Gloria’s Transformations – The Mansion

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Please see the previous stories about Gloria’s genetic transformations into a voluptuous, totally uninhibited, breathtakingly gorgeous blonde with a hypersexuality condition, causing many perverse and intense sexual impulses: size, male genitalia, urine, and semen fetishes, exhibitionism, masochism, voyeurism, asphyxiophilia, androphilia, and submissiveness. Her lips were enhanced, but not enough to diminish her incredible beauty. Her booty, nipples, and boobs were enlarged to mindblowing dimensions, and her waist shrunk, giving her a stunning 81-21-71 figure. Her non-sagging 36Z cup boobs lactate an incredible two liters of milk per hour. Her white cream starts flowing at the slightest arousal and becomes voluminous during sex. Her central milk ducts were enlarged and made very deep and highly expandable, and her nipples were made long, highly elastic, and thick. New erogenous zones were created inside her mouth and throat, milk ducts, colon, and on the skin of her boobs, and the sensitivity of all her erogenous zones made acute. Her abdominal and colon tissues were made weak and highly elastic, making possible extreme expansions of her belly. She becomes the slut and sex slave for a group of brothers to satisfy her hyper sex drive.

The Mansion

Her big black cock (BBC) masters loved living with Gloria and having her being continually available to them sexually, and ten of them want her to live with them after their vacation on the megayacht in the Caribbean. Her house isn’t big enough, so she makes a deal with one of her billionaire clients for the use of one of his properties, in return for unlimited sex and voyeuristic privileges for him and his buddies. Gloria and her masters move into his California mansion with a master bedroom for her and 12 other bedrooms, a giant swimming pool with a swim up bar, island, and waterfall, huge outdoor and indoor spas, an expansive living room and wet bar for parties, indoor and outdoor stages with lots of seating for her sex shows, a workout and sex room, and four servants. The workout/sex room has mirrors on all the walls, a padded floor, her 4 and 5 man servicing benches, and lots of other especially built furniture to put her into different coital positions. Her other six masters hang out at the mansion but keep their living arrangements with girlfriends or wives. She uses her house only for tricks and to see Terrill, who continues to live there, with other girlfriends she soon unpleasantly discovers.

The Beginnings of a Party

The bros are about to have a party at the mansion for a large group of friends.

“Hey, Boobilicious, a change of plans. We want our beautiful sex slave to be on exhibit to start the party off.”

“But I’m already dressed!” Gloria is ravishing, as always, with sparkles on her boobs, a very low cut, skin tight top, black fishnet leggings, a very short, shiny black skirt, and black boots. The straps on her top alluringly lift 4 inches off her skin as they traverse from the curves of her colossal bosom to her shoulders. Her skirt ends at the top of her slit and leaves uncovered the entire bottom half of her magnificent bubble butt. She was looking forward to getting reactions from the guests when she sat and spread her legs.

“Take everything off and lay [sic] on your back on the foam cylinder over there. Your boobs look great! How big are they now and will you be flowing lots of cream?”

“I haven’t been milked in over two hours, so I’m up by two cup sizes. Being ogled by you guys and our guests will make me flow. But I’ll flow a lot more if you tell our guests to fondle and finger me.”

“Great idea! And don’t hold back on expressing your feelings. We want to hear how much you want us!”

Most of the guests have seen Gloria before, but they are still blown away by her sensational beauty and sex appeal as she lies on display, smiling and naked on her back for their enjoyment. Her skin is flawless, and her face and blond hair so exquisitely gorgeous! But what makes her breathtakingly sexy are the huge mounds of curvaceous flesh rising high into the air above her head, topped off with very prominent and milky nipples.

She can see her breasts have everyone’s attention, so she plays with them as her audience watches intently. They are spellbound not just by the colossal size of her boobs, but also by their firmness: they do not droop at all to her side and stand up on her chest, without any support from her arms or hands. And yet when she presses on her breasts, she amazes everyone by how malleable they are and how soft and yielding her mammary flesh is. She also bewitches her audience by how far she can push and pull her mammaries, and the way they spring back and jiggle after she releases them. She squirts milk into the air and it falls back onto her breasts, giving them a milky sheen.

