eyes as Nancy crumpled backward into the water of the pool. Nancy made no move to break her fall. As she went under Bill knew that something was terribly wrong.

Bill sprinted the last few yards to the pool and jumped in feet first. He groaned out loud as his feet and lower back were jolted when making impact with the bottom of the pool. Ignoring the pain Bill splashed his way to the still body slowly sinking towards the floor of the pool. Bending over upon reaching the victim Bill put his hands under her arms and raised Teri’s friend to the surface so she could breath. After several seconds Bill realized that Nancy was unconscious and not breathing. Changing position Bill struggled to the side of the pool and with some effort put Nancy up onto the concrete.

“Teri,” Bill shouted, “Get some towels and a blanket while I give Nancy CPR. With Teri finally moving Bill lay Nancy out on her back and tipped her head to the side in order to allow any water in her mouth to drain out. His fingers sought out the artery in Nancy’s neck. Upon feeling a pulse ay Nancy’s neck Bill knew that Nancy’s heart had not stopped. Rolling Nancy on her side Bill landed several sharp blows between her shoulder blades. His action was rewarded as water spurted out of Nancy’s mouth and was replaced by frantic gasps for air. Nancy’s eyes however did not flutter open nor was there any movement in her limbs. Rolling Nancy onto her back Bill watched intently as case she stopped breathing again.

Just then Teri skidded to a halt beside Bill and Nancy. In her arms were several towels and a large blanket. “Did I hear you hitting Nancy?” Teri asked with a quivering voice.

“Yes you did, Teri.” Bill replied. There was a sharp edge to his voice as he continued. “I checked for and found a pulse. CPR was not needed but I had to clear Nancy’s airway so she could breath. If you look at the rise and fall of her chest you can tell that she is breathing. Bend down here and check her pulse.

Teri dropped her load of towels and blanket on the concrete. Started to reach for Nancy’s wrist but Bill abruptly moved her hand to Nancy’s neck. Teri bristled at Bill rudeness.

“Teri,” Bill said in a softer voice. “Think and respond. Don’t over react because of stress.” We can discuss this more objectively after the crisis is over.”

Teri nodded her head and concentrated on getting a reading from Nancy. “I’m getting a weak but steady pulse.” she said to Bill, “My own pulse may be interfering.”

“Then I suggest you take several deep breaths to calm yourself.” Bill replied, “Remember to count to ten before you try again. I’m getting out of these wet things and dry off.” Rising slowly Bill stood up to remove the skirt he had been wearing. Pushing the waistband past his hips Bill let its weight carry the skirt to the concrete. Now he concentrated on unbuttoning and removing the white shirt that completed his attire. Finally getting the shirt off Bill dropped it beside the skirt. Turning toward the house Bill limped away from Teri and Nancy.

When he returned some twenty minutes later Bill was wearing his terry cloth robe. Approaching the pool he noticed that Nancy had not moved and Teri had covered her with the blanket. Two folded towels now cushioned Nancy’s head.

Tri looked up when Bill stopped beside her. “Nancy’s breathing okay and her pulse is weak but steady. I can’t imagine that the coffee would cause this kind of reaction.”

“It wasn’t the coffee.” Bill said with a tight voice. “Nancy needs to be off this concrete and out of those wet clothes. We’ll need to dry Nancy off before we put her to bed. Help me pick her and then go turn our bed down.”

Together Teri and Bill lifted Nancy off the wet and cool concrete. Shifting Nancy weight on to Bill’s arms Teri ran ahead to prepare their bed for its patient. Bill followed at a much slower pace. Teri saw the pain on Bill’s face when he swung Nancy into the bedroom. “Bill,” Teri said with a voice filled with raw emotion, “you have injured yourself.”

“Not now, Teri.” replied Bill. “Nancy is your patient. Loosen every fastener you can before I stand her up. After I stand Nancy up strip these clothes off and dry her front off. I will turn Nancy around so you can dry the back half off. I’ll need your help to lay her down.”

Teri casino oyna tugged and pulled the blanket from around Nancy and then found every fastener she could. “Let me grab a towel.” Teri squealed as Bill dropped Nancy’s legs to the floor. Racing to the bathroom she got two towels and returned. Bill stood there like stone supporting Nancy’s dead weight. Dropping the towels Teri bent forward and quickly removed Nancy’s shoes, socks, slacks and panties. Teri said nothing to Bill about the scent she inhaled.

