Giving In

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It was Friday at last and I was looking forward to my drive out west of me to see Marlene, a good friend I went to school with. She’d tracked me down on Facebook and contacted me, much to my surprise and we ended up talking for hours afterward. One thing led to another and we decided to get together on the weekend and catch up on old times.

I pulled out of the oil change place and gassed up, then headed to the highway to go west. The weather was perfect and the tunes were just right for the drive. I love driving and seeing new places and this was my first trip going this far west of me. Once I came to the end of Iowa, I took a power nap and had a little fun with my remote bullet before I did. I locked the doors and left the windows open a bit for fresh air, as I turned on the bullet and closed my eyes to enjoy a lovely fantasy. The nap felt good and I got back on the road. I started to get excited that I was nearing my destination, as I pulled off I-80 onto I-29 north and headed in the direction she gave me. I went through Nebraska and finally came to the South Dakota border.

Marlene said she was a half hour across the border, so I was really glad to be at the end of my trip. I might like driving, but this was really a long one and was wearing me out. After all the hellos and such, I wanted to just sit and relax and get the road out of me. I came to the road she marked out as the one I turned left on and headed out into the country. It wasn’t long before I noticed a distinct lack of civilization any where and wondered why she wanted to live here. I like some peace and quiet too, but this was crazy. The nearest town to get anything was over a half hour away to get to. I figured they got a deal on the land and that’s why they were out here somewhere.

I drove over my scheduled half hour and another fifteen and knew I had to have missed my turn off. I turned around and started back and just as I did, the oil light started flashing and an alarm was dinging away. I pulled over and opened the hood to check my oil and found the dipstick was almost dry. I got down on my hands and knees and looked under the car and sure enough, there was a steady drip coming from the drain plug on my oil pan. I lay down and slid under to try and tighten it, but it was too hot to touch. I got up and wiped the dirt off my hands and knees and looked around for a sign of life. Other than the road I was on, it looked like man had never set foot here before.

I took my phone out to call Marlene and got the dreaded out of range/no signal showing up. Now I was getting a bit worried on what to do. I’m a very independent woman and feel I can take care of myself in most cases, but this was beyond me what to do. I held my phone up, walking up and down the road trying to get a signal. Anyone who saw me would think I was a crazy woman, walking around with my phone in the air, shaking it and cursing the skies.

I gave up on trying and looked down the road as far as I could see. Nothing. I looked back the way I came and knew it held the same possibilities, nothing. I sat in the car again and felt the helpless frustration of being able to do nothing to fix my situation. I cursed the young guy at the lube place for not doing his job right and took some pictures on my phone of the oil dripping and the oil light glowing brightly on the dashboard. I thought if I drove really slow, it wouldn’t hurt the engine if I did, so I started it up and heard the knocking sounds. I shut it off and knew that wouldn’t work either.

I sat there feeling that helplessness sweep over me and hated that I had to accept that I was. I’m always in charge of things and always make sure things are okay, but this time I wasn’t and had to rely on someone else. The frustration got the better of me and I started crying, making me cry harder because I hate crying over things like this. I had my hands on the wheel and my head against them, when I heard a sound outside on the road. I looked out and saw nothing coming ahead and looked in my mirror and saw a cloud of dust far back in the distance.

I went to get out and then stopped myself, wondering if who was driving was friendly or not. I didn’t have too many choices to choose from, so I figured taking my chances with the stranger coming, was better than sitting there crying like a fool and doing nothing. I got out and stood beside my car and watched the vehicle coming towards me. I made out that it was a pick up truck and then made out two people inside.

My heart was pounding like mad, imagining all sorts of scenarios that could play out. I kept a brave face and watched the dark, green Chevy come closer. Once I started making out faces better, I noticed it was a man and a woman and breathed a sigh of relief. I waved to them and they slowed down and stopped beside me. The woman, in her mid to late forties I guessed, rolled down her window and smiled as she said hello.

“Hey there, you okay?”

“Not really. Is there any place I can buy some oil around here? I had it changed before I left and the guy stonehouse izle didn’t tighten the nut good enough and it dripped out. I need a few quarts to get any where and hope I haven’t screwed the engine up now. I tried it earlier and its knocking and banging pretty bad.”