Her brothers encourage their guests, and they crowd around her to feel for themselves how wondrously soft and resilient her massive funbags are. escort ankara She moans as her breasts are stroked, squeezed, and caressed by multiple hands, and finger after finger moves in and out of her pussy and nipple holes.

Gloria enjoys being fingered and groped while on exhibit and is glad she is pleasing her bros and their guests, but she pays a price. She becomes more and more aroused and her desires become so powerful, she is terribly frustrated and can barely restrain herself from grabbing and swallowing someone’s cock. She turns over onto her stomach on the cylinder and loves the comments on her huge booty, the hands groping her ass, and the fingers fucking her asshole. Her breasts are pushed up by the cylinder and do not go unnoticed or unmolested. One of her bros puts bottles under her nipples to collect her dripping milk, and the guests fill their drink glasses from them.

During the wait for all the guests to arrive, she describes to the men her intense sexual desires and pleads with them to start the gangbang party now. She turns over onto her back, looks into the eyes of each man, and describes exactly what she wants him to do to her. Everyone is more than ready when a bro finally lifts her up and carries her to the mattress on the stage. The long awaited first penetration by a hung brother evokes an ear-splitting scream and an immediate earth-shaking orgasm.

Their Fuckdoll

When she became the slave of her group of BBCs, Gloria lost much of the control of her sex life. Now that she is living with her masters 24/7, she loses all control of her sex life. Her new living arrangement is a test of her submissiveness. Her impulsive and extreme submissiveness, brought on by her hypersexuality, results in her actually enjoying being dominated by a large group of studs and letting them completely dictate her sexual activities.

As her bros’ power over her becomes absolute, she becomes a sex toy for them, a fuck doll. It becomes natural for them to interrupt whatever she is doing for whatever they desire sexually. They like to chose times that are inconvenient or embarrassing for her because they enjoy her protests and forcing her to do, or let them do, whatever they want. They do a variety of things to her, not as foreplay, but just for recreation: copping a feel, getting their dick or finger wet, or sticking a finger up her ass, bending her over and dry humping her ass, sitting on their face, stripping off some or all of her clothes or telling her to strip, forcing their cocks into her mouth and down her throat, sucking on or playing with her nipples, or fondling her boobs, pussy, or ass, at any time or place of their choosing, for just for a moment or as long as they please. They also tell her to dance or pose for them, or suck on them, or anything else that suits their fancy at the time. She gains a new nickname, Fuckdoll, and when the bros call her that, she knows they just want to play with her. The play sometimes leads to sex, either with the player or someone watching the play with her.

Of course, they know she gets hysterically horny when they play with her, due to her hyper sex drive, and that becomes part of the fun of playing with her. It becomes a game, with brother after brother just playing with her, so they can enjoy her frustration and pleads for satisfaction. They collude to not fuck her when she is being played with. It is a standing order that she cannot masturbate without permission. If her pleading doesn’t work, she picks a bro and entices him with her body or whatever she knows turns him on the most. Some guys she smothers with kisses, others she sits on their lap facing away from them, holds their hands on her wide buttocks, and gyrates her huge ass around, getting their groins white with her cream. Or she dances between a man’s legs as he sits, while she holds his hands on her breasts or takes his index finger and inserts it into herself and holds it in her pussy while she dances. Or she straddles a man’s lap on her knees and inserts one of his fingers into her. Then she dances on his lap, burying his face in her cleavage, and pushing and molding her soft, yielding tits all over his face. She feeds him a nipple and squeezes her tit to fill his mouth with milk. She also likes to smack men’s heads with her soft, pliable funbags.

Some guys like to hear over and over again how much she loves their cocks and being fucked by them. If a bro lets her, she mounts or swallows his cock, and the game ends after the bro is jokingly harassed by the other bros. If he doesn’t, she moves on to another bro and tries to arouse him enough to end the game. If she sees a stranger, she immediately starts seducing him, thinking he doesn’t know about the game. If a stranger is unattractive, she sometimes mounts or swallows him anyway, to entertain the bros and relieve her lust. At times they allow her to ride a dildo to relieve herself. Everyone follows her to the sex room and watches her esenyurt escort ride a Sybian with a black, 12 inch long, very thick dildo.

