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Big Tits

Please note that my partner and I always use condoms with others but I never include them or describe the act of putting them on in my true stories. Play safe guys.


So we lived in France for 6 years or so and then moved back to the UK, and rather than head to London where we had been immediately before France, we came back to the city where I grew up. We had been away for over 20 years and were lucky, indeed spoilt, with the improvements that had been made, the jobs available and the apartments in the city centre. The only slight disappointment was the gay scene, now every place is ‘gay friendly ‘ which means it was once gay and is now overrun with hen parties and the like, and it seems compulsory to be ‘trans inclusive’ meaning going out for a drink, cruising a little and getting some cock is an obstacle course a gay guy or gay couple is unlikely to finish.

So I was in the Food Hall at Marks and Spencer. This guy about my age kept staring at me. He was a bit nerdy yet reasonably good looking, but I didn’t think I was being cruised and was really just wanting to pick up something for dinner rather than pick up somebody. I carried on searching the shelves for inspiration and noticed that the guy was with a girl of, I’m guessing, 20. She was attractive and so I guessed I had mis-read the situation until I heard her call him “dad”.

I finally settled on some salad things and a sauce to make for pasta I had in the cupboard back home and headed for the checkouts. The guy came up behind me in the queue, the daughter had disappeared and what do you know, he announced himself to me; Glenn. I looked rather blank.

“Benton Park Grammar.”

I smiled which then gave away that the penny had dropped. He wasn’t cruising me, just working out if we had actually gone to school together almost 30 years ago. And yes, we had. I shook his hand and chatted until it was my turn to go pay, we had both chosen the self scan, and once I’d finished, I waited for him and we continued a very quick catch up. He too was in a hurry and with his daughter who had returned and so I gave him my card with my number on, having sworn I would never do such a thing as I had left the school, indeed left the city, and never regretted it. I had chosen to move back but had no interest in what had happened to school colleagues I hadn’t been in touch with in the intervening years.

I went home, thinking nothing more of it and cooked dinner. I told Dave that I had bumped in to Glenn and recounted he had been in two of the four science subjects we had taken from the age of 16 to 18 and so I became friends with him, then he left to go to University and that was almost the last I saw of him. Almost. I visited him once in Preston and stayed overnight in his room at the Halls of Residence. Well I was preparing dinner and remembering sixth form science classes, how we called him Glenneth or Glenbo, never just Glenn, as well as the play the school leavers put on each year taking the piss out of the teachers and his starring part as the headmaster… and then, long forgotten perhaps due to the shock and surprise of it or my closeted sexuality at the time, I remembered my trip to visit him at University.

We had gotten drunk in the Student’s Union on cheap beer, gone back to his room and once I got in to bed, wearing underwear as we had never seen each other naked that I recall (even in Physical Education classes or changing for them) I remember we ended up naked, rolling around on the bed and sort of- and not very excitingly- making out. To be fair, it was a bit of a clumsy effort and we were both drunk, and that, from memory, was the last I had seen of him when I bade an embarrassed Escort Kız farewell the next morning.

During dinner all I could think about was Glenn, how he looked now and how he looked all those years ago, strangely enough not that different, how we had been good (and strictly platonic) friends for a few years at school… and how we had ended up in one of my first clumsy same sex experiences which was, at the time, either embarrassingly forgettable or perhaps slightly regrettable. I wondered if he remembered it too and if it had been a one off as he had at least one daughter and therefore possibly a wife or ex-wife somewhere along the way. I told Dave we had messed about the once and how hazy my recollection of it was and really that was the end of it. Until the next morning when he sent me a text asking if I fancied meeting sometime for a coffee.

I replied back suggesting he come round to the apartment for a pizza one night if he was free and said he could bring a guest (or wife) if he wanted as my partner would be there, thinking if the adolescent fumble wasn’t mentioned, it might be fun to reminisce. He texted back later with a couple of dates and said he would come alone.