The man, I’d say in his early fifties, heard that and shook his head.

“That doesn’t sound good. We have some oil back at the house you can use. Should have enough to get you going if everything is okay and nothing is busted up inside. If it is, all the oil in the world won’t help.”

“How would I know if it is?”

“We’ll get the oil and a wrench to tighten the plug and see if it still makes noise once the oil is in it. If it does, most likely spun a bearing or something just as bad.”

I wasn’t liking the sounds of this already.

“Does that take a lot to fix? The bearing, I mean?”

I saw him chuckle and look at his wife, then back to me.

“It means they’ll have to take the whole engine out and tear it all apart and rebuild it. Looking at a couple grand to do that.”

“Are you serious? A couple grand? If it is busted like you said, those guys are going to pay for it, this is bullshit.”

The woman could see I was getting more upset by the minute and told me to get in. She opened the door and slid over next to her husband so I could get in. I knew there was no other choice to make and got my phone and bag and locked the car. I got in and closed the door, finding myself pressed up tight against the woman.

“Thank you so much for stopping and helping me like this, I really appreciate it.”

“No problem, Honey, glad to be of help. I’m Sharon and this is my husband, Curtis.”

“Hi, I’m ShaeLee, nice to meet you.”

It was hard to shake her hand in the position we were sitting, but I noticed how strong her hand was in mine. It still had a softness to the touch, but I figured being out here, she had working hands. His felt even stronger in grip and leathery to the touch.

“Pretty name for a pretty woman.”

I blushed at the compliment, not expecting to hear her say that.

“Thanks, well I guess my parents should thank you, they named me after all.”

They laughed at my humor and made me feel a bit better about things. The little bit of brevity wore off quick though and my mind was back to thinking about my situation. My trip was turning into a disaster and now I might be facing all sorts of legal actions if my engine was needing repaired. I wasn’t prepared financially to deal with it and then the realization that I was four states away from my own made it even worse. I tried to think of how I would get my car back to be repaired and how I would get around once I was back. More and more, I found the frustration of my situation getting the better of me again. Sharon noticed and felt me shaking in response to the raging conflict in my head.

“Hey, you alright, Honey? You’re shaking like a leaf here.”

I put on my brave face and said I was, but she knew it was all posturing and a cover up. She shifted and put her arm behind me, hugging me to her. I don’t know why, but it just felt good to lean into her and enjoy her comfort. That brought me to letting go and my tears started again. She stroked my hair and held me with both arms, as the hitches in my breath started.

“There, there, Honey. It’s okay. You have a good cry if you want to. Just let it out and we’ll get you sorted out soon.”

I did just that and let my tears of frustration out, feeling the relief from it. I held onto her thigh with my hands and felt a sense of security with her. It felt good to give in and let go of everything. I had no control over anything and that never happened in my life since I became single. I had no idea where we were going, or how far we had gone when I looked out the window. The road was bumpy and jostled us about, making Sharon and I move against one another.

I could feel her larger breast rubbing against mine, creating a sensation that got my nipples going and I felt them swell. I stole a glance at what I was feeling and saw her nipples were doing the same and making their presence known through her T shirt. They were larger than mine as well and the dark color of them showed through. I watched our breasts rubbing together as we continued bouncing down the road and watched hers get even harder. My attention was taken away from them when we turned down a lane way and headed towards their house.

It was a huge, log house with trees growing all around it and a large garden of flowers blooming in front. We stopped and I got out, then Sharon came out my side. She held my shoulders and turned me around to look and turned me back. Curtis headed to the garage and went inside.

“I thought I felt something. Your top and pants are covered in dirt and grease, Shae. You didn’t bring a change of clothes along, did you?”

I realized I had laid on the ground to slide under the car and now I ruined one of my favorite super junior the last man standing izle tops as well. This was just adding up to be one problem after another. I looked in the reflection of the window and saw the dirt she said was there and then noticed the dark streaks across my cheeks where I must have touched them with my hands. I looked like a total mess and no way to clean up and change.

