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Sherry Eldridge walked quickly to her office on the third floor of the Palm Beach Towers II where Prism Designs’ home office suites were located. She had several tasks to accomplish before she went to Marla Stanton’s home to pick her up for their trip out to the airport. Marla’s daughter, Virginia, was returning home from the university in Texas, and she wanted Sherry to meet her.

From her pictures, shared telephone conversations, and letters, Sherry assessed the young woman as being quite a remarkable person, certainly one of the most beautiful she had ever seen, and definitely the joy of Marla’s heart. She and her friend had been lovers for the past year, and the latter had described Virginia’s background early in their relationship, the fact that she was a shemale, and that mother and daughter had also entertained an intimate relationship for some time.

In contrast to what this may have generated in some people, an uneasy hostility and jealousy, Sherry found it intensely exciting and interesting. She also discovered that as Marla showed her Virginia’s pictures; as she spoke with the college student by phone once when a call came in from Texas and she and Marla had passed the night together; as she thought about it…well, she noticed a secret desire growing within her heart for this remarkable lady she was soon to meet.

Sherry unlocked her office, pressed the switch on the coffeemaker, and soon smelled the full aroma of hazelnut coffee; she had left the door open to allow that delicious smell to make its way down the hall. Each morning friends came by, with twenty different reasons having nothing to do with the coffee, of course. But they always ended up staying to drink a cup of it or carrying it back to their own offices.

She stopped before her mirror on the back of the door…just to check. She wore one of Prism’s newest designs, a navy pinstripe business suit with a jacket over a short fitted skirt, a high-neck sweater of Rhyce Bennett’s sensual design, and matching black leather high heels with a comfortable strap that made walking and standing in an airport so much more comfortable. Her smooth legs were bare. The dark colors contrasted perfectly with her lovely pale skin, accentuating her curves and muscular legs.

She removed the jacket and gazed with growing sexual arousal at the close-fitting light gray sweater that felt as if it were a caress upon her torso. The long sleeves seemed to make love to her arms and shoulders with the soft fabric. Below the high, rolled neck the sweater was completely cut away, the fabric encircling her breasts and nestling underneath their white bulk to complete the remainder of the garment. Her gorgeous white globes with their hard pink nipples were full and slightly pendulous. Sherry turned to face her image; her breasts jostled against each other, quivering as if they were warm custard. The erotic display of pale flesh combined with her long auburn waves, her bright red lipstick and long nails with matching nail polish to produce a stunning visual effect.

She would fasten the button of her jacket today as she went out with Marla to meet Virginia at the airport. But her luscious curves would be visible, she knew, and with each movement part of her would be exposed for those who caught the view when it happened. The two she most desired to arouse were her lover and her lover’s gorgeous daughter. If only Virginia would come to feel the same about her.

Sherry chose to relax for a moment in a loveseat near her office window before she went down to her Mustang and drove to Marla’s. For the first time since leaving home she was aware that she wore nothing beneath the short skirt. The fabric did not stretch or wrinkle; rather, as she sat and slightly parted her legs, the skirt was simply unable to cover her shapely thighs and ass. Her pussy was smooth and without fur save for the puff of auburn curls above her clitoris. Even with her legs crossed any observer could see that she was bare.

She was more excited that she realized, for when she touched herself delicately, her finger came away with a sticky residue. She had cummed lightly, deliciously. Her cream lingered on the inner surfaces of her vagina, only a tiny portion escaping to her outer lips. She touched her moist labia once more, then watched as a tiny thread of cream hung between her thumb and third finger when she held them up to examine her emission. She decided to leave her stickiness there rather than dab herself with a small napkin.

As she walked she would feel that silky smoothness from the cream; it was a luscious, delicious feel that made her want to taste it, to touch herself, to have someone else see her. At times such as this, Sherry wished that she had had her clit pierced for a ring; she would wear a small pendant tipped with the diamond that Marla had given her. She grew restless as she thought of how those pearls and jewel would appear beneath a short skirt.

Sunlight glittered from a car window in the parking lot, bouncing a silver glare from the ceiling. She turned to look konak escort out the window, then felt coolness on her bottom. She touched herself and realized that when she moved in that fashion, she was completely uncovered. Her curvy ass and vagina were open to view. The fact was that her skirt was so short that from almost any position her femininity was on display.