Dave wasn’t over enthusiastic about the evening, if our drunken and long forgotten fooling around wasn’t mentioned, it would just be a trip down Memory Lane and school days stories but he agreed to stay and be polite. Glenn found the apartment and arrived at the agreed time and I introduced him to Dave, realising I hadn’t mentioned my partner was male but it didn’t seem to faze or surprise him. We enjoyed a drink and I ordered some pizzas to be delivered and we made more polite small talk about what we had been doing since leaving school. The pizzas arrived and we finished a second bottle of wine and sat on the sofas relaxing and gossiping some more. Glenn was long since divorced, he said that marriage wasn’t for him, and was currently single.

Then there was a small silence, a pause, and he just asked if I remembered visiting him at University. I was a little flustered as I thought it wouldn’t be mentioned at all, especially in front of Dave with Glenn not knowing what Dave may or may not have known.

“Yes, sure. We’ll always have Preston,” I said, jokingly.

Dave feigned playful ignorance. “What do either of you remember about it?” he asked.

Glenn and I looked at each other, not really knowing what to say, or at least I didn’t. And then I had another flashback and the thing I really remembered was he had really short, tightly curled pubes and a hairless scrotum and taint. This was back in the day before people generally trimmed, even if at eighteen or nineteen they needed to. The silence continued.



We said the words at the same time and started laughing.

“What’s a taint?” Glenn asked.

“The area at the back of your balls,” I said. “Why tongue?”

So I ended up explaining to Glenn, in front of Dave, how he had been surprisingly smooth below apart from the crown of short and curlies and he explained that although he had had a couple of mutual masterbation sessions before ours, I was the first guy who had actually full-on kissed him and that it was the thing that caused him to shoot so quickly. Which then kind of explained why the session didn’t last very long and that I hadn’t done anything wrong, in fact maybe I’d done something right!

Anyway, Glenn then opened up about his sexuality, or lack of it really. He had enjoyed sex with guys occasionally and girls even less frequently, leading to his marriage and resulting parenthood but basically he had never been very highly sexed, though he enjoyed it. I told him I had been almost 100% gay except for a couple of occasions where I had tried hard not to be, without success fortunately, and that Dave and I had a pretty active and adventurous sex life, even after 20 odd years together. He asked what we enjoyed doing and I gave a vague and general answer; an honest and detailed response can be too much for some people even though they’ve asked the question.

“How about you, what do you like?” asked Dave.

“Tongue still does it for me,” said Glenn.

Dave was sat next to him and glanced at me and then made a move, putting an arm around Glenn, pulling him in and opening his mouth with his tongue ready to enter Glenn’s waiting lips. They began quite simply exploring each other’s mouths with their own and each other’s bodies with their hands. My own cock, which had started to grow as the conversation turned towards sex, immediately swelled to full size, a good 7 inches when rock hard, and made the jock I had slipped on feel incredibly tight. Why, after my earlier shower I had chosen to wear a jock strap, I do not know. I think it was in the expectation of a good arse pounding from Dave when Glenn had left, thinking we would simply laugh about very non-sexual antics we got up to in the classroom. Wrong!

Dave was rubbing Glenn’s bulge, he wore tight trousers back in school but I think that was what his family had bought for him rather than clothing he had purchased to show off his rather shapely physique. I remembered how he was a keen cyclist which explained his half decent shape and he had mentioned over pizza that he had continued to cycle as we too had kept up our fitness regimes. And he was in tight pants this evening so I couldn’t tell if his cock had grown or not, the material was holding everything in place. I got up and knelt on the floor and took over rubbing the bulge as Glenn and Dave continued their tonsil tennis. I undid the belt and button of the waistband and he knelt up so I could pull down the zip and get my hand inside of those Marks and Spencer underpants he was wearing. his stomach was as smooth as it had been all those years ago, flat and firm without being overly toned. From memory, his bush hadn’t changed much either, I guess some hairs don’t grow much, and the cock I could barely remember filled my hand. I tugged at it slowly but it was fully erect and not likely to grow more, it was about the same size as my own but he seemed to have a longer foreskin. I didn’t want any repeat of our first performance from years back but Glenn stopped locking lips with Dave to announce that he wouldn’t shoot too quickly and then he stood up and stepped out of his trousers and underwear. Dave stood up and took his clothes off revealing his hairless body (we both shave from the neck down) and his own hard circumsized cock, smaller than Glenn’s and my own by an inch and a half or so.

