Gina Ch. 06

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Gina 6: With Sue and Rob, Tuesday and Wednesday

[This is a continuation of the story of Gina. It is not a standalone story. To appreciate it fully, you should read the prior chapters first.]

As they had done yesterday, they awoke, jumped into the water, cleaned up, played around a bit and came back onboard and had breakfast. It was to be a busy day. Rob and Sue wanted to take Gina out to a reef to do some snorkeling. It would be a first for Gina. Then they would sail back to the remote cove. This was to be their last night together. Tomorrow they would sail back to the resort bay first thing in the morning so Gina could catch the shuttle to the airport.

The reef was a favorite tourist attraction so when they arrived they found it appropriate to wear their bathing suits; a Speedo for Rob and equally revealing bikinis for Sue and Gina.

Snorkeling the reef was an exhilarating experience for Gina. Sue and Rob were pleased that they enabled her to have the experience. They started back to the cove mid-afternoon hoping to arrive there before sunset. As soon as they were out of sight of the tourist boats, they returned to the natural, more pleasurable state: no bathing suits.

Once underway, Sue and Gina went below, climbed into bed, laid on their sides facing one another and held one another for the longest of time. No words were said, none were necessary. After a while they began kissing; light kisses, playful kisses, on the lips, around the face. The kisses became longer; more reflective of their deep feelings; more intense but not lustful. They were appreciating being together. Soon their hands begin softly caressing one another not, though, to arouse, more so to feel the other beneath their hand. They fondled one another’s breast: flicking the nipple, rubbing it lightly with the palm of their hand, gently pinching it and rolling it through the fingers. Hands roamed over the other’s stomach and continued lower to one another’s pussy. No rush. It was all about being together. Their fingers explored one another’s pussy, gently. They were locking in their minds balçova escort the feel of it all. Well you can do that only for so long until a pussy wants more attention. As they moved their hands to massage the other’s pussy they moved their faces closer and kissed. The kept their lips locked as they began to slowly masturbated one another. Eyes closed, kissing, listening to the mewing the other was making, feeling the love of the other’s hand on their pussies. They were the only two in the world.

Rob came down thinking that he might join in but seeing them, he turned and went topside with a broad grin on his face. He was happy for them.

Sue and Gina orgasmed simultaneously. They were listening to the others breathing. They kissed in celebration and hugging tightly drifted off to sleep.

When they awoke they went topside. Rob was sitting behind the helm reading. Gina went over to him, took the book out of his hand, straddled his legs, pulled him into a hug and kissed him with passion. As it was happening she felt something poking her pussy. She broke the kiss smiling. “Someone wants to join us.” Rob’s cock had responded to Gina’s kiss, her nipples pressing into Rob’s chest.

She raised herself a bit, took a hold of his cock and positioned it at her entrance. She lowered herself onto him engulfing him into her. She returned her attention to kissing Rob. The rocking of the boat on the gentle waves was enough motion to give pleasure to them both. They kissed one way and another until Rob orgasmed. It was a smooth thing.

Sue recognized that their coupling had completed and she hurried over, straddling Rob’s knees and spooning closely into Gina, wrapping her arms around them both. Gina said quietly “I love you guys.”

Both Rob and Sue quickly responded together “And we love you too.”

They hugged like that until Rob’s thighs began to cramp. They got up, smiled at one another, lightly kissed one another on the lips and dove into the water to clean up. It was nice having so much water so close.

It was a quiet night watching the karşıyaka escort stars and talking about everything and nothing. Rob asked Gina about school. She told them that she was majoring in journalism. She hoped to find work writing about adventures for which she would be paid to pursue. She did not want some 9-to-5 job working in some office.

That night they slept again spooning one another with Gina between Rob and Sue.

Upon awaking they began to organize for the sail back to the resort. Sue caught Gina’s attention and beckoned her to go to the stateroom. Sue followed. Once there Sue explained that she wanted to give Rob something REALLY special to remember her visit. Sue arranged Gina to kneel on the bed so that her bottom was at the edge. Sue then kneeled beside her, her bottom also at the edge. Then she called out to Rob “Hey, Rob could you come down here and helps us with something.”

Both women giggled.

When Rob came down and saw how they were perched at the end of the bed, their bottoms presented to him, he laughed out loud, “beautiful” he exclaimed. Rob’s cock was quick to rise. Both women were wiggling their bottoms. He asked: “OK who goes first? How do we work this?”

Sue responded: “Well, since Gina is our guest start with her but I’m not to be left out. Do ten strokes in one and then switch and ten strokes in the other going back and forth until you come. Try to pace yourself so we each cum at least once. The one in whom you come must let the other suck out the combined cum, sharing it with kisses with the other two.”

“Sounds good to me” said Gina.

“And me too” said Rob.

“Well get started!” Sue told Rob.

Rob positioned himself behind Gina and rubbed his cock along Gina’s labia until he felt Gina was sufficiently wet. He eased it into her pussy to the hilt and began his stroking. “1001, 1002, 1003… 1010″” Then he pulled out shuffled over behind Sue and repeated it. He went back and forth more than he had anticipated. The counting provided him a mental distraction. His mind was occupied by two things çeşme escort at the same time; counting took precedence. The women benefitted from it. The one not being “serviced” would tease and play with the others nipple or stroke the other’s clit as Rob’s cock went in and out. He was servicing Sue for her second orgasm when he came.

Gina immediately crawled under Sue’s pussy and began to lick and suck on it. She persisted until Sue collapsed onto her face in her second orgasm. Gina flipped her onto her back, crawled up and kissed her open mouth with a lot of tongue. Her mouth was filled with both Sue’s nectar and Rob’s sweet cream”. She then returned to licking and sucking Sue’s pussy to collect more. She kissed Rob as she had kissed Sue.

Then Gina dropped to her knees and engulfed Rob’s cock in her mouth. Letting him go she said: “Good-bye cock. I look forward to our next time together.” She did the same to Sue’s breasts and to Sue’s pussy. They all kissed and hugged.

It was time to get clean, finish packing, get dressed and paddle over to the resort dock.

When they said their goodbyes on the dock, Gina kissed Sue and Rob such that anyone observing them would have been confused. Both kisses were kisses that lovers share.

Gina had promised to visit with them in Florida over either her winter or spring break. Rob and Sue lived in Homestead near the University of Miami. He was an adjunct professor there in the English Department where he taught writing courses.

Gina and Sue exchanged emails everyday thereafter. On Independence Day, Sue called to let Gina know that she was pregnant. The best she could figure was that it happened on the sail. She was due in February. Sue asked and Gina agreed that she would visit them over spring break.

During her visit in the spring, Rob and Sue asked Gina if she would live with them in a polyamorous union. Rob told her that he had lined up financial support and a teaching assistantship in the English Department for her. He could mentor her to become a short story adventure writer.

For Gina, there was no hesitation. She moved in with them in June and started at the University in September. She graduated with a BA in English, quickly found a job travelling and writing about her experiences. She eventually would write short stories about how she came to be with Sue and Rob and post them in Literotica.

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