Girl’s Night Pt. 05

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This is a continuation of an earlier story. It contains themes of feminization, humiliation and other fetishes that don not appeal to all. If you are a fan of these, please read on and leave comments as to how to improve the story. Hope you enjoy it. ~ DB


Fisher awoke gradually, blinking at the morning sun as it peeked through the tiny slit of the curtains hanging the bedroom. He was alone in the bed which wasn’t a surprise as Sophie was usually an early riser, but he usually stirred when she woke. Images from last night flooded his waking brain and surprisingly, his hard cock ached more than his ass. He rolled over onto his back and stared at the ceiling, adjusting Jenny’s tight red panties so he could have at least some comfort from the ill-fitting fabric. It was his last humiliation of the night, being forced to wear them to bed as both women lay naked next to each other. He rubbed his eyes and nearly poked one out, forgetting about the long acrylics that had been put there yesterday. He swore softly, the sound startling him as it sounded even more high-pitched this morning. He told himself it was all in his head as he swung his legs over the side and tapped his phone. 8:12, and a text from Sophie about an hour old. His fingers trembled as he punched his code.

“Good morning Candi, come downstairs when you wake up. You looked so adorable this morning I didn’t want to wake you!”

Fisher toyed with the idea of going to the bathroom first, but decided against it. No need to start what was going to be an interesting day on a bad note. He rose and for the first time he felt the dull ache of Jenny’s deep ravaging of his ass. He replayed it quickly in his mind, how she had taken him so easily, made him like it, and fucked him to semi-consciousness. He caught himself stroking himself through her panties, and shook his head, frowning at his weakness for this kind of submission. He took a deep breath and headed down the stairs.

He heard voices from the living room and turned the corner to find Sophie lounging in on the couch, reading Rolling Stone and watching a documentary about Peru of all things.

“Good morning,” he squeaked softly. It wasn’t all in his head, his voice was even higher!

“Good morning baby,” Sophie answered, smiling broadly. “Sleep well?” Sophie let her eyes drift down to his tight panties, smirking as his cock twitched under her gaze.

“Ok, I guess…” Fisher answered, eliciting a soft chuckle from Sophie. “Where, where is Jenny?”

“Your voice sounds even better this morning,” she giggled, ignoring his question, “like a real bimbo. But let’s try to remember your manners.”

“Sorry Mistress,” he said, snapping back into subservience quickly.

“Turn around Candi,” Sophie demanded, making a circle with her finger. “I want to have a look at that hot little ass of yours.”

Fisher did as he was told, his face reddening rapidly.

“Wow,” Sophie said happily, her thighs rubbing together slightly as she took in his pale, round ass wrapped in the contrasting dark red thong, “that salve rally worked, barely a mark, and your ass was so owned last night. How do you feel Candi?”

“Fine Mistress,” Fisher answered, not turning around. “Thank you.”

“And your pussy, bitch?” Sophie teased. “Can you still feel Jenny inside you?”

“Yes Mistress,” Fisher reluctantly admitted.

“Look at me baby,” Sophie instructed, “tell me how that makes you feel.”

Fisher knew what she wanted to hear. “I feel like a sissy slut Mistress.”

“That’s right, MY sissy slut,” Sophie said, her face softening as she smiled broadly. She rose from the casino oyna couch and crossed the distance between them, taking Fisher’s hands in hers, kissing him warmly. “Last night was so incredible, and today is going to be even more fun… Go to the bathroom, and then have a seat at the table. I’ll get you some breakfast and we can talk about our plans for the day.”

Fisher smiled and nodded, walking quickly to the downstairs half bath. He still had remnants of his eyeliner and mascara, but thankfully Sophie had allowed him to remove the rest of the make-up last night. He brushed his teeth, marveling at how his lips seemed to have grown overnight, and now looked plumper than yesterday. He turned in the mirror and indeed, no marks, no redness, no indication of the beating he had taken last night. But flashbacks kept hitting him like hammers, each one making him throb. Fisher shook his head and made his way back to the kitchen and sat in front of the plate Sophie had made for him, suddenly realizing how hungry he was.

“Go ahead and eat Candi,” Sophie said, “but pay close attention. We have a lot to do today, and no time for any misbehavior.”

Fisher started eating, wanting to complain that the dish of kiwi, strawberries, blackberries and cottage cheese would never fill him up, but thinking better of it as the prospect of being put over Sophie’s knee was not a nice thought this early in the morning.

