Girls of Sapphic Temptations

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Joey sat on the floor, in one of the rooms she shared with her fellow coeds. It was a two story townhouse that the girls shared. As usual, her long hair was a sloppy mess, and it was tied back in a loose ponytail. It was something that had become a trademark of hers, and added to her free-spirited sex appeal.

She was reading a book called Losing the Light which she had recently purchased at the local bookstore. Most people wouldn’t have figured Joey as a reader, since popular girls don’t read, right? But they would be sadly mistaken. After all, one couldn’t get into a prestigious university like the one she went to unless voracious reading was involved.

The deep concentration ended with a knock on the door. The door slowly opened and a girl’s head slowly appeared. It was the face of a nerdy girl with thick framed glasses.

“You can come in,” Joey said.

“Thanks Joey, you’re so awesome!” Emily said. “This is for you. We have a new client waiting. I really like her. She’s pretty.”

Having said that, Emily entered and handed her boss a two-page document of their latest client. Joey put her book down and accepted the document, briefly looking through it.

“Thanks. Notify the other girls.”

“According to the paperwork, our client only wishes to see two girls, you and someone else. The client also wants a good spanking and experience with vibrating things.”

“Then just notify Heather. We’ll start in 15 minutes. Have the client ready by then.”

“Will do!”

As Joey attempted to review the material, she looked up and saw Emily still lingering over her, with a slightly goofy expression on her face.

“Anything else?” Joey asked, slightly amused by her friend.

“Well, umm, I was thinking. Do you think I can join this time? I mean, I’ve been practicing and everything. And I’d like to join. I really like this new lady. Do you think I’m ready?”

Joey thought for a moment. “Maybe another time. I promise. I still think you need more training. I promise I’ll tutor you later. Besides, you’re our front desk girl. We need you in the front area.”

“Will do! Thanks boss. I’ll go prep the client downstairs.”

“Thanks Emily. You’re the best.”

“No, you are!”

And with that, the giant geek known as Emily swiftly turned around and rushed out of the room, gently closing the door behind her, so she could tend to the new client waiting downstairs.

When the room returned to silence, Joey turned her attention towards the document. On the first page, there was a picture of the latest subject. A woman who appeared to be an everyday, ordinary soccer mom, which was Joey’s personal favorite. The woman looked prim and proper in every way. Shoulder length red hair with a slightly long face. Respectable. A productive member of society. Perhaps a PTA mom, by Joey’s assumption.

Joey had done this long enough to know each client just by looking at their picture. In a way, she considered herself an expert in human sexuality based on all the different books she’s read over the years and from her own personal experiences dealing with a vast array of women.

She turned the page to learn about their new client:

First name: Marissa

Age: 46

Ethnicity: white

Location: Berkley

Marital status: married, but my husband knows I’m here

Orientation: overall, I’m straight, but curious

Occupation: I teach history for a university

Experience with women: I’ve kissed a girl a few times in college

How did you hear about us: recommendation from a friend

Reason for being here: I’ve always wanted to explore other women, especially college aged women because I work with students. I also have a mild dominance/submission fantasy which my husband isn’t very good with. My husband is the reason I’m here. He is the one who encouraged me.

After reading the first page of the document, Joey flipped open her laptop and checked out the person’s name and local colleges to see if she was actually a professor. Sure enough, Marissa was a professor in the area and numerous pictures came up.

Immediately, Joey’s pussy felt wet. She had always wanted to dominate a female professor. Not out of spite. Joey had the utmost respect for teaching professionals. In fact, Joey was a respectful girl, period. This was merely a fantasy of hers. And now she had the chance to indulge in it.

Knowing this, Joey became even more curious to read the final page, which in many ways, was the most important page:

Number of girls: 2 (including Joey, I’ve heard positive things about her)

Level of dominance: strong

Bondage: yes

Spread eagle: no

Body massage: no

Receiving oral sex: yes

Performing oral sex: yes

Kissing: yes

Anal: no

Finger penetration: yes

Vibrator: yes

Clitoral vibrator: yes

Strap-on: no

Dildo: no

Verbal degradation: mild

Verbal teasing: yes

Humiliation: mild

Nipple clamps: no

Golden shower: no

Spanking bursa yabancı escort (crop or paddle): yes, paddle

Spanking (hand): yes

Other Requests: My biggest fantasy with “the girls” is to be wearing a collar and be chained. Then I’d like to be dominated by them, especially by Joey, who I’ve heard so much about. I want to be spanked. I want to experience the role-reversal of students dominating me.