Her masters don’t care what she is doing or whom she is with. One amusement is to grab her head while she is talking to someone on her cell phone and press their cockheads against her moving lips. She submissively opens her mouth and of course protects their cocks from her teeth with her lusciously augmented lips as they push their cockheads past her lips. She continues trying to talk as their cocks slide into her mouth, to entertain them with her mumbling.

She knows her bros are just having fun with her, and she likes being submissive to them, so their interruptions don’t really upset her, but of course she acts like they do, to play the game. She does get truly upset when her nails are drying, and she must have some of them redone, but that only serves to entertain them more. She also gets really upset when they mess up her lipstick while she is applying it, usually by kissing her or telling her to suck on or kiss them, but she sees the humor in it. She learns to hide from the bros when she really doesn’t want to be interrupted, which is hard to do with so many of them.

She is a special target for being toyed with when she is being visited by her girlfriends at the estate. The bros love exposing their cocks to a groups of ladies and penetrating her mouth while her girlfriends are sitting right next to her, looking shocked. They let her protest for a while with their cocks pressed against her tempting lips, then penetrate her, garbling her words.

“But I’m talking with…aagghh!”

She hits their legs softly to continue her protest, as they fuck her mouth, or hold their cocks in her throat while she chokes, and withdraw, and then start the fun all over again. They also like telling her to drink a big mouthful of wine and hold it, while they penetrate and fuck her mouth, getting wine all over her, her clothes, the sofa, and her nearby girlfriends. She quickly learns to drink only white wine. Or they grab her and put her on the floor right in front of her friends, pour a glass of wine into her mouth until it overflows, then fuck her mouth, getting wine all over face. And her bros love listening to her trying to finish a conversation with her friends when they start fingering or sucking on her nipples.

The bros know what seeing their cock bulges does to her, so whenever her friends are there and they want a fun blowjob, they will sit down in her circle of friends and make sure she can see the bulge in their shorts. They know she will soon interrupt her conversation, kneel down between their legs, take their cock out, and suck on it for as long as they want, as the shocked reactions and comments of her friends provide them with amusement.

When a bro has finished playing with her, she compliments him and complains about how horny she is now, giving her friends a good laugh. The presence of her friends helps her control her desires, but she struggles with her lust until her friends leave. Sometimes she presses her legs together to have an orgasm and some relief, if too much time passes until she is satisfied.

Some of her friends get up and leave after Gloria has been repeatedly the object of sex play by numerous bros, showing disgust. But most of them enjoy watching her being used as the men’s fuckdoll. The women are not voyeurs, but enjoy vicariously her sex play with her very studly and handsome bros. Some even participate in the fun by asking her questions while her bros use her and sitting as close as they can to Gloria. Many of her friends would let her bros fuck them in a heartbeat, if Gloria let them. She makes her attractive girlfriends keep their willingness to have sex with her bros a secret, since the bros would certainly fuck her sexy friends if they knew.

After one bro leaves her breathless and naked above her waist, with her friends all around, one of her gay girlfriends, Carol, starts kissing her passionately.

“Whoa, look who’s had too much to drink!”

“I want you so much, Gloria! You’re so sexy; please don’t stop me!”

“Alright, go ahead. I’m so horny, and why shouldn’t I let you enjoy my body too?”

Her friends all shriek their approval. So Carol continues kissing her lips, then kisses her way down her neck and onto her breasts, and gently sucks in her milk, while Gloria smiles at her and runs her fingers through her hair. Gloria is not surprised when she climaxes while suckling Carol, and both women moan softly. Her friends and some of her bros are enthralled by the lesbian scene. A bro joins her on Gloria’s other nipple, and Gloria starts moaning louder. From her friends and the bros’ remarks, she can tell the lesbian action is entertaining for them. So she encourages her gay girlfriends to play with her, as her bros do, whenever they come to visit, which becomes more often.