“First,” Sophie said, “let me tell you that the response to your videos from last night has been overwhelmingly good. Heather gave you four stars, Victoria said she always thought your ass was perfect for spanking, and more, and Cat, well, I had to stop Cat from forwarding it to certain casting directors that always seem to hound her.”

“I’m a hit,” Fisher said, his words full of self-deprication.

“You stop,” Sophie said, slapping his arm playfully while she chuckled. “But needless to say, the girls can’t wait to see us tonight, and of course, introduce you to their dates.”

Fisher choked on his breakfast.

“I told you this would be a girls night sweetie, and the smallest VIP lounge at Wonderland is for twelve,” Sophie said, “but don’t worry, the nine of us should be fairly comfortable, and so should any ‘guests’ who happen by.”

“Guests?!” Fisher exclaimed.

“Yes silly,” Sophie said, “it’s a club, a lot of people are going to be interested in meeting you I’m guessing. And how else are they going to pay your Mistress the money to use your mouth or your ass if we don’t have room for them to sit with you?”

Fisher looked at her fearfully.

“Silly girl,” Sophie chided. “you thought I was only playing… but like I said we have a lot to do before we meet them, and you’ll need to take the top off your Jeep. I want to show you off today, and don’t worry I’ll drive. You won’t be able to manage in your heels.”

Fisher’s appetite was slowly dwindling. “Where, where are we driving!?” Fisher asked.

“To the mall of course.” Sophie answered. “Remember, I said we could get you a brand new outfit? Plus I thought we could try on a bunch of other things.”

“Please stop,” Fisher said, his voice barely audible.

“And of course I will have to take pictures for everyone.”

“Please don’t… Mistress…”

“And luckily you seem to be really photogenic when you’re all dressed up.”

“Mistress,” Fisher said, his voice shaking, “what if somebody recognizes me?”

“Oh honey,” Sophie said, taking his hand, “I don’t think there will be ANY chance of that happening today, trust me.”

“I do trust you,” Fisher said, “but enough people already know. And who knows how many people canlı casino they told…”

“Baby,” Sophie interrupted, “do you how wet I was because of you last night?”

“No Mistress,” Fisher answered, taken aback by the sudden change of subject.

“So slippery Jenny probably could have easily fist fucked me,” Sophie said, grinning as Fisher groaned softly, his mind obviously playing a scene in his head. “And do you know why Candi?”

“No Mistress,” Fisher answered for the second time.

“Because I liked seeing you get humiliated, and then fucked by Jenny,” Sophie said, then added, “Every time you moaned on my cock, and your giant fake tits bounced I got a little wetter.”

“Mistress…” Fisher whimpered, his cock aching.

“Knowing how aroused you’ll be today, out in public, dressed up, leaking in whatever panties I make you wear, mmmmmmm Candi, I could cum right now.”

“I could remedy that…,” Fisher said hopefully, looking deep into her eyes.

“And I’ll probably let you,” Sophie said, taking Fisher’s hand in hers, “but first I need to make sure my little slut understands… Do you understand love?”

“Yes, I understand Mistress,” Fisher answered.

“Tell me,” Sophie instructed.

“You love and care about me Mistress,” Fisher said, “You know better than me what I want. What I need. You know how turned on I am by denial, humiliation and feminization and it turns you on to have power over me.”

“Good girl,” Sophie said, “I want you knees, and I want to see how hard you are.”

Fisher knelt, looking at the ground as Sophie murmured her approval. Moments later she crouched in front of him, her hand softly caressing the outline of his straining cock through his tight red panties.

“You love being my bitch,” Sophie whispered. “You love being my whore, and

you love dressing up like a trashy little slut and I love feeling how hard your cock gets you dirty bitch…”

Fisher nodded, Sophie’s fingers driving him mad. Her fingernails dragged across the fabric, teasing him as they traced the contours of his trapped manhood. She stroked his shaft up to his head and back down until she softly cupped his swollen testicles.

“You love getting spanked, and fucked, and used,” Sophie said, kissing his neck.

Fisher’s mind was teetering on the edge of madness. He couldn’t form words, he could only whimper softly and tremble at her lightest of touches.

“Deny any of it, Candi,” Sophie said, “and I’ll stop…or…tell your Mistress you want this and have all of your sissy submissive fantasies come true.”