It flattered Joey that her name was being spoken so highly of. But then again, she shouldn’t have been surprised given the lasting impressions she knew she had left on many women over the time the girls had been doing this.

Those sorts of compliments meant the world to her. This wasn’t just about the money, but also about the service and pleasure it gave so many curious and lesbian women.

At the moment, there wasn’t time for anymore self-reflection or appreciation. It was time for action and Joey had a tight schedule to keep. She got up and stripped off all of her clothes, tossing them on the bed, then brazenly walked naked down the hall. In a town-house full of coeds who ran this sort of business, nudity was nothing. It was a normalcy they all shared.

She hopped in the shower and briskly washed her body. Only her body needed to be clean. Her hair and face were already clean. Besides, it would have taken too long for her to dry her hair anyway, and to apply new makeup.

After everything was washed, she dried herself thoroughly with a towel and looked at herself in the mirror. Her body was a valuable product and she had to make sure the product was up to par for the customers. Nice, toned, yet so very feminine. Nicely proportioned too.

She headed back to her room. And the next girl took a quick shower. Usually, multiple girls were summoned for a job like this. After all, the business was about the girls as a group, not necessarily solo jobs, and only sometimes it came down to threesomes with clients.

Since today’s client was a professor, Joey thought to wear something cute for the occasion; an oversized university t-shirt and nothing else. It was huge and it hung down to her thighs. Since she was braless, the shape of her pointed tits was poking through the front of the shirt. It was enough to turn anyone on.

A few touch ups with her hair and a few thoughts of what to say was all she needed to do. Her eyes carefully monitored the clock. She told Emily 15 minutes, so 15 minutes it had to be. When the time came, Joey went to the hallway and saw Heather waiting there, her sidekick for the day, which didn’t come as a surprise, because they ran their operation with military-like precision.

All the girls knew to be professional at all times. They were businesswomen who were experts at what they did, no matter how young they appeared. Underestimating them could be dangerous, as they were highly proficient at running a tight ship.

“Ready?” Joey asked.

Heather nodded, dressed in a silk robe and her long hair parted nicely down the middle, which was freshly combed.

“Ready when you are.”

“Let’s go.”

The two girls headed down the stairs barefoot, where they saw other college coeds binge watching the latest season of The Affair, then they made a right turn down another hall. At the end of the hall was a closed door where their client would be patiently waiting.

No matter how many times Joey did this, she always felt that twinge of nervousness in the pit of her stomach. This wasn’t just a quick fuck, and then leave. This wasn’t about using someone as a piece of meat.

This was a job that Joey always took seriously, with the utmost of care and consideration. The enjoyment of the client was of the highest priority. That’s why she always had that nervous feeling. She was a performer who always strived for perfection. And her performance art was being the dominant coed.

Before they opened the door, Joey took a second to compose herself and remember the routine she had nearly perfected. It was the routine that made women like Marissa seek her services and return for more.

She opened the door and entered the room along with her sidekick for the day, then she closed the door, leaving them all with complete privacy.

There was Marissa, a completely naked middle-aged woman, on her knees with a collar around her neck, hands tied behind her back and her collar was tied to the bed. She had the body of a woman her age. The body of a professor who stayed in the classroom and private office for hours a day, but tried her best to maintain her figure by eating healthy. Her body was mostly soft looking, with slightly sagging breasts and nipples that were almost red colored. Her hair, nipples, and public hairs were almost the same shade of red.

‘I guess it’s true what they say about redheads,’ Joey thought to herself, amused.

The poor woman looked so nervous and scared. But then again, that’s how most of the women who came here felt and looked. It was often their first time bursa sınırsız escort and naturally nerves would be a factor. They came because they wanted to be dominated and controlled by other women. Most importantly, these women… these clients… wanted to be dominated by experienced women who knew exactly what they were doing.

