Glass Catalyst

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Work ended, miraculously, earlier than usual on Friday and the last thing I needed was that phone call from Olivia informing me of a newly available townhouse. Yes, my brother and I had been viewing places for well over two months with meager results but honestly – it was Friday. If Olivia didn’t happen to be my brother’s long-time friend and if she hadn’t been killing herself trying to find us the perfect home, I would have probably blown her off.

“Victoria Street and what? Bronte?” I hollered into my cell, hating that she had me on speaker in her car.

“Yeah, Victoria and Bronte. I’ll meet you there.” Olivia’s voice, likewise, came through much too loudly.

The drive there was delightfully short. So for once, the place was actually located in the neighborhood we wanted. Turning onto the narrow street, the second thing to impress me was the amount of mature trees in the sidewalk pits. I parked my car in ‘visitors’ and got out. All the townhouses on the strip were doubles –which was a rare find- with gorgeous Edwardian exteriors. Even the lawns were faultless and a nearly unrealistic shade of green.

“It’s around 1800 square feet and just came on the market today,” Olivia said, marching up the walk behind me. “Hi Mika.”

“Hi Liv,” I smiled and stepped out of her path so she could get to the entryway stoop.

She unlocked the front door but paused before fully opening it. Over her shoulder, she gave me an up-and-down look. “What’s with the skirt?”

I was very much a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and fairly sure Olivia never saw me in anything else. This should have been perhaps embarrassing considering I was in my late twenties and, according to most cultures, an official adult.

“Conference downtown. You know, had to gain the confidence of those bigwigs in corporate,” I told her, beginning to feel a bit self-conscious under her steel-gray stare.

“You look hot,” she said and disappeared inside.

The complimented not only took me by surprise me but also thrilled me since, in secret, I was flat out intimidated by her. Despite knowing Liv through my brother during most of my teen years, I never really got to know her on my own until recently. Being a real estate agent, she was very successful. Not long ago, she also launched a joint partnership painting company. She owned an impressive home, a cottage in Muskoka country and drove a luxury car. Most women in her position were stuck-up, narcissistic bitches. Olivia, however, was ethically professional and emitted a vulnerable innocence which made her incredibly alluring. I could see why any guy, including my brother, would find that attractive. My brother stopped seeing her after college but they managed to stay comfortable friends.

A large mirror hung in the foyer of the townhouse and so of course the first thing I did was check myself out. The charcoal colour of my casual business ensemble complimented my black hair and fair skin. My mossy green eyes stood out like emeralds amongst all the black and white. Perhaps I didn’t have the greatest chest (I was a moderate B cup) but I was lean and had an amazing ass. I took a moment to adjust my skirt which had fit perfectly at the store but turned out to be a little too short. Subsequently, I had spent most of the day pulling it down.

“You coming?” Liv asked from half-way up the stairs.

Her arms were sternly crossed over her full breasts causing her cleavage to be drastically extenuated. A slight smile spread on her rosy lips and I realized I had been staring. Even her rack was intimidating.

I cleared my throat. “So this is the first floor?”

Olivia nodded. “An interesting feature of this place is that this floor includes only the staircase, closet and a laundry space. Most townhouses with this much square footage have some fictitious ‘media room’ down here.”

She made her way up the first flight of steps, explaining as she went. “That alone will add a significant amount to your resale value. You’re still planning to move within two years, yes?”

“Uh yeah. Two years,” I repeated obtusely.

“You’ve got an open concept kitchen and a dinette with a walkout patio. It’s been re-tiled recently and the altyazı porno appliances are all only about three years old.”

White ash cabinets and thin, horizontally long, tiles on the backsplash gave the kitchen a very modern aspect which I really liked. I ran my hand across the slate countertops, enjoying their irregular texture.

“Check out the view,” Liv encouraged, motioning to the sliding doors adjacent to the kitchen.

I approached them and noticed that this row of townhouses banked onto a park, effectively creating a private view. “Wow. That’s really nice,” I admitted.

“Thought you’d say that.” Liv smiled victoriously. “Now I know it’s hard to tell because of the way it’s set up but this living room is about fifteen by twenty-five feet.”

“No separate dinning area?”

She hesitated and I could tell that, although she was expecting the question, she had been hoping that I didn’t ask.

“It is certainly large enough to be divided and serve as both rooms.”

“I don’t know Olivia, I mean Connor and I have a big family. I’m not sure we can fit a decent sized dinning table in here along with a living room,” I said, in mock dissatisfaction.

Liv crossed her arms again, her sleek, oyster-gray pantsuit even more perfectly hugging her curves than before. Her tits looked about ready to pop out of that low cut top. I was sure it’s what she subconsciously did when negotiating house prices with brokers. On top of that she had honey-toned skin and natural, pale blonde hair so that probably helped land plenty of deals as well.