I took Glenn’s knob end into my mouth, still knelt on the floor, and began removing my own trousers as I sucked the head and sticky foreskin, leaving me in my tshirt and jock. I then sucked on Dave’s a little, if only to stop that generous helping of precum at the piss slit from going to waste. Glenn also had his tshirt on and Dave removed that so the two of them were now totally naked, and I cupped his very rounded smooth buttocks as I pulled his cock a little deeper in my mouth.

It’s great during sex when everyone gets what they want but doesn’t always work like that. However, he was our guest so it was only polite to ask what he was wanting. He stopped playing with Dave’s dick briefly and told us he wanted to see one of us get fucked, before adding equally politely “if that’s alright.”

And so I ended up over the arm of the sofa, still in my jock, and Dave began lubing up my arsehole and his shaft with the gel I had secreted in the dining area drawers in case the two of us ended up tearing each others clothes off at some point after Glenn had left, not knowing the action would start when he was still with us. Glenn stood at the side watching and Dave steadied the end of his cock towards my waiting ring with one hand and played with Glenn’s shaft with the other, making sure it was lubed to make the wanking smoother and more sensual. Glenn really enjoyed watching Dave’s knob end just enter my ass a little and then he inched in slowly until he was about 4 inches in and the head was rubbing over my prostate. As he isn’t a big boy, as long as he goes gently then I don’t need stretching even though a good fingering beforehand can be fun sometimes.

I stopped Dave from going any further and let his hard and unspent cock slip out of my lubed hole and then went to the bedroom where rather than be fucked bent over, I could be fucked laid on my back as he ploughed me. He knew that would be my preferred position, I also like straddling him but in a missionary position, I felt my mouth would be free and easier for Glenn to use. And so Dave applied even more lube, my mancunt was greased like a pig on a spit and in he slid, again slowly and with Glenn watching. I think him seeing Dave enter (twice) was a huge turn on and I beckoned him to bring his own cock to my mouth. I knew if he faced Dave he could watch him sliding in and out as my jock was holding my balls out of the way so he’d have a decent enough aerial view. His cock slipped out of my mouth and I nuzzled on that hairless scrotum of his, sucking his bollocks in to my mouth one at a time and then both together, leaving his shaft free for Dave to stroke some. As he was knelt over me, I licked his nutsack good and then really pushed my head back and under so I could finally get my tongue on that taint, still smooth and pubescent in many ways although firm under the soft skin on account of his raging boner. I nipped at it with my teeth a little and tongued up to and around his own arsehole, not knowing if rimming him at this moment would be a good idea or not but he pushed his hips slightly forward so that I was able to and I knew this meant he wanted it. I didn’t probe deep, just gave him a little spit and attention but I knew from the grunting both of my roasters were making that neither of them would be able to hold in their juices for much longer. I had hoped that their own two tongues had found each other again up top as the moans were the sounds made when the mouths are occupied. I reached up and took over the shaft stroking duty from Dave and freed my head from under Glenn’s hips so I could take the rod back in my mouth, just as Dave pulled his mouth off Glenn’s and announced, as if any warning was required, that he was pumping his seed up my arse.

I think group sex can be like the domino effect sometimes and certainly it was on this occasion. Just feeling Dave spurting his jizz like that had my own cock erupt but as it was still in my jock, the spunk just appeared as a sticky, creamy wet leak. And at the same time, I felt the first jet of Glenn shoot across my tongue followed by half a dozen more as I gulped down his salty cum. I held his cock in my mouth until I had truly drained and swallowed every last drop and Dave’s spent hard on softened and he slipped out before we moved and got cleaned up a little.

Over a last nightcap that evening, Glenn had said his sex with other guys had only really ever been mutual wanking and a bit of cock sucking, he had never topped or bottomed, and he was really happy to have seen it in the flesh rather than some unrealistic porno. Well with the two of us, he had an opportunity to try either, or both. And his next visit is a whole other story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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