That’s why they sought the services of the the girls.

“So, you’re Marissa the professor,” Joey said, standing in front of the professor, while the professor still remained in the kneeling position.

The naked woman nodded. “Yes.”

“I looked up local universities in the area and I was able to find your profile. Impressive resume. Well educated, extensive teaching career, and students view you favorably, giving you high scores on different rating sites.”

The woman gasped.

At that point, Joey knew that the woman realized she had made a huge mistake. It’s actually fairly common for older women to not realize that their identities can easily be found online if the right information was revealed. The mistake Marissa made was that she revealed she taught college in the area, the subject matter she taught, along with her real first name.

At that point, Marissa looked like a woman who had made the biggest mistake of her life, her face turned beet red, nearly matching her hair color, and she wished so badly to get out of there. Like she wanted to break free of the bondage that tied her hands behind her back, rip the collar off her neck, grab her clothes and run back to her classroom where no one would know of her taboo desires. No one in Marissa’s life would ever, in a million years, suspect that she would ever do anything like this (except for her husband who encouraged this).

There was a particular reason why Joey was using this tactic. She wanted to raise the stakes with the college professor. Let it dangle over her head that the girls knew her real identity. It would only add to the sexual tension and teasing and it was also something that would assist Joey with her domination, since this was Joey’s fantasy too.

She always wanted to fuck a professor in this position. Frankly, the more aroused Joey was, the better she could dominate and the more the client would leave satisfied with an earth-shattering orgasm. So in the end, it would be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

“Relax,” Joey said with a cunning smile. “Your secret is safe with me. I’m not going to tell anyone that you’re a guest here.”

“You’re not?” Marissa said fearfully, thinking she was about to be blackmailed.

“No, of course not. We’re nice girls. In fact, right now, we’re your best friends in the whole world. But there’s one tiny condition.”

“What is it?”

“You have to cum for us. If you cum with a nuclear orgasm then your identity will remain safe with us forever. Do you like that idea?”


“If you’re a good girl, a polite little teacher, then I’ll keep your secret safe. In order to do that, you have to obey my every command. Does that sound like a fair deal?”

“I like that idea,” Marissa said softly.

The professor gave a huge sigh of relief. In that moment, she knew that Joey was only teasing and that there would be no blackmail. All of this was part of the game they were playing. An adult game of domination which Joey was on her way to perfecting.

“Good. I’m glad we’ve cleared that up. As you may have figured out, I’m the infamous Joey. This is my partner Heather. We’re part of the girls. This is our home where we aim to please. We’re also full time students of the local university. Now, tell us more about you.”

Marissa gulped. “What would you like to know?”

“First, are you a PTA mom?”


Joey smiled, “I thought so. Another fantasy of mine.”

“It’s a fantasy for a lot of people.”

“I know it is. It’s such a fun taboo. So is the whole college professor thing. On the form you filled, you’ve said that you’ve fantasized about your students. Is that true?”

An eyebrow had risen on Joey’s face. This was her way of playfully bringing out the sexual side of the already naked and vulnerable professor. Letting her know that it was okay to let it all out, to admit her secret fantasies. Judging by the look on Marissa’s face, it appeared to be working. The professor did her best to relax and open up the sexual experience which she had sought.

“I fantasize about some of my students, yes,” Marissa said.

“Male or female?” Joey asked quizzingly.

“Either,” then the professor paused for a moment, knowing today wasn’t about both genders. “Mostly the female students. Not all the time though. It’s not like I’m a pervert. I hope you believe me.”

Joey smiled, “We’re all a little perverted, aren’t we? Especially now that you’re naked and bound. It’s okay. I don’t think any less of you. You’re human. You’re a woman with needs and thoughts.”

“Thank you.”

“Are there any students in particular you think of?”

Marissa görükle escort gave a shameful look. “There are a few, now, and over the years.”

“Go on, tell me about them.”