Just as erotic was the fact that when she sat down she was completely bare on the object. She giggled as she thought that very likely she would leave moisture. As excited as she was, she would be wet most of the time, anyhow, even when she was concentrating on other things.

When Rhyce Bennett designed women’s clothing for sensuality it would be risqué as well as stylish, for starters, she thought. Many of Prism’s most popular designs were simply revealing and erotic, even when worn in a business setting. But then, that was what was driving the company’s popularity through the roof.

This time she sensed the soft movement of stickiness in her pussy. Dear, heavens, she thought, if I touch myself, I’ll cum again. She summoned every atom of self control to resist spreading her legs in a most unprofessional fashion and feathering her wet lips until she had serious contractions.

This heroic effort worked, but barely. And just as well, too, for Maria Carter, Jack Lightner and Lorraine Martinez streamed through her office door in what seemed to be a determined effort to make three physical objects fit into the same space at the same time. Jack was first and caught a glimpse of her open thighs before she stood and tried to compose herself. He smiled in his engaging fashion, winked at her as an acknowledgement of her loveliness, then stopped short at the sight of her bare chest in the open-breast sweater.

“Whoooeee,” he complimented her softly. “I knew Rhyce had completed that, and we had shipped them to the west coast and here, but I haven’t seen one yet. You are beautiful. And I swear, Sherry, if you take off that jacket outside, people are going to die in traffic in great numbers!”

Sherry laughed at his admiration and felt the earnestness in his compliment. The women were staring at her with envy.

“What?” she asked with a giggle.

“You are so sexy, you make me want you…and I’m happily married,” burst out Lorraine. “Ooops, ‘s’cuse me. I’m being my usual blunt self,” laughed the forty-year-old mother of three.”

“You know, you wonderful woman,” responded Sherry, “you should talk. You wear Rhyce’s and Janet’s designs with a vengeance. And you must be one of the sexiest broads in this building…look at you right now!”

Sherry walked toward her with a mock serious expression on her face, an act that she could not hope to pull off for more than a few seconds. Then she broke out in a horse laugh and embraced Lorraine who held her tightly in return.

“I love that lacy bra underneath that transparent blouse. Lorraine, you are beautiful.” With that Sherry lifted her friend’s hands and held them to her bare breasts. A glance of interest flickered between them, then Jack objected.

“Hey, do we all get to share in this, or is there real favoritism in this office?”

Sherry whirled on her friend, put her hands on her hips, and scowled. Then, again, she broke into a laugh as she hugged him, too. And likewise, she held his hands to her naked flesh.

“Do you really like this, Jack, or is it tacky?”

“It is perfect for you. The fabric is sexy, the design is going to get you arrested, and you have gorgeous tits. There! I feel better, already,” he said. “I’ll never wash my hands again.” He turned, waved over his head and left the room…with his mug of her hazelnut coffee.

“Gotta go,” spoke up Lorraine. “Thanks, Dear. When I need a pick-me-up, can I come back for more?” She departed.

Maria Carter was twenty-two, their newest employee, and still somewhat reluctant to take part in their familiarities. She had shiny, raven hair swept back in a ducktail style that attractively framed her oval face and emphasized her broad smile. She had a very slight but intriguing lisp and the muscular development of arms, shoulders and back that bespoke a serious exercise program. And she had the most beautiful growth of dark hair on her body.

Sherry smiled at her as these thoughts raced through her mind. Maria worked with Rhyce as her design associate, and despite her young age she was very talented. Rhyce had told her once from a conversation with Maria that the young woman had decided as a teen to cease shaving her body hair. At that time it was one of those jags on which the young wandered off, if for no other reason than to aggravate those about them.

She paid the expected price of some ridicule, putting up with names such as ‘Hairball,’ ‘Fuzzball,’ ‘Attila the Hairy,’ and other endearing remarks teens seem to be so skilled at aiming toward anyone not part of their herd. Because she had a tougher hide than most teens and was an excellent lacrosse player, she had the means kuşadası escort with which to compensate for this pestering.

College was a much more accepting environment for women who enjoyed their fur. And she had developed a truly impressive growth. When Rhyce brought the young woman through the offices of Prism Design on an introduction tour, Sherry noted immediately and was quite aroused by Maria’s appearance. She was lovely; and her hair created a sensuality that struck many who observed her. Sherry was definitely one of those.