Picking up a towel Teri quickly dried Nancy from the waist down. Standing up Teri forced Nancy’s blouse off her shoulders and yanked it down her back. Using the same method Teri got rid of Nancy’s bra. Swiftly Teri dried off the upper portion of Nancy.

“That’s dry enough.” Bill said through clinched teeth, “I’m going to put Nancy’s feet flat on the floor. I want you to get on your knees and hug Nancy tightly around her lower thighs. As you feel me twist Nancy around jump up and throw her arms over my shoulders. I’ll be better able to support her weight that way. When you’re done drying Nancy off both of us can slide her down onto the bed.”

Teri got down on her knees and made sure that Nancy’s feet were flat on the floor. She felt the slight give as Bill eased his grip on Nancy’s upper body. Hugging Nancy hard Teri waited for the twisting motion. The twisting motion came. Teri released her hug and sprang to her feet. Her timing was perfect. As Bill completed the turn Teri threw one arm over Bill’s shoulder. As the other arm came into view Teri hiked it up and over Bill’s other shoulder. Seeing Bill nod Teri reached for the towel so she could finish the drying process before Bill collapsed.

Bill saw Teri give the done signal. “Get on the bed and prevent Nancy from falling backward.” Bill said, “When I release her try to get Nancy’s head on the pillows.”

It was touch and go but finally Nancy was dry and resting in the bed Teri and Bill shared. A small smile came to his lips as Bill looked down at the nude form of Nancy and Teri, his soul mate.

“I’m taking the coffee and cigarettes out to the pool area.” he said, “I need to relax after this hard work.”

“I will help you get there safely.” Teri said in a no nonsense tone, “I’ll come back here to keep an eye on Nancy.” Climbing off the bed Teri stepped beside Bill. Taking hold of his arm she placed it across her shoulder. Together they made their way safely to the chaise by the pool. “I’ll get the coffee and cigarettes. Do you need your pain killers?”

“Yes, please.” Bill replied.

When Teri returned with a try, holding the coffee and cigarettes, Bill had found a comfortable position. His eyes were closed but Teri knew that Bill wasn’t asleep. “Your pain relief is here,” she said in a quiet voice. Teri popped the lid on the med bottle and shook two caplets into her hand. Snapping the lid back on the bottle she put the bottle down and picked up the glass of water.

“Thank you Teri.” Bill said as he smiled up at Teri, “Has Nancy’s condition changed?” He didn’t wait for the answer. He downed the two caplets and completely drained the glass of water.

“Not really, her pulse is slow and her breathing is shallow. Nancy appears to be sleeping but I know she isn’t. The only condition that comes to mind is shock. If that is the case then we have done all we can. We’ll just have to wait it out.”

“Please sit down,” Bill said nodding toward the other chaise. “You can slow down some more by joining me for coffee and a cigarette.” Bill lit two cigarettes, extending one to Teri. After she accepted the smoke Teri sat down with a thud. Picking up the carafe Teri poured two cups of coffee and added sugar to both.

“Okay, I’m sitting down.” Teri said in a very firm tone. “Coffee and cigarette are in hand. You’ve had a progress report about Nancy. I want… no need a progress report about you. Talk to me not at me.”

Bill smiled at Teri and then stuck his tongue out at her. “Teri my love,” he said, “I’m coming down from the adrenalin high resulting from the emergency. I managed to aggravate my back injury when I jumped into the pool. Being macho didn’t help either.” Stubbing out his cigarette Bill continued, “I need your patience and tolerance for an hour or so. Time to slow my own heart rate and to allow the painkiller to works its magic. Will you give that time?”

“I have a thousand questions fighting to be first,” Teri replied, “but I will allow you the time you requested. Nancy may want her clothes when she comes to so I’ll wash and dry them before I start to cave in myself.”

Bill allowed himself to relax. His head slowly lowered to the cushion of the chaise lounge. Before closing his eyes Bill said, “Thank you Teri. Please don’t loose sight of my love for you.”

“I’ll try not to.” Teri replied. Standing up she stuck her tongue out at Bill.