The professor tried reclaiming her strength and boldness. Although she was used to speaking to classrooms full of people on a regular basis, she wasn’t really prepared for this, being naked, on her knees, hands bound. Those two girls had made her feel so powerless. Then she realized she didn’t want to reclaim her power. The whole point of this was her surrender.

Nevertheless, Marissa always prided herself on being the prim and proper woman, so she did her best to maintain a proper posture and speak in a professional manner.

“There are a few students I’ve had in mind over the years,” the professor said. “I’ve never had a specific type. Different races. Different body types. Some athletic. Some were the overachiever type, who often came to visit me in my office.”

“Did any of those girls look like us?”


“And what type would that be?” Joey asked, already knowing the answer.

“Gorgeous. Popular. That type.”

“Do you masturbate thinking of your students often?”

“Kind of,” Marissa replied.

“How? Where? Tell me about it.”

Marissa gulped. “Usually at my home, sometimes in the shower or bath. Sometimes when I grade papers my eyes get tired, and I need a break, so I close my eyes and rub myself. Sometimes I’ll do that on the couch or in bed. I think about particular students, depending on my mood.”

“In your fantasy, do you dominate them, or do they dominate you?”

“I’m always the one who gets dominated,” the professor answered.

“Ever masturbate at the university?”


This made Joey smile. “Where. In your office?”

“Heavens no. Never there. I’ll do it in the bathroom sometimes, if I’m aroused. As a professor, you’d be surprised with how many students flirt with me. Mostly male, but often female students who love flaunting their sexuality at me.”

“I’m not surprised,” Joey replied. “If you were my professor, I’d sit in the front of the class wearing a short skirt and no panties. There would be plenty of flaunting throughout the semester.”

Marissa took a deep breath. “That certainly sounds provocative.”

“Do you wish you could see those girls naked?”

“Yes. I do.”

“Do you want to see us naked?”

“Yes…” the professor’s voice trailed off.

The girls exchanged knowing glances at each other. It was time. And they didn’t need words to express that. After giving each other the go-ahead look, the girls got undressed.

Joey pulled her university t-shirt over her head. Normally, this was an ordinary move that everyone does when getting undressed. In this context, it meant so much more. Joey had just gotten naked for the professor, exposing her perky tits, her hardening pink nipples, her clean shaven cunt, and her fairly toned body, built through yoga and miles of weekly cycling.

Heather undid her robe, letting it fall to the floor. Her body was much more roundish in a natural way. Feminine curves everywhere. Large tits with large light pink areolas, and a slight bush.

The professor gulped hard, taking in the sight of the naked girls standing before her. Her lips tightened and her jaw clenched a little.

“So, you like what you see?” Joey asked with a slight smirk.

The professor nodded. “I do.”

“On the form you’ve filled, you said you’ve kissed a girl, right?”

“A roommate many years ago. It never went beyond kissing. I’ve always regretted that.”

“Who stopped it? You or her?”

“I did,” Marissa admitted. “I wasn’t ready for another girl at that age. It was a different time back then. My parents would have disowned me if they had known.”

“Well, no one will ever know about this. And we’re going to give you a special treat professor. Do you know what’s better than kissing a college girl?”


“Kissing two girls,” Joey smiled. “At the same time.”

Marissa nearly gasped.

The two girls took a step forward, approaching the bound professor. Then the girls got down on their knees so that all of them were on the same equal level. At the same time, in a coordinated manner, both girls leaned in with their lips forward, aiming towards the professor’s mouth.

It was going to happen. There was no stopping it. And the professor pouted her lips and they all kissed, their lips touching each other at the same time. It was a hot firecracker feeling for all of them. A three-way kiss between two college students and a married, older professor.

Things only became better when the tongues came out. Joey and Heather, as if in unison, stuck their tongues out in the three-way kiss. At first, it was just the girls who tongue kissed, but then Marissa finally had the courage to reciprocate, putting her tongue out as well.

All of their lips and tongue were pressing hard against each others. It was something Marissa had never expected to do when she signed up for this, but she was glad it was happening.

The kiss eventually ended, which came as some disappointment to Marissa, but then again, she didn’t come here just to kiss. She came to experience a great many things; orgasms and all. Hopefully there’d be more chances for kissing later though.

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