Sherry recalled that when she met her Maria was wearing a high-neck white sleeveless sweater, the one she had on now, in fact. The extraordinary growth of black hair in her armpits bushed out from under her pretty arms. As Sherry greeted her, she saw that the girl had an unusually heavy growth of hair in front of her ears, growing down her jaw line and out onto her cheeks. The hair was so long, in fact, that she brushed it back over her ears, almost concealing them. A light feathering of darkness covered her upper lip, increasing her sensuality, and a heavier than usual growth of hair covered her forearms.

Maria had worn one of Rhyce’s houndstooth miniskirts that revealed a goodly portion of her shapely thighs. She wore a very light pair of seamed stockings, and her outfit was set off by high heels of an attractive but subdued style. In addition to her lush growth of underarm foliage displayed perfectly by the high neck sleeveless sweater, Sherry noticed that her legs were quite hairy. Sherry was silently rattled by a burst of sexual desire as she thought of what had to lie just out of sight, concealed by the short skirt.

Inward silent embarrassment mixed with excitement in Sherry as she stared at the young woman’s unabashed display of her body hair. I have to know what’s under that skirt, she thought…

The sound of Maria chuckling and clearing her throat brought Sherry back to the present. The young woman then walked lazily over and put her arms about Sherry, making sure she exerted gentle pressure against those naked curves.

“I know what you’re thinking about, and the answer is, yes, I had a lacy thong on under that skirt the first time we met. I didn’t dare walk in here naked then…as I do now. You people are the most undressed dressed people on the East Coast of the USA. And I’m becoming just like you.” She laughed brightly and her eyes sparkled.

Maria lifted her face in expectancy, and Sherry kissed her softly. She raised her hands to place them on the young woman’s furry cheeks and threaded her fingers through the long facial hair that swept back into Maria’s ducktail hairstyle. In casual response, the girl cupped Sherry’s breasts and toyed with her nipples.

Following Rhyce’s introduction, Sherry had invited Maria to coffee at the end of the day. On the waterfront patio of Simon’s Porch downstairs they laughed and became better acquainted. The time had proven so enjoyable that they repeated it at least once a week.

As they became friends, Sherry developed a closeness with her younger friend that she did not have with anyone else of that age. Finally, almost at Maria’s urging, they became intimate during one Friday when both had snuggled into Sherry’s condo during a particularly foul weather weekend.

The two were already fast friends; they developed a strong sexual intimacy as well. Though each dated other men, they made love at least twice a month and dated periodically. Eventually, Sherry told Maria of Marla’s friendship and their long relation. Sherry was, frankly, very surprised when Maria responded that it did not affect her desire for her older friend in the least.

Sherry decided to invite her to accompany Marla and herself to the airport to meet Virginia. She wanted to introduce her to her friends, and to be honest, she was aroused by Maria’s gorgeous crop of underarm hair; she wanted to stare at it.

Oh, for heaven’s sake, she thought. I’ve got a fetish about hair. And I’ve never seen anything like Maria. The thing I find so sexy, aside from how long and black and thick it is is that she’s so natural about it. She’s proud of it. I love touching her.

Sherry colored slightly at this as she felt her breasts gently bounced by the young woman before her.

“I want you to go with me to meet my dear friend Marla and her daughter who’s coming in from Texas. She’s in her last year of college and plans to stay here. I was hoping you might want to go with me….”

Sherry trailed off into silence. She anticipated the day with Marla, that was exciting enough. The possibility that Maria might figure into their plans was absolutely delicious. A tiny electric buzz shot through her abdomen and parts below that.

“Sherry, you don’t have a thing to worry about. Of course I want to go.”

Sherry had never seen such an expanse of underarm hair, not on a man, and certainly not on any woman she’d ever known. It grew in black profusion and as she moved her bare arms, the hair foça escort glistened beneath them.

She put her arms about Sherry’s neck and kissed her deeply. Before she even thought of her action, Sherry reached upward to grasp a tuft of underarm fur with each hand. It was soft, long, and slightly curly.

“Ooohh…my but that feels good!” whispered Maria.

“Come on, let’s go or I’m headed for trouble.”

“Only if you promise me that you’ll examine me more thoroughly in the near future,” she laughed with an expectant gleam in her eye.