“A table that seats up to eight guests is roughly thirty-six by seventy-eight and would comfortably fit in the second half of this area,” she recited coolly, not at all pleased I was provoking her.

“Judging by your stance, I can tell I’ve upset you,” I teased, clearly aiming my eyes at her accentuated cleavage this time. “Is that what you do to win over clients?”

A ghost of a smile touched her mouth. “Let’s move on to the next floor. Why don’t you lead? The stairs are behind you.” There was a challenge to her voice that I didn’t comprehend until she was climbing the stairs below me.

“White panties? How sensible. Hope those big wigs were impressed.”

“Shut up,” I grumbled, attempting to pull my skirt down and heard her snickering.

“This first room is set up as an office,” she said, nudging the door open for me once we were upstairs.

A lone and oversized mahogany desk stood in the center. The desktop was bare except for a single framed photograph, a glass award of some kind and a laptop which lay neatly closed off to the side. The glass award was for some sort of fiscal company achievement from the previous year. Its shape was cylindrical; approximately the length and diameter of a wide-barrel curling iron standing up. The peak of it was tapered and it sat on a fat, rectangular prism base. Raised, cobalt flames circumscribed the otherwise smooth sides of the clear glass.

Olivia had begun talking about the various points of the room but I found I wasn’t listening at all. I had been transported back in time to when I was sixteen. Back to when puberty wrecked havoc with hormones and any smooth, oblong shape made me think of masturbating. Unless I was alone, I easily squashed this type of thinking. But now, even with Liv right there in the room, I was imagining how that glass trophy might feel in my pussy. My eyes guiltily shot to Liv but she was completely oblivious.

“This window faces the front of the neighborhood and due to its position, allows for a lot of natural light. Let’s go to the second bedroom which can act as your guestroom,” she said and moved on.

Reluctantly, I trailed after her. She showed me the other bedroom, a 3-piece bathroom and the master with an en suite. The master had a spacious, custom built walk-in closet and rustic hardwood floorboards. Yet all I could think of was that glass award and I was growing embarrassingly wet. My over-stimulated brain began devising ways in which I could distract Olivia, sneak into the office and just steal the damn thing.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I knew I wasn’t actually amatör porno going to pilfer it but I needed to at least take one more glance at its long, deliciously solid shape.

“Can we look in the office again? I want to check out something.”

“No problem.” Liv smiled and I hoped that I would think of something legitimate to inspect in the room.

Once we were again standing in the office, I let my eyes roam around until they landed on the window.

“You said that the angle of this window allows for a lot of sunlight. Doesn’t that mean the room gets muggy?” I asked, completely too proud of myself for coming up with the lie.

As soon as she walked to the window, focusing her attention there, I moved toward the mahogany desk.

“Well it faces south-west, so yes you get a lot of sunlight. But the rays don’t directly shine inside the room for the whole day,” she said, peeping through the blinds.

“Uh-huh,” I answered as I moved to casually lean against the desk, pretending to face the window with her. Now that it lay so close, the temptation to touch the award was overwhelming.

“Even so, I bet it gets pretty hot in this tiny room,” I said mindlessly, just to keep her distracted.

A tiny bolt of electricity shot through my clit when I picked up the heavy object. Still resting against the edge of the desk, I crossed my legs trying to squeeze my pulsating pussy. It felt so good I had to let out a soft, pleasurable sigh.

“Not really,” Liv said sounding far away. “I mean there’s a lot of sun coming in right now. Do you feel that hot?” She turned around and we made unsteady eye contact.

Her eyes traveled down to the glass award I held, then back to my face. Something in my expression told her exactly what I was thinking and why I had the stupid thing in my hands and she looked absolutely outraged. Fuck. This was someone’s home and I was manhandling their private possessions, thinking totally inappropriate thoughts. How the hell was I going to explain that as a grown woman, I had succumbed to adolescent-like urges?

“I uh . . . this is a nice award,” I said softly, feeling my face flush.

I didn’t know what to do and so just sat there motionless wishing I’d have the sense to just put it down so we could both forget this happened.

“Think so?” Liv asked after a pause during which she judged me with narrowed eyes, head tilted back slightly and I felt even more idiotic.

She plucked it out of my hands. “It’s heavy.”

“Yeah . . .” I replied.

There was something underlying her words which made me nervous. Needless to say, I thought I knew exactly what was going on but refused to believe it. Not coming from the professional and career-driven Olivia anyway.

“And so thick,” she added, running a fingertip over the bulging flames along the profile.