“Great. Just great. This is turning out to be one shitty, fucking trip for me. I’m lost, phone is useless, car’s fucked up, my clothes are ruined and I feel like I’m spinning out of control.”

“Like being in control, do you?”

“Yes, I do. I have too much responsibility to let someone else be in charge. I can usually handle things on my own, but I am so far out of my element right now.”

“I bet. Come inside, Honey and let’s see if we can start putting things right for you again. Have a shower and get cleaned up and I’ll try and get these stains out and see if we can save your clothes.”

I looked at Sharon and felt I needed her right then and there, that she was my only hope of saving anything of my trip and coming out of it okay. My look softened to her and she could see I was grateful for her help. She held her arms open and I stepped in and let her hug me, as I hugged her back. I liked the way she held me and comforted me and I felt a sense of much need security. She stroked my hair down my back softly and the soothing feeling made me sigh and hold her a little closer.

She released me and took my hand, leading me into the house. I loved it instantly and looked around at everything as we walked through towards the bedroom area.

“I’ll take you for a tour after you shower and show you it all.”

“I’d like that. Your house is gorgeous, Sharon.”

“Thanks, Curtis and I did a lot of it ourselves.”

“Really? That’s awesome. I’d love to build a house like this, maybe not this big, but one like it.”

“Good with tools, Shae?”

“Yep. Got my own set and know how to use them.”

I felt Sharon’s arm go around my shoulders and hug me to her.

“My kind of girl. I love making things and using different tools. Daddy wanted a boy to share his passion for tools and making things and girl or not, he was happy as anything I loved doing it with him.”

“Awww, that’s really sweet. I wasn’t that close with my dad. He didn’t have any hobbies or anything to share with me.”

Sharon opened the bedroom door and I was awed by how lavish and completely comfortable the room looked. The huge, king-size four poster bed was decked with throw pillows and a fluffy, white, down comforter covered it. I stood in the middle of the room and just took it all in. Sharon went to the bathroom and brought out a robe for me.

“Take your things off and I’ll see about getting those stains out and I’ll freshen up your bra and panties too, they must need it after such a long trip.”

“Yea, they probably do. Sharon, thank you. I’m so indebted to you and Curtis for all you’ve done. I’d be lost right now and sitting there completely helpless and alone without a clue on where to start to fix things.”

“Hey, no need to feel like that. Just helping a person out of a jam.”

“You are, but I feel bad about stopping you from what you were doing before you stopped to help.”

“Don’t you worry about that at all, Honey. Curtis and I were just going out for a drive to look for stuff to buy. We didn’t have any plans that you stopped, so don’t let that bother you. Besides, we like meeting new people and you seem like a right, nice person to meet.”

“You just know how to make me feel better about things, don’t you?”

I was smiling for the first time since I entered South Dakota and felt the change in myself. I looked at Sharon closer to take in her features, wanting to know more about her. Her hair was brushed back and up, held by a large clip. She wasn’t shy about the gray hairs blending in with her naturally light brown, it seemed to suit her. Her hazel eyes had an intensity that lay just below the calmness I could see and knew she had passion in her. Her face was well-tanned from being outdoors a great deal, a few lines around her eyes showing her maturity. Her smile was still warm looking and her full lips looked soft and supple. I almost stole a look down further, remembering the sight of her large nipples, but caught myself and looked back into her eyes again.

The intensity had grown and she cupped her hand to my cheek.

“So glad I do. Okay, get those clothes off of you and I’ll soak your delicates, while I work on those stains. The shower has multi-jets that feel great, so give those a try after you’re clean.”

“Nice, but, uhm, I have no idea how they work. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying them out yet.”

“No problem, come, I’ll show you. Bring your robe in and jump in the shower.”

I picked up the thick, terry robe and felt the softness super league the war for football izle and thought about it against my skin, relishing what it would be like. I hung it on the hook on the back of the door and watched Sharon as she showed me the controls. She set the temperature to one hundred and ten when I told her I liked it hot and showed me how to switch from the large sunflower head overhead, to the massaging jets coming from the walls and to my surprise, the floor. I wondered hard on what that was for for about two seconds and saw her smile at me.