Most eskişehir escort of her friends keep coming back frequently to see her, and they bring their girlfriends with them, so Gloria makes all kinds of new friends. They visit her to enjoy her company and plush estate, be served drinks and d’oeuvres by her servants, and see for themselves her risque living arrangement. Her sexual slavery to so many men and her sexual addiction are never ending topics of discussion. And they chat about her bros and her body, but they are nicer than her old friends and don’t make derisive remarks about her body. Gloria regales them with anecdotes about the rich and famous whom she knows intimately. After her friends are loosened up with some drinks, she describes her sexual escapades, the ones she thinks will not overly shock them, so she never mentions her two rapes. Her bros start listening in when her friends start squealing.

Her bros encourage their friends to use Gloria as their fuckdoll too, and she voices her normal objections, if their friends interrupt her. She resists physically, if the friends are unattractive or white, giving her bro the added pleasure of watching her meekly fight, then yield completely, and finally enjoy being a sex toy for their buddies. Their friend’s play invariably leads to sex.

Her bros continually come up with new ways of playing with Gloria, and she doesn’t mind, since she sees how much they like using her as their sex toy. Darkeem is the first to think of how to recreationally use her sinus cavities. During a mixed couples party, he strips her naked, getting the attention of a large crowd, and puts her upside down on her back on a sofa, so her head is hanging down over the edge of the seat. He kneels in front of her and fucks her throat with his extra fat cock while holding her tits, causing alluring motions and distortions of her tits and large expansions of her throat that enthrall everyone. The ladies cannot believe how she could get his thick cock in her mouth, how she is taking the entirety of his very lengthy cock without gagging, and how much she is obviously loving it.

When he is ready to cum, he positions his cock so he can shoot his semen into her nose. This is difficult because of the enormous size of her boobs and the length of his cock. He must push her tits back with his ass when he turns around, squats over her head, and aims his ejaculations into her nostrils. She groans with what he does to her tits, but at least she enjoyed having her throat fucked and now the smell and taste of his semen.

Afterwards, he makes her remain on her back with her head in the same position to allow his semen to drain down into her sinuses. This also gives her a chance to catch her breath after having her throat stuffed. The semen that Darkeem did not get into her nose oozes off her face onto her hair, which does not escape the notice of all the male guests crowding around her, who are ogling her immense and amazing tits, standing tall on her chest.

While her bros are observing the provocative swaying of her enormous funbags as she breathes hard, they realize her sinuses can’t be full with just one load. So one by one, they pull her up on the sofa until her legs are dangling over its back, and take turns inside her pussy or ass. They don’t let her hold her boobs, and the crowd loves watching their unrestrained swinging in this position. Her bros tell her they want to completely fill her sinuses. So when they are ready to blow, they push her down on the sofa and straddle her head. She subserviently holds the urethras of their cocks against each of her nostrils with one hand and strokes their cream covered cocks with the other.

When her nose will not accept anymore semen, they tell her she can get up and put her clothes back on. They spread the word for no one to have sex with her for a while, so they can watch her mix with the couples. Of course, she is told not to wipe or blow her nose. Her nose runs constantly with the semen of four brothers, to the delight of the male partygoers and her chagrin when seen by the ladies at the party. Her bros enjoy her embarrassment and the jokes about her when long strings of cum dangle from her nose and cum filaments connect her lower and upper lips. She hates it when the semen tickles her nose, and she can’t do a thing about it. They tell her not to swallow her post-nasal drip, so she interrupts her conversations to push her nasal drainage out over her lips. The men enjoy watching their semen ooze from her lips down to her chin, drop onto her breasts, slowly slide down her luscious mammary curves, and collect in her cleavage. It is obvious her nose is blocked while she talks, and her nasal voice is a cause of much laughter for the inebriated.

“Fuckdoll, why does your voice sound so funny?”

Her nose stops running after a while, and there is no shortage of partygoers to “fill ‘er back up again!” By this time, she is tired of the runny nose and the embarrassment, so she objects, but they refill her cavities anyway. And again a third time. She doesn’t stop being laughed at until some men decide to stop the game and fuck her.

The morning after the party, Gloria sees one of the brothers who filled her nose. She wants to amuse him, so she says,

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