Almost entirely on purpose, I shifted, rubbing my pussy lips against the curved brim of the desk to see her reaction. Liv took note of this and stepped closer, holding up the glass object in both hands, acting as if she was examining it. My heart was hammering in my chest.

“I wonder what else it could be used for,” she said, looking up at me. Her silver-gray eyes had turned a dim, smoky colour and a shiver ran through my body.

“I don’t know—” I exhaled sharply when she ran the cool tip of the award along my bare thigh.

“I think you do know,” she said and started to caress the line where my legs were firmly stuck together. She added a bit of pressure and reflexively I open them, creating a small gap and causing my already short skirt to ride up higher.

“Wider,” Liv commanded.

“Liv . . ,” I objected but couldn’t finish when she shot me a furious look.

“You wanted me to do this,” she pointed out.

A burning sensation spread out over my skin and I obeyed her, letting my knees drift apart further. The rounded end quickly disappeared under the hem of my skirt and I held back a moan when Liv pressed the glass award against the cotton-covered entrance to my pussy.

“Were you even listening to anything I was saying or were you imagining playing with this the whole animasyon porno time? Do you know how hard I worked to be the first to be allowed to view this place” Liv asked, pressing in the award hard enough to hurt.

Incredibly, I moaned. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry you’re a horny bitch? Is that why you’re sorry?”

“Yes,” I whimpered and began rolling my hips, grinding the glass head.

My skirt had ridden up to my waist, exposing my panties and Liv snatched the elastic, yanking them down. She thrust the award between my legs again, allowing me to rub my swollen lips against the phallic glass. But she wouldn’t allow it to penetrate me.

“Please Liv.” I panted, opening my legs wider. “Please.”

I watched a shudder go through her; she was getting off on this as much as I was and when I pushed down again she pushed back. There was a bit of resistance and I moaned as the broad tip began spreading me open. My wetness was smeared all over the glassy head and dripped down on the desk but it still wasn’t entering. Liv gently twisted, angling it up and down and suddenly it popped inside.

“Oh fuck!” I inhaled sharply, my body shaking from the thick invasion between my legs.

Slowly, Liv inserted it deeper but the breadth was much wider than I expected and I winced.

“You can take it,” she whispered and for some reason I wanted to take it, to please her. I ground down hard on the glass award, pushing more of it inside. A high, kneeing sound escaped my throat.

“That’s it,” Olivia breathed out and used her other hand to rub my clit. More of it went in, the raised flame design massaging my inner walls. Finally the full length was inside me. We both watched as she slid it in and out, my pussy lips stretching around it. As soon as I adjusted to the size and the pain went away, I insanely wanted more. I attempt to drive my legs apart more but my position on the desk prevented me from this.

“Here,” Liv said, stopping momentarily to transfer the laptop further to the left. “Lean back more.”

I scooted backwards on the desk and shifted so I rested on my elbows.

“Put your heels up on here.”

She helped me lift my legs on either side, spreading me wide in front of her and it completely changed the sensation.

“Oh my god, yes. Yes,” I moaned while she began fucking me with the award again.

“Look at how big this is,” Liv panted in my ear. “Splitting that pussy open.”

“Oh Liv, it feels so good,” I cried out, accepting her forceful thrusts.

Sweat was breaking out over my skin as I moved faster with her. I could feel my orgasm building almost in the pit of my stomach, bit by bit traveling lower. When it hit, I threw my head back, continuing to drive down onto the glass award. My breath hitched and a current of heat came from somewhere deep within and branching outward, my fingers and toes tingling.

Before I could control to my quivering body, Liv grabbed my hand and shoved it into her pants, using my fingers to bring herself off quickly. She bit her lip when she came and then braced against the desk. I regretted instantly that I couldn’t pleasure her the way she pleasured me.

At least a minute passed before either one of us went about attempting to clean up the mess we made. My white panties were dangling off one of my ankles and they were uncomfortably moist when I pulled them back on. Home was a short car ride away and I could deal with them until then. The really awkward part was picking up the award and going to the washroom to rinse it off. Olivia unlocked the window when I came back in and cranked it open. I could only imagine what the room smelled like.

“That was— ” The sound of people downstairs cut me off.

“Shit,” Liv hissed and went to rearrange the items on the desk to their previous positions, including dragging the laptop back into place.

“Do I look okay?” I asked, fixing my skirt and then fanning my face.

She glanced over. “Yeah, you’re just slightly flushed. What about me?”

Similarly, she adjusted her clothing and looked to me for an assessment. Aside for a few loose strands of hair, Liv looked completely professional. I reached over to smooth them down

“We’re going to have to talk about this later,” I told her under my breath while the new house guests made their way up the stairs just outside the office.

“Yes. We are,” she replied crisply and then greeted the real estate agent who walked in through the door with his clients.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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