She patted my waist and stood outside the door for me to undress. I took off my clothes and handed them to her, thanking her once again for all she was doing and went into the shower. The water felt fabulous, as the day was stripped away like my clothes. I checked out her shampoos and saw she liked high quality which made me happy. I loved the smell of the one I picked and lathered up my hair. I looked out the glass wall and saw they had spared no expense in having only the best quality in materials and finishes. I stood under the water and rinsed off and lathered up again, feeling my hair become very soft and clean feeling. Rinsing off again, I looked at what she used for a body wash and it too was a top quality brand from a high end store.

I started washing my body, feeling the rich lotion cover me and I was feeling like I was in the lap of luxury. I ran my hands over myself, feeling them glide over me smoothly on my skin and I loved the sense of arousal it gave. I finished doing my feet and felt bathed in opulence. I continued rubbing myself, more out of the stimulating feelings it gave me. I knew I was in a strange place with strange people who were being friendly with me, but I was alone and the moment was there and I started playing harder. My nipples were rock hard, but I could barely hold them because they were so slippery. My pussy on the other hand loved the slipperiness. My fingers were gliding between my lips and stroking my clit fast.

I reached a climax really fast and was surprised at how hard I came. I know what I was feeling was more than just the lotion and knew I came hard. I was wanting more now and I thought about the floor jet. I switched the controls over and the jets came on. I saw the spray coming straight up and almost hitting the ceiling tiles. I noticed the jet was adjustable and bent down to see what it did. I turned it around and saw it get finer and more intense a stream, making it hit the ceiling and splash off. I turned it more and it started pulsing in spurts rapidly. I liked what I felt on my hand when I put it in and stood up again.

I spread my legs and held my lips open, as I moved forward and straddled the spray. I felt it hit and moved back and forth to get it to hit me just right. Instantly, my knees grew weak and I had to squat more to stay standing, but it increased the strength and felt my clit blast me off into orgasm. I started shaking harder and I couldn’t hold back my moans of pleasure, as the spray assaulted my tender nub. I went for as long as I could and moved forward, the spray now hitting my pussy and ass. That just kept the excitement level going and I squatted further and took it as hard as I could on my clit again and fingered my pussy hard with three fingers.

I started getting louder and bit my lips hard, as I sent myself skyrocketing into a huge orgasm. I rode it through as long as I could and fell backwards, landing on my ass. I looked at the spray shooting up and then at the floor and saw my cum being diluted and flowing down the drain with the water. Right then and there I swore I was saving all my pennies and getting myself a spray jet like that. That took showering to a whole new level of fun. Using the water from the other jets, I rinsed my pussy clean and used my feet to make sure it all went down the drain. I couldn’t imagine what they’d think, coming in and dried cum is all over the floor of the shower. I really didn’t want that to be one of their first and lasting impressions of me.

I turned the shower off and used the fluffy bath towel left beside my robe. As I took it off the hook, I remembered it wasn’t there when I hung the robe up and wondered when Sharon put it there. I started thinking of how long she was actually there in the room and didn’t know what she might have seen or heard. I wiped the mirror clear of the steam and looked at myself. I wondered what she thought of me, if she did at all and turned to look. I knew the glass on the shower was foggy, but streaks of water afforded a clear view when they ran down. I was curious about it as I used the towel to wrap my hair and put the robe on. It felt as sensuous as I thought it would be. I loved how it felt against me, as I opened the door and found a note sitting on the bed waiting for me.

I looked and saw it was to me and read it. ‘Hope you enjoyed the shower! Your clothes came out fine and are hanging on the line drying. Curtis and I are in the plunge pool enjoying a Long Island iced tea. We made a pitcher, so there’s a glass waiting and a nice spot in the pool to sit and enjoy it. See you soon, Sharon and Curtis.’ with two cute little hearts linked together after their names. I could tell they were a loving couple and really enjoyed their time together. I hoped to meet someone I could have that with. A few hopefuls have come on the scene, but I’m not sure about anything long term yet.

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