Teri then went to the pool edge to retrieve Bill’s wet clothes. These she put into the washer and continued on into the house. Upon entering the bedroom Teri noted canlı casino no change in Nancy’s condition or position. Satisfied for moment she quickly gathered together Nancy’s garments along with the wet towels and blanket. When Teri got back to the laundry area she adjusted the machine, added soap and put in the clothes, towels, and blanket. After starting the load she closed the doors and retraced her steps to the bedroom. Giving Nancy a quick check Teri continued on into the bathroom. Teri quickly located the burn ointment she thought was there. Smiling to herself Teri stripped off her clothes and took a refreshing shower. As she finished drying her hair off Teri sensed that Nancy was conscious. Grabbing the burn ointment she walked into the bedroom. Her sense had been correct.

Nancy’s mind had processed the sound of falling water and her whole body reacted. Sitting straight up in the bed she stifled the scream in her throat as Teri entered the bedroom.

Teri pushed Nancy back down on the bed as she said, “Everything is alright. You’re safe, dry and warm. Now lie still while I treat those burns on your chest.”

“Janice,” Nancy said with a little girls’ voice, “what happened? Where am I and how did I end up naked in your bed?”

Looking intently at Nancy Teri said, “My full name is Janice Teresa Whitman. Janice is my professional address. I would like it very much if you used my nickname from now until eternity. That nickname is Teri. I know that you are in shock so I will give you the short version of what, where, and how. As you turned to greet my fiancé you spilled boiling hot coffee down your front and fainted dead away.” Teri paused long enough to apply a good amount of burn ointment to Nancy’s chest. Even with the tender strokes Teri used Nancy flinched and tears came to her eyes.

Having completed the task Teri continued her short version. You fell into the pool like a sack of wheat and went under. Bill jumped in and hauled you out. After restoring your breathing he carried you in here and supported you while I stripped off your clothes and dried you off. I then assisted Bill put you in this very bed. He then checked you over and covered you up so you wouldn’t catch a chill.”

“That man,” Nancy spat out, “saw me naked?” The venomous contempt in Nancy’s voice surprised and shocked Teri. Without conscious thought Teri slapped her long time friend and lover across the face. “That man, with no regard for his personal well-being, saved you from drowning. It is obvious to me that you and Bill met in an earlier lifetime.” Standing up Teri stalked into the bathroom, retrieved a large hand towel and returned to the bedside. Tossing the towel to Nancy Teri said, “Bill could have panicked and done nothing thereby allowing you to die, I panicked, did nothing and watched you sink. My feet were rooted to the concrete. I wasn’t even able to scream.”

Nancy looked at Teri and nodded her head. So overcome with emotion she couldn’t speak. Bringing the towel up to her face Nancy began to openly cry and bawl.

Walking to the bedroom entrance Teri paused looked at Nancy and said, “I apologize for slapping you. I’m going to check on Bill and put the clothes into the dryer. Oh! Here is another something to consider. Several months ago a learned man shared his thoughts with me about the words ‘naked’ and ‘nude’. ‘Naked he said brought to mind a rock being turned over to expose the insects and grubs underneath. ‘Nude’ on the other hand brought to mind an artist uncovering the beauty and form of the human body.” Teri walked away in silence.

Teri had transferred the laundry from washer to dryer and was closing the doors when Bill’s soft voice broke the silence. “Any change in your patient?” he asked.

Teri said as she approached her soul mate. “Actually yes, she was sitting up in the bed having a good cry.”

“Was she seriously injured?” Bill added.

“No more than minor first degree burns.” Teri replied, “Our conversation indicated that the two of you met in a previous lifetime. Is that correct?”

“The answer is correct.” Bill replied, “If you recall I shared with you about puppy love and the scarring that took place. Well, the object of my puppy love and the mature, beautiful woman sitting on your bed are the same person.”

“Wow! That is a long time to hold resentment.” Teri said before covering her mouth with a hand.

“Oh!” Bill said quickly, “Care to share more?”

“Nancy didn’t mention you by name but used the term ‘that man’.” Teri answered slowly as if a secret was being dragged out of her. “I was so shocked at the venomous contempt in her voice that I slapped her face. Then I commenced to give Nancy a reality check about why she was still breathing.”

Reaching out Bill brought Teri’s quaking body down to his and hugged her deeply. “Thank you for your staunch support of my character. Right now I think that Nancy needs to feel your compassion and understanding rather than experience your self-righteous indignation. Enjoy the rest of my coffee and have a cigarette. kaçak casino Then I will release you to check up on Nancy.”

Half way through her cigarette Teri asked, “Was there anything else you noticed about the woman on my bed?”