“Oohhhhh… gohhhhd…” was all Fisher could manage.

“I don’t think you can take much more, Candi,” Sophie teased. She slipped her fingers along the waistband of the panties and let his erection spring free and trailed her sculpted fingernails along the underside of his bouncing cock.

“You should tell me to stop…” Sophie whispered in his ear, her breath warm and seductive as her lips brushed the skin beneath his ear.

“I… I… I…” he stammered, so close to cumming.

“Say it whore,” Sophie said, “tell me what I already know…” She tucked his panties under his testicles, forcing them up and under his cock, and them pulled them tight up his hips. “Don’t deny what you really are…”

“I’ve always wanted to be your sissy sub Mistress,” Fisher groaned.

“What else Candi?” Sophie pressed.

“I want to be humiliated in public, I’ve wanted it for a long, long time. And I want to be teased by our friends and their dates. I want to be fucked and used. I want to be a cock-sucking cum dumpster slut.”

“Now don’t you feel better kaçak casino slut?” Sophie asked as she stood.

“Yes Mistress,” Fisher said his voice trembling, his words echoing what he secretly fantasized about for years. His breathing was ragged, the weight of his admission making his eyes again drop to the floor.

“Time to make me feel better,” Sophie said softly and tilted his head upward. “make me cum you hot little sissy.”

Fisher’s chest heaved as Sophie peeled off her t-shirt and let her yoga shorts fall down her legs. He stared at her as she moved closer, the scent of her sex immediately filling his nostrils. It was the perfect torture, his cock twitching as his tongue slid between her moist lips, his mouth instantly sticky and sweet with her. He drove his tongue upward, darting inside her as she trembled, moaning as he tasted her.

“Fuck… yessssss…,” Sophie sighed as she ground her pussy into his mouth, “…”

Fisher tried to ignore the urge to touch his exposed erection and focused on the soft lips in front of him. Again he slipped his tongue inside Sophie and made strong figure eights around her clit when he withdrew. Over and over he licked her, moaning on her delicious pussy as his cock bounced above his tight red panties, teasing him to oblivion. He twitched and bucked beneath his Mistress, his body not in his control, Sophie’s fist in his hair keeping him pressed to her. He swallowed her cum as she tensed, her thighs rippling, her body arching as she struggled to retain her balance.

Sophie melted into Fisher’s mouth, her orgasm slowly building since she had seen him this morning. She replayed the scene of him last night, on all fours, getting raped by Jenny while sucking her strap-on. The hottest thing she had ever seen. His tongue was magic as always on her clit, knowing what she wanted, teasing her, letting it take shape. She felt the waves roll through her and she exploded into his mouth, her eyes slamming shut as she moaned in ecstasy.

“Don’t you fucking stop,” she urged him, “don’t you dare. fucking. stop.”

Fisher reached up and grasped Sophie’s waist, trying desperately to maintain his composure, whimpering loudly on her soft folds as her sticky sweetness dripped off his lips and down his chin.

“Listen to yourself whore,” Sophie moaned from above him, “you love being used. So fucking hard, but won’t cum without permission, and in your Domme’s panties. Enjoy that pussy, Candi, because the next time you’re in this position your mouth may be full of cock.”

She twisted her wrist and Fisher’s shrill wail echoed throughout the townhouse and reverberated through Sophie’s body. Again Sophie came delightfully against her sub’s mouth, and as she trembled she smiled down at Fisher and gave him a sly wink.

“Thank you Candi,” Sophie said and pushed Fisher away, her face flushed. “Go outside and fix the jeep like I told you, then I want you to take a shower. You’ll find a pair of my jeans and a tank in the dryer, and no complaining, or you’ll be out there in one of my string bikinis and heels.”

“Yes Mistress,” Fisher responded, the thought of protest never entering his mind.

“But make sure you clean yourself up before you put clothes on,” Sophie added, “Look at yourself, still morning and already dripping wet.”

“I can’t stop myself Sophie,” Fisher said, “I…”

“Pathetic.” Sophie said simply, smirking as she silenced him and strode naked out of the room.

Fisher watched her go, her last word knifing through him as he knelt there. He stood, swiped his cum with his pinky, licked it clean and set about his tasks. He was utterly flustered and wholly submissive, no longer confused about who and what he was. An eerie calm floated over him, and as he walked down the hall to retrieve Sophie’s instructed wardrobe he was not even aware of the feminine sway of his hips.

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