If you had the slightest idea how sexy that slight lisp of yours sounds, you’d run for the hills, girl. I’ve got to stop this here at the office.

“Maria, I have ulterior motives in wanting you to meet Marla and Virginia. You will enjoy them immensely and they, you. Both you and Marla are intimate parts of my life; I want you to know each other.”

“And I want very much to know them.” Maria struck a pose she knew Sherry liked. She stood sideways to the older woman, her back straight with good posture, her breasts thrust out, her arms naturally straight, and her close-fitting light gray slacks displaying her tight butt. Sherry stared at her chest and the thicket of hair curling from under her arms.

“Sheeesh…,” she muttered with a smile. “Let’s go.” Her young friend laughed.


The two women walked toward Callaghan’s Airport Restaurant, looking for Marla as they ambled along. Finally they spotted her; actually, Maria saw her first and waved. Marla smiled broadly and energetically flapped both arms when she saw Sherry and her friend.

Marla hurried over, her arms out to embrace her friend.

“Mmmm…if I unbuttoned that jacket, what would I find, Darling?”

“The jugs you’ve sucked and kissed and played with, Marla. Why, what else would you expect?” she whispered in her friend’s ear.

Maria did not feel left out, for already Marla had reached her hand toward the girl, beckoning her near. Maria had quickly sized up Virginia’s mother’s appearance. Marla wore a white string top cropped just above a short denim skirt. The bare midriff that did show revealed gentle curves of abdominal muscles that she recognized as a virtual badge of those who work out. The woman’s legs were likewise muscled and without hosiery. She wore white heeled slip-on shoes that elevated her slightly, causing her calf muscles to cord in a sensual fashion.

What have you got between those sexy legs? she asked silently. She did feel sexy in her white sweater and tight slacks. Sherry had fastened her jacket, but her full, pale breasts jiggled deliciously as she moved. Maria was unable to separate recent memories of their lovemaking as she extended her hand to Marla. She sensed a delicate stirring between her thighs.

“Marla, I want you to meet Maria Carter from our office. She is a very close friend and associate of mine, though she works with Rhyce. She wants to meet Virginia, too.”

“I’m so happy to meet you and have you as a part of our little committee here,” smiled Marla as she opened her arms to embrace the girl. “I hope you don’t mind…I just automatically hug my friends, and you are now one.”

Maria returned her embrace and was aroused by the light touch of the older woman’s tongue as it slithered between her lips.

“Thank you,” she whispered in Marla’s ear. “I really like that.”

As they turned, the passengers on Virginia’s flight began to trail into the lounge. Midway through the small parade a cascade of golden wavy hair presaged the arrival of the object of their attention. Virginia walked directly toward them, her red lips open in a broad smile.

Maria stood speechless as the gorgeous woman neared her.

“Marla, Sweetheart!” She and her mother hugged tightly, then they kissed. Maria and Sherry noted the flash of each woman’s tongue entering the other’s mouth and glanced at one another.

She quickly turned to Sherry, kissed her in the same fashion, thanked her for her presence, then turned to Maria. The young woman suddenly realized that her heart was threatening to pound its way through her chest.

“Hi…I’m Virginia,” Marla’s shemale son said brightly.

“Virginia, this is Maria Carter, Sherry’s friend and now ours.”

“Hello, Virginia. I really am glad to meet you,” she responded. “You are simply gorgeous, I have to tell you. I hope you don’t mind.”

Virginia took Maria’s face in her hands, raised it, and brushed her lips with a kiss. Chills raced up and down Maria’s spine and her nipples hardened into buttons poking through her sweater.

“And I hope you don’t mind me, either,” said the tall blonde, taking her mother’s hand and that of Maria as she positioned herself between the two. “Let’s hit ‘Luggage Claim’ and we can go. I am so thankful to be here at last.”

As they walked down the concourse, talking animatedly, Virginia cast envious though surreptitious glances at Maria’s black thicket of hair curling from beneath her left arm. Here I am just walking into this place, she thought, and I’m faced with three of my delicious fetishes…Mom’s short skirts and those legs-to-die-for, Sherry’s beautiful jugs, and now this sexy Maria with that gorgeous black hair and that sensuous look about her. She quickly rolled her eyes with delight, hoping the others had not noticed.

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