Bill chuckled before responding, “Nancy’s scent, while subtlety different from your own, is ambrosia. Now finish your coffee and check on her. Too much time alone right now is dangerous.”

“Okay,” Teri said, “It’s not often that I get to see the dirty old man in you.”

“I may be a voyeur, an exhibitionist and even a letch,” Bill said with a lewd grin on his face, “but I am never a dirty old man.” His hands were quicker than Teri’s reaction. Bill proved his point by successfully tweaking Teri’s nipples with one hand and massaged her pussy with the other.

“For that unwarranted attack on my person,” Teri said with mock severity, “you shall have no dessert after supper.”

With a scowl on his face Bill replied, “And if I insist?”

Teri changed her voice to that of entreaty, “Oh sir, surely you wouldn’t ravage this person with a guest of the opposite sex visiting our home.”

“What if our guest should hear your wanton cries, become exceedingly aroused and wished to participate. Would you deny my advances then?”

Teri suddenly became serious, “You’re not kidding are you?”

Reaching out and grasping Teri’s hands Bill said, “Teri my love, I could never endure the loss of your love, compassion and trust by being so crude.”

“Thank you for being who you are Bill.” Teri said in a contrite voice, “It is one of the reasons I fell in love with you. I will follow up on your line of reasoning and check on Nancy.”

“Please think about something to eat. Coffee and cigarettes make a lousy diet.”

When Teri entered the bedroom she found Nancy sitting on the bed with a towel wrapped around her head. With a quiet voice Nancy asked, “You’re not still mad at me, are you?”

“I wasn’t mad at you Nancy.” Teri said with honesty and sincerity, “I reacted to the level of contempt I heard in your voice about the man I fell in love with. The insensitive boy-man of some forty years ago no longer exists. He has suffered the trials and tribulations that life hands out. Bill has matured and adapted. I think you can overcome your resentment and be a good friend.”

Nancy sat on the bed in silence. Suddenly she asked, “Janice, I mean Teri, do you think I’m attractive?”

Teri walked across the room and slid open a closet panel revealing a full-length mirror. Holding out a hand Teri said, “Come stand in front of me and I will give you my answer.”

Nancy stood and stepped in front of Teri. Never one to slouch she stood tall and straight. Nancy noticed for the first time in their long association that Teri’s head was several inches above her own. She squealed when Teri fitted herself against her back.

As her hands became visible to Nancy Teri said, “I think and feel that you are beautiful Nancy. All three parts of you.” Pointing to Nancy’s head, Teri continued to speak, “Your mind, your soul, and your body.”

Nancy watched the image in the mirror. Teri’s hands were now pointing to the area between her breasts, which Nancy felt was her soul. The final display of hands swept above her head and then pointed down at Nancy’s feet. Tears filled the corners of her eyes as Nancy saw and felt Teri’s hands on her breasts.

Teri knew that she spoke the truth so she continued to reassure Nancy about the beauty. “You can deny your own feelings Nancy but you can no longer deny the confirmation of beauty your body is giving you.”

Changing her tactics Teri began a subtle massage of Nancy’s body. Keeping herself tight against Nancy’s back half Teri started to stroke Nancy’s front half. Hans smoothly glided over every area she could reach. When Teri felt herself starting to be aroused she said, “Tell me what your body is feeling starting with me pressed against your back.”

Nancy hesitated but soon found the words to respond with. “I can feel heat on the cheeks of my ass coming from your pussy. There is also heat on my shoulder blades where your breasts are. Your nipples have become harder. Are you trying to arouse me?”

Teri answered by saying, “Part of my response to you is sexual arousal. The vast majority is my body adding its confirmation to what your body already knows.” Changing tactics again Teri started to actively arouse her lover and long time friend. By alternate strokes Teri forced Nancy to respond. When Teri saw that her tactics were successful she slid one hand down to the top of Nancy’s slit. One finger traced downward as far as it would go while the remaining fingers pressed against the sides of the slit.

Nancy, in spite of her efforts to deny her arousal, felt the change and pushed her pelvis forward. “Why are you doing this?” she breathlessly asked Teri.

“Because you need to finish what began before recognizing the face of your ancient boy friend.” Teri answered, “You saw the outline of Bill’s cock under the skirt he wore. For the first time in your life you wanted a hard cock to penetrate you and explode inside.” Teri’s finger curled inward and she brought it back up towards Nancy